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The Old Dutch Church of Sleep Hollow


This is the first of the great Registers.  There are four of these, and each is introduced with a brief heading by Mr. Storm.

The Second Book of Church Minutes.

We begin this next Book with the statement that, by common consent, an arrangement was concluded between the residents of Philipsburgh on the one hand and the residents of the Manor of Mr. Van Cortlandt (on the other), that the thus mentioned community shall be bound, without making any objection thereto, to pay and deliver a just fourth part yearly to the service in the church here at Philipsburgh, so that the Reverend Minister of God's Word may receive his pay and satisfaction for his faithfully rendered service--and that the respective congregation of Philipsburgh, on the other hand, shall be held for the other three parts of the above mentioned service, that the Reverend Minister may be fully paid.  And from this time on (the two congregations ) shall be the same, and shall be as one church and membership of the Christian Church, and shall be recorded as the same on the church record book, in such way as they themselves shall think proper.

The following is the Second Book (Division) of the Church Record of the Manor of Philipsburgh, A. 1697.  In it are recorded the names of all the worthy persons who, after Christian examination and admonition, presented themselves here, were received as members of Jesus Christ, and were permitted to appear at the Lord's table and enjoy the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

First and above all

The Right Honorable, blessed, very wise, foreseeing Lady Catharina Phillips, widow of Lord Frederick Phillips of blessed memory, who did in this locality, in the most praiseworthy manner, further the service of God.1

1With the above heading, and fulsome compliment to Lady Philipse, is introduced what will now follow, viz., the complete register of members from 1697-1778.  It will begin with Mrs. Phillips's name, of course.  She was not a widow when first received as a member, but was so when this heading was made out in 1716.

The first 104 names on the coming register (including that of Abraham Marling or Marteling, who was received on the 18th of April, 1716, at the last visit of Domine Bertholf to Tarrytown of which the book contains any notice, the day on which no doubt Mr. Storm presented these names as the result of his gathering work, to which he had been appointed on the previous 3d of November) are, as far as they could be remembered, all the member names that had been taken by the Elders during the church's past nineteen years of life.  Mr. Storm has another list a little later  on in the book, which he certifies with his own signature to be, to the best of his knowledge ("naer myn beste kenisse"), the list in actual connection in May, 1716.  This later list contains but 96 names, showing that 8 had been lost, of course by deaths, dismissions, or revision.  I have condensed the two rolls into one by starring the eight lost names.  The result shows that Abraham de Revier, Senr., the first Elder of the Church, and Jan Ecker, its first Deacon, were still living in May, 1716, but that Wolfert Ecker, the second Deacon and later an Elder, the owner of the famous Wolfert's Roost (now the more famous "Sunnyside") and his wife Maritie, were no longer on the roll.  I do not know why this is.  They were not dead, as their names continue to appear together o the Baptismal Register as witnesses to baptisms down to 1734.  The other members starred are not found on any of the registers after this year 1716, and were probably dead.

Maiden names of wifes are generally omitted in this list of 104.  This is a great disappointment to us.  Some of them, however, I have been able to obtain from one or another of the other registers.  Consult the comparative indexes at the end of the book.

The Member Register*



1. Lady Catharina Phillips. (Catharina Van Cortlandt).

2. Abraham De Revier. (First Elder).

3. Isaac Sie, Senr., and

4. Esther his wife.

5. Isaac Sie, Junr.

6. Joachim Van Weert, (Same as Joachim Wouters, Elder) and

7. Chrystyntje his wife.

*8. Sybouwt Kranckheyt, (Same as Sybouwt Herricksen, Elder) and

9. Marytie his wife.

10. Ryck Abramse (Also written Hendrich and Dirck Abramse, Elder) and

11. Tryntje his wife.

12. Albert Gardenier, and

*13 Maritje his wife.

14. Jan Ecker (Deacon, and later Elder) and

15. Magdaleentje his wife.

*16. Wolffert Ecker (Deacon, and later Elder) and

17. Marytie his wife.

18. Jan Fouseer, and

19. Eva his wife.

20. Andries Van Dyck (Deacon) and

*21. Gessje his wife.

