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"A Pedigree Partly Indian, Partly Batavian"

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Lucia Badger Van Tassel

Mrs. Lucia Van Tassel was born in Blandford, Mass., in 1794, removing with her father, to the Western Reserve in 1802, where she obtained a good education and became a successful teacher, preparing and having published an English grammar, for the use of the pupils. When 28 years old she married Rev. Isaac Van Tassel, and came to labor among the Ottawa Indians, on the Maumee, at Waterville, in 1822, remaining there twelve years. Her labors were arduous, teaching and instructing, visiting the Indians in their tents, to administer to their physical and spiritual wants. Constantly laboring for the good of those around her, her house was a shelter for the sick and homeless. Her courage was remarkable. During serious illness at the Mission Station, one early spring-time, she rode on horseback to Maumee, for Drs. Conant and White. They accompanied her on the return trip, and were horrified on reaching the river, to find it filled with cakes of ice and driftwood. Nothing daunted, she rode down the bank and plunged in, telling them to follow, which they did, only because, as they afterward said, they were ashamed to be "beaten by a woman." After the death of her husband in 1848, she went to New York and studied medicine, and practiced five years at Memphis, Tenn. She returned to the Maumee Valley where her remaining years were spent. She died at Maumee, February 5th, 1874.

The Maumee Valley : how to recognize its history ; Woman's part in pioneer home life
Toledo, Ohio: Andrews-Jones Printing Co., 1895, pg. 60


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