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"A Pedigree Partly Indian, Partly Batavian"

A Letter to Mr. Philipse

To Frederick Philipse et. al.
The State of New York, July 10, 1783

"It is imagined, Mr. Phillipse, that the 5th article of the “Provisional Treaty,” has given you hopes of Phillipsburgh, and of seeing yourself again feated in all your aristocratic pride and insolence, at the Yonkers. If that article is your only dependence, we advise you to follow your brother-in-law, Colonel Robinson, as early as possible, in order to put in for another Manor, whilst there are lands to be had, for applying---For you may rest assured, that the worthy inhabitants of Phillipsburgh, who have at all times disputed that ground inch by inch, with the enemy, and purchased it with the price of their best blood, will never become your vassals again.---They will not submit to become tenants at will, to you or your son, nor, to any other enormous landholder, on such base terms; they have not, as formerly, been contending who should be their master, a Phillipse or a Vanhorne, a Livingston or a Delancy---No, they have been fighting for freedom, and will enjoy it.  We therefore advise you not to attempt to disturb them, lest the ghosts of some who have fallen, follow you to Congress, and there, we imagine, demand what you will not be very fond of partying with.---They cannot, though transferred to more happy regions, have forgotten your old extortions of annually raising their rents---Stripping the widow and fatherless of a third of their property---Demanding and receiving a third of all improvements sold, with many other like despotic acts of injustice---nor the part you took against the country, in the first stage of the contest."

Source: The Independent Gazeteer, 23 August, 1783.


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