22. Isaac Van Dyck (Deacon) and

23. Barber his wife.

24. Abraham De Revier, Junr. (Deacon and later Elder) and

25. Weyntje his wife. (See Marriages Nos. 1 and 4).

26. Gerrit Van Weert (Deacon, and later Elder) and

27. Cathalyna his wife.

28. Jan Hart, "from Switzerland." (Elder).

29. David Storm (Deacon and later Elder, many times reelected) and

30. Esther his wife.

31. Barent Duytser (Deacon, and later Elder) and

*32. Maritje his wife.

33. Lodewyck Ackerman, and

34. Hillegonda his wife.

35. Rachel, wife of Thomas Heyert.

36. Dirck Storm (Voorleser, but never in Consistory) and

37. Maria his wife.

38. Jacob Van Texel (Deacon) and

39. Aeltje his wife.

40. Sebastiaen Michgielze, and

41. Galante his wife.

42. Gregoris Storm, and

43. Engeltje his wife.

44. Poulus Rutan (Deacon) and

45. Angelica his wife.  (See Marriage no. 7.)

46. Peter Sie, and

47. Pironella his wife.

48. Jacobus Sie (Deacon) and

49. Catharina his wife.

50. Jan Louwrenze, and

51. Marytie his wife.

52. Jan Van Texel (Deacon, and later Elder) and

53. Catharina his wife.

54. Abram De Vouw, and (Deacon, and later Elder)

55. Meeno his wife.

56. Geertj, wife of Peter Buys.

57. Antje Banckert, wife of Hendrick Kraukheyt.

58. Beelitje, wife of Jacob Van Weert.

59. Louwrens Mathysse Banckert, and

60. Niese De Groot his wife.

61. Margrietje, wife of Joseph Escoth.

*62. Willem Aertsen. (Deacon and later Elder)  (Attached to this name in the original are the words "De Dochter boven genoemt," which means that no. 61 was Willem Aertsen's daughter.)

63. Abram Van Dyck, (Elder) and

64. Elizabeth his wife.

65. Antje Van Weert, wife of Samuel Canckle.

66. Peter Storm, and

67. Margrietie his wife.

68. Antje Van Lent, wife of Carel Davidzen.

69. Herman Jurckse, (Deacon) and

70. Maria his wife. (See Marriage No. 14.)

71. Antje Sybouwt, wife of Jan Beesly.

72. Antje, wife of Hendrick Kranckheyt. (Perhaps the same as No. 57.)

73. Cornelis Van Texel, (Deacon, and later Elder) and

74. Antje his wife.

75. Antje Koninck, wife of Lowies Boule.

The following, down to 103 inclusive, are the members from the manor of Cortlandt, called here in the original the "Patent of Capt. De Kay and Ryck Abramse."  (See the Statement at the head of this member register.)  No time was assigned, as we remember, to the agreement between the people of Philipsburgh and those of the Cortlandt Manor.  It was probably made soon after the organization.  Sybouwt Herricksen, the first man given below, was elected Elder already in 1700.  His name and that of his wife, were given above at Nos. 8 and 9.  They are not repeated on the revised list, and accordingly they are starred.


76. Sybouwt Herrikssen (same as 8), and

77. Maritje his wife. (same as 9).

78. Jan Herricksse Kranckheyt, and

79. Grietje his wife.

80. Jan Cornelisen Van Texel, (Deacon and later Elder), and

81. Antje his wife.

82. Fracoy De Puw.

83. Mathys Brouwer, and

84. Maritje his wife.

85. Nathan Beely, and

86. Esther his wife.

87. Catharina Van Texel, wife of Hendrick Lent.

88. Grietje Brouwer, wife of Samuel Brouwer.

89. Hendrick Lent, and

90. Cornelia his wife.

91. Willem Van Texel, and

92. Weyntje his wife.

93. Antje Sybouwt, wife of Jan Beesly. (Same as No. 71.)

94. Maria De Puw, wife of Abram Lentt.

95. Aeltje Brouwer, wife of Jeuriaen Woll.

96. Theunis Kranckheyt, and

97. Sophya his wife.

98. Willem Teller, and

99. Maritje his wife.

100. Jeremy Cenniff, (Elder) and

101. Antje his wife.

102. Maritie Blauwvelt, wife of Ryck Lent.

103. Elisabeth, wife of Cornelis Michgielzen.

Received April 18, 1716.

