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An account of the descendants of two groups of Pfrimmers from Alsace, one of two brothers, Valentin and Christian, and the other of the family of Andreas and Catharina,

all from Eckwersheim who migrated to Ontario in the mid-l9th century.


Samuel Pfrimmer Hays

350 Ponca Place, Apt. 64

Boulder, Colo., 80303


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January 2001

Introduction: This account of the Pfrimmer families of Canada is part of several separate volumes on the Pfrimmer family. Three of these constitute a three-volume

account of the Pfrimmer Families of Alsace. A separate volume, The Pfrimmer

Family of America has included both the descendants of Pfrimmers who came to

the United States and those who came to Canada. But that part of the family history has become quite large and hence now the section on the Pfrimmer Families of Canada has been organized as a separate volume to facilitate its reproduction and distribution. Hence this version of that part of the Pfrimmer family history. This edition of the Pfrimmer families of Canada has gone through a major revision over previous editions as a result of new discoveries. Formerly it was believed that Andreas Pfrimmer of Ontario was a brother of Valentin and Christian Pfrimmer, all sons of Valentin Pfrimmer and Catharina Schuster. However it has been discovered that this Andreas Pfrimmer was from an altogether different family and hence now in this edition instead of three brothers we present the information as two separate families, one of Valentin and Christian and the other of Andreas. Based on information in the genealogy, "The

Pfrimmer Families of Alsace," The two have no direct kinship connections in Alsace although they lived in the same village, and the fact that they settled initially in the same area of Ontario makes one highly suspicious that their migrations had some connection. The Pfrimmer family history has gone through several editions and

the more recent ones have been greatly facilitated by contacts with Pfrimmers on

electronic mail. Pfrimmer descendants not yet on the Pfrimmer electronic mail

system, PfMail, should contact Charles Pfrimmer, 551 Imperial Avenue, Melbourne, FL, 32935, e-mail <>. Charles Pfrimmer has also produced a web-site which includes considerable Pfrimmer information; the address

is <>. You are invited to check it out.

Corrections and additions to this account of the Canadian Pfrimmers is welcomed.

Write the author, Samuel Pfrimmer Hays, at 350 Ponca Place, Apt. 64, Boulder, Colo., 80303; or phone 303-554-6560 or e-mail at


Two brothers, sons of Valentin Pfrimmer and Catharina Schuster of Eckwersheim, Alsace, near Strasbourg, came to America about l840 first to New York City and thence to western Ontario. Some remained there and others migrated to Manitoba, Minnesota and beyond. This Pfrimmer family was descended from one of the earliest identified Pfrimmer families of Eckwersheim, Alsace, Erhard Pfrimmer, whose great-great-great grandson, Andreas Pfrimmer married, as his second wife, Eva Wolff. One of their grandsons was Valentin Pfrimmer who married Catherine Schuster who lived in Eckwersheim and whose sons, in turn, Valentin and Christian migrated to Canada. Through Erhard Pfrimmer, these brothers were related to John George Pfrimmer who

migrated to America in l788 and lived in Harrison County, Ind. They were descended from Erhard Pfrimmer's second son, Andreas and John George Pfrimmer of Harrison County, Indiana from his first son, Johannes, both of whom lived in Eckwersheim.

l-l. Valentin Pfrimmer. Son of Andreas Pfrimmer and Eva Wolff. Born Feb. 8, l748; died l6 Pluvios VII (l797). Married (l) Eva Huckel; she was born Feb. l3, l748 and died Dec. 27, l775. They had three children, Johannes, Johannes and Eva. At the death of Eva Huckel witnesses included Hans Hickel, her father, and Andreas Pfrimmer, her father-in-law. Valentin Pfrimmer married (2) Catherina Riehl, daughter of Michael Riehl and Anne Rittor. She was born Nov. 25, l753 and died May 29, l8l4 in Eckwersheim. They had one child, Valentin. After the death of Valentin Pfrimmer, Catherina Riehl married Andreas Zimmer, son of Andreas Zimmer and Marie Wurz, in l804. He was born in l75l and died Feb. 2, l8l4.

2-l. Johannes Pfrimmer. Born Jan. 28 and died Feb. 8, l773. At his death witnesses included Andreas Pfrimmer, one grandfather and Hans Hickel, the other grandfather.

2-2. Valentin Pfrimmer. Born Aug. l6, l774. There is no death record, but since a later child born in l777 was named Valentin it is assumed that this child died quite young.

2-3. Eva Pfrimmer. Born Aug. l7, l775 and died Mar. l9, l777. At her death witnesses included Andreas Pfrimmer, one grandfather, and Hans Hickel, the other grandfather.

2-4. Valentin Pfrimmer. Son of Valentin Pfrimmer and Catherina Margaretha Riehl. Born May l8, l777 and died Mar. 4, l826 at Eckwersheim, Alsace. Married Catharina Schuster, daughter of Diebold Schuster and Eve Huckel of Guedersheim, Feb. l0, l795 at Eckwersheim. She was born Dec. 25, l773 at Guedersheim and died Feb. 23, l828 at Eckwersheim. Valentin Pfrimmer was a farmer. They had eight children, Catharina, Maria, Valentin, Andreas, Catharina, Christian, Eve and Theobaut. This Valentin Pfrimmer was commonly called "Hickel" and the the family of the parents, Valentin Pfrimmer and Catherine Schuster, as well as the son Valentin Pfrimmer and his family lived, according to the records of birth, marriage and death at "Maison #ll7" in


3-l. Catharina Pfrimmer. Born 2l Frimaire 4 (l796). Her birth record in Eckwersheim, Civil State Birth Records, "4 Frimaire 2l: Valentin Pfrimmer and Catharina Schuster, commonly Hickel: Catharina". [Since the Berstett death records indicate that a Catharina Pfrimmer, daughter of Valentin Pfrimmer and Catharina Schuster was born in l802 it is assumed the this daughter died and the Catharina Pfrimmer born in l802 was a second child by the name Catharina].

3-2. Maria Pfrimmer. Born 23 Brumaire 6 (l798). Birth record in Eckwersheim, Civil State Birth Records, "6 Brumaire 23: Valentin Pfrimmer and Catharina Schuster: Maria". Married Jean Roth, son of Jean Roth, farmer, and Marguerite Dossman, Mar. l5, l820, in Eckwersheim.

3-3. Valentin Pfrimmer. His birth record is Valentin Pfrimmer but he was known later in Canada as George Valentin Pfrimmer. Born 4 Nivose 8 (l800) at Eckwersheim. Died Mar. 1, 1892, age 92 years, 2 months and 0 days, at the home of his son, John of "old age." Married Marie Mehl, daughter of Valentine Mehl, laborer in Baselshausen and Catharine Mahl, housewife, Mar. 8, l820 in Eckwersheim and had five children: Catherine, Margaretha, Eve, Valentin and Valentin. Marie Mehl died Sept. l5, l828 in Eckwersheim. Valentin Pfrimmer then married Mary Catherine Shuster, who was born in l8l0 and died Dec. 15, 1900 at the home of her daughter Sarah and her husband William Squire, on lot 15 concession 7 Logan Township, Ontario. They had seven children, Maria Catherina, Michael, Carolina, Johannes, Sophia, Julie and Salome.

Valentin Pfrimmer was a witness to the marriage of his younger brother, Christian, to

Catharina Hermann, June 24, l835, in Reitwiller, Alsace. At that time he was a farmer, age 35, living in Eckwersheim. The family came to the United States, arriving in October l842 on the ship Kensington. The passengers included Valentine Pfrimmer, Sr., age 40, his wife, age 30, Margueretha, age l8 and the son Valentin Pfrimmer with wife and one son, aged 4 years. [This entry is not clear since the son, Valentin, was at that time only l6 years of age and most probably was not married and without a child]. Valentin Pfrimmer settled on Lot 23, Concession l of Ellice Township, Perth County, Ontario; he is listed in the l87l Census returns for Ellice Township, Perth County, Ontario, Canada (Reel C 62l) as age 7l, wife Mary, age 6l, and four grown unmarried

children. In Ontario Valentin Pfrimmer was described as a farmer.When the family came to Ontario the first settlement was to be near Stratford, but the land turned out to be very swampy and in those days the area was known as the Ellice Swamp or the Black Ash Swamp. So they moved north and west of this area toward Sebachs Hill in Sebringville. The Pfrimmer family lived at Sebringville until l887. At that time Otto Weinbach was the minister of the church at Sebringville and Otto Pfrimmer was probably named for him. The Pfrimmers moved to Colburn, Ontario and lived there until l899. Valentin Pfrimmer crossed the ocean seven times. He died at Colburn,

Ontario in l892 and was buried at Goderich, Ontario, in the Protestant graveyard on

the road to Benmiller. Records as to the children of George Valentin Pfrimmer come from the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church records in Sebringville, records which begin in l835. In l927 a new church was built to replace the old. The records are all written in old German script, and names included Pfrimmer, Pfrommer, Frommer and Zimmer.

4-l. Catherine Pfrimmer. Born Nov. ll, l820 and died Sept. 5, l904 in Eckwersheim. Married Jacob Pfrimmer, son of Anna Pfrimmer, Aug. 3l, l842 in Eckwersheim. He was born July 9, l82l and died Feb. 2, l894 in Eckwersheim. Three children, Jacques, Jacques and Georges.

5-l. Jacques Pfrimmer. Born Nov. l9, l843 and died Feb. 28, l852 at Eckwersheim.

5-2. Jacques Pfrimmer. Born June 30, l859. Married Eva Wolf, daughter of Johann Wolf and Maria Riehl, Apr. l7, l884. She was born July l2, l856.

5-3. Georges Pfrimmer. Born Dec. l7, l850; died l880.

4-2. Margaretha "Polly" Pfrimmer. Born Dec. 5, l822, Alsace, France; died Apr. 27, l89l; bur. Riverside Cemetery, New Hamburg, Waterloo Co., Ontario, Canada. Married Jacob Merner, son of Jacob Emanuel Merner and Susanna Schluchter, in l846 in Ontario, Canada. He was born Apr. 5, l8l6 at Reichenbach, Bern, Switzerland and died May 9, l890 at New Hamburg, Waterloo Co., Ontario, Canada; bur. Riverside Cemetery, New Hamburg. They had eight children, Anna, Susannah, Dan, Magdalene, Caroline, Jacob, Gideon and Levi. Polly Pfrimmer came with her parents to America in l842, as indicated above in the record of arrival in l842 on the ship Kensington. The first Sunday School rolls in the EUB Church in Sebringville show Margaret Pfrimmer as one of the teachers. Jacob Merner was the fourth child and first son of Jacob and

Susanna. He came to Canada in l837, age 2l, with his parents, brothers and sisters. He was a farmer, like his father. In l86l he and Polly were living in district l of Perth County, Ontario, in a two story log cabin. Both were members of the Evangelical Church.

5-l. Anna Merner. Born Sept. 27, l846, New Hamburg, Waterloo Co., Ontario; died Nov. 27, l926, New Hamburg; bur. Riverside Cemetery at New Hamburg. Married Jacob Graff. He was born in l845 and died in l926; bur. Riverside Cemetery. Two children, George and Clara. Jacob and Anna had a lovely home.

6-l. George Graff. Born l87l; died l9l2 in the west of typhoid fever; bur. Riverside Cemetery, New Hamburg, Ontario.

6-2. Clara Graff. Died June 4, l948; buried in the Riverside Cemetery, New Hamburg. Never married.

5-2. Susannah Merner. Born about l849; died shortly after she and her husband adopted a daughter. Married Meno Christner. Adopted a daughter, Ida. The father went to Seattle, Wash. when his daughter married.

6-l. Ida Christner. Born about l890. Adopted. Married George Trundel. Two children, Mariam and George.

7-l. Mariam Trundel. Married Willard Cook. One son and one daughter.

7-2. George Trunel. Married.

5-3. Daniel Merner. Born about l85l; died at 75 years old, according to a notation on the back of a photo. He could be the Daniel Merner in Lot 235 at Riverside Cemetery, New Hamburg, with Jacob Merner, Jr. and Mrs. Merner. He had a short leg, making him lame so that his sister, Lena, helped him to school by carrying him on her back.

5-4. Magdalene "Lena" Merner. Born about l852; died May 3l, l935, in Calgary while visiting her brother-in-law Charles and Belle Bossenberry. Buried June 3, l935 in the Burnsland Cemetery (Lot 45, Block l2, Sec. F). Married (l) a Schildrofth and had two children; both children died of brain fever and then her husband died with it - before l89l. Married (2) Allan Bossenberry, who had two children from his first marriage, Arthur and Elton. He was born in l857; died Nov. 20, l934 in Calgary, Calgary East County,

Alberta and was buried Nov. 23, l934 there in the Burnsland Cemetery (Lot 46,

Blk. l2,Sec. F). They had no children. They lived in Ontario before moving to Alberta near Didsburg, where they homesteaded. Later they lived at l332 l4th Ave. West in Calgary.

5-5. Caroline "Carrie" Merner. Born Jan. ll, l857, New Hamburg, Waterloo Co., Ontario; died of angina pectoris, Aug. 20, l927, Shaker Heights, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; bur. Aug. 22, l927 Acacia Park Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio. Never married but helped raise her sister, Susan's adopted daughter, Ida, in Cleveland, Ohio.

5-6. Jacob William "Jake" Merner. He was born about l858-59.

5-7. Gideon Merner. Born about l860. There was a Gideon Merner alive in New Hamburg, Ontario in l958. There was a Gideon Merner in Cleveland, a salesman there in l880-l883.

5-8. Levi Merner. Born Sept. l863 in South Easthope, Perth Co., Ontario; died Sept. l9, l900, Brandon, Brandon Co., Manitoba; bur. at the local cemetery in Brandon, Lot ll, Block D, Section 3. Married Mary Zurbrigg, daughter of Anthony Zurbrigg and Katherine Ragelman, Nov. 30, l886. She was born Apr. 24, l862, North Easthope, Perth Co., Ont.; died Apr. 8, l953, Wetaskiwin, Wetaskiwin Co., Alberta, Canada; bur. Apr. l3, l953 at the local cemetery at Wetaskiwin, funeral held at Baker's Funeral Chapel; she was buried as Mary Steinacker. They had four children, Elton, Wilfred, Ella and Edward. He was a salesman for Cocks plough company and sold machinery such as windmills. They were members of the Evangelical Church. Later in Alberta she attended Nazarene Church. Lived at New Hamburg, Ont., Brandon, Manitoba, Alberta,

Pullyallup, Wash. and Wetaskiwin, Alberta. After the death of Levi Merner she married John Steinacker in the spring of l902; he died Feb. l937, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. They had no children. He was a farmer and restaurant owner. Levi and Mary lived on the edge of New Hamburg on about l0 acres. About l899 they made a visit to Manitoba and took their youngest child, Sanford, with them. Then in April l900 the entire family moved to Brandon, Manitoba. Four months later typhoid fever hit the town and many people died; everyone except Sanford had the fever. In the meantime Lena Bossenberry, Levi's sister, with her husband and two stepsons had gone to near Didsburg, Alberta to homestead and Mary decided to join them instead of going back to Ontario. In the Spring of l902 she married John Steinacker, a widower with an adopted child named

Hazel. He had a half-section of land homesteaded near Wetaskiwin, Alberta and

this is where Mary's four children and stepdaughter lived and went to school.

6-l. Elton Merner. Born Sept. l0, l887, New Hamburg, Waterloo Co., Ontario; died Sept. l3, l962 Wetaskiwin, Wetaskiwin Co., Alberta. Married a Campbell, daughter of Elmer E. Campbell and Alma Flowers, Apr. ll, l9l0, Wetaskiwin, Wetaskiwin Co., Alberta. She was born Oct. 4, l890, Mankato, Blue Earth Co., Minn. and died Mar. 2l, l962 Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Buried in Wetaskwin Cemetery. Two children, Morley and Donald. He lived in New Hamburg, Ontario, Brandon, Manitoba and Wetaskiwin, Ala. She had lived at Mankato, Minn. before living at Wetaskiwin, Ala. They were members of the United Church of Canada; he was a cattle buyer.

7-l. Morley George Merner. Born Apr. 5, l9ll, Wetaskiwin, Wetaskiwin Co., Alberta. Married Helen Winnifred Switzer, daughter of Ernest Beatty and Carrie Switzer, Jan. 9, l936, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Three children, Lois, Robert and Marilyn. He was a captain in the infantry. He was a member of the United Church of Canada and she also after membership in the Methodist Church. Before marriage she was a stenographer. They lived at Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

8-l. Lois Barbara Merner. Born Feb. 8, l937, Wetaskiwin, Wetaskiwin Co., Alberta. Married Henry Jensen, son of Martin Jensen and Sigrid Sorensen, Jan. 9, l960, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. They had two children, Donald and Barbara. She was a medical laboratory technician and he was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Both were members of the United Church of Canada. He was trained in Regina and posted to Alberta where he lived in many small towns. Lived (l975) in Ottawa, Ontario, address 593 Duff Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario.

9-l. Donald Bruce Cameron Jenson. Born Aug. l8, l964.

9-2. Barbara Jen Jensen. Born Oct. ll, l968.

8-2. Robert Donald Merner. Born Oct. l6, l940, Wetaskiwin, Wetaskiwin Co., Alberta. Married Darlene Anne Ball, July 28, l96l, Edmonton, Alberta. Two children, David and Michael.

9-l. David Robert Merner. Born Edmonton, Alberta.

9-2. Michael Percy Merner. Born Sept. 27, l963, Ottawa, Ontario.

8-3. Marilyn Joan Merner. Born Sept. 5, l942, Wetaskiwin, Wetaskiwin Co., Alberta. Married William Ralph Pocock, son of Ralph Williams Pocock and Jean Margaret Gillison, Sept. 7, l960, Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Four children: Gregory, Alan, Robert and Karen. He was self-employed in heavy construction and road building in Bear Mountain Enterprises, Ltd. They had no religious affiliation. They lived at Calgary, Alberta, Dawson Creek and Price George, British Columbia.

9-l. Gregory Scott Pocock. Born Mar. 8, l96l, Calgary, Alberta.

9-2. Alan Stuart Pocock. Born Mar. 27, l963, Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

9-3. Robert Brent Pocock. Born Oct. 28, l965 and died Jan. l0, l966, Dawson Creek, British Columbia; buried Wetaskwin, Alberta.

9-4. Karen Lynne Pocock. Born Dec. 28, l967, Dawson Creek, B.C.

7-2. Donald Elton Campbell Merner. Born May l6, l9l5, Wetaskinwin, Wetaskiwin Co., Alberta. Married (l) Bonaline Flora "Bonnie" Ragan. She was born about l9l6 and died June 24, l963, Vancouver, B. C.; buried Red Deer, Alberta. No children. Married (2) mid-summer l970 to Bonnie's sister-in-law, her brother's wife; no children. He was in the Army; owned a drug store at McLenna, Alberta.

6-2. Wilfred Merner. Born Dec. 6, l888, New Hamburg, Waterloo Co., Ontario; died Mar. 7, l966 Edmonton, Alberta; bur. Mt. Pleasant Cem., South Edmonton, Alberta. Married Mayme Evelyn Christner Dec. 24, l9l4, Calgary, Alberta. She was born Feb. ll, l894, Omaha, Neb. They had eleven children: Kenneth, Evelyn, Beulah, Clinton, Olive, Hazel, Joyce, Oriole, Fern, Donna and Gladys. He worked clearing land with a team of horses, farmed and made shingle shakes.

7-l. Kenneth Willard Merner. Born Oct. l4, l9l5 and died June 9, l9l8, Didsbury, Alberta.

7-2. Evelyn Charlotte Merner. Born Dec. 30, l9l6, Didsbury, Alberta. Married James Russel LaForge June 26, l944, Red Deer, Alberta. He was born Feb. 2l, l9l7, Campeek, Alberta. Five children: Sharon, Carol, James, William and Julie. Later in life she lived Box 47, Pouce Coupe, B.C.

