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Hubley Family

This web site is primarily an abstract of messages posted to Hubley-L and an index to Hubley related web pages.

Various Hubley families

Eastern Shore, USA family

[Ref. Pat Watson message to Hugley-L 30 September 1999]

Nova Scotia, Canada, family

(1) Ferdinand Hubley

(2) James Hubley

(3) Caroline Melissa "Kelly" Hubley

born 1863 in Mushaboom, Halifax County, Nova Soctia

married Emmanual Uriah JOSEY, 12 September 1883, in Spry Harbour, Nova Scotia

died 14 October 1902

(2) Mary Jane Hubley

married Peter BOUTILIER

[Ref. Marjorie Veinotte message to Hubley-L 30 September 1999]

[Ref. Pat Watson message to Hubley-L 30 September 1999]

(1) Caroline Hubley

married Hibbert VEINOT, son of John Veinot and Mary WHEELOCK

[Ref. Marjorie Veinotte message to Hubley-L 30 September 1999]

Richland and Stark counties, Ohio, USA, family

(1) Henry Hubley

born 1792

died 1863, buried Winebrenerian Cemetery, Richland County, Ohio

married Catherine ---

(2) Adam Hubley

born 1823, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

married Elizabeth KELLER 1831-1885 in Richland County, Ohio, by license dated 1 January 1852

died 1891

(3) Sarah Adaline Hubley

born 1857

married Myron Eugene VAN SCOY

died 1930 in Huron County, Ohio

[Ref.: Frances Van Scoy message to Hubley-L 8 January 2000]

(1) Henry Hubley

born 4 January 1827, Pennsylvania

married Lucy A. Kauffman [27 December 1862 Richland County, Ohio]

died 1 January 1903, Stark County, Ohio; buried East Nimishillen Church cemetery, Stark County, Ohio

(2) Emma

born 3 June 1864

married Walter Hamilton Weisel

(2) Loretta

born 1868

married Jobe P. Ringer

died 1950

(2) Clara

born 1870

married G. H. Crouse

died 1951

(2) Ezra

born 1876

married Oma A. ---

died 1958

[Ref.: James R. Lavy message to Brethren-L 11 January 2000]


York County, Pennsylvania, family

(1) John Traeger Hubley

born 25 January 1856, Wrightsville, Hellam Township, York County, Pennsylvania

married Elizabeth Jane "Jennie" Kindig

died 1939 York County, Pennsylvania

(2) Nellie May Hubley

born about 1878

(2) Helen G. Hubley

born about 1880

(2)Walter Scott Hubley

born about 1883

died 24 October 1928

(2) Ada Maude Hubley

born about 1883

(2) Florence Estella Hubley

born about 1885

(2) Pauline Elenora Hubley

born about 1895

(2) Edgar Smith "Hub/Hip/Hib" Hubley

born 6 May 1895

married Erma M. DONSEN

(2) Henry Hamilton "Harry" Hubley

born 14 July 1896, York, York County, Pennsylvania

died 16 June 1982, Alte Monte Springs, Florida

married Margaret Kathryn SPAHR

[Ref. Nancy Bannister message to Hubley-L 2 October 1999]


(1) William Hubley

married Mary Elizabeth BOUTILIER

(2) Caroline

born 12 March 1841

[Ref.: Suzanne Hubley message to Hubley-L 1 October 1999]

(1) Louisa Hubley

born 1810

married George Myers Lauman

died 7 December 1846

[Ref.: Cindy Kimes message to Hubley-L 9 January 2000, citing William Henry Egle, Pennsylvania Genealogies, 2nd ed., Genelaogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1969, pages 353-354]

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