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"A Pedigree Partly Indian, Partly Batavian"

1685 Crab Meadow Patent

(My note: This article was found at the Huntington Historical Society Archives by Dr. John Strong and passed to me. There is no other information concerning this article at this time. William Pelletreau wrote extensively on New York State history during the latter half of the 19th century).

An Historical Curiousity.

MR. EDITOR.--There is now on exhibition and for sale at the autograph store of W.E. Benjamin, 751 Broadway, New York, the original Patent for Crab Meadow, in the town of Huntington. It is written on parchment and bears the signature of Gov. Thomas Dongan and has the seal of the Province of New York attached. It is alluded to in Mr. Street's sketch of the Town of Huntington, But as it has never been printed in full (to our knowledge), we furnish the following copy.
252, West 14th St. New York.

Thomas Dongan Lieutenant Governor and Vice Admiral of New York and Dependencyes in America under his most Sacred Majestye James the second of England Scotland ffrance and Ireland Kind Defender of the Faith &c. supreme Lord and proprietor of the Province aforesaid. To all unto whom these presents shall come sendeth greeting WHEREAS John Palmer of the Citty of New York Esq John Royse of the same place Merchant and Richard Cornhill of Flushing in Queens County Esq have by my Lycense purchased from the Indian natives a certain parcel of land lying and being on Long Island to the Eastward of Huntington commonly called or Known by the name of Crab Meadow and by the Indians called Katawomek as by a deed from the said Indians bearing date of the tenth of October last past acknowledged before the Councell and Entered on record in the secretary's office may more at large appear. Now know ye that I the said Colonel Thomas Dongan by virtue of my commission and of the authority to me devised and from the sd King in me residing in consideration of the premises and of the quitt rent hereinafter reserved and expressed have given granted ratified and confirmed and by these presents do give grant ratify and confirm unto the said John Palmer John Royse and Richard Cornhill all the before recited parcel of land lying and being on Long Island to the Eastward of Huntington commonly called or Known by the name of Crabb Meadow and by the Indians called Katawomek bounded on the West by a certain cove leading to Huntington Mill and from the head of the said cove running South to the highway which leadeth to Southampton and soe along the highway side to a place called Whitmore's Hollow and from thence Northward all along the said Hollow as the Hollow runneth to a place called the ffresh Pond and from thence Westward as the Sound runneth to the outermost point of land which maketh the cove aforesaid and soe up to the said cove to the head thereof where it first began with all and Singular its rights members and appurtenances together with all and all manner of messuages passages pastures meadows marsh woods underwoods ways fences lakes ponds creeks beach or beaches rivers brooks hunting hawking fishing and fowleing and appurtenances whatsoever to the said piece or parcell of land and premises or to any part or parcell thereof belonging or in anywise appertaining and the reversion remainder and remainders of all and singular the before mentioned premises To have and to hold the said tract or parcell of land and all and singular other the premises hereby granted ratified and confirmed or intended to be herein or hereby granted ratified or confirmed with their and every of their rights members and appurtenances whatsoever unto the said John Palmer John Royse and Richard Cornhill their heirs and assigns to the only propper use benefit of them the said John Palmer John Royse and Richard Cornhill their heirs and assigns forever as tenants in common without any lett hindrance molestation right of survivorship or otherwise to be holden of his most sacred majestye his heirs and survivors in free and common soccage according to the tenour of East Greenwich in the County of Kent in the Kingdom of England yielding therefore and paying yearly and every year on the five and twentieth day of March in lieu of all services and demands whatsoever as a quitt rent to his most sacred majestye aforesaid his heirss and successors at the Citty of New Yorke, six bushells of good winter wheat.
In testimony whereof I have caused these presents to be entered and recorded in the Secretary's office and the seal of the province to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand at Fort James the twenty third day of December Anno Dom one thousand six hundred and eighty five and in the first year of his said Majestyes Raigne.



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