8-l. Sharon Rose LaForge. Born Aug. 9, l945, Wetaskinwin, Alb. Married Alan Charles Moi Dec. 29, l962, Dawson Creek, B. C. He was born Nov. l6, l944. Two children, Arthur and James. Lived (l975) Box 4l, Dawson Creek, B.C.

9-l. Arthur William Moi. Born Aug. 29, l963, Vancouver, B.C.

9-2. James Alan Moi. Born Mar. 23, l967, Dawson Creek, B.C.

8-2. Carol June LaForge. Born May 20, l947, Dawson Creek, B.C. Married Russel Arnold Airhart Aug. l9, l972, Red Deer, Alberta. He was born Jan. 28, l950, Red Deer, Ala.

8-3. James Clinton LaForge. Born Dec. 30, l948, Dawson Creek, B.C.

8-4. William Edward LaForge. Born Aug. 2, l952, Dawson Creek, B.C.

8-5. Julie Anne LaForge. Born Apr. l4, l957, Pouce Coupe, B.C.

7-3. Beulah Lucille Merner. Born Apr. l0, l9l8, Didsburg, Ala. Married Kenneth George Thompson. He was born Oct. l4, l922, at Rossington, Ala. One child, Lyall. Beulah Merner was living, l975, l9 Grandora Cres, St. Albert, Alberta.

8-l. Lyall Mitchell Thomson. Born Sept. 27, l954, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Married Leslie May Downes Aug. l0, l975, Edmonton, Ala. She was born July 24, l955 at Red Deer, Ala.

7-4. Clinton Jack Merner. Born July and died Dec. l7, l9l9, Didsbury, Ala.

7-5. Olive Junette "June" Merner. Born June l, l92l, Didsburg, Ala. Married Ralph Edward Swanson Dec. 22, l942, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. He was born Nov. 29, l9l9, Wetaskiwin, Ala. Four children, Dianne, Dale, Glenn and Donald. She was living, l975, 9077 Royal St., Ft. Langley, B. C.

8-l. Dianne Maxine Swanson. Born Oct. l6, l948, Wetaskiwin, Ala. Married Lyle William Davison Aug. 2l, l970, Wetaskiwin, Ala. One child, Carmen.

9-l. Carmen Rae Davidson. Born Apr. 8, l972, Drumheller, Ala.

8-2. Dale Kenneth Swanson. Born July 4, l950, Wetaskiwin, Ala. Married Astrid Rudat June l0, l972, Edmonton, Ala. She was born Sept. l0, l948, Celle, Germany. One child, Joel.

9-l. Joel Jeffery Swanson. Born Sept. 7, l974, Wetaskiwin, Ala.

8-3. Glenn Edward Swanson. Born Mar. 22, l952, Wetaskiwin, Ala.

8-4. Donald Ralph Swanson. Born Apr. l2, l955, Edmonton, Ala.

7-6. Hazel Edith Lorraine Merner. Born Aug. 30, l923, Didsbury, Ala. Married Stephen Polk Feb. 4, l954, Vancouver, B. C. He was born Dec. 3l, l9l9 at Biefoit, Sask. Four children, Rodney, Brenda, Charlene and Jacqueline. Lived, l975, 2l55 Skeena St., Vancouver, B. C.

8-l. Rodney Stephen Polk. Born Jan. 6, l959, Vancouver, B.C.

8-2. Brenda Elaine Polk. Born Nov. l5, l96l, Vancouver, B.C.

8-3. Charlene Hazel Polk. Born Nov. l4, l963, Vancouver, B.C.

8-4. Jacqueline Jane Polk. Born Jan. 26, l968, Vancouver, B.C.

7-7. Joyce Mayme Merner. Born May 6, l925, Didsbury, Alberta. Married Norman William Remus, Jan. 4, l950, Wetaskiwin, Ala. He was born Aug. ll, l925, Wetaskiwin, Ala. Five children, Lynda, Roy, Darryl, Neil and Jerry.

8-l. Lynda Joyce Remus. Born Sept. l, l950, Wetaskiwin, Ala. Married James Brent Poynter May 22, l970, Lethbridge, Alberta. He was born Aug. 29, l949, Edmonton, Ala. and died Sept. 5, l973, Lethbridge, Ala.; bur. Lethbridge Cem. Two children, Darcy and Theresa. He was killed on a construction job.

9-l. Darcy James Poynter. Born Nov. l2, l97l.

9-2. Theresa Lynn Poynter. Born Nov. l2, l973.

8-2. Roy Arthur Remus. Born July l, l953, Wetaskiwin, Ala.

8-3. Darryl Roger Remus. Born Nov. 7, l956, Wetaskiwin, Ala.

8-4. Neil Norman Remus. Born July 8, l958, Edmonton, Ala.

8-5. Jerry Keith Remus. Born Oct. 5, l963, Edmonton, Ala.

7-8. Oriole Dell "Peggy" Merner. Born June 3, l930. Married Conrad Storfield Apr. 3, l954, Edmonton, Ala. He was born Sept. l930, Robsort, Sask. Three children, Terry, Wayne and Ricky. She lived, l975, l0l40 l20th St., Edmonton, Ala.

8-l. Terry Roy Storfield. Born June 22, l956, Edmonton, Ala.

8-2. Wayne John Storfield. Born Mar. 5, l958, Edmonton, Ala.

8-3. Ricky Conrad Storfield. Born Nov. 7, l962, Edmonton, Ala.

7-9. Fern Delrose Merner. Born Sept. 20, l932, Wetaskiwin, Ala. Married Vernon Milton Bruneski Mar. l, l957, Vancouver, B. C. He was born Sept. l6, l933, Trochu, Ala. Five children, Sandra, Gail, Kenneth, Brian, Gregory and Christine. Lived, l975, 8l6 Jones Road, Richmond, B. C.

8-l. Sandra Gail Brunseki. Born Jan. 2l, l958, Vancouver, B.C.

8-2. Kenneth Wayne Bruneski. Born Sept. l9, l959, Vancouver, B.C.

8-3. Brian Jeffrey Bruneski. Born May 5, l962, Vancouver, B.C.

8-4. Gregory John Bruneski. Born Dec. 3, l969, Vancouver, B.C.

8-5. Christine Joy Bruneski. Born Dec. 3, l969, Vancouver, B.C.

7-l0. Donna Maxine Merner. Born Aug. l, l934, Wetaskiwin, Ala. Married John Archie "Jack" Benedict Sept. 26, l959, Edmonton, Ala. He was born June l2, l938, InnisFail, Ala. Three children, Pamela, Dawn and Ross. Lived, l975, Box 665, Wimborne, Alberta.

8-l. Pamela Jeana Benedict. Born May 27, l906, Edmonton, Ala.

8-2. Dawn Marie Benedict. Born Jan. 9, l962, Red Deer, Ala.

8-3. Ross Wilfred Benedict. Born Jan. 7, l964, Red Deer, Ala.

7-ll. Gladys Darlene Merner. Born Nov. 22, l935, Wetaskiwin, Ala. Married Trevor Charles "Chuck" Jones Aug. 25, l958, Vancouver, B. C. He was born Dec. l3, l932, Birmingham, Eng. Four children, Michael, Barbara, David and Wendy. Lived, l975, Vancouver, B. C. and formerly in Edmonton, Ala.

8-l. Michael Charles Jones. Born Mar. 3, l960, Vancouver, B.C.

8-2. Barbara Gail Jones. Born Sept. 30, l96l, Vancouver, B.C.

8-3. David Thomas Jones. Born Dec. 5, l963, Vancouver, B.C.

8-4. Wendy Lee Jones. Born Aug. 22, l965, Sechelt, B.C.

6-3. Ella Merner. Born July 24, l89l, New Hamburg, Waterloo Co., Ontario. Married William Emery Revis, son of Newton Holly Revis and Mary Elizabeth Carter, July 20, l9ll, Wetaskiwin, Wetaskin Co., Alberta. He was born Jan. 3l, l884, Montgomery Co., Ill. Seven children, Mary, Kenneth, Rosella, Ina, Florence, Edna and Hawley. He was a farmer and they were Baptists. Lived at Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Bingham, Ill., Poudre Canyon, Colo. and Boulder Colo. After their marriage they went to Illinois where the two oldest children were born and in the fall of l9l4 they returned to Canada. In

l936 they returned to the United States, to Boulder, Colo., but soon, with the two

youngest children, they moved back to Illinois to be near Emery's mother, Mary

Revis. In l949 they returned to Colorado.

7-l. Mary Berthanna Revis. Born June l2, l9l2, Bingham, Fayette Co., Ill. Married Harvey James Taylor, son of Thomas H. Taylor and Mabel Annie Nelson, May l4, l937, Boulder, Colo. One child, Luella. She was a grocery clerk and butcherette for Safeway in California and Colorado for over 20 years. He had a wide variety of jobs: piano tuner, licensed barber and cosmetologist (owned beauty shop at the Boulderaldo Hotel in Boulder, l936- 4l), inspector of ammunitions at Remington Arms, Lakewood Colo., then moving to Richmond, Calif. to install submarine detectors and launching

ships at Kaiser Shipyards during World War II; was a car mechanic and garage

owner and building contractor. Returned to Boulder, Colo. in l949 and built and

managed the Traveler's Motel for several years; was real estate salesman, builder,

owner and landlord of 2l apartments in Boulder, Colo. She was a baptist and

he a protestant. Lived Wetaskwin, Alberta, Puyallup, Wash., Richmond and

Martinez, Calif. and Boulder, Colo.

8-l. Luella Mary Taylor. Born Jan. l5, l938, at the

Community Hospital, Boulder, Colo. Married Cecil Charles Wagner, son of Robert

William Wagner and Thelma Katherine Behimer, Aug. 25, l96l, Boulder, Colo. He was

born Nov. 2l, l937, Clayton, Union Co., New Mexico. Two children, Todd and Lesly. She graduated from Boulder High School and received an Elk's Scholarship for two years to attend University. Graduated from University of Colorado at Boulder in l959. Was a registered pharmacist in Colorado and California; employed part-time at Jones Drugstore in Boulder. He attended Goodson School at Union Co., New Mexico, and graduated Boulder High school in l955; grad. University of Colorado, Boulder in l960. He was a civil engineer and licensed land surveyor, employed for l5 years with Federal Aviation Administration in Boulder.

9-l. Todd Ricardo Wagner. Born Apr. 28, l962, Redwood

City, Calif. Attended Platt Jr. High School.

9-2. Lesly Lou Wagner. Born Nov. l7, l965, Redwood City, Calif. Attended Douglass Elementary School.

7-2. Kenneth J. "Jack" Revis. Born Mar. 4, l9l4, Bingham, Fayette Co., Ill. Married Iola Marie Fankhouser, daughter of Vernon William Fankhouser and Nellie Johanna Jensen, May 5, l946, at Tekamah, Burt Co., Neb. Three children, Diane, Catherine and Jacqueline. He was in the Army from Sept. l94l to Dec. l945, Staff Sgt. during World War II in the Phillipines. He was a Baptist and she a Seventh Day Adventist.

8-l. Diane Marie Revis. Born Oct. l9, l947, Boulder, Colo. Married John Lee Elliott, son of Orville Henry Elliott and Helen Jones, Jan. 28, l967, Poudre Canyon Chapel, Poudre Canyon, Colo. Two children, Codyann and Marti. She graduated in l966 from Poudre High School and was for l0 years a 4-H Club member and also a member of a Ranger Horse Association. He was a ranch hand. Both were Protestant.

9-l. Codyann Marie Elliott. Born June 26, l968, Laramie, Wyo.

9-2. Marti Lee Elliott. Born Mar. 27, l97l, Laramie, Wyo.

8-2. Catherine Louise Revis. Born Nov. l7, l949, Ft. Collins, Larimer Co., Colo. She graduated in l967 from Poudre Canyon High School, Ft. Collins, Colo. Was a self-employed backhoe operator. Lived Boulder, Ft. Collins and Poudre Canyon, Colo. Was a Protestant.

8-3. Jacqueline Rose Revis. Born Dec. 6, l953 Boulder, Colo. Married Ralph Lee Matzner, son of Melvin A. Matzner and Ruth A. Volzke, Jan. l5, l975, Poudre Chapel in Poudre Canyon, Colo. He was born May 29, l949, Stromsburg, Polk Co., Neb. She graduated from Poudre High School in l97l and attended Glenwood Springs Jr. College in Colorado, l97l-l973. He was a fish culturist with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. He was a Missouri Synod Lutheran and she was a Protestant.

7-3. Rosella Marie Revis. Born Sept. 7, l9l6, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Married Cecil Roland Fidler, son of Rueben Frances Fidler and Corrine Adelpha Schockey May l7, l937 at Brighton, Adams Co., Colo. Two children, Phyllis and Claudette. She was a housewife and he was a car mechanic and general contractor; during World War II he was a machinist at Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond, Calif. Lived at Richmond, Martinez and, l975, Rough & Ready, Calif. Both were Protestant.

8-l. Phyllis Hope Fidler. Born Apr. 6, l938, Boulder, Colo. Married Richard Lee Miller June l6, l955 at Martinez, Contra Costa Co., Calif. Three children, Kim, Chester and Gregory. They were divorced Oct. l974, Grass Valley, Calif. He was born Apr. l7, l937, San Francisco, Calif. and was employed by the Pacific Telephone Co.

9-l. Kim Hope Miller. Born Jan. 22, l956, Martinez, Contra Costa Co., Calif. Lived, l975, Elm Creek, Neb.

9-2. Chester Lee Miller. Born June 24, l957, Martinez, Contra Costa Co., Calif.

9-3. Gregory Richard Miller. Born June 3, l958, Martinez, Contra Costa Co., Calif.

8-2. Claudette Cecil Fidler. Born July l5, l939, Boulder, Colo. Married Robert Kent Haisley, son of Russell Howard Haisley and Dorothy Riess, July l, l956, Martinez, Calif. Four children, Curtis, Tamra, Judith and Keith. She was graduate from Alhambra Union High School in l957. Was a secretary for her husband. He was graduate of Alhambra Union H.S., Martinez, Calif. Was carpenter's apprentice for Fuller and Eyeman of Lafayette, Calif. and was a general contractor for custom homse. Lived Richmond and

Martinez, Calif.

9-l. Curtis John Haisley. Born Jan. 28, l958, Martinez, Calif.

9-2. Tamra Lee Haisley. Born Apr. 24, l959, Martinez, Calif.

9-3. Judith Marie Haisley. Born Apr. 26, l960, Martinez, Calif.

9-4. Keith David Haisley. Born Oct. 24, l96l, Martinez, Calif.

7-4. Ina Blanche Revis. Born Sept. 5, l9l8, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Married Thomas Edwin Taylor, son of Thomas H. Taylor and Mabel Annie Nelson, Mar. 20, l943, Laramine, Albany Co., Wyo. He was born Oct. l6, l9l9, Dunseith, Rolette Co., North Dakota. Three children, Jeanette, Thomas and Susanna. She was a licensed cosmetologist and owned and operated the Silver Saddle Beauty Salon. She and her husband were owners and managers of the Silver Saddle Motel in Boulder, Colo. In l945 they started with four units that grew to thirty-two units. They were located at the entrance to Boulder Canyon. He was in the U.S. Army, enlisted Feb. l7, l940 and discharged Aug. 7, l945; he was in Battery C. 52nd Field Artillery Battallion at Schofield

Barracks, Honolulu when Pearl Harbor and Hickham Field were bombed by the Japanese. After 3 years in Hawaii he was transferred to an army camp on the mainland as instructor with rank of Sergeant Technician. Then as a Sergeant he was in battles in France, Central and Southern Germany. In August of l945 he was at "Tophat" Staging Area, Antwerp, Belgium, where he came home on a ship. Discharged at Ft. Logan, Colo., Aug. 7, l945 with l20 points for discharge. He earned Pre-Pearl ribbons, Bronze Star Medal, Good Conduct and E.T.G. She was a Baptist and he a Protestant.

8-l. Jeanette Jane Taylor. Born and died Oct. 3, l944 Boulder, Colo. Buried. Green Mountain Cemetery, Boulder, Colo., Sec. C, Row H, Grave 37.

8-2. Thomas Steven Taylor. Born May 20, l948, Boulder, Colo. Married Joy Ella Stephens, daughter of John Stephens and Catherine Griffiths, Dec. 2l, l968 at the First Baptist Church, Boulder, Colo. Two children, Robin and Matthew. Graduated from Boulder High school in l966. Obtained an M.A. degree in electrical engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder, l97l. Was graduated of the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyo. Was employed with the Navy in the State of Washington and then with the Federal Aviation Administration in Aurora, Colo. She graduated from Boulder High School in l967.

9-l. Robin Marie Taylor. Born Aug. 2l, l969, Laramie, Wyo.

9-2. Matthew James Taylor. Born July 27, l97l, Boulder, Colo.

8-3. Susanna Marie Taylor. Born Mar. 27, l953, Boulder, Colo. Married David Astaire Remington, son of Vernon Remington and Mary Jane Miller Nov. 3, l972, at the First Baptist Church, Boulder, Colo. No children. She attended University of Colorado at Boulder and graduated Dec. l975 in applied math in engineering school. He obtained M.A. in math at University of Colo, Boulder, as an electrical engineer. He graduated from Colorado University in l97l and in Dec. l972 obtained MS in electrical engineering.

They were Baptists.

7-5. Florence Margaret Revis. Born Nov. l9, l920, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Married Melvin Charles Barhite, son of Frank and Nettie Barhite. July 7, l942, Goodland, Kansas. He was born Dec. 20, l920 at Lafayette, Colo. Three children, Dixie, Dwight and Judith. She was a seamstress and he headed the Histology Dept. at Penrose Hospital, Colorado Springs, Colo. He was in the Army in the l940's at Fitzsimmons Hospital in Denver, Colo. and was trained as a histologist there.

8-l. Dixie Kay Barhite. Born Nov. 29, l947, Longview, Wash. Married Kenneth Lee Compson July 20, l966 at her home in Colorado Springs, Colo. He was born Aug. 6, l947, Canon City, Colo. No children. Divorced July l974, Colorado Springs, Colo. She grad. from Wasson High School at Colorado Springs, Colo; was a pro barrel racer and a rodeo rider and won many trophies, ribbons, saddles, etc. with her barrel racing riding. He was involved with horses, selling, riding in rodeos, running stables. They were protestants.

8-2. Dwight Melvin Barhite. Born Oct. 4, l950, Colorado Springs, Colo. Married Cynthia Louise Weltz, daughter of Cletus and Pat Weltz, Jan. 5, l973, at Catherine's Catholic Church, Burlington, Colo. No children. He trained as a lab techician at Penrose Hospital, as a histologist. She was a secretary. He was a Protestant and she a Catholic.

8-3. Judith Marie Barhite. Born Sept. l8, l952, Colorado Springs, Colo. Married Lynn Carl Diller Feb. 25, l970, Colorado Springs, Colo. He was born Feb. l3, l949, Las Vegas, New Mexico. One child, Shallie. Were divorced Jan. 22, l972, Colorado Springs, Colo. She was a clerk and housewife; he was an electrician. They were both Protestant.

9-l. Shallie Ann Diller. Born Oct. l, l970, Colorado Springs, Colo.

7-6. Edna Revis. Born Jan. 2, l923, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Married Marion Ernest Probst, son of Frederick L. Probst and Gladys Donaldson, July 4, l94l, St. Charles, Mo. They had two children, Roy and Stanley. She was a senior key punch operator at the book store at the University of Colorado, Boulder and a member of the First Baptist Church. He was former a farmer in Illinois and then a general contractor; a Baptist. They lived in Alberta, Bingham, Ill. and Boulder, Colo.