104. Abraham Marlingh. (Deacon, and later Elder.)

This was the date of the last visit of Domine Bertholf that is recorded on the book.  It is expressly stated that this man was at this visit received by him "on profession of faith."  Mr. Storm therefore adds him to his list of the members he certifies to be in communion in May, 1716.

Dirck Storm's familiar hand now disappears from the book.  The register is carried forward without break to 1775, but by other clerks.  The dates will be regular, and it will be understood that, when not otherwise stated, the receptions are always by profession.

June 20, 1716.

105. Willem de Ronde

106. Marytie Storm.

August 21, 1716.

107. Raghel Martelingh.

April 23, 1717.

108. Capt. Jan Harmense.

109. Abram Nambruck.

110. Dyna Smet.

111. Helena Kranckheyt, wife of Harck Kranckheyt.

112. Jannetie Van Weert.

113. Catharina Beely.

114. Lidia Cancklie.

June 18, 1717.

115. Matys Boeckhout.

116. Hendrick Cranckheyt.

Aug. 21, 1717.

117. Deleverins Cankely, and

118. Engeltie his wife.

119. Hendrick Lent, and

120. Zara his wife.

121. Crestiena Ecker.

122. Helena Canckely.

123. Samuel Brouwer.

124. Jannetje De Groot.

June 24, 1719.

125. Elyas Cancklie.

April 23, 1723.

126. Willem Hemmen.

127. Hendrick Namborgh.

128. Cornelis Louwerse.

129. Annatie Nambugh.

130. Aeltie Nambugh.

131. Aeltie Storm.

132. Annatie Storm.

133. Maritie Schoutie.

April 25, 1734.

134. Rachel Lent.

135. Aeltie Ronde.

136. Elsie Lent.

By Certificate.

137. Willem Snock.

138. Creisteaen Winter.

139. Maria Winter.

140. Crestena Syn.

141. Anna Vry.

142. Poulus Denckhelbach

143. and his wife (name not given).

144. Joannis Peter Clemens.

September 5, 1724.

145. Dirck Van Texel, and

146. Crestena his wife.

147. Mettie Crancheyt.

148. Tryntie Buys.

By Certificate from N. Y.

149. Johannes Teller, and

150. Catharina his wife.

October 31, 1724.

151. Aeltje Lemming, wife of Jan Harmse Lemming.

152. Jacob Van Weert.

153. Hendreck Bancken.

154. Staats Storm, and

155. Susanna his wife.

156. Johannis De Vouw, and

157. Hester his wife.

158. Isaac Zie.

159. Catrina Lent.

160. Crestena De Vouw.

161. Catrina Zie.

April 11, 1725.

162. Siaarel David.

163. Matthis Fosieur, and

164. Madalentie his wife.

165. Steven Ecker.

166. Johannes Van Thessel.

167. Dirck Van Thessel.

June 20, 1725.

168. Elbert Aertsen.

December 4, 1725.

169. Joghem Van Weert.

170. Hester Crancheyt.

April 2, 1726.

171. Jacobus Stoutenburg.

172. Grees Tietterton.

173. Peter Foesiur.

174. Jan Canckelie.

By Certificate.

175. Maragrietie Teller, wife of Jacobus Stoutenburgh.

October 15, 1726.

176. Frans Van Dyck.

177. Evert Aarsen, and

178. Wyntie his wife.

179. Willem Davids.

180. Hendrick Davids.

181. Ernst Clemens.

182. Zacharias Smet.

183. Johannis Syfen.

184. Willem Syfen.

185. Catharina Iskenius.

April 11, 1730.

186. Abigail Vosieur.

187. Hendrick Texel.

188. Abraham Van Weert, and

189. Aantie Mey his wife.

190. Jannitie De Revier.

June 20, 1730.

191. Jeremias Mebie.

192. Joannis De Revier.

193. Lea Van Weert, wife of William Dobs.

194. Eliezabet Storm.

September 19, 1730.

195. Sophia De Revier, wife of Elbert Aarse.

By Certificate.

196. Antie Enders, wife of Willem Bret.

April 24, 1731.

197. Jan Canckely, Junr., and

198. Jannetie Valenthin his wife.

199. Niclaas Storm, and

200. Rachel Canckely his wife.

201. Marytie Van Weert.

August 21, 1731.

