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"A Pedigree Partly Indian, Partly Batavian"
Philipsburgh Manor  

                                                                                           July 30, 1784

Petition Of Patriots of Philipse Manor,

 To The Honorable Legislature of the State of New York

That your petitioners at an early period of the late War, from an attachment to the Freedom of Independence of America, left their habitation on the approach of the enemy and put themselves in a situation to be serviceable to their country; That at the conclusion of the war, they returned to their former homes which they found generally much destroyed and laid waste by the ravages of war; the fences gone, and in some instances the buildings burned up by the enemy.

That your petitioners were tenants of the Manor aforesaid under Colonel Philipse, whose estate is forfeited to the people of this state, and flatter themselves entitled to the benefit of the law extended to the tenants of Forfeited Estates; taht the farms on which your petitioners live are much out of repair, and they cannot venture to improve and refit the same without an assurance of lasting advantage therefrom.

That under this discouragement the lands want cultivation, the buildings repairing and rebuilding, whereby the public is injured, and your petitioners kept in a disagreeable state of suspense.

Your petitioners therefore pray the Honorable Legislature, that a speedy sale of Forfeited Lands may be directed, and the benefit of the former law intended for Whig tenants be extended to your petitioners as well as to others in like circumstances.

Your petitioners further beg leave to show that many of them are possessed of public credits for monies due as well from their State, as from the United States, being for services done, and articles sold, and as the prospect of payment is very remote, and their circumstances necessitous, they must earnestly pray that such public credits may be received in payment upon the purchase of the aforesaid lands.

William Paulding Hendrick Bancker William Davids
James Requa John Oakley Abraham Ledew
Thomas Dean James Hammen Peter Bont
Jacob Van Wart, Jr. Richard Garrison Cornelius Van Tassel
Arry Van Wormer      Deler Byce      Isaac Delameter
Elbert Orser Gershom Sherwood Jonathon Knapp
Edward Covenhoven James See David Van Tassel
Jonas Orser John Forshea Abraham Van Tassel
Glode Requa John Sherwood Joshua Sherwood
Henry Lambert Benjamin Brown Solomon Sherwood
Stephen Acker Abram Orser Elegg Sherwood
Daniel Requa Peter Sypher Jonathon G. Graham
Abraham Van Tassel John Sypher Jonathon Horton
Abraham Storm Peter Post John Yerck
Isaac Hadley John Yerck, Jr. Isaac Laurence
John Requa John Dusenburgh Thomas Champenois
Mary Vincen Abraham Requa Daniel Martling
Sybert Acker Benjamin Brown Martinis Van Wart
Thomas Smith James Teller Robert Rhead
James McChain William Dutcher George Hadley
John Buckhout Evert Brown James Yerckes
Abram Van Wart William Acker Isaac Reed
Hendrick Van Wart Isaac Brown James See
Cornelius Jones Gilbert Dean Stats Storms
James Sipher Jonathan Odell William Yourcks
Peter Pauldings Peter See Thomas Boyce
Jacob Van Tassel Abram Boyce Michael Scofield
Joseph Paulding James Hunt Abram Delameter
Jacob Vermilye James Minner Jacob Smith
Jacob Van Wart Isaac Smith Jacob Eacker
Jacob Buckhout Stephen Sherwood Dennis Lunt
John Paulding Jacob Lynt Nicholas Storm
John Brown Isaac Dean Samuel Lawrence
William Van Wart John Warner James Van Wart
Israel Honeywell, Jr. Elisha Barten Calop Smith
Lieut. Kniffen John Bowend Daniel Williams
Thomas Sherwood John Gibbs Isaac Vermilye
Isaac Post

*From Tarrytown Argus, Tarrytown, N.Y., January 1894.  


Philipsburgh Manor

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