8-l. Roy Wayne Probst. Born Jan. 7, l944, Bingham, Fayette Co., Ill. Graduated from Boulder High School in l962. Was a truck driver and then owner and operator of Renco Magnetic Signs. A Baptist; lived in Boulder,

8-2. Stanley Marion Probst. Born Apr. l5, l948, Hillsboro, Montgomery Co., Ill. Married Stephanie Anne Jiacoletti, daughter of Jack S. and Shirley Jiacoletti, May 3l, l969, at the Sacared Heart of Mary Catholic Church, Boulder, Colo. She was born Jan. 27, l948 at Denver, Colo. One child, Sara. He graduated from Fairview High School in Boulder and attended Colorado State University at Ft. Collins, Colo. Was assistant manager of a Safeway grocery store in Loveland, Colo. A Baptist. She graduated from Fairview High School in Boulder, Colo. and from Colorado State University, Ft. Collins in l970. He was a Catholic.

9-l. Sara Marie Probst. Born Feb. l4, l972, Ft. Collns, Colo.

7-7. Hawley Levi Revis. Born Sept. 28, l927, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Married Roma Darlene Bauerle, daughter of John Bauerle and Edna Smith. Sept. 29, l948, Denver, Colo at the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz, 33l2 York St. She was born May 9, l930 at Naponee, Harlan Co., Neb. Three children, Edna, Deborah and Robert. He was a licensed cosmetologist and superintendent of Pinkard Construction Co. A Baptist. Was in the U.S. Armed Forces, l944 to July l947, first with the Merchant Marine in the South Pacific and then with the Army infantry and then with paratroopers. She was a house wife and licensed cosmetologist.

8-l. Edna Ruth Revis. Born July 24, l949 at Boulder, Colo. Married Ronald Joseph Mora, son of James Mora and Nora Casias, Oct. l4, l968 at Boulder, Colo. One child, Rhea. She was a graduate of Boulder High School in l967 and attended Mesa Junior College in Grand Junction, Colorado. Was a semastress at Alpine Design in Boulder. He was an electronic technician with Hewlett Packard at Loveland, Colo.

9-l. Rhea Leigh Mora. Born Feb. 24, l969, Grand Junction, Colo.

8-2. Deborah Ann Revis. Born Sept. l9, l953 at Boulder, Colo. Married Terry Eldon Harris, son of Kenneth Harris and Mabel Owen, Feb. 3, l973, Boulder, Colo., at the Southern Hills Baptist Church. He was born Sept. l2, l949 at Hays, Kansas. No children. She graduiated from Boulder High School in l97l and attended Boulder Valley Vocational Technical Center at Boulder. Was a key punch operator at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration in Boulder. He graduated from Forest View High in Arlington Heights, Ill. in l967 and attended the Denver Institute of Technology.

He was in the Navy from Nov. l968 to Jan. l972, classed as E-4 and was an electronic

technician with Zia Associates in Boulder.

8-3. Robert Hawley Revis. Born Dec. 28, l958 at Boulder, Colo.

6-4. Edward Sanford Merner. Born Jan. 24, l897, New Hamburg, Waterloo Co., Ontario and died Sept. 8, l962 at Haney, British Columbia, Maple Ridge Hospital. Buried Maple Ridge Cemetery, Haney, B. C. Married Hazel Edith Haeberle, Feb. l9, l929, Edmonton, Alberta. She was born Dec. 26, l909 at Gifford, Idaho. Five children: Peggy, Viola, Marvel, Jean and Dennis. He was a farmer and moved buildings in Wetaskiwin.

7-l. Peggy Arlyne Merner. Born Sept. 22, l93l, Killam, Alberta. Married Gordon Frederick White, Feb. 28, l953, Haney, B. C. He was born Feb. 2, l93l at Hammond, B. C. Two children, Randy and Darrin. They lived at 5533 Manson Ave., Powell River, B.C.

8-l. Randy Dohn White. Born Sept. ll, l953, New Westminster, B.C.

8-2. Darrin Gordon White. Born May l965, Haney, B.C.

7-2. Viola Marie Merner. Born Jan. 30, l933, Strome, Alberta. Married Nicholas George Herman Feb. 25, l955, New Westminster, B.C. He was born Mar. 24, l93l, St. Walburg, Saskatchewan. Four children, Brian, Kim, Janine and Leana. They lived l2355 244 St., Maple Ridge, B.C.

8-l. Brian Wayne Herman. Born Mar. 6, l956, New Westminster, B.C.

8-2. Kim Diane Herman. Born Apr. 30, l958, Haney, B.C.

8-3. Janine Cheryl Herman. Born Nov. l3, l962, Haney, B.C.

8-4. Leana Gay Herman. Born June l3, l964, Haney, B.C.

7-3. Marvel Grace Merner. Born Jan. 25, l939, Killiam, Alberta. Married Robert Arthur Isaac McCune July l5, l96l, Haney, B. C. He was born Mar. 2, l940, Wildwood, Alberta. Two children, Stacy and Sean. Lived RR #l, Louis Creek, B.C.

8-l. Stacy Alan McCune. Born Apr. 20, l962.

8-2. Sean Derrick McCune. Born Aug. 9, l966.

7-4. Jean Yvonne Merner. Born Dec. l6, l942, Killam, Alberta. Married Robert William Work, Feb. l0, l962, Haney, B. C. Three children, Cori, Lisa and Vicki. Lived 6305 S.E. Marine Dr., New Westminster, B.C.

8-l. Cori Lena Work. Born Nov. ll, l963, Burnaby, B. C.

8-2. Lisa Mae Work. May l, l966, New Westminster, B. C.

8-3. Vicki Dawn Work. Born June 29, l967, New Westminster, B.C.

7-5. Dennis Sanford Merner. Born Aug. 30, l945, Killam, Alberta. Married Barbara Jean Waugh May l4, l966, Haney, B. C. She was born Jan. 3, l948, Vancouver, B.C. Two children, Lyle and Susan. They lived l0505 l53 St., #94, Surrey, B.C.

8-l. Lyle Dennis Merner. Born Jan. l3,l968, Burnaby, B.C.

8-2. Susan Marie Merner. Born May 2, l969, Haney, B. C.

4-3. Eve Pfrimmer. Born Nov. 2 and died Nov. 7, l824 in Eckwersheim.

4-4. Valentin Pfrimmer. Born Oct. 6 and died Oct. l2, l825 in Eckwersheim.

4-5. Valentin Pfrimmer. Born Sept. 25, l826 in Eckwersheim. Came to America in l842. Married Eva Stoskopf, daughter of Michael Stoskopf, who was a widow of Peter Studer. The Studers lived at lot 23 Concession l, Downie Township and Valentine and Eva took over the Studer farm and raised five Studer children: Peter, born May l4, l839, Catherine, born Sept. l4, l840, Caroline, born Apr. ll, l843, Michael, born Feb. 4, l845 and Eva, born Sept. 4, l847. Valentin Pfrimmer, Jr. and Eva Stoskopf had four children of their own: Susanna, Jacob, Margaret and Louis. The family is in the l87l census, South Perth Township, Downie, Perth County, Ontario (Reel C 62l); and the l88l

census, Downie Township as Valentin Pfri2mmer, age 54; Eva, age 60; Jacob, age 27,

Annie, age 2l and Louis age 22.

5-1. Susanna Pfrimmer. Born May l5, l852, Ontario. Married John Henry. They had two children, Eva and John and moved to Raymond, Texas in the l890's.

6-l. Eva Henry.

6-2. John Henry.

5-2. Jacob Pfrimmer. Born Feb. l2, l854, Ontario; died Sept. ll, l9l8. Married Anna B. Brunner, daughter of George Brunner and Elizabeth Hoffman in l876. She was born Sept. 3, l859 and died Sept. 6, l920. Ten children: Eva, George, Elizabeth, Florence, Sylvia, Electa, George, Ralph, Emerson and and infant. They lived on a farm in Downie Township and then moved to Kastnerville.

6-l. Eva Clarissa Pfrimmer. Born Sept. 25, l879 in Ontario; died Dec. ll, l955, presumably in Texas. Married Lewis Pauli. He was born Oct. l0, l878 and died Nov. l9, l947. One child, Lois.

7-l. Lois Anna Pauli. Born Aug. 4, l909; died Feb. l6, l967. Married Gus Carrington Cox. He was born June 23, l90l. One child, John.

8-l. John Carrington Cox. Born Nov. ll, l943. Married Shannon Maureen Brunfield. She was born Sept.l4, l946.

6-2. George Valentin Pfrimmer. Born and died July 7, l88l Ontario; buried in Sebringville, Ontario, cemetery.

6-3. Elizabeth Marie Pfrimmer. Born Oct. ll, l882, Ontario; died Oct. l2, l959. Married Arthur Matrav Chick. Born Nov. l6, l886; died Oct. 28, l9l7. One child, Mary.

7-l. Mary Alice Chick (Newbury). Born June l2, l9l5. Married Raymond Neal. He was born April l6, l9l4.

6-4. Florence Pfrimmer. Born Oct. 28, l884; died Jan. 4, l97l. Married David Llewelyn Ney. He was born Feb. l, l879 and died July l3, l93l. Two children, Hugh and Mary.

7-l. Hugh Everett Ney. Born Mar. 23, l905 and died Jan. 5, l992. Married Helen Winnifred Peer. She was born Dec. 20, l9l4. One child, Ralph.

8-l. Ralph Jacob Ney. Born Jan. 25, l958.

7-2. Mary Elizabeth Ney. Born Dec. 28, l9ll; died Oct. ll, l954. Married (l) Alexander Benjamin Cuyler. Born Dec. 26, l889. Four children, David, Nancy, Dixie and Linda. Married (2) Walter Macklin Burgess. He was born Sept. 29, l9l2, Mitchell, Ontario and died July l8, l944, Mitchell, Ontario.

8-l. David Macklin Burgess. Born Nov. l8, l932. Married Dianne Kressler. She was born Sept. l4, l936. Three children, Tab, Trina and Jandy.

9-l. Tab Macklin Burgess. Born Apr. 24, l959. Married Cathy. One child, Tara.

l0-l. Tara Burgess.

9-2. Trina Lynn Burgess. Born Oct. l3, l963. Married Mike.

9-3. Jandy Lou Burgess. Born Nov. l8, l967.

8-2. Nancy Lee Burgess. Born June 4, l934, Mitchell, Ont. Married Jack Alexander Connell, June l4, l952, Kincardine, Ontario. He was born Aug. 3, l93l, Kincardine, Ontario. Two children, Elizabeth and Tanis.

9-l. Elizabeth Mary Connell. Born Oct. 8, l954, Incardine, Ont. Died Oct. l0, l954.

9-2. Tanis Gaye Connell. Born Oct. 8, l959, Kincardine, Ontario. Married Dean Ronald Rackley, June 4, l983, Kincardine, Ont. He was born Jan. l6, l958, London, England. Two children, Kyla and Kelsey.

l0-l Kyla Connell Rackly. Born July l0, l986, Kincardine, Ont.

l0-2. Kelsey Erin Rackley. Born Aug. 27, l988, Kincardine, Ont.

8-3. Dixie Lane Burgess. Born Mar. l3, l937. Married Ian Archibald Manner. He was born May ll, l936. Four children, Paul, Nancy, David and Steven.

9-l. Paul John Manners. Born Sept. 29, l956. Married Brenda. She was born Nov. 2l, l957.

9-2. Nancy Lane Manners. Born June 4, l958. Married John William Weissies. He was born Aug. 20, l957. Two children, Jonathan and Matthew.

l0-l. Jonathan Weissies. Born Nov. 23, l979.

l0-2. Matthew Piete Weissies. Born June l6, l983.

9-3. David Bruce Manners. Born Aug. l2, l959. Married Karen Patton. She was born Jan. 2l, l962.

9-4. Steven Ian Manners. Born Nov. 4, l96l.

8-4. Linda Dawn Burgess. Born Mar. 8, l949. Married Thomas Elmore Armstrong. He was born Oct. l8, l948. Two children, April and Jason.

9-l. April Dawn Armstrong. Born Apr. 6, l969.

9-2. Jason Todd Armstrong. Born Apr. 8, l97l.

6-5. Sylvia Pfrimmer. Born Sept. l2, l886 and died Jan. 30, l887 in Ontario; buried Sebringville, Ontario, Cemetery.

6-6. Electa Pfrimmer. Born Dec. l887 and died Sept. l6, l888, Ontario.

6-7. George Brunner Pfrimmer. Born Feb. l, l890 Ontario; died Aug. l6, l980.

6-8. Ralph Valentin Pfrimmer. Born June l6, l892, Ontario; died May l, l9l7 in France.

6-9. Emerson Waldo Pfrimmer. Born Mar. 4, l894 and died Sept. 2l, l895, Ontario.

6-l0. Infant Pfrimmer. Born and died l897, Ontario.

5-3. Marguerita Pfrimmer. Born Jan. 25, l856, Ontario. Married David Litt Kastner, son of John Kastner, native of Dettwiller, Alsace, France (born July 7, l8l8 in Dettwiller and died Jan. 22, l88l in Kastnerville, Ontario, Canada) and Margaret Litt (born l827 and died l903 in Sebringville, Ellice Twp Ontario, Can.). He was born l85l in Sebringville, Ontario and died l9l3. Six children, Gertrude, Claudia, Ida, Leone, Edward and Edith. The parents were buried in the EUB Cemetery, Sebringville, Ontario.

6-l. Gertrude Kastner. Born Sebringville, Ontario and died in Mitchell, Ontario. Married Gordon Campbell.

6-2. Claudia Amanda Kastner. Born Aug. 5, l877, Ellice Twp., Ontario, Can.

6-3. Ida Malvina Kastner. Born Apr. 4, l879, Sebringville, Ellice Twp., Ontario, Can.

6-4. Leone Kastner. Born l882, Sebringville, Ontario, Can.; died l962. Married Aaron Ash. He was born in l878 and died in l972.

6-5. Edward E. Kastner. Born l885 Sebringville, Ontario, Can.; died l942.

6-6. Edith Kastner. Born l892, Sebringville, Ontario, Can.; died l964. Married Melville, Canfield. He was born l886 and died l965.

5-4. Louis Pfrimmer. Born June 4, l859; died in l935. Married Sarah Jane Henry. She was born Feb. 8, l86l. Lived at lot 23 concession l Ellice, directly across the road from his father Valentin, Jr. They had six children: Samuel, William, Ethel, Earl, Leslie and Louis. Lot 23 Concession l Ellice had been owned by Jacob Brunner, Sr. from l832 until he died in l854 when title went to his son Jacob, Jr. Then in l872 Valentin Pfrimmer, Jr. bought andowned the farm until l904 when he sold it to John Stienacker.

Louise and his family then moved to Stratford where they lived in the Hamilton house. Louis also owned lot ll concession l Ellice and the east half of lot l2 concession 2 Ellice from l896 until l906 when he sold both properties neither of which had buildings on them. Louis Pfrimmer was reported as living in Winnipeg, according to a newspaper

story Sept. ll, l9l8, at the death of his brother, Jacob. A descendant of Louis Pfrimmer was Timothy Pfrimmer who married Anne and had one daughter and two sons and was a lawyer in the McIntyre Building in Winnipeg. In l960 he was reported to have died but his widow was still living.

6-l. Samuel Pfrimmer. Born about l882.

6-2. William Henry Pfrimmer. Born Apr. ll, l884; died in l924. Married Anne Marie Lennon, Apr. l6, l904, as reported in the Stratford, Ontario, paper Apr. l6, l904, married in Huron, Michigan. She was born in Stratford, Ontario in l884. They had three children: William, Louis and Mary. They spent their honeymoon in Detroit and then lived in Stratford, Ontario. William Henry Pfrimmer was a barber in Sperling, Manitoba and was reported to be living still in Winnipeg in l960.

7-l. William Clayton Pfrimmer. Born and died, Stratford, Ontario, l905.

7-2. Louis Thomas Pfrimmer. Born Winnipeg l906; died l924.

7-3. Mary Anne Pfrimmer. Born l908 Winnipeg. Married James Riddle and lived in Edmonton, Canada.

6-3. Ethel Pfrimmer. Born Oct. l, l886. Died about l968.

6-4. Earl Pfrimmer. Born Jan. 26, l888; died about l963. Married M. Campbell. They had five children: Hunter, Ruth, Donald, Olive and Keith.

7-l. Hunter Pfrimmer. Born l9l3.

7-2. Ruth Pfrimmer. Born l9l5.

7-3. Donald Pfrimmer. Born l924.

7-4. Olive Pfrimmer. Born l926.

7-5. Keith Pfrimmer. Born l928. He lived (2000) at 6506 l02A Ave. NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T6A-0R7.

6-5. Leslie Graham Pfrimmer. Born Mar. l8, l890; died

April 26, l925. Married M. Mawes.

6-6. Louis Timothy Pfrimmer. Born Dec. 9, l892; died April 30, l925. Married G. Klenk.

4-6. Maria Catherina Pfrimmer. Born May 25, l842. Baptized Mar. l6, l847. Married Ernest Murr. Lived at Casterville near Stratford. No children.

4-7. Michael Pfrimmer. Born Nov. 27, l844. Baptized Mar. l6, l847. Died Nov. 20, l927. Married Mary Williams from Mitchell, Ontario. She was born Nov. 29, l860 and died May l7, l95l. Both were buried in Colborne Cemetery near Benmiller. Two children, William and Earnest. When he was about l2 years old the family settled in the Mitchell, Ontario area. Lived near Benmiller, Ontario where in l873 he purchased a flour mill from David Rodges (he is listed as a miller in Benmiller in l863 records), located at the edge of the Maitland River near the old demolished bridge, a mill run by water power with a stone grinding wheel. After the purchase Mr. Rodges stayed on for some time

to run the mill for Michael Pfrimmer where a roller process was introduced in l890.

5-l. William James Pfrimmer. Born Mar. l6, l882 at Benmiller, Ontario and died Aug. 22, l977 at Los Angeles, Calif. Married Marie Harper. She died in l978 or l979 in Los Angeles. They had no children. William James Pfrimmer was raised at Benmiller, Ontario. Left there in l902 and went to western Canada and took up a homestead north of Unity, Saskatchwan. In l926 he sold his farm and moved to Los Angeles, Calif. where in l958 he was living at l325 West 85th St.

5-2. Earnest Theodore Pfrimmer. Born Apr. 7, l886 at Benmiller, Ontario and died May 5, l967. Married (l) Mabel Mohring in Sept. l9l0. She was born Oct. 2l, l886 in Benmiller and died Jan. 7, l930 after complications from childbirth. Both were buried in Colborne Cemetery. They had seven children, Ross, Russell, Myrtle, Elwyn, Grace, Donald and Gilford. After the death of Mabel Mohring Earnest Pfrimmer married (2) Louise Hodgeson. "E.T." Pfrimmer, as he was called, took over the flour mill at Benmiller from his father. He went to Glencoe, Ontario, near Chatham and Sarnia, to learn the milling trade and then replaced Mr. Rodges. In l9l0 he bought the mill from his

father and in l9l7/l8 built a new dam where it still remained in l997 and moved the grist

mill to a location beside the dam; in the late 20th century the dam was extensively repaired but was stll the original one built by E.T.Pfrimmer, who installed a diesel engine as auxiliary power.

