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"A Pedigree Partly Indian, Partly Batavian"

1690, April 14 - Palmer Back Out as Patentee

1690, April 14 (Street p. 71, Vol II)

"At a towne meeting Aprill 14th 1690. It was voatted and consented yt not withstanding whatsoever voateshave passed formerly in this towne to take in Judge Pallmer a Pattentee with us: it is this day ordered & concluded by a voate, yt hee the sd. Pallmer is exscluded and shall have noe Right in our bounds by vertue of any of ye former voatts neither hee nor any other Person from by or under him not with standing what pretense soe fever."

p. 71
Huntington Town Records,
Including Babylone,
Long Island, N.Y.
Charles R. Street
Volume II


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