202. Dirck Storm

203. Belytie Buys, wife of Hendrick Van Texel.

204. Hendrick Hylker, and

205. Gerrit (probably Hylker).

April 25, 1732.

206. Albartus Tortel.

207. Jan Hemmen.

208. Eva Lafosuur.

209. Lea Buys, wife of Joannis Cyfer.

210. Jannetie Jurckse.

June 20, 1732.

211. Aafie Mebee, wife of Jan Martyn.

212. Abraham Ackerman.

213. Willem Peu.

By Certificate.

214. Jan Martyn

August 15, 1732.

215. Cornelis Lamersen, and

216. Maragrietie Duyser his wife.

217. Jacobus Sie.

218. David Sie.

October 27, 1733.

219 Johannis Van Texel, and

220. Annatie Ecker his wife.

221. Jacobus Davids.

222. Albartus Van Texel.

223. Johannes Davids.

224. Harmen Davids.

225. Jacobus Teller.

April 22, 1734.

226. Maragrietie Rouw, wife of Jan Walderom.

227. Ary Buys, and

228. Maritie Mey his wife.

229. Aantie Van Texel, widow of Elyas Canckely.

230. Wyntie Van Texel.

April 1, 1735.

231. Zara Foseur.

232. Catharina Van Thesel, wife of Jan Hemmen.

233. Aaltie Van Texel.

By Certificate.

234. Alexzander Wever.

April 23, 1737.

235. Eliezabeth Storm.

236. Anneke Davidse.

237. Catharina Sie.

238. Wyntie Van Weert.

239. Jannetie Ackkerman.

240. Abraham  Van Weert.

241. Thomas Storm.

242. David Storm.

243. Willem Willemse.

244. Joost Zie.

245. Abraham Zie.

April 29, 1738.

246. Crestoffel Stymes, and

247. Aefje Lammerse his wife.

248. Jacob Buys, and

249. Catharina Storm his wife.

250. Raghel Buys, wife of Thomas Storm.

251. Ary Buys.

252. David Hemmen.

By Certificate.

253. Eeza Maria Roerig.

April 20, 1740.

254. Barend Duyser, and

255. Jannitie Bancke his wife.

266. Maria Hemmen.

267. Eliezabeth Hyelker.

By Certificate.

268. Johan Tys Comus.(This word here is not clear. At No. 1097 Baptisms it is plainly "Kous."

June 13, 1742.

269. Everdt Bruin.

270. Magdalena Dykman.

By Certifcate.

271. "The wife of Everdt Bruin."

April 30, 1743.

By Certificate from New Rochelle.

272. Daniel Champenoy

273. and his wife (name not given).

274. Anthony Tancie

275. and his wife (name not given).

276. Anna Elisabetha Geibel.

277. Anna Apolonia Geibel.

August 22, 1744.

278. Johannis Martelings.

279. Jacob Buys.

280. Eliezabeth Bruyn, wife of Johannis Martelings.

281. Engeltie Storm, wife of Jacob Buys.

By Certificate.

282. Mattius Fosuur, and

283. Magdaletie Ecker his wife.

November 10, 1744.

284. Maritie Seckelze.

By Certificate.

285. Lodewyck Ros.

April 25, 1749.

286. Willim Van Tessel.

June 22, 1749.

287. Antye Clemens.

August 30, 1749.

288. Hester Waldron, wife of Willim Willimse.

June 21, 1752.

By Certificate.

289. Wilhelmius Clousenius.

June 17, 1753.

290. Jacob Romer.

By Certificate from New York.

291. Joost Palding, and

292. Susanna Whitt his wife.

293. Engeltje Storm, widow of Jacob Buys.

September 3, 1753.

By Certificate.

294. Cornelis Van Wormer.

October 28, 1753.

By Certificate from Germany.

295. Johan Christaen Beemer.

April 15, 1755.

296. Valentyn Rynik, and

297. Susana Satelar his wife.

June 18, 1755.

298. Frena Haarlager, wife of Jacob Roemer.

September 7, 1757.

299. Adrianus Van Wormer, and

300. Anatie Van Tessel his wife.

October 26, 1757.

301. Debora Wilse, wife of Jan Boekhout.

302. Abraham Stymets, and

303. Rachel Van Tessel his wife.

304. Petrus Martlinghs, and

305. Catrina Storm his wife.

306. Jan Canklin.

October 25, 1758.