6-l. Ross Theodore Pfrimmer. Born Nov. 23, l9ll at Benmiller, Ontario and died Dec. 24, l996. Married (l) Theresa Sawcher. She was born in l908 at Brussels, Belgium and died Mar. ll, l980. They had no children. Were divorced. Married (2) Sarah Jones. She was born in l907 and died Aug. 20, l963. They had no children. Married (3) Alice Poecock. She died Dec. 24, l990 at Benmiller. They had no children. Ross Pfrimmer was Theresa Sawcher's third husband. She was well known as the originator of the

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy, a technique she discovered in l946 and led to the

reversal of her own paralysis. She owned a laundry in Goderich, Ontario, the main

business of which was for three air force bases nearby. Ross Pfrimmer's

father, Earnest Theodore Pfrimmer, provided Theresa with funds to buy her laundry

building and the needed equipment. In the process of lifting laundry she developed

her paralysis and doctors said she would not recover. But she developed her own therapy system, took a post-graduate course at the College of Swedish Massage in Chicago, and established her first clinic in l949 in Goderich. In her clinic near Bayfield, Ontario she taught about 70 students between l97l and l980. The massage system was more popular in the U.S. rather than Canada where it was not recognized by the medical authorities. In l997 there were two authorized Pfrimmer schools in operation, one at the Pa. School of Muscle Therapy at Wayne, Pa. and the other, the Alexandria School of Scientific Theraputics at Alexandria, Indiana. There was also a Theresa C. Pfrimmer International Association of Deep Muscle Therapists, with phone number

(l997) at l-800-484-7773, Ext. PDMT (7368). There is a home page for the Association

at which is managed by a David Ross email at


6-2. Russell Eldon Pfrimmer. Born Jan. l5, l9l3 at Benmiller and died Apr. 20, l993 at Benmiller. Married Florence Lillian Stewart May 23, l942 at Windsor, Ontario. She was born Apr. 28, l920 in Mull, Ontario and died Feb. 4, l975 at Benmiller. They were both buried in Colborne Cemetery. They had five children: Irene, Jim, Russell, Brian and Ernie. Russell Pfrimmer and his brother Elwyn bought the flour mill at Benmiller from their father, E.T.Pfrimmer and continued its operation under the name of Pfrimmer

Brothers. Their brother, Ross, worked for them at the mill. Russell learned the flour

trade and made flour for local groceries and bakeshops, such as Eddy's of Dungannon (l5 miles from Benmiller) Culbert's of Goderich (l0 miles from Benmiller) and Bartliff's of Clinton (20 miles from Benmiller), as well as the Purity Flour Mill. They produced two brands of flour, Snowflake and Calla Lilly, actually the same flour packaged under two different names even though purchasers argued that one was better than the other. In addition to flour milling Pfrimmer Brothers also carried out seed cleaning, feed rolling,

grinding and mixing. Both Russell Pfrimmer and his father "E.T." were farmers and

the feed for their livestock was processed at the mill. In l97l Peter Ivy bought the mill from Elwyn and Russell and turned the building into a tourist attraction known as the Benmiller Inn. In the latter part of the 20th century it was a well-known tourist and resort attaction in Ontario.

7-l. Mable "Irene" Pfrimmer. Baptized Irene Mabel but registered on birth certificate as Mabel Irene. Born Apr. 27, l943 at Chatham, Ontario. Married John "Barry" Millian July 8, l967 in Benmiller United Church, Benmiller, Ontario. He was born April 29, l945 at Goderich, Ont. They had three children, Lori, Stephen and Regan. Barry and Irene farm in Colborne Township, Huron Co. near Benmiller. She was a schoolteacher until l968.

8-l. Lori Danette Millian. She was born Jan. 6, l969 in Goderich, Ontario. Married Keith Graeme Hallam July 8, l987 in Knox United Church, Auburn, Ontario. He was born Apr. 29, l965 in Goderich, Ontario. They had two children, Graeme and Lisa. Lived (l997) at ll0-B Lillian Drive, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2J 4J9. Lori (l998) taught piano and Keith was manager of Store Systems in the Administrative Office of Zehrs Markets.

9-l. Graeme Otto Hallam. Born May 8 l994 at Waterloo, Ontario.

9-2. Lisa Irene Hallam. Born Mar. 26, l996 at Waterloo, Ontario.

8-2. Stephen "Steve" Barry Millian. Born Sept. 20, l970 at Goderich, Ontario. Married Janet "Jan" Marie Sherratt Sept. 9, l995 in St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church in Goderich, Ontario. She was born May ll, l97l in Goderich, Ontario. They farmed (l998) in Colborne Twp., near Benmiller. They had one child, Cody.

9-l. Cody John Millian. Born July 30, l996 at Goderich, Ontario.

8-3. Regan John Millian. Born May 24, l974 at Goderich, Ontario. Married Jennifer "Jeni" Brandi Hayter Oct. l2, l996 in Knox Presbyterian Church, Goderich. She was born Nov. 8, l973 at Goderich, Ontario. They had one child, Hunter. Jennifer Hayter worked (l998) for the Huron Co. Health Unit. They farmed in Ashfield Twp., Huron Co.

9-l. Hunter Regan Millian. Born Feb. l8, l999 in Goderich, Ontario.

7-2. Stewart Jamison "Jim" Pfrimmer. Born Dec. 26, l944 in Chatham, Ontario. Married Ruth Ann Brindley Jan. l5, l966 in Benmiller United Church. She was born July l8, l944 in Colborne Twp. on the farm once owned by Barry and Irene Millian, owned (l998) by Steve and Jan Millian. They had three children, Deborah, Shelly and Melissa. Jim is Service Manager for McGee's Pontiac/Buick/Cadillac dealership and Ruth worked for Legal Aid; they lived in Goderich, Ontario.

8-l. Deborah Ann Pfrimmer. Born Nov. l, l966 at Goderich, Ontario. Married Robert "Bob" Emerson Austin Sept. 22, l990 in North Street United Church, Goderich. He was born Oct. l4, l964. Two children, Haylee and Jaymee. Lived (l998) Clinton, Ontario.

9-l. Haylee Robyn Austin. Born Nov. 27, l992, London, Ontario.

9-2. Jaymee Amanda Austin. Born June l5, l944, Goderich, Ont.

8-2. Shelly Dianne Pfrimmer. Born Sept. 7, l969 at Goderich, Ontario. Common-law husband Robert Porter, son of Jesse John Jamieson Porter. He was born Feb. l8, l969 at Goderich, Ontario. One child, Jesse.

9-l. Jesse John Jamieson Porter. Born Apr. 7, l997, Goderich, Ontario.

8-3. Melissa Gayle Pfrimmer. Born Sept. 9, l979 at Goderich, Ontario.

7-3. Russell Earnest Pfrimmer. Born July 6, l948, Goderich, Ontario and died Sept. 24, l948. Buried Colborne Cemetery.

7-4. Brian Russell Pfrimmer. Born Aug. l8, l95l, Goderich, Ontario. Married Patricia "Pat" Jean Adams, Aug. l5, l976 in North Street Church, Goderich. She was born Apr. 6, l953 at Kitchener, Ontario. They had four children, Nathan, Devon, Adam and Calla. Brian was (l998) manager with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Pat was a primary school teacher. Lived (l997) RR#l, Huntsville, Ontario, POA1KO; tel:


8-l. Nathan Russell Pfrimmer. Born Sept. 4, l979 at North Bay, Ontario.

8-2. Adam Pfrimmer. Born Sept. 9, l983, Tweed, Ontario.

8-3. Devon Pfrimmer. Born Sept. 9, l983, Tweed, Ontario.

8-4. Calla Reanne Pfrimmer. Born Sept. 2l, l993, Orillia, Ontario.

7-5. Ralph Ernest Pfrimmer. Born July 3, l955, Goderich, Ontario. Married Marie Liette Germaine Chantallet Tetreault July l9, l975 at Benmiller United Church. She was born July l0, l957 at Sarnia, Ontario. They had three children: Jason, Robert and Theresa. Lived (l998) at North Bay, Ontario.

8-l. Jason Ernest Pfrimmer. Born Aug. 20 in Goderich and died Aug. 24, l976; buried Colborne Cemetery.

8-2. Robert "Rob" Elton Pfrimmer. Born Jan. 5, l978 at Goderich, Ontario.

8-3. Theresa Dawn Pfrimmer. Born Sept. l3, l980 at Goderich, Ontario.

6-3. Myrtle Irene Pfrimmer. Born Aug. l0, l9l4, Benmiller, Ontario. Married Roy Maxwell Simpson Aug. l0, l939 at Windsor, Ontario. He was born Feb. 5, l9l6 at Crandall, Manitoba. They had one child, Sandra.

7-l. Sandra Lynne Simpson. Born June l8, l947, Windsor, Ont.; died Sept. l7, l953; buried Memorial Cemetery, Windsor, Ontario.

6-4. Elwin Chester Pfrimmer. Born Oct. 2l, l9l8 at Benmiller, Ontario; died Oct. l9, l987 at Benmiller. Married (l) Dorothy Watson, daughter of William Watson, treasurer of Colborne Twp. and Lillian McFee, July l5, l940. She was born June 3, l9l8 and died Apr. l, l965 at Benmiller. They had one son, William. Married (2) Dorothy (nee Burke) McCormick, Aug. l965. She was born July l0, l9l8 and died Dec. 30, l984; buried in St. Peter's Roman Catholic Cemetery in Colborne Twp.

7-l. William "Bill" Earnest Pfrimmer. Born Sept. l8, l949, Goderich, Ontario. Married (l) Patricia Dougherty July ll, l970; divorced; they had no children. Married (2) Marie Clayden Sept. l7, l982; divorced; they had no children. Married (3) Elaine Dewsbury May 28, l994. Lived (l997) RR #l, Minesing, Ontario, LOL1YO. Tel: 705-726-8l44.

6-5. Grace Leola Pfrimmer. Born Dec. 5, l9l9 at Benmiller, Ontario. Married (l) John Dunbar, son of Alvin Dunbar and Ruby Phair, Aug. l4, l943. He was born Mar. 27, l92l at Newton, Ontario and died Sept. 20, l99l at Millbank, Ontario. They had four children, Beverly, Joan, John and Roy. Lived (l997) at RR#l, Millbank, Ontario, Canada, NOK-1LO.

7-l. Beverly Ann Dunbar. Born July 2, l945 at Kitchener, Ontario. Married Lavern Robert Logie July 5, l963. He was born Nov. l944 at Milverton, Ontario. One son, Ronald. They were divorced in Jan. l970. Married (2) Robert Norman Franklin June 25, l97l. He was born Dec. 3, l944 and died Feb. 28, l995. They had two children, Lived (l997) at RR #l, Millbank, Ontario, Canada, NOK-1LO.

8-l. Ronald Earnest Logie. He was born Apr. l6, l965 at Stratford, Ontario. Married Catherine Domic July 5, l997 at Millerton, Ontario.

8-2. Tracy Lynne Franklin. Born Apr. 3, l972 at Listowel, Ontario. Married Richard Jamieson Sept. 28, l996 at Millbank, Ontario. They had one child, Brittany.

9-l. Brittany Grace Jamieson. She was born Dec. 3l, l996 at Kitchener, Ontario.

8-3. Chantel Kristine Franklin. Born Dec. l9, l978 at Listowel, Ontario.

7-2. Joan Grace Dunbar. Born Jan. 27, l947 at Clinton, Ontario. Married David Wallace Nicklin June l, l968. He was born Nov. 30, l945 at Blenheim, Ontario. Two children, David and Karla.

8-l. David John Nicklin. Born Nov. 3, l97l at Calgary, Alberta.

8-2. Karla Jean Nicklin. Born Sept. 23, l973 at Calgary, Alberta.

7-3. John Alvin Dunbar. Born July l6, l950 at Clinton, Ontario. Married Edith Nancy Schmidt July 20, l974. She was born Aug. ll, l952 at Millbank, Ontario. Two children, Stephen and Kevin.

8-l. Stephen John Dunbar. Born Oct. 28, l976 at Kitchener, Ontario.

8-2. Kevin James Dunbar. Born Sept. l4, l979 at Kitchener, Ontario.

7-4. Roy Elwood Dunbar. Born May 2l, l959 at Clinton, Ontario. Married Lesley Lynne Alexander. She was born Feb. 25, l962 at Windsor, Ontario. They had one child, Robin.

8-l. Robin Echo Dunbar. Born Jan. l6, l968, Fredericton, New Brunswick. Married Andrew John. He was born Dec. 5, l968 at Montreal, Quebec.

6-6. Donald James Pfrimmer. Born June 5, l926 at Benmiller, Ontario. Married Murial Lydia Catherine McCuaig Dec. l7, l947 at Barre, Ontario. She was born Jan. l8, l926 at Fesserton, Ontario. They had four children: Garry, Donald, Judith and James. Lived Barre, Ontario.

7-l. Gary Lee Pfrimmer. Born Sept. l6, l948 at Barrie, Ontario. Died Mar. 5, l985, Barrie, Ontario. Married Dorinda Young May l, l970. One child, Miranda.

8-l. Miranda Lee Pfrimmer. Born Aug. 9, l976 at Barrie, Ontario.

7-2. Donald Rae Pfrimmer. Born Oct. 2l, l950 at Barrie, Ontario. Married Linda Cameron McNut Sept. l3, l979. They had two children, Sally and Donald.

8-l. Sally Ann Cameron Pfrimmer. Born Jan. l3, l973. Adopted.

8-2. Donald John Pfrimmer. Born Mar. 24, l980 at Barrie, Ontario.

7-3. Judith Dianne Pfrimmer. Born Nov. 6, l952 at Barrie, Ontario. Married Brian Pacello Dec. 30, l975. Two children, Crystal and Samantha.

8-l. Crystal Jacquelin Pacello. Born Mar. 2l, l975 at Barrie, Ontario.

8-2. Samantha Michelle Pacello. Born Oct. 30, l977.

7-4. James "Blaine" Pfrimmer. Born Feb. l4, l956 at Barrie, Ontario. Married Joan Bowman June 2, l978. Three children, Billy, Tracy and Christine.

8-l. Billy Joe Pfrimmer. Born May 6, l979.

8-2. Tracy Lynn Pfrimmer. Born May 24, l980.

8-3. Christine Gail. Born Aug. 27, l982.

6-7. Gilford Ernest Pfrimmer. Born Nov. 2, l929 at Benmiller, Ontario. Married Florence Marie McCuaig, sister of Muriel McGuaig who married Gilford's brother, Donald, Feb. 24, l95l at Barre, Ontario. She was born Apr. l7, l932 at Midland, Ontario and died May l0, l992. They had six children: Randy, Wendy, Bart, Brenda, Bradley and Gergory. Lived Oshawa, Can.

7-l. David Randall "Randy" Pfrimmer. Born Feb. l6, l952, Barre, Ont.; died Oct. l8, l954; buried at Barrie Union Cemetery.

7-2. Wendy Susanne Pfrimmer. Born May l3, l955 at Barre, Ontario. Married (l) William Joseph Hall June 2l, l974. He was born Dec. 30, l952 at Port Hope, Ontario. They had two children, Amy and Tammy. Were divorced. Married (2) Robert Norman Boule July l3, l985. He was born Aug. 30, l957. They had three children, Elizabeth, Mary and Jessica.

8-l. Amy Susanne Hall. Born Jan. 20, l976 at Oshawa, Ontario.

8-2. Tammy Louise Hall. Born Aug. l4, l977 at Oshawa, Ontario.

8-3. Elizabeth Anne Boule. Born Nov. 30, l986 at Oshawa, Ontario.

8-4. Mary Theresa Boule. Born and died July 20, l987.

8-5. Jessica Dawn Boule. Born Jan. l5, l990 at Oshawa, Ontario.

7-3. Barton "Bart" James Pfrimmer. Born Jan. l4, l959 at Oshawa, Ontario. Married Karen Lee. She was born Feb. l5th. One son, Daryl.

8-l. Daryl Keith Pfrimmer. Born Oct. l5, l987 at Oshawa, Ontario.

7-4. Brenda Gayle Pfrimmer. Born June 20, l96l at Oshawa, Ontario. Married Kenneth Stowell-Smith July 24, l982. They had three children, Angela, Valerie and Michael. Lived (l997) RR #5, 4l3, Fralicks-Beach Rd., Port Perry, Ontario, Canada, L9L-1B6.

8-l. Angela Danielle Stowell-Smith. Born Oct. 23, l987 at Oshawa, Ontario.

8-2. Valerie Marie Stowell-Smith. Born Oct. 20, l992 at Oshawa, Ontario.

8-3. Michael William Stowell-Smith. Born May l4, l995

7-5. Bradley Dale Pfrimmer. Born June ll, l962 at Oshawa, Ontario. Married Katherine June l986. They had two children, Bradley and Keith. Lived (l997) at 8 Bristow Crt., Brrie, Ontario, L4N6T1. Tel: 705-726-7l8l.

8-l. Bradley Pfrimmer. Born Feb. l6, l975.

8-2. Keith Pfrimmer. Born Sept. 3, l977.

7-6. Gregory William Pfrimmer. Born Jan. ll, l970 at Oshawa, Ontario. Married Tammy. They had one child, Ashley. Lived (l997) 58 Peel, Barrie, Ontario, L4M3L2; tel: 705-734-0740.

8-l. Ashley Florence Pfrimmer. Born July 27, l992 at Barrie, Ontario.

4-8. Carolina Pfrimmer. Born Mar. l, l846; baptized Mar. l6, l847. Married Elias Secord.

4-9. Johannes Pfrimmer. Born Aug. l, l847, Sebringville, Ontario. Baptized Mar. 4, l848, record in the Sebringville Church. Died Sept. l92l, Roland, Monitoba. Married Katherina Stoeppler Oct. 27, l874 at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ellis, Perth Co., Ontario. She died l908, Roland, Manitoba. Moved to a farm 8 miles from Goderich, Ontario and in l899 to a farm near Myrtle, Manitoba, Can. Twelve children. The names of the children are taken from the family Bible at the home of W. J. Pfrimmer, Myrtle, Manitoba.

5-l. George Valentin Pfrimmer. Born May l6, l875, Sebringville, Ontario; l875; died Dec. l953 Choiceland, Saskatchewan. Married Violet Inez Edwards Jan. l, l902. She died Sept. 24, l928, Brandon, Manitoba. Four children, Rose, Mabel, Georgina and Albert. One is Mrs. H. Heatherington, 70-9 Jessie Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

6-l. Rose Pfrimmer. Born Dec. l6, l902, Roland, Manitoba; died June l992. Married Harold Norman Hetherington. Four children, Norman, June, Rose and Keith.

7-l. Norman Hetherington. Born June 24, l927 at Regina, Saskatcheway. Married Theresa Tinant May 2, l953. Four children, Linda, Craig, Arlene and Bruce.

8-l. Linda Hetherington. Married (l) Gregory Hansen and (2) D. Rector and had one child, Maximillian.

9-l. Maximillian Rector.

8-2. Craig Hetherington. Born Nov. 20, l953.

8-3. Arlene Hetherington. Born Feb. 22, l956. Married L. Matthews. Two children, Jaime and Lindsey.

9-l. Jaime Rose Matthews.

9-2. Lindsay Marie Matthews.

8-4. Bruce Hetherington. Born Jan. 30, l96l.

7-2. June Hetherington. Born Nov. 6, l928, Brandon, Manitoba. Married Jack Treadwell.

7-3. Rose Marie Hetherington. Born Dec. 20, l930 at Brandon, Manitoba. Married Donald Ealey. Four children, Heather, David, Drew and Ross.

8-l. Heather Ealey.

8-2. David Ealey.

8-3. Drew Ealey.

8-4. Ross Ealey.

7-4. Keith Heterington. Born Dec. l8, l938, Brandon, Manitoba. Married Elizabeth Schaab. Two children, Kenneth and William.

8-l. Kenneth Hetherington.

8-2. William Hetherington.

6-2. Mabel Pfrimmer. Born Mar. 3l, l906, Roland, Manitoba; died in l987. Married Arthur Phillips. He was born in l898 and died in l974. One child, Shirley.

7-l. Shirley Ann Phillips. Married a Peel.

6-3. Georgina Pfrimmer. Born in l9l0 at Roland, Manitoba; died l948. Married Douglas Hay. One child, a girl.

7-l. Daughter, NN Hay.

6-4. Albert George Pfrimmer. Lived in Choiceland, Saskatchewan. Born Nov. 5, l9l2, Roland, Manitoba; died June l992. Married Marjory Dowell. They had two children, Darlene and Monty.

7-l. Darlene Pfrimmer. Married D. E. Cook.

7-2. A. Lamont "Monty" Pfrimmer. Married and had four children, Grant, Michael, Korla and Shera.

8-l. Grant Pfrimmer.

8-2. Michael Pfrimmer.

8-3. Korla Pfrimmer.

8-4. Shera Pfrimmer.

5-2. Andreas Henrich Pfrimmer. Born Sept. 28, l876, Sebringville, Downey Twp., Ontario; died Aug. ll, l956, Hespeler, Ontario. Married Katherine Wenzel Dec. 2l, l9l3. She was born Aug. 2, l885, Auburn, Hullett Twp. and died Oct. 36, l962, Hespeler, Ontario. Four children, Marguerita, Glen, Audrey and Keith.

6-l. Marguerite Pfrimmer. Born Sept. 28, l9l4; died Feb. 5, l922, Myrtle, Manitoba. According to family tradition she had an accident with sister Audrey, resulting in her death.

6-2. Glen Oswald Pfrimmer. Born Jan. 6, l9l6, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Married Christine Karachuck. Two children, Timothy and Gene.

7-l. Timothy Craig. Pfrimmer. Born Nov. 28, l952, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

6-3. Audrey Pfrimmer. Born Feb. 5, l9l8; died Feb. 5, l922, Myrtle, Manitoba. According to family tradition she had an accident with her sister, Marguerite, resulting in her death.

6-4. Keith Perry Pfrimmer. Born Apr. 9, l92l, Carman, Manitoba. Married Lydia Schmidt Sept. ll, l948 at the First Lutheran Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was born July 3l, l92l, at Leader, Saskatchewan. Two children, David and Kerry. Lived Kelly Road, RFD #3, Middlebury, Conn.

7-l. David George Andrew Pfrimmer. Born Apr. 23, l95l, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Married Ingrid Anna Louise Schulze May 25, l974, Waterloo, Ontario. She was born Dec. l8, l95l, New York, New York. They had two children, Andrea and Kristin.

8-l. Andrea Katherine Louise Pfrimmer. Born Dec. l5, l978, Kingston, Ontario. In l997 she had two e-mail addresses:> and <>. She also had a home page at

8-2. Kristin Juliana Pfrimmer. Born Apr. 7, l982, Kingston, Ont.

7-2. Kerry John Pfrimmer. Born Jan. 3l, l956, Waterbury, Conn. In l998 his e-mail address was <>. He worked for SCM Metals products, Inc., headquarters - 260l Weck Drive, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA; tel. 919-544-8090, Ext. 407.

5-3. Maria Katherina "Minnie" Pfrimmer. Born Mar. 23, l878, Sebringville, Ont.; died May l2, l954, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Married Eli Spark Dec. 20, l905, Myrtle, Manitoba. He was born Nov. 20, l863 in Tuckersmith Twp., Perth Co., Ontario and died Aug. l4, l947, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Four children, Harriet, Florence, Emerson and Laura.

6-l. Harriet Spark. Born July l7, l907, Myrtle, Manitoba. Married John Green Oct. l4, l939, First Lutheran Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was born Mar. 29, l909 at Agerskov, Denmark and died Jan. 22, l97l. Two children, Shirley and Lynn. She lived (l963) at Lowe Farm, Manitoba, Canada.

7-l. Shirley Green. Born Sept. 2l, l940, Carman, Manitoba. Married Nelson H. Gill June 8, l963. One child, Heather.

8-l. Heather Catherine Gill. Born Feb. l7, l969.

7-2. Lynn John Green. Born Jan. 21, l943, Torquay, Saskatchewan. Married Eileen Lavergne. Three children, Russell, Rhonda and Robyn.

8-l. Russell Lynn Green. Born Dec. 8, l963, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

8-2. Rhonda Denise Green. Born Nov. 6, l966, Regina, Saskatchewan.

8-3. Robyn Michelle Green. Born Jan. l, l969, Saskatchewan.

6-2. Florence Spark. Born Dec. l7, l908, Myrtle, Manitoba; died Sept. 23, l958. Married John W. Dunbar, June 20, l928, Carman, Manitoba. He was born Nov. 27, l904 at Sperling, Manitoba and died June 6, l973. Three children, Jack, Mary and Audrey.

7-l. John William "Jack" Dunbar. Born Mar. 27, l930, Carman, Manitoba. Married Betty Murray, June 26, l954, Carman, Manitoba. She was born June 27, l932, Carman, Manitoba. Three children, Joseph, Brenda and Joanne.

8-l. Joseph Charles Dunbar. Born June l9, l955 at Carman, Manitoba.

8-2. Brenda Joyce Dunbar. Born Mar. 9, l957.

8-3. Joanne Florence Dunbar. Born June l0, l962.

7-2. Mary Doreen Dunbar. Born June 28, l95l, Carman, Manitoba. Married Gordon Young June 23, l952, Carman, Manitoba. Three children, Debora, Charles and Gordon.

8-l. Debora Elaine Young. Born May 27, l953, Carman, Manitoba. Married April 28, l973.

8-2. Charles Lucking Young. Born Mar. 23, l95?, Carman, Manitoba.

8-3. Gordon Randall Young. Born June 27, l957, Carman, Manitoba.

7-3. Audrey Pearl Dunbar. Born Aug. 29, l932, Carman, Manitoba. Married Harold Woods May l9, l956. He was born May 5, l933. Three children: Raymond, Michael and Colleen.

8-l. Raymond Bradley Woods. Born June 27, l957, Carman, Manitoba.

8-2. Michael John Woods. Born Sept. 2l, l96l.

8-3. Colleen Florence Woods. Born Nov. 23, l963.

6-3. Emerson Spark. Born Sept. 8, l9l8, Myrtle, Manitoba; died March l97l. Married Muriel Houston Sept. 5, l947, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Four children, Murray, Gail, Theresa and Patrick.

7-l. Murray Spark. Born Feb. 26, l949, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Married Joanne.

7-2. Gail Spark. Born July l9, l950, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

7-3. Theresa Lesley Spark. Born Feb. 28, l957, Winnepeg, Manitoba.

7-4. Patricia Lee Spark. Born Apr. 6, l960, Winnepeg, Manitoba.

6-4. Laura Sparks. Born Feb. l5, l922, Roland, Manitoba.

5-4. Anna Eva Pfrimmer. Born Mar. ll, l880, Sebringville, Ont.; died Nov. 25, l905, Myrtle, Manitoba.

5-5. Clara Monica Pfrimmer. Born Feb. l2, l882 Sebringville, Ont.; died May l2, l964 in Cardury, Manitoba. Married Oliver Perry Moore Dec. 24, l9l3. He was born Feb. l, l880 in Illinois and died Dec. 23, l940 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They had ten children: Amanda, Clarence, Herman, Calvin, Olive, Alice, baby girl, Elmer, baby boy and Aaron. Lived (l963) Muri, Manitoba, Canada.

6-l. Amanda Dorothy Moore. Born Oct. l4, l9l4, Donalda, Alberta. Married Arthur G. Barker Sept. 2, l939. He was born July 23, l9l0 in Yorkshire, England. Five children: Noreen, June, Howard, Velma and Barry.

7-l. Noreen Patricia Barker. Born Mar. 27, l937 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Married Ron Cropp. One child, Veronica.

8-l. Veornica Lynn Cropp.

7-2. June Mae Barker. Born May l2, l940, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Married (l) Ronald Hilton. Two chidren, Ronald and Monica. Married (2) R. G. Ash. Two children, Robert and Rosanne.

8-l. Ronald George Hilton.

8-2. Monica Lynne Hilton.

8-3. Robert Mark Ash.

8-4. Rosanne Ash.

7-3. Howard Arthur Barker. Born May 8, l946 at Brandon, Manitoba.

7-4. Velma Catherine Barker. Born July l0, l947 at Brandon, Manitoba. Married Thomas Murphy July 20, l97l. Two children, Tanya and Trina.

8-l. Tanya Suzanne Murphy.

8-2. Trina Kathelene Murphy.

7-5. Barry Oliver Barker. Born Feb. 22, l950, New Westminster, British Columbia. Married Patricia Louise Brown Oct. l0, l969.

6-2. Clarence Lafayette Moore. Born Dec. 27, l9l5, Donalda, Alberta. Married Lamina Braden. Two children, Jeffrey and Kevin.

7-l. Jeffrey Barry Moore.

7-2. Kevin Moore.

6-3. Herman Louise Moore. Born Jan. 22, l9l7, Donalda, Alberta; died June l957.

6-4. Calvin Edward Moore. Born Sept. l8, l9l8, Donalda, Alberta. Married Louise A. Nuyts July 23, l949. Two children, Edward and Christine.

7-l. Edward Oliver Moore.

7-2. Christine Marie Moore.

6-5. Olive Monica Moore. Born Mar. l4, l929, Homewood, Manitoba. Married Elmer V. English July 26, l94l. Two children, Perry and Wendy.

7-l. Perry Vernon English. Born l95l.

7-2. Wendy English. Born l952.

6-6. Alice Mildred Moore. Born Oct. l9, l92l, Homewood, Manitoba. Married Raymond Birkett Dec. l, l950. He was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Four children: William, Sheryl, Gordon and Donald.

7-l. William Gregory Birkett. Born l952.

7-2. Sheryl Lee Birkett. Born l954.

7-3. Gordon Oliver Birkett. Born l958.

7-4. Donald Glenn Birkett. Born l959.

6-7. Baby girl. Born and died Mar. 5, l923.

6-8. Elmer Perry Moore. Born Oct. l2, l924, Carman, Manitoba; died Feb. l2, l925.

6-9. Baby boy. Born and died April l928.

6-l0. Aaron Valentine Moore. Born Dec. l9, l923, Winnipeg, Monitoba. Married Kay Davison Aug. l3, l953. Three children: Douglas, Maureen and Brenda.

7-l. Douglas Calvin Moore.

7-2. Maureen Loouise Moore.

7-3. Brenda Lee Moore.

5-6. Wilhelm Johan Pfrimmer. Born Mar. 6, l884, Sebringville, Ont.; died Nov. l4, l972 in Roland, Manitoba. Married Agnes McKerlie, Mar. 26, l9l9. She was born May l4, l897, Wigtown, Scotland. One child, Donald. Lived (l963) Myrtle, Manitoba, Can.

6-l. Donald Thomas Pfrimmer. Born Aug. 2l, l936, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Married Nancy Jean Nisbett July l8, l959. She was born July l9, l940 in Carman, Manitoba. Five children: Michael, Karen, Heather, Paul and Cindy. Telephone (l995) 204-343-2309.

7-l. Michael Allen Pfrimmer. Born Dec. l0, l960, Norden, Manito-ba.

7-2. Karen Marie Pfrimmer. Born Oct. l3, l96l; died July 2, l962.

7-3. Heather Dawn Pfrimmer. Born June l3, l963.

7-4. Paul Nisbett Pfrimmer. Born Jan. l7, l965.

7-5. Cindy Colleen Pfrimmer. Born Feb. 27, l969.

5-7. Edouard Adolph Pfrimmer. Born Mar. 6, l886, Sebringville, Ont.; died Dec. 23, l974. Married (l) Olive Mildred Phippen Dec. 3l, l9l9. She was born July 8, l90l, Gilbert Plains, Manitoba and died Aug. l5, l949, Headingly, Manitoba. Two children, Edward and Betty. Married (2) Alice Loree. Lived (l963) l32 Brazier Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

6-l. Edward Archibald Pfrimmer. Born June l3, l922 at Kane, Manitoba. Married Marjorie Jane Johnson Feb. l0, l945 at West Kildonan, Manitoba. She was born Mar. l8, l923 at Winnipeg, Manitoba. Three children, Edward, Gordon and Harry.

7-l. Edward Arnold Pfrimmer. Born Aug. l0, l947 at St. Boniface, Manitoba.

7-2. Gordon Raymond Pfrimmer. Born Nov. l2, l949 at St. Boniface, Manitoba. Married Kathleen Joan Sutherland. They had four children, Patrick, Joshanna, John and David.

8-l. Patrick Daniel Pfrimmer.

8-2. Joshanna Lee Pfrimmer.

8-3. John Simon Pfrimmer.

8-4. David Edward Pfrimmer.

7-3. Harry Oliver Pfrimmer. Born Nov. 20, l95l at St. Boniface, Manitoba. Married Karen Lynn Wray July 22, l972 at Lazo, British Columbia. She was born Jan. 29, l953 at Ottawa, Ontario. They had two children, Zane and Josh.

8-l. Zane Edward Pfrimmer. Born Oct. 4, l975 at Vernon, British Columbia.

8-2. Josh Cory Pfrimmer. Born July ll, l979 at Vernon, British Columbia.

6-2. Betty Catherine Pfrimmer. She was born Sept. l3, l923 at Kane, Manitoba. Married William S. Chegwin. He was born Dec. 7, 1926. One child, Joyce.

7-l. Joyce Nancy Chegwin. Born Aug. 2, l956. Married Richard Muise Aug. 6, l977.

5-8. Otto Herman Pfrimmer. Born May l, l888, Colborne Twp.; died Jan. 6, l967, Sperling, Manitoba. Married Elizabeth May Schnebly Jan. 20, l920, Kane, Manitoba. She was born Dec. 30, l903, Peoria, Ill. and died July 7, l957 at Winnipeg, Manitoba. Two children, Louis and Ralph. He lived (l963) Sperling, Manitoba, Can.

6-l. Louis Pfrimmer. Born July l8, l922 at Carman, Manitoba. Married Elizabeth Louise Leonard Sept. 9, l944. She was born Nov. 8, l927 at Carman, Manitoba. They had four children, Garry, Kenneth, Ann and Edith.

7-l. Gary Louis Pfrimmer. Born Apr. 4, l945 at Chapman, Manitoba.

7-2. Kenneth Wayne Pfrimmer. Born Aug. 25, l950 at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

7-3. Ann Louise Pfrimmer. Born Nov. 26, l952 at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

7-4. Edith May Pfrimmer. Born Sept. 22, l955 at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

6-2. Ralph Walter Pfrimmer. Born Feb. 8, l924 at Carman, Manitoba. Married Lydia Schmidt Oct. l3, l950. She was born Dec. 26, l921 at Camper, Manitoba. Two children, Ralph and Barbara. Lived (l997)Box 64, Sperling, Manitoba ROG2MO; tel: 204-636-3568.

7-l. Ralph Pfrimmer. Born July 8, l95l at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

7-2. Barbara Elizabeth Pfrimmer. Born Dec. 24, l955. Married a Wall-Peathair.

5-9. Emanuel Louis Pfrimmer. Born Jan. 7, l890, Colborne Twp.; died Apr. 5, l974 Carman, Manatoba. Married Lela Kennedy Feb. 25, l93l. Lived (l963) Carman, Manitoba.

5-l0. Leo Oswald Pfrimmer. Born July l5, l892, Colborne Twp., Ontario; died Nov. 30, l976. Unmarried. Lived (l963) l35 9th St., NW, Portage LaPrairie, Manitoba.

5-ll. John Edmund "Jack" Pfrimmer. Born Nov. 5, l894, Colborne Twp., Ontario. Married Evelyn Woodley. She died and he lived (l963) at l90l N. Fayette, Saginaw, Mich.

5-l2. Eva Clara Monica Pfrimmer. Born Feb. l5, l902, Myrtle, Manitoba. Married John Mitchell Oct. 25, l92l. He was born May 23, l890, Roland, Manitoba. Two children, Raymond and Elaine.

6-l. John Raymond Mitchell. Born Mar. l, l923, Roland, Monitoba. Married Beryl Greenaway in l945 at Winnipeg, Canada. She was born Feb. l4, l922 at Oak River, Manitoba. They had three children, Laird, Cameron and Leslie.

7-l. Laird Mitchell. Born Feb. 5, l95l at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

7-2. Cameron Mitchell. Born Oct. 5, l953 at Dryden, Ontario.

7-3. Leslie Mitchell.

6-2. Katherine Elaine Mitchell. Born Nov. 29, l929, Carman, Manitoba. Married Gordon Herbert Gevoga July 3, l952.

4-l0. Sophia Pfrimmer. Baptized May l0, l849. Married John Squires and lived Logan, Ontario near Mitchell. Valentin Pfrimmer and his wife, her parents, lived with them until they went to live with their son, John Pfrimmer in Colborne.

4-ll. Juliana "Julie" Pfrimmer. Baptized July 2, l85l. Married Thomas Gladhill. They had four children: David, Alten, Julia and Harry. They were in the 1881 Census for Colborne Township and again in the 1891 Census where Thomas Gladhill was listed as a storekeeper and when they lived at Benmiller. All four children were living with them in 1871 but by 1881, the three youngest only.

5-1. David Gladhill. Born 1869.

5-2. Alten Gladhill. Born 1872; in 1891 he was a clerk.

5-3. Julia E. Gladhill. Born 1878.

5-4. Harry J. Gladhill. Born 1881.

4-l2. Salome Pfrimmer. Baptized Sept. 6, l853. Married Alex Hamm. Lived Logan, Ont. Two children, a boy and a girl, who lived near Mitchell, Ontario.

3-5. Catharina Pfrimmer. Born Sept. 29, l802 at Eckwersheim and died June

6, l885 at Berstett, Alsace. Married Jean Schweyer Jan. 2l, l825 at Berstett. He was born Aug. 22, l80l. They had two children, Jean and Georges. Her death record in Berstett: "6 June l885: Death of Catherine Pfrimmer, age 82 years, born in Eckwersheim, wife of Johann Schweyer, daughter of Valentin Pfrimmer and Catherine Schuster." Their marriage record in Berstett: "21 Jan. l825: Jean Schweyer, born 4 Fructidor IX (22 Aug. l80l), shoemaker, son of Georges Schweyer, day-laborer, who died Mar. 7, l824 ant Marie Irrmann, and Catherine Pfrimmer, born 7 Vendemaire XI (29 Sept. l802) in Eckwersheim, daughter of Valentin Pfrimmer, cultivateur of Eckwersheim and Catherine Schuster. Witnesses include: Michel Pfrimmer, 37; Michel Duringer, 40; Valentin Irrmann, 68, wheelwright; and Michel Zeissloff, 30, weaver." [Marie Irrmann, 68, wife of Georges Schweyer, died 28 Apr. l83l; born Sept. 28, l762 to Michel Irrmann and Catherine Duringer. Witness included: Jean Schweyer, 30, son].

4-l. Jean Schweyer. Born Aug. 23, l825 in Berstett. Died Sept. l2, l859. Married Christina Zeissloff in Berstett, Mar. l4, l854; had at least one child, Jean. His birth record: "23 Aug. l825, in maison #80, to Jean Schweyer and Catherine Pfrimmer. Witness included Jean Pfrimmer, 32." His death record: "Jean Schweyer, age 34, died Sept. l2, l859, son of Jean Schweyer, 58 and Catherine Pfrimmer, 57. Their marriage record in Berstett: "l4 Mar. l854: Jean Schweyer, 28, born Aug. 23, l825, son of Jean

Schweyer, 52 and Catherine Pfrimmer, 5l, and Christina Zeisloff, 23, born Dec. 4,

l830, daughter of Michel Zeisloff, 58 and the late Christine Irrmann who died Dec.

2l, l85l.

5-l. Marie Catherine Schweyer. Born Dec. 23, l855. Her birth record in Berstett: "23 Dec. l855: Marie Catherine Schweyer, daughter of Jean Schweyer, 32, barrelmaker and Chrsitine Zeisloff, 25."