307. Petrus Sie.

308. David Storm, and

309. Elizabet Gardenier his wife.

310. Catrina Sie, wife of William Jurckse.

September 5, 1759.

By Certificate.

311. Jan Gerritse, and

312. Jannittie Brouwer his wife.

June 16, 1760.

By Certificate from New Harlem.

313. Catrina Bussing, wife of Abraham Storm.

September 21, 1760.

By Certificate from Manor of Fordham.

314. Abraham Bruyn.

November 5, 1761.

315. Antie Vermilie, wife of Abraham Bruyn.

April 28, 1762.

By Certificate.

316. Jacob Frihover.

By Certificate from Germany.

317. Georg Coenraat Snyder.

September 8, 1762.

318. Niclaas Storm.

October 23, 1762.

319. Helena Hemmen, wife of Johannes Van Tessel.

320. Jacobus Sie, and

321. Maritie Manghem his wife.

By Certificate.

322. Jacob Rosel, and

323. Margarita his wife.

September 10, 1763.

324. Steve Gale (?), and

325. Margrietie Storm his wife.

November 8, 1763.

By Certificate.

326. Frerick Bruyn, and

327. Antie Odel his wife.

June 30, 1764.

328. Leendert Fier (or Sier).

By Certificate.

329. Coenraet Siel.

November 4, 1764.

330. Isack Post, and

331. Ragel Ecker his wife.

332. Leverens Brouwer, and

333. Liesabet Sie his wife.

334. Johan Weillem Cock.

September 3, 1765.

335. Marteines Van Wert, and

336. Ragel Weillems his wife.

337. Abram Weillems, and

338. Marytie Cie his wife.

April 23, 1766.

339. Catrina Devoe, wife of Weillem Van Noorstant.

By Certificate.

340. Susanna Gardenier, wife of Joseph Palding.

September 6, 1766.

341. Aberam Storm.

October 29, 1766.

342. Marte Bant.

October 26, 1768.

343. Catrina Van Wert, wife of Cobes Davits.

April 8, 1769.

344. Aberam Stoerm, and

345. Leia Van Tessel his wife.

346. Tomes Bueis, and

347. Mareitie Van Wert his wife.

348. Jacob Van Wert, and

349. Mareitje Boeckhout his wife.

350. Cornelis Van Tessel, and

351. Liesabeth Stoerm, his wife.

352. Peterus Van Tessel, and

353. Catriena Ecker his wife.

354. Anatie Van Tessel, widow of Jacob Van Wormer.

June 25, 1769.

355. Jan Stoerm

October 31, 1769.

356. Aberam Van Tessel, and

357. Cornelieia Lametter his wife.

April 22, 1776.

358. Jacob Van Tessel, and

359. Catriena Davits his wife.

360. Lena Van Tessel.

June 19, 1770.

By Certificate from the Church of Hopewell.

361. Johannes Bueis.

October 30, 1770.

362. Abram Ecker, and

363. Weillemeintie Bant his wife.

364. Aberam Ratan, and

365. Aeltie Van Tessel his wife.

April 16, 1771.

366. Jan Fosie, and

367. Antie Van Waart his wife.

368. Maria Sie, wife of Jan Enters.

369. Isaac Sie, and

370. Sara Jurckse his wife.

371. Sophia Revier, wife of Pieter Sie.

June 25, 1771.

372. Jacob Boeckhout, and

373. Marytie Ecker his wife.

374. Barent Lemetter, and

375. Ragel Juel his wife.

376. Petrus Bant, j. m. (i.e., unmarried).

September 8, 1771.

377. Peter Hik.

November 5, 1771.

378. Willim Van Waart, and

379. Leena Cocks his wife.

May 10, 1772.

380. Johannis Ackkerman, and

381. Catharina his wife.

October 1, 1772.

382. Louwrens Miller, j.m.

By Certificate from New York.

383. Eduward Couwenhoven, and

384. Annatie Roeme his wife.

April 18, 1773.

385. Abraham Devoe, and

386. Marytie Davids his wife.

387. Saartie Kronkheit, widow of Emmon Geion.

November 6, 1774.

388. Stephanis Ecker, and

389. Geertje Bant his wife.

April 9, 1775.

390. Catriena Davids, wife of Aarie Buys.


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