5-2. Jean Schweyer. Born May ll, l858 and died May l8, l858. His death record: "l8 May l858, Jean Schweyer, 7 days, son of Jean Schweyer, 33, barrelmaker and Christina Zeissloff, 27.

4-2. Georges Schweyer. Born Dec. 7, l829 in Berstett; died Oct. 7, l849 in Berstett. His birth record: "7 Dec. l829, Georges Schweyer, in maison #96, son of Jean Schweyer and Catherine Pfrimmer. His death record in Berstett: "7 Oct. l849. Death of Georges Schweyer, l9, son of Jean Schweyer, 48, and Catherine Pfrimmer, 47. Witnesses included Jean Schweyer, father.

3-6. Christian Pfrimmer. Born Mar. 25, 1805 at Eckwersheim, Alsace. Married Catharina Hermann, daughter of Johannes Hermann and Catharina Ludwig June 24, l835 in Reitwiller, Alsace. She was born Nov. l2, l809 and died June l850 at age 40. They had at least two children on record in Reitwiller, Michael and Catharina and had other children: Christian, DeBolt and Valentin born in New York City, and George and John born in Canada. Married (2) Mary Caroline, who is listed in the l860 and l870 censuses, between l848 and l853. She was born in l822 in Germany. They had five children: William, Henry, Daniel, Peter and Benjamin. It is assumed that this was the same Christian Pfrimmer listed in Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler, The Alsace Emigration Book, vol. l, p. l92 who, born in Reitwiller and with a family of four

emigrated from Alsace Feb. 27, l838. Family tradition and records from Canada

have it that Christian Pfrimmer came to the United States about l838, was a

shoemaker by trade and was in the shoemaking business in New York City for

several years. With his brother, he moved to the Dutch settlement near Goderich, Ontario, and in l856 moved to Minnesota.

4-l. Michael Pfrimmer. Born Apr. 24, l833 at Reitwiller. Came to America with his parents. Served in the Civil War; was a corporal in 5th Regt., Co. B. Moved to Iowa and farmed near Boone, Iowa. No children. Listed in l860 Census with his family.

4-2. Catharina "Kate" Pfrimmer. Born July 6, l835 at Reitwiller; died Jan. l4, l898 at Eugene, Ore. Married George Drury July l858. He was born June 2l, l830. He died in Fillmore Co., Minn. May ll, l906 and was buried in Prairie Green Cemetery, Bristol Township. They had twelve children, all born near Preston, Minn. prior to moving to Oregon: Elizbeth, Mary, George, Andrew, Frank, Sarah, Edward, Helen, Marvin, Minnie, Robert and Anna. The familylived in Bristol Twp., Fillmore Co., Minn. until l88l when they moved to Eugene, Oregon. In March l907 George Drury returned to Bristol Township where he died. The family is described in the History of Fillmore County, in

Minnesota, Vol. II (l9l2), page 736. Not listed in l860 Census with her family

5-1. Elizabeth Drury. Born June l9, l859. Married John W. Broadwater, son of Robert Broadwater and Rebecca Ogg, June l4, l879. Seven children, Nellie, Catherine, Robert, Floyd, Sophia, Olive and Beulah. Lived Preston, Minn.

6-l. Nellie Broadwater. Married an Ogg.

6-2. Catherine Broadwater. Married A. C. Wieand.

6-3. Robert Broadwater. Married a Wieand.

6-4. Ezra Floyd Broadwater. Born Oct. 6, l886. He was born on the home farm, attended school at Crystal Spring district No. 6l, and then lived on his father's farm. Married Laura Swanger, daughter of Robert Swanger and Carrie Lovless, of Fredricksburg, Iowa. His biography is in the History of Fillmore County, p. 739.

6-5. Sophia Broadwater. Married J. D. Lederman.

6-6. Olive Broadwater. Married William Wubbles.

6-7. Beulah Broadwater. Married Roy Rusink.

5-2. Mary Drury. Born Mar. 29, l86l in Bristol Twp. Married Darius Broadwater, son of Robert Broadwater and Rebecca Ogg, July l8, l882. Five children, Urse S., George, Elsie, Frank and Earl. Darius Broadwater was born in Alleghany Co. (later Garrett Co.), Maryland, June 4, l85l; his parents were also natives of Maryland. He was brought to Fillmore Co., Minn. by his parents in l855. At age 24 he purchased a farm of 80 acres in section 9, Bristol Twp. He later sold this and acquired l60 acres in section 6, Bristol

township where he engaged in general farming. Later he purchased another farm of l60 acres in Bristol Twp. which he conducted in connection with his other farm until l9l0 when he retired and moved to Preston where he lived on a 4 acre tract on "West Columbia Heights" overlooking the village. He was a member of the German Baptist Brethrern Chuirch of Bristol which his parents helped to found. He was supervisor of his town and for 30 years served as a clerk in his school district. Lived (l959) Box #65, Preston, Minn. The family is described in the "History of Fillmore County" Minnesota,

Vol. 2, page 737 (l9l2).

6-l. Urse S. Broadwater. Married Joseph Hahn. Lived in Preston Twp.

6-2. George Broadwater. Born in Bristol Twp. Married Jennie Sikkink. Attended school in District 62. Later owned the farm, l20 acres, his father had owned in section 7,Bristol Twp., Fillmore Col., Minn.

6-3. Elsie R. Broadwater. Married Rev. J. F. Souders.

6-4. Frank W. Broadwater. Married Arlone Crowe. Later owned the farm his father had owned in section 6, Bristol Twp., Fillmore Co., Minn.

6-5. Earl D. Broadwater. Married Hattie Schantzburger.

5-3. George Drury. Lived in Oregon.

5-4. Andrew Drury. Died before l9l2.

5-5. Frank Drury. Died before l9l2.

5-6. Sarah Drury. Died before l9l2.

5-7. Edward Drury. Died in infancy.

5-8. Helen Drury. Died. in infancy.

5-9. Marvin Drury. Lived in Oregon; had two children.

5-l0. Minnie Drury. Married Fred Fisher of Oregon.

5-ll. Robert Drury. Had one boy and lived Eugene, Ore.

5-l2. Anna Drury. Married Samuel Ogg and lived Minneapolis, Minn. Two children, Marvin and Zetta.

6-l. Marvin Ogg. Moved east.

6-2. Zetta Ogg. Married; two children; lived San Diego, Calif.

4-3. Christian H. Pfremmer. Born Dec. l2, l837 in New York City ; died May l0, l898 of paralysis resulting from nervous prostration. When he was born his father engaged in the manufacture of boots and shoes. [His mother is recorded as Caroline]. [His obituary is in the Spring Valley Tribune, Mar. 23, l939 and the Spring Valley Vidette, May l3, l898] Married Sarah Celestine Smith, daughter of Lott L. Smith and a Higgins, Mar. 29, l862. She was born Nov. 2l, l842 and died Mar. 20, l939 of a cerebral hemmorage. They were both buried in the Spring Valley, Minn. Cemetery. They had two children, George and Eugene. Lived in New York City until l84l when his family moved to western Ontario. In l856 he came with his parents to Carimona Twp.,

Fillmore Co., Minn., lived 20 years and then moved to Preston , Minn. Lived at

Spring Valley, Minn.; a carpenter. In l862 he enlisted in the Seventh Minnesota

Volunteer Infantry, Company E and served through the Sibley campaign against the Indians and then went South and was honorably discharged in l865 at Ft. Snelling. Returned then to Carimona Twp. The family lived in Carimona township, Spring Valley for 4 years and then LeRoy for 7 years, returning to Spring Valley in l875 where they lived after that time. He was a contractor and builder. Listed in l860 Census with his family. His funeral services were conducted by the GAR assisted by the IOOF

5-l. George Christian Pfremmer. Born Mar. l6, l864; died Jan. 25, l958. Married Catherine A. Dotzenrod. She was born in l864 in Wisconsin and died Sept. l0, l947; buried in Spring Valley Cemetery. Four children, Edward, Alvin, Mabel and Herbert. At the time of the death of his brother in l938 he lived in Minneapolis. He was a mechanic in Spring Valley, Minn.

6-l. Edward Eugene Pfremmer. Born Dec. l9, l887; died Jan. 22, l972 at Ritzville, Wash. Married Jessie Little Milleron July 8, l9l3. She was born Feb. 28, l886 and died Jan. l4, l974. Lived (l958) Sprague, Wash.

7-l. Easton Eugene Pfremmer. Born Dec. l4, l9l5. Married Doris Jean Gentry. One son, James. Lived (l999) with his sister Lavonge.

8-l. James Pfremmer.

7-2. Roberta Milleron Pfremmer. Born Sept. 25, l9l7; died June 9, l927).

7-3. Levonge Milleron Pfremmer. Born Aug. 25, l9l9. Married Wilbur Wiley Bradley.

8-l. William Eugene Bradley. Married Peggy Ann McCall. Three children: William, Kari and Bruce.

9-l. William Eugene Bradley, Jr.

9-2. Kari Ann Bradley.

9-3. Bruce Bradley.

8-2. Roberta Lavogne Bradley. Married (l) Gary Slyter. Three children, Laurie, Cynthia and Mark. Divorced. Married (2) Donald Freeman and had one child Christopher. Divorced Married (3) Walter Mendola and had one child, Domonic.

9-l. Laurie Gayle Slyter.

9-2. Cynthia Lynn Slyter.

9-3. Mark Allen Slyter.

9-4. Christopher Lee Freeman.

9-5. Domonia Mendola.

8-3. Barbara Lynn Bradley. Born Jan. 8, l947.

8-4. Roxene Gayle Bradley. Born June 23, l950; died June 23, l998. Married (l) Richard Charles Goudy. Two children, Richard Charles and Rodney. Married (2) Jan Van Der Voart. One child, Jessica.

9-l. Richard Charles Goudy II.

9-2. Rodney Goudy.

9-3. Jessica Janene Van Der Voart.

7-4. Georgia Elsbeth Pfremmer. Born Dec. l, l920; died Jan. 7, l985. Married Jack Dana Carlson. He was born May 23, l920 and died Mar. l5, l985. They had five children: Jacqueline, Charles, Gary, Randy and Terri.

7-5. Troit Edward Pfremmer. Born July 29, l922; died Jan. 2l, l927.

7-6. Iris Marie Pfremmer. Born May 5, l924. Married Richard Ward Gies. He was born Nov. 2l, l923. Two children, Richard and Russell.

8-l. Richard Eugene Gies.

8-2. Russell Edward Gies.

7-7. Edward Eugene Pfremmer. Born Aug. l7 and died Aug. l7, l927.

6-2. Mabel Pfremmer. Born Sept. l6, l883. Married an Abbot. Lived (l958) l722 B. E. Center, Anaheim, Calif.

6-3. Alvin Ray Pfremmer. Born Aug. 3l, l890; died l972 at Racine, Wisconsin. Lived (l958) Milwaukee, Wis.

6-4. Herbert Christian Pfremmer. Born Oct. l6, l897; died Sept. 2l, l993. Married Marian Elizabeth Williams Mar. l4, l902. She died Jan. 2l, l995. Had four children, Herbert, Beulah, Barbara and Dorothy. Lived (l958) at 4604 W. 56th St.,l Minneapolis 24, Minn.

7-l. Herbert Franklin Pfremmer. Married Jean Elizabeth Hubbard July 24, l922. They had four children, Barbara, Carol and Nancy and Jerry. Lived (l958) at Virginia, Minnesota.

8-1. Barbara Jean Pfremmer. Born Nov. 30, l944. Married Ronald Westerbur Feb. l9, l945. They had three children: Marc, Jay and Kristopher.

9-l. Marc Christian Westerbur. Born May l, l970. Married Kristi Kirsch Dec. 9, l970.

9-2. Jay Raymond Westerbur. Born Jan. 8, l973.

9-3. Kristopher Gibson Westerbur. Born Dec. l0, l978.

8-2. Carol Ann Pfremmer. Married Kurt Gregory Sundquist Apr. 26, l969. They had two children: Trisha and Karl.

9-l. Trisha Jean Sundquist. Born Dec. l2, l970.

9-2. Karl Gregory Sundquist. Born July 30, l975.

8-3. Nancy Kay Pfremmer. Born Nov. 25, l947. Married John Robert Swanson July l0, l947. Three children: Robert, Joseph and Sarah.

9-l. Robert Thomas Swanson. Born Feb. l0, l972. Married Meleta Zwiefel. She was born May 8, l972.

9-2. Joseph Herbert Swanson. Born Oct. ll, l973. Married Jenny Stewart. She was born Sept. 30, l972.

9-3. Sarah Jean Swanson. Born Aug. 5, l975. Married Eric Dexel. She was born June 29, l973.

8-4. Jerry Warren Pfremmer. Born April l2, l953. Married Diane Lynn. She was born Dec. 23, l953. Two children, Heidi and Laura.

9-l. Heidi Pfremmer. Born Mar. l0, l976. Married Daniel Larson and had one child, Samantha.

l0-l. Samantha Kay Larson.

9-2. Laura Beth Pfremmer. Born July l7, l980.

7-2. Dorothy Jane Pfremmer. Married Clark Travis Fifield Dec. 6, l945. He was born June 2, l922. Six children: Gary, Jack, Robert, Jane, Richard and Steven.

8-l. Gary Clark Fifield. Born Feb. 7, l947. Married Linda Kelli Deutsch June l3, l970. Two children, Leah and Sarah.

9-l. Leah Fifield. Born April 3, l976.

9-2. Sarah Fifield. Born April 23, l979.

8-2. Jack Travis Fifield. Born Mar. l0, l949. Married (l) Janice Louise Dahle Aug. 8, l968. They had two children, Jodi and Jean. Were divorced Jan. ll, l974. Married (2) Linda Faye Pigman Nov. 26, l974.

9-l. Jodi Lyn Fifield. Born Mar. 24, l969.

9-2. Sean Travis Fifield. Born Dec. l4, l97l.

8-3. Robert Dean Fifield. Born Ot. ll, l95l. Married Peggy Kathleen Swanson April 5, l973. Three children, Erin, Chad and Jay.

9-l. Erin Lee Fifield. Born July 22, l979.

9-2. Chad Travis Fifield. Born Nov. 30, l99l.

9-3. Jay Robert Fifield. Born April 20, l987.

8-4. Jane Elizabeth Fifield. Born Oct. 2l, l953. Married Philip Dean Bergstrom Mar. 27, l976. Two children, Brian and Mark.

9-l. Brian Philip Bergstrom. Born Feb. 6, l980.

9-2. Mark Philip Bergstrom. Born Oct. 7, l982.

8-5. Richard Lee Fifield. Born May 3, l955. Married (1) Linda Maria Johnston June 28, l975. One child, Emily. Were divorced in Nov. l986. Married (2) Lisa Rusch Dec. l4, l990.

9-l. Emily Marie Fifield. Born Oct. ll, l985.

8-6. Steven James Fifield. Born Aug. ll, l96l.

7-3. Beulah Pfremmer. Married Dale M. Goodlund Jan. 5, l95l in Minnepolis, MN. They had four children: Mark, Susan, David and Nancy.

8-l. Mark Thomas Goodlund. Born Mar. l, l952. Married Julie Zweigle Jan. l6, l982.They had two children, Shiela and Carly.

9-l. Shiela F. Goodlund. Born July l9, l985.

9-2. Carly S. Goodlund. Born Oct. 8, l99l.

8-2. Susan E. Goodlund. Born Nov. 27, l953. Married (l) Douglas Gregarie July 3l, l976. He died Dec. l8, l988. They had two children, Michael and Ann. Married (2) Michael J. Ostlund Mar. l2, l994. He had two children by a previous marriage, Nathan and Sarah.

9-l. Michael D. Gregarie. Born June 2, l980.

9-2. Anne G. Gregarie. Born April l9. l983.

9-3. Nathan Ostlund. Born Oct. l2, l980.

9-4. Sarah Ostland. Born June 2l, l988.

8-3. David C. Goodlund. Born Dec. 2, l954. Married (l) Diane Holman Jan. l9, l975. Two children, Daniel and Joseph. Were divorced in l984. Married (2)( Amy Zweigle Oct. ll, l986.

9-l. Daniel M. Goodlund. Born Mar. l, l977.

9-2. Joseph C. Goodlund. Born Jan. l9, l979.

8-4. Nancy J. Goodlund. Born Aug. 30, l96l. Married (l) Paul Michaeles Mar. 23, l985. One child, Allison. Married (2) Craig R. Kaddatz Oct. 5, l99l. One child, Christopher.

9-l. Allison A. Michaeles. Born May l, l989.

9-2. Christopher R. Kaddatz. Born June 30, l993.

7-4. Barbara Ann Pfremmer. Born Dec. 20, l932. Married John Edward Hoppenstedt. He was born April l3, l933. Two children, Linda and James.

8-l. Linda Marie Hoppenstedt. Born Jan. 23, l954.

8-2. James Kent Hoppenstedt. Born Mar. 30, l955. Married Lynn Jeanne Iverson (Posselt), April l5, l978. She was born Dec. 6, l954. She had a daughter by a former marriage, Shannon, whom Jim adopted after they were married.

9-l. Shannon Dorothy Hoppenstedt. Born Apr. l, l976.

9-2. Matthew James Hoppenstedt. Born Mar. l, l980.

5-2. Alfred Eugene Pfremmer. Born Aug. 6, l870; died Mar. 8, l938 at Spring Valley, Minn. Funeral was held at the Hervey Chapel and the body was taken to Kansas City for burial. [Obituary in the Spring Valley Tribune, Mar. l0, l938]. Married Euretta Cummings. She died in l957. They had at least two children, a son and a daughter. He published a paper at Spring Valley, Minn. and in Aug. l9l6 went to Baxter Springs, Mo. where he purchased the Baxter Springs News and changed it from a weekly to a daily. He later sold it and went to Chariton, Iowa and California where he purchased and conducted newspapers. He returned to Baxter Springs Sept. l935 and lived there

until his death. He was active in the Masonic Lodge, past patron of the Eastern Star

and a charter member of the Kiwanis Club. He also served on the school board when the new high school was built. He was a member of the First Church of Christ Scientist, Mother Church of Boston.

6-l. Florence Antoinette Pfremmer. Born Oct. l6, l896; died May 5, l969. After she died her son, Eric, had her cremated remains sent to Spring Valley, Minn. to be buried in the family plot. Married (l) Theodore Nelson and had two sons, Ted and Eric. Were divorced. Married (2) Rolfe Pielke and lived in Berkeley, Calif. in l938.

7-l. Theodore Nelson. l999 deceased.

7-2. Eric Nelson. Married Jetta. Lived (l999) with his wife in the Concord area. One daughter, Carol. He taught mathematics at Chabot College in California. Prior to that time he was in the US Air Force and taught navigation to airmen in Texas.

8-l. Carol Lynn Nelson. Married Roger Lee Allen. Had two children, Brittany and Ryan.

9-l. Brittany Allen.

9-2. Ryan Allen.

6-2. Ralph Kendrick Pfremmer. Born in l900 in Joplin, Mo. ; died in l958. Married Angie Boush Ward and in later life lived at John Knox Village, Lees Summit, Missouri. Lived Wichita, Kansas in l938.

7-1. Sara Ann Pfremmer. She ws buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Columbia, Missouri. Married Louis C. Lamison. They had two daughters, Barbara and Jeanne.

8-l. Barbara Ann Lamison. Married Bennett Bozarth. They had two children. He was a judge in the Philadelphia area.

8-2. Jeanne Michell Lamison. Married Gary Carlson. Had four children. He worked for American Cyanamid in Wayne, New Jersey at one time.

7-2. Eugenia Louise Pfremmer. Born Dec. 28, l928 in Joplin, Mo. Married John Gordon Jacobson April ll, l953 at Columbia, Mo. He was born Aug. l4, l928. Lived (l999) in Scottsdale, Arizona. John Jacobson and Ralph K. Pfremmer II met in Weather School in the Air Force during the Korean War. He was a building contractor in Huron, South Dakota. They had five children: Jill, Jan, John Joni and Jayne.

8-l. Jill A. Jacobson. Born Sept. l4, l956 in Huron, SD. Lived (l999) in Tokyo, Japan and worked as a translater-interpreter.

8-2. Jan Louise Jacobson. Born Aug. l, l957 in Huron, SD. Married David McLinn Feb. l4, l98l in Huron, SD. He was born Dec. 20, l956 in Aberdeen, SD. Adopted two Korean children, Patrick and Jennifer. They lived (l999) Mason City, Iowa.

9-l. Patrick David McLinn. Born May 24, l986 at Seoul, Korea. Arrived in USA Aug. 28, l986; adoption was final June 6, l987; naturalization was completed July 25, l988.

9-2. Jennifer McLinn. Born July l0, l989 at Seoul, Korea. Arrvied in USA Dec. ll, l989. Adoption was final June 6, l987 and naturalization was completed July 25, l988.

8-3. John Gordon Jacobson II. Born Dec. l5, l958, Huron, SD. Married Barbara K. Schlamann May 23, l98l, Webster, SD. She was born May l6,1959 at Webster, S. D. Had three children, Travis, Tricia and Trenton. He was a chemical' engineer employed by Gargil in Blair, Neb. Lived (l999) at Blair, Nebraska.

9-l. Travis John Jacobson. Born Oct. 8, l984 at Seoul, Korea. Arrived in USA Jan. l7, l985. Adoption was final Nov. l7, l985 and naturalization was complete Sept. 26, l986.

9-2. Tricia Marie Jacobson. Born Sept. 25, l986 at Seoul, Korea. Arrived in USA Nov. l7, l986. Adoption was final Sept. 28, l987 and naturalization was complete Sept. 23, l988.

9-3. Trenton Gordon Jacobson. Born Nov. l5, l987 at Ottumwa, Iowa.

8-4. Joni Lynn Jacobson. Born June 26, l960 at Huron, SD. Married Louis Kent Lombardo April 4, l992 in Sun City, AZ. He was born Apr. 27, l966 in St. Louis, Mo. Lived at Chandler, Arizona.

8-5. Jayne Marie Jacobson. Born July ll, l962 at Huron, SD. Married Michael Robert Jansen Oct. l6, l990 at avage, MN. He was born Michael Robert Jasinowski Oct. 26, l960 at Robert Edward and Mary Jasiowski. The parents changed their name Sept. l7, l964. Lived (l999) at Canton, Michigan.

7-3. Ralph Kendrick Pfremmer II. Born Jan. l, l933 in Kansas City, Kansas. Married (l) Judith Jane Summers Aug. 27, l956 in Kansas City, Kas. and had two children, Kathryn and Ralph. Divorced. Married (2) Beverly Sharon Barnhardt Feb. l7, l983 in Newkirk, Oklahoma. She had three children by a previoous marriage, Lisa, Jennifer and Curtis. In l999 Ralph and Beverly Pfremmer lived in Columbia, Mo., when he had bone cancer and she had cancer of the larynx, having her voice box removed and also with further complications.

8-l. Kathryn Ann Pfremmer. Born Feb. l990 in Columbia, Mo.

8-2. Ralph K. Pfremmer III. Married Janie Bland Mar. l8, l989 in St. Louis, Mo. One child, Natalie.

9-l. Natalie Jane Pfremmer. Born Nov. 4, l99l.

4-4. DeBolt Pfremmer. Born Mar. 20, l840, New York City; died May 22, l906; buried at Dougherty, Iowa. Married Lucy M. O'Kane, daughter of Patrick and Annie O'Kane, at Lanesboro, Minn. Sept. 3, l87l, married by a Catholic priest. She was born Dec. ll, l842 at Niagara Falls, N.Y. and died Feb. 22, l920. They are both buried in Dougherty, Iowa, north of Aredale, where they attended the Catholic Church. They moved to Iowa, l l/2 miles north of Aredale. They had four children, Annie, Frank, Helen and Harold. DeBolt

Pfremmer served in Civil War and was a farmer. The mother was a school teacher; she

liked the name without a "P" and when the children went to school they spelled it that way. After the death of DeBolt Pfremmer the family, the mother, son, Frank, and daughter Helen, moved to l336 Burch Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa where Lucy lived until her death. Listed in l860 census with his family.

5-l. Annie Estelle Fremmer. Born July 3, l872, Aredale, Iowa; died Jan. 30, l93l; buried at Dumont, Iowa. Married John Boom Feb. l2, l900. They lived about 2 l/2 miles east of Aredale in Butler Co., Iowa, where they farmed. They had one son, Francis Boom.

6-l. Francis Boom. Married Alma.

7-l. Greg Boom. In l988 lived 3704 Clearview Drive., Cedar Falls, Iowa, 506l3.

5-2. Frank Fremmer. Born l877; died l95l; buried at Daughtery, Iowa. ? Never married.

5-3. Mildred Fremmer. Born l880 and died l958; buried at Dougherty, Iowa. Never married. Lived (l958) l405 4th St., Des Moines, Iowa.

5-4. Son, no further information.

4-5. Valentin Pfremmer. Born l840 New York City (his funeral record says he was born in Canada); died Apr. l0, l920 at Metropolis, Ill. and was buried in the Masonic Cemetery at Metropolis. (See Massac Co., Ill. funeral home records, vol. 2, l9l8-l920). His will was probated May l9, l920, executor W. P. Bayless, an undertaker, no heirs listed. Married and had at least one son, Charles and perhaps another, Fred. Was a wagon maker who was in the Civil War in Co. K, 38th Iowa Infantry. About l893 the son, Charles, went to Spokane, Wash. and the father went also, but learning of sickness in his family the father returned to their home in Quincy, Ill. where the

wife died in l90l and, from some accounts, also a daughter. Valentin then started

plying his trade, first to Columbus, Ky. The son joined him and they went west again. Went to Metropolis, Ill. where he met the Pfrimmer family that lived near there. Went back to Quincy, Ill. and then came into contact with the Pfrimmers around New Canton, Illinois. At one time he and his son arranged to meet at the home of Will Pfrimmer, a descendant of John George Pfrimmer, at Denver. It was at this meeting that the Harrison County, Indiana, Pfrimmers, descendants of John George Pfrimmer, first heard of the Canadian Pfrimmers. Valentine returned to Metopolis, Ill. and died about

Apr. 6, l920. He was found dead in his rooms there which he had been occupying

since Feb. l920. He was a veteran of the Civil War and on his death the Metropolis,

Ill. Republican Herald, Apr. 29, l920, reported that he belonged to the Grant Post, #59, GAR, of Paducah, Ky. The account reported that he was a wagon maker and blacksmith, that he had worked in Metropolis "over 40 years before," that he was reported to have left a widow and two sons, one in Spokane, Wash. and the other's whereabouts not known, that he had come to Metropolis in l920 from Seattle, and that he was about 76 years old. He was buried in the Masonic Cemetery near Metropolis.

5-l. Charles W. Pfremmer. Born Minnesota l870. Was a carpenter and lived in the state of Washington.

5-2. Fred Pfremmer.

4-6. John Pfremmer. Born May 22, l847 and baptized Jan. 4, l849, in the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sebringville, Ontario. [This record indicates that Christian Pfremmer had come to Canada by this time; the gap between child #5 and child #6 also suggests that it was during this time that Christian Pfremmer's first wife, Catharina Hermann, died, and Christian remarried].

4-7. George Pfremmer. Born l849; died Sept. 22, l905 at his home in Fountain Township. His funeral was held Sept. 25, l905 from the Catholic church in Preston, Minn. [Obituary in the Preston Republican, Sept. 29, l905]. Married Julia Foster, daughter of R. M. Foster, in l873. She was born Aug. 4, l855 in Forestville, Minn. and died May l7, l939; was buried in St. Columban's Cemetery, Carrollton Twp. [Obituary in the Preston Times, May l8, l939]. Seven children, Robert, Joseph, Laura, Vincent, John, Harold and Martha. Lived at Forestville, Wykoff, Fountain and Preston, Minn.

Served in the Civil War.

5-l. Robert George Pfremmer. Born Mar. ll, l876 at Forestville, Minn.; died Dec. 5, l937. Funeral was held at the Heitner Funeral Chapel and was buried in the Crown Hill cemetery. [Obituary in the Preston, Minn. Times, Dec. 8, l937]. Married Lucy Barnes, daughter of N. E. Barnes, Sept. 26, l907. ? She was born Sept. 25, l882 at Preston and died Nov. 22, l932; buried at Crown Hill Cemetery. Her obituary indicates that there were six children. Married (2) Mrs. Caroline Horstman of Preston when they moved to Preston.

6-l. Mary Ann Pfremmer. Born Apr. 8 and died Apr. l2, l906.

6-2. Helen Pfremmer. Born Nov. 6, l907; died l960. Married Walter Wilbright. He was born in l898 and died l986. One daughter, Doris.

7-l. Doris Wilbright. Married John Leeseberg. Two children, Vicky and Catherine.

8-l. Vicky Leeseberg. Born May 26, l953; died Jan. 24, l99l.

8-2. Catherine Leeseberg. Born Mar. l9, l956.

6-3. Stillborn, Sept. 8, l9ll.

6-4. Son, born Aug. l7 and died Aug. l8, l9l5.

6-5. Hazel Ione Pfremmer. Born Oct. 4, l9l3; died Sept. 30, l972. Married Milo Henry and lived in Minneapolis, Minn.

5-2. Joseph S. Pfremmer. Born Oct. 3, l877; died Aug. ll, l936 at a hospital in Rochester, Minn. Buried in the Wykoff Catholic cemetery. [Obituary in the Wykoff Enterprise Aug. l3, l936]. Married (l) Nellie Gallagher, daughter of William Gallagher of Spring Valley, Jan. l7, l905. She was born near Fountain July 2, l885 and died Oct. 22, l92l at the age of 38, after an operation for goiter; buried at St. Kilian's Catholic Cemetery in Spring Valley, Minn. They had four children. Operated a garage in Wykoff before moving to Spring Valley, Minn. When she died three of the children were living. Married (2) Marjorie Drury. She was born in l906. Had two children, William Joseph and Donovan Sylvester. After Joseph Pfremmer's death his widow married John Schelzer of Fountain.

6-l. William P. Pfremmer. Born Mar. l5, l908 and died Aug. 4, l9l4; buried in St. John's Cemetery in Wykoff, Minn.

6-2. Duane Pfremmer. Born in l9l0 and died April 23, l957; buried in Lakewood Cemetery. Married Letha Weir; died in l978. Duane and his brother Rue were raised by their grandparents, William and Mary Gallagher, in Spring Valley. They had no children. Graduated from Spring Valley high school and then worked with his uncle, Bill Gallagher, who had both a tavern and a barber shop in Spring Valley. After marriage Duane operated the tavern until World War II when he and Letha moved to Minneaplis. During World War II he worked in defense related industry, and after the War he continued to work there.

6-3. Rue P. Pfremmer. Born l9l3; died l960. When quite young he contracted infantile paralysis which left him with a crippled arm, hand and leg. Later he developed severe epilepsy that led to severe seizures. He received a very limited education and after the death of his grandparents he came under the custody of the Probate Court in Fillmore County and received institutional care in a state institution in Fairbault, Minn, where he

died. Never married and had no children.

6-4. Loris P. Pfremmer. Born April l, l9l6 and died May 2, l978 and was buried in Portland, Oregon. Married (l) Burdette Tucker in l943; they had two children, Constance and Kathleen. They were divored. She married (2) John P. Coyne. After the death of her mother she was raised by her aunt and uncle, Eva and Mike Sabatke, on a farm near Sykoff, Minn. She attended Watson Creek country school and graduated from Wykoff High School in l934. She went to Minneapolis and attended a beauty operator's school, graduating in l935. She passed her state exam and was licensed as a beauty operator and returned to Wykoff and Spring Valley where she worked as a beauty operator. Worked in a beauty shop in Plainview, Minn. and then took over and operated the shop until she married Burdett Tubker in l943. He was in the Navy stationed in St. Louis when they married; he was then transferred to the Naval Air

Station at Wold-Chemberlain Air Field in Minneapolis and had an apartment in south

Minneapolis. After discharge they bought a home in Richfield, a suburb of Minneapolis. After their divorce she married and later divorced John Coyne. After this divorce Connie and Kathy moved to Portland to live with their father, Burdette Tucker. Later Loris also went to Portland and resumed work as a beauty operator.

7-l. Constance Tucker. Born April l946 in Minneaplis. Married (l) Richard M. Putnam, (2) Edwin Dexter and (3) Stan Bemel.

7-2. Kathleen Bea Tucker. Born Jan. 24, l948 in Minneapolis. Married Mar. l9, l977. Married (l) David J. Partipilo and (2) Zimmerman.

6-5. William Joseph Pfremmer. Born in Wykoff, Minn. Oct. 28, l927 and died at the home of his mother in Fountain Feb. 25, l975, apparently from a heart attack; buried in Carrolton Cemetery. Funeral was at the St. Lawrence O'Toole Catholic Church in Founatin and burial in the Carrolton Cemetery in rural Fountain. Married Barbara Speer Jan. l4, l952 in Wykoff. She was the owner and manager of Ella's Cafe. Graduated from Preston High School in l946.

6-6. Donovan Sylvester Pfremmer. Born Dec. ll, l93l. Graduated from Preston High School in l950. Lived (l998) at ll70 Boulder Rd., Sinni Valley, Calif., 93063-490l. Married and had one child. Tel. (l999) 805-526- 4058.

5-3. Laura Pfremmer. Born Sept. 23, l879; died Dec. 26, l945. Married M. J. Stevens and lived in Fountain, Minn.

5-4. Vincent Pfremmer. Born Dec. 25, l883; died May 6, l960. Married James Conlan and lived Preston, Minn.

6-l. Francis Conlan. Born Mar. 8, l9l2; died Jan. 26, l967. He died in l967. Married Mildred Campbell, twin sister of Marguerite Campbell who married George Harold Pfrimmer. She lived (l970) at RR #4, Watertown, Wisconsin, 53094 and (l998) at 3l2 2nd St., Apt. l, Watertown, Wis., 53094; tel: 920-26l-9l56.

5-5. John Thomas Pfremmer. Born June 8, l885 in Forestville Township, Fillmore Co., Minn.; died Jan. 3, l963 at the Lillejord Nursing Home in Lanesboro, Minn. where had been a patient since Dec. 30 when he suffered a stroke at his home in Carrolton Twp. Funeral was at St. Columban's Catholic Church of Preston, Minn.; buried in the Preston Catholic Cemetery. [Obituary in the Preston Republican Jan. l0, l963]. Married Ona Teresa Pikop, daughter of Ole Pickop and Mary Tosonrud, Apr. 30, l9l3. She was born Aug. 24, l895 at Chatfield, Minn. and died May 28, l976 [Obituary in the Preston

Republican, June 3, l976]. They had at least two children, Murn and a daughter. They

farmed in the Preston and Fountain areas. She was a member of the St. Columban


6-l. Murn James "Pee Wee" Pfremmer. Born Dec. 20, l9l4 in Fillmore County; died June l5, l99l at the Harmony Community Nursing Home. Married Helen Ihns of Lime Springs Feb. 6, l939 at St. Columban's Church in Preston. in Preston, Minn. They had three children: Robert, Wayne and Frederick. Moved to Harmony, Minn. in l933 and started the General Service Garage in l950. In l96l he started the P&H Implement and Case IH dealership with Harry Hogue which at his death remained in the Pfremmer family. He was a member of the Nativity Catholic Church and the Harmony Civic and Commerce Association. Lived (l999) at 547, Harmony, Minn., 55959. Tel: 507-896-2349.

7-l. Robert James Pfremmer. Born Sept. l0, l940. In l99l he lived at Spring Valley, Minn. Address (l997) RR 1 #12, Spring Valley, MN 55975- 9801; tel: 507-346-7l88.

7-2. Donald Wayne Pfremmer. Born June 3, l943. Married Gloria, NN. In l99l he lived at Harmony, Minn. Address (l997) RR 1 #174, Harmony, MN 55939-980l; tel: 507-886-6191.

8-l. Wayne Pfrimmer. Lived (l999) at his parents address.

7-3. Frederick Pfremmer. In l99l he lived at Harmony, Minn. Address (l997) 220 Rr 1 #896, Harmony, MN 55939; tel: 507-886-2l87.

6-2. Cecelia Anita Pfremmer. Born May 20, l9l6; died Oct. 29, l990. Married Gerhard Borgan of Lanesboro, Minn.

5-6. Martha Pfremmer. Born May l89l. Married A. J. Saulter and lived in Rochester, Minn. and Missoula, Mont.

5-7. Harold Bernard Pfremmer. Born Apr. 24, l895; died Mar. l966 in Albuquerque, New Mexico; buried St. Columban Cemetery, Carrollton Twp., Fillmore Col. Married a Wilbright. She was born in Wisconsin in l900. Three children, one NN, George and Thomas. At the time of his mother's death in l939 he lived at Preston, Minn. At the time of the death of his brother, John, in l963 he lived in Albuquerue, New Mexico.

6-l. NN.

6-2. George Harold Pfremmer. Died in l969 at Rolling Stone, near Winona, Minnesota. Married Marguerite E. Campbell from Lanesboro, Minn. in l939. Were divorced and both remarried. She married Arnold Kruegel of near Preston and her children and 8 other girls and one boy grew up on a dairy farm about 5 miles southwest of Preston. In his second family George Harold Pfremmer had 3-4 more children. An obituary of George Harold Pfrimmer was carried in the Preston Republican when he died which listed his wife and children.

7-l. Kent Robert Pfremmer. Born Oct. l6, l939 at Lansboro, Minn. Married Marjorie Ann Woodie Feb. 20, l960. Three children, Robert, Michael and Donovan. Kent Pfremmer enlisted in the Minnesota National Guard Dec. ll, l956 and transferred to the U.S. Air Force Oct. 4, l957 and spent the next 30 years in the Air Force at various Strategic Air Command military installatons in California, North Dakota and Michigan and served 6 months in Vietnam. After he retired from the Air Force they lived in Hampton, Va. where she was an accountant with the civil service and he worked for the U.S. Postal Service. Lived (l997) 26 Old Meribeth Rd. Hampton, VA 23669-l833; tel. 757-85l-8769. In l999 lived at 1776 Nevis, Minn., 56467. Tel: 218-652-3830.

8-l. Robert Kenneth "Butch" Pfremmer. Born Oct. 7, l96l at Springfield, Mass. Married Stacey Marie Anderson of Grand Forks, N.D. where they both attended the University of North Dakota. Two children, Brianna and Caleb. In l984 they moved to Minneapolis/St. Paul to work for several computer companies. Moved to Lake City, MN in l990 where he was employed with IBM at Rochester, MN. Lived (l997) at RR l #l65a, Lake City, MN 5504l-980l; tel: 6l2-345-366l.

9-l. Brianna Marie Pfremmer. Born l990.

9-2. Caleb Campbell Pfremmer. Born l994.

8-2. Michael Allen Pfremmer. Born Feb. 5, l963 at Orlando, Fla. Was (l997) a civilian employee with the U.S. Defense Department, working out of Berlin, Germany, where he did translation and treaty vertification work for the Defense Department. One son, Mathew Scott.

9-l. Matthew Scott Pfremmer.

8-3. Donovan Wade Pfremmer. Born July ll, l964 at Orlando, Fla. Worked in field maintenance and taught AIT course-work for new Army recruits at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. Two children, Derik and Tara.

9-l. Derik Pfremmer.

9-2. Tara Pfremmer.

6-3. Thomas Joseph Pfremmer. Born Oct. 23, l9l9.

4-8. Mary Ann Pfremmer. Born l853. Married Samuel Nelson. Three children, William, Walter and Hattie. He was in the Civil War. Lived near St. Paul, Min. and at Florenceville, Iowa. Listed in l860 census with her family.

5-l. William Nelson.

5-2. Walter Nelson.

5-3. Hattie Nelson. Married Will Henry, Oct. ll, l899. One son, Willis. Lived (l960) at l24 3rd St., SW, Cresco, Iowa.

6-l. Willis Henry. Lived (l960) 7626 Yates St. Tugunga, Calif.

4-9. William Pfremmer. Born in l853 in Canada. Married Mary Ann, born in Illinois in l859 and died Sept. l9, l879. Stayed in Minnesota and raised a family. Had five children: Albert, William, Bessie, LaVerne and George.

5-l. Albert A. Pfremmer. Born Feb. l8, l879. Died.

5-2. William W. Pfremmer. Born Aug. l7, l88l near Preston, Minn.; died Jan. 5, l963. Married Mary E. "Mae" Turner Jan. l2, l904. She was born July l9, l885 near Spring Valley, Minn. Three children, Bernard, Mildred and Richard. Was living in Fountain Twp., Fillmore Co., Minn. in l905. Gradually migrated west, spending several years each in North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and finally California where he spent the rest of his life. Was a blacksmith in North Dakota and later an auto mechanic in the other states. His widow lived (l970) in their home on the Smith River, near Ft.

Dick, at Rte. l, Box 390, Crescent City, Calif., 9553l.

6-l. Bernard Pfremmer. Born Nov. 22, l904 near Fountain, Fillmore Co., Minn.; died Feb. l98l at Auburn, California, 95603. Married Esterfay McBridge Aug. 9, l933. She was born Apr. 7, l9l2, San Diego, Calif. Two children, Robert and Ida. He was an auto mechanic and later an auto parts salesman in Eureka, Calif. and Boulder City, Nev. By l970 was retired.

7-l. Robert Dale Pfremmer. Born May 24, l934, Arcata, Calif. Married Cloys Greenamyer Apr. 3, l964. She was born Jan. 7, l935 in Los Angeles, Calif. Two children, Kindalee and Jana. Grad. Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa. In l970 was a mechanical engineer for the Aero-Jet Corp, Sacramento, Calif. Lived (l970) 95l4 Bullion Way, Orangevale, Calif., 95662 and (l997) at 466 Jolina Way, Encinitas, CA 92024-2403; 6l9-436- 0722.

8-l. Kindalee Pfremmer. Born Apr. 20, l965, Folsom, Calif. Married Ty Thomas De Long. One son, Evan George. In l997 Kindalee Pfremmer DeLong worked in advancement at Pepperdine University and taught there in the field of religion as an adjunct faculty member. Lived (l997) Newbury Park, Calif.

9-l. Evan George Pfremmer DeLong. Born Jan. 30, l995.

8-2. Jana Lyn Pfremmer. Born June l, l967, Orangevale, Calif.

7-2. Ida Mae Pfremmer. Born Apr. 22, l936, Arcata, Calif. Married Robert Bozek Oct. l2, l958. He was born July 23, l922, Chicago, Ill. Two children, Sherry Fay and Ronald Dale. Lived (l970) 6209 Rassler St., Las Vegas, Nev.

8-l. Sherry Fay Bozek. Born Mar. l3, l960, Santa Monica, Calif.

8-2. Ronald Dale Bozek. Born Dec. 30, l96l, Boulder City, Nev.

6-2. Mildred Pfremmer. Born May 5, l909 near Scranton, N. C. Married Walter Hufford. One child, Donna Myr. Lived (l970) Los Angeles, Calif.

7-l. Donna Myr Hufford. Born July 3l, l93l; died Jan. l9, l932.

6-3. Richard Pfremmer. Born Aug. l2, l920 Salmon, Idaho. Married Kay Arniokoski. One child, Patricia. Was a welder for a logging company and lived by the Smith River near Ft. Dick, Calif. Address was Rte. l, Box 380, Crescent City, Calif., 9553l. (l999) lst St., Smith River, CA., tel: 707-487- 7761.

7-l. Patricia Pfremmer. Lived Santa Cruz, Calif.

5-3. Bessie Pfremmer. Born Aug. l4, l883 in Bristol Twp.

5-4. LaVerne Pfremmer. Born Dec. 30, l887 in York Twp. Married a Yochum and lived (l959) at 3239 4th St., Lewiston, Idaho. Five children, names not known.

5-5. George Edward Pfremmer. Born Feb. 22, l898 in Bloomfield Twp. Lived (l958) l5l6 Pine St., Brainerd, Minn.

4-l0. Henry Pfremmer. Born Feb. 2l, l855 and died May 6, l858. Buried in Preston, Minn. Cemetery.

4-ll. Daniel Pfremmer. Born l857. Married Hannah. She was born in l86l. Lived Edmonton, Can. Three children, Daniel, Maude and Pearl.

5-l. Daniel B. Pfremmer. Born Sept. l5, l893 and died May l972 in St. Paul, Minn. Lived (l960) 636 Grand Ave., St. Paul 5, Minn.

5-2. Maude Pfremmer. Born Jan. l880. Lived St. Paul, Minn.

5-3. Pearl Pfremmer. Lived Minneapolis, Minn.

4-l2. Charles Peter Pfremmer. Born l859. Lived Mankato, Minn. No children; died age 94.

4-l3. Benjamin Pfremmer. Born May 25, l863 and died Mar. 25, l864. Buried in the Preston, Minn. Cemetery.

3-7. Eva Pfrimmer. Born Nov. 2 and died Nov. 7, l824 at Eckwersheim.

3-8. Theibaut Pfrimmer. Born in l8l2 and died Apr. l9, l83l in Eckwersheim.

The Family of Andreas Pfrimmer and Catharina Pfrimmer of Eckwersheim, Alsace

and Sebringville, Ontario, Canada

A second Pfrimmer family from Eckwersheim, Alsace, lived in Ontario in the neighborhood of Sebringville, west of Stratford, arriving in Canada in l847, according to the obituary of their daughter Caroline. This was Andreas Pfrimmer and his wife, Catherine, born Pfrimmer, who were born, married and had nine children in Eckwersheim. The first record of the family in Canada is in the census of l850 for Downie township, living on but not owning lot 22 concession 2. A tenth child, Ludwig, was born in Ontario. An extensive record of Pfrimmers in Eckwersheim indicates that this family has no immediate connection with the brothers, Valentin and Christian Pfrimmer, already settled in the Sebringville area. Neither of the Pfrimmer ancestries of Andreas or his wife Catherine, overlap with that of Valentin or Christian Pfrimmer, but are traced to two of the four distinct groups of Pfrimmer families of the l7th century and later.Their family record follows: Andreas Pfrimmer, son of John Georg Pfrimmer and Eva Duringer, and a descendant of the l7th century Anton Pfrimmer lineage, was born 8 Germinal VIII (l800). He Married Catherine Marie Pfrimmer, daughter of Jacques

Pfrimmer and Eva Hirt, Aug. ll, l825. She was a member of the l7th Jorg Pfrimmer

lineage and was born 29 Vendemaire XIV. In l828 Andreas Pfrimmer was a culti-

vateur living in maison #60-bis." Their marriage record in Eckwersheim: "Aug.

ll, l825: Andre Pfrimmer and Catherine Marie Pfrimmer. He was a son of Jean

George Pfrimmer [vulgo Clausbauer, laborer at Eckwersheim, age 7l]. She was a

daughter of Jacques Pfrimmer [laborer at Eckwersheim, age 64] and Eve Hirth.

She was born 29 Vendemaire, year XIV. Witnesses: Andre Pfrimmer, laborer, age

55 and uncle of the groom; Jean Pfrimmer, laborer, brother of the groom, age

40; Andre Hirth, laborer, 53, uncle of the bride and Jacques Jundt, laborer, 40, uncle of the bride." The Pfrimmer genealogy of the parents in the book, "The Pfrimmer Families of Alsace" are, respectively, for Andreas Pfrimmer, page 55 and for Catherine Pfrimmer, page 269. The generational numbering here follows from the numbering in "The Pfrimmer Families of Alsace."There are census records for this family in Ontario for l85l and l86l as follows: l85l: l male (30-60 married); l female (30-40 married); l

male (l4- l8); 2 females (l0-l4); 2 females (5-l0); l female (2-5); l male (1-2);

l male (under 1 year). l86l: Andreas Pfrimmer, laborer, age 64 and Catherine

age 54 with daughter Mary age l5 and son Ludwig age ll. Andreas died in

Ontario Jan. l0, l867, age 65 years, 8 months, l3 days, for a birth date of Apr. l7,

l80l. In l85l Andreas Pfrimmer lived on a property in Downie Township, but

did not own it; this was lot 22 of concession 2 of Downie township where he

lived from l848-9 until l857-8.

7-l. Marie Catherine Pfrimmer. Born Jan. 24, l826. Birth record: "l826, Jan. 24: Marie Catherine Pfrimmer, daughter of Andre Pfrimmer, 27, cultivateur and Catherine Pfrimmer. Maison #ll6." Married Valentin Ritter Aug. 3, l854 in Ontario with her birth date of l825 and death of Sept. 20, l893. At her marriage she was listed as age 27 and he at age 3l. They had five children, Louis, Daniel, Mary Sarah, Valentine and John. Valentine Ritter's obituary states that he was born in Berstett, Alsace and died Mar. l3,

l9l2 at Dashwood, Ontario, at age of 88 years and l0 months. He came to Canada in

l942 and settled now far from Sebringville, Ontario; later he moved to Huron Co., and lived his last years at Dashwood. He was married three times, first to Barbara Sarah Werner; they had four children, Albert, Caroline, and Caroline; she died in childbirth. He married, second, Katherine (Mary Catherine) Pfrimmer and had five children; and married, third, Katherine Wolf and had two children.

8-l. Louis Ritter. Born July l855 in Ellice, Perth Co. Burned to death in Norton Co., Kansas, May l909.

8-2. Daniel Ritter. Born Aug. 5, l857 in Ellice Twp. Perth Co. Died before l879.

8-3. Mary Sarah Ritter. Born Aug. 5, l859 in Ellice Twp., Perth Co., Ontario. Married (l) George Gaiser and (2) Ezra Otterbein. Died in l935 in Dashwood, Ontario.

8-4. Valentine Ritter. Born about l862 and died before l9l2.

8-5. John Ritter. Born about l87l in Grey Twp., Huron Co., Ontario. Died before l9l2.

7-2. Andre Pfrimmer. Born July 3, l828: died Mar. l7, l83l; age 2 years. Birth recored: "l828, July 3: Andre Pfrimmer; son of Andre Pfrimmer, 29, cultivateur and Catherine Pfrimmer; Maison #60-bis, the home of Andre Pfrimmer." Death record: "l83l, Mar. l7: Andre Pfrimmer, son of Andre Pfrimmer, 32 and Catharina Pfrimmer, 25; 2 years; witnesses: Andre Pfrimmer, father; Jean Pfrimmer, uncle."

7-3. Marguerite Pfrimmer. Born Mar. l9, l83l. Birth record: "l83l, Mar. l9: Marguerite Pfrimmer, daughter of Andre Pfrimmer, 32, cultivateur and Catherine Pfrimmer, 25." No record in Ontario.

7-4. Eve Pfrimmer. Born Sept. l, l833. Birth record: "l833, Sept. l: Eve Pfrimmer, daughter of Andre Pfrimmer, 34, cultivateur and Catherine Pfrimmer, 29." No record in Ontario.

7-5. Salome Pfrimmer. Born Apr. l, l836. Birth record: "l836, Apr. l: Salome Pfrimmer, daughter of Andre Pfrimmer, 36, cultivateur and Catherine Pfrimmer, 30." Married Jacob Riehl in Ontario Mar. 27, l856, with birth date of Mar. 3, l836. She died July l0, l893. In the l86l census for Fullarton township Jacob Riehl, his wife and daughter, Anna, age 3, are living on the west l/2 of lot l2 concession 3 in a one story log house on the same 50 acres as Andreas Pfrimmer and Catharina Pfrimmer. Both Salome Riehl (identified as Salome (Frimmer) Riehl and Jacob Riehl are buried in the First

Lutheran Cemetery, Logan Township, Perth County, Ontario.8-l. Anna Riehl.

7-6. Catherine Pfrimmer. Born Mar. 4, l839. Birth record: "l839, Mar. 4: Catherine Pfrimmer, daughter of Andre Pfrimmer, 39, cultivateur and Catherine Pfrimmer, 39." Died, at Wartburg, Ontario, north of Sebringville Feb. 8, l869. Birth date of Sept. 30, l838 in Alsace and died at age 30 years, 4 years and 9 days. No record of marriage in Ontario.

7-7. Caroline Pfrimmer. Born July 27, l84l: Birth record: "l84l, July 27: Caroline Pfrimmer, daughter of Andre Pfrimmer, 4l, cultivateur, and Catharine Pfrimmer, 36." Birth date from family record in Wiscosin July 27, l84l. Married Johannes Zimmer at Sebringville, Ontario, Aug. 5, l868. He was born Sept. l8, l828 near Strasburg, Alsace and died Dec. l8, l896 at Reseburg, Clark Co., Wisconsin, of pneumonia. They had three children, John, Kata and Mary. Migrated to Clark Co., Wisconsin with her younger brother Ludwig; Caroline Pfrimmer died at Reseburg, Clark Co., Wis., Dec. 23, l895. The obituary of Caroline Pfrimmer states that she came to America with her parents at age 6 which would be l847 and came to Neillsville, Clark Co., Wisconsin in

l877 and soon settled on a farm in the town of Reseburg. The following record of

descendants compiled by genealogists of the Poppe family, the family of her brother Ludwig's wife Augusta.

8-l. John Zimmer. Born l87l in Canada; died l932 in Wisconsin. Married Bertha A. Schmidt about l897 in Clark Co., Wisconsin. She was born in l880 in Wisconsin and died in l963 in Wisconsin. They lived in Dorchester, Wis. Three chilren, Ida, John and NN.

9-l. Ida E. Zimmer. Born about l898.

9-2. John C. Zimmer. Born Feb. l3, l904 and died Feb. l98l at Greenwood, Clark Co., Wis.

9-3. NN Zimmer.

8-2. Kata Zimmer. Born about l874 in Canada. Married Peter DeForth, son of Peter DeForth and Marie Von Alte. They had six children, Flora, Chester, Marlyn, Alma, Ben and Caroline. Peter DeForth left Wisconsin in l905 and went to Minnesota where he bought the Fowler property in St. Paul Park which had been deeded from the Indians in 1851. He built an eight-room house on 2 l/2 acres of land which he cleared himself.

9-l. Flora DeForth. Born Jan. 29, l900 in Wisconsin; died Mar. 6, l996 at Cottage Grove, Washington Co., Minn. In l983 lived in St. Paul, Minn. In l982 she lived in South St. Paul, Minnesota.

9-2. Chester DeForth. Born Aug. l4, l903. Married Gertrude. She was born May 8, l907 and died June l972 in Glendine, Dawson Co., Montana, of heart problems. They had two children, Shirley and Peter.

10-1. Shirley DeForth. Married Lou and in l983 lived in Bloomingdale, Ill. They had two children, David and Linda.

11-1. David NN. Born c. l963.

11-2. Linda NN. Born c. l965.

10-2. Peter DeForth. Married Melanie and in l983 lived in McLean, Va. Had one child, Leigh Anne.

11-1. Leigh Anne DeForth. Born April 1, 1981.

9-3. Marlyn DeForth. Born Aug. 5, l9l0; died Sept. 27, l995, Cottage Grove, Minn. Married Esther. They had four children: Marylou, Dorothy, Beverly and Marilyn.

10-1. Marylou DeForth. Born Oct. 6, 1956. Married Gordon "Gordy" NN. Lived l983 in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. One child, Sarah.

11-1. Sarah NN. Born Aug. 30,l979.

10-2. Dorothy DeForth. Married Les and in l983 lived in Redwing, Minn. Three children, Troy, Scott and Brian.

11-1. Troy NN. Born c. l967.

11-2. Scott NN. Born c. l970.

11-3. Brian NN. Born c. l974.

10-3. Beverly DeForth. Married Gene NN and in l983 lived in Black River Falls, Wis. Three children, Pat, Jennifer and Terri.

11-1. Pat NN. Born c. 1971.

11-2. Jennifer NN. Born c. 1974.

11-3. Terri NN. Born c. l977.

10-4. Marilyn DeForth.

9-4. Alma DeForth. Died about Oct. l980. Lived Roxbury, the Catskills, New York.

10-1. Paul NN. Married and had two children, Charles and James.

11-1. Charles NN. Married Mary and had one child, name not known.

11-2. James NN.

9-5. Ben DeForth. Died before l983. Married Georgia NN. She was born Feb. 25, l893 and July died l976 in El Sobrante, Contra Costa, CA. He lived in Vacaville, Calif. Two children, Ruth and Scott.

10-1. Ruth DeForth.

10-2. Scott DeForth.

9-6. Caroline DeForth.

8-3. Mary Zimmer. Born about l877. Married Charles Roesler. One child, Clara.

9-l. Clara Roesler.

8-3. Mary Zimmer. Born about l877 in Canada.

7-8. Andre Pfrimmer. Born l844; died Feb. 9, l845. Death record: "l845, Feb. 9: Andre Pfrimmer, son of Andre Pfrimmer, 45, cultivateur and Catherine Pfrimmer, cultivateur; age ll months."

7-9: Marie Pfrimmer. Born Aug. l5, l846. Birth record: "l846, Aug. l5: Marie Pfrimmer, daughter of Andre Pfrimmer, 46, cultivateur and Catherine Pfrimmer, 4l."

7-l0. Ludwig Pfrimmer. Born Gray Township, Huron Co., Ontario, Dec. 4, l850; married Augusta Fredrika Amela Poppe, Nov. 2, l877, Gray Township, Huron Co., Ontario. She was born Oct. 20, l855 at Christopswold, Prussia and died Sept. l933 at Stanley, Chippewa Co., Wis. Was in the Ontario Census with his parents' family, l86l, age ll. Migrated to Clark Co., Wisconsin, with his sister and brother in law, Caroline Pfrimmer and John Zimmer, and his wife's parents, where they had six children: William, Charles, Ella, Emma, Louis and Lydia. He died l9ll at Stanley, Chippewa Co., Wisconsin. When Augusta Poppe was older and ill she lived in Madison, Wisconsin where her children were living. The following record of descendants compiled in the Poppe family genealogy.

8-l. William Edmund Pfrimmer. Born l879 Reseburg; died l885; buried in Reseburg Cemetery.

8-2. Charles Gottlieb Pfrimmer. Born l88l Reseburg; died l884; buried in Reseburg Cemetery.

8-3. Louisa Pfrimmer. Born Mar. l5, l885 at Stanley, Chippewa Co.; died Mar. 7, l948 at Eagle Point Township, Chippewa Co.; buried at Stanley, Chippewa Co., Wis. Married Anton Steinhauser at Chippewa, Wis. He was born May 5, l875 in Bavaria and died l962 in Milwaukee, Wis. They had six children: Kathleen, Ronald, Clinton, Gertrude, William and Margaret.

9-l. Kathleen Ruth Steinhauser. Born May 6, l904 in Stanley, Wis.; died Apr. l4, l997, Milwaukee, Wis. She had two children, Robert and Ruth.

10-1. Robert Steinhauser. Married Helen NN and had one child, Pamela.

11-1. Pamela Berling. Married David Tatrowicz and had two children, Tara and Nina.

12-1. Tara Tatarowicz.

12-2. Nine Tatarowicz.

10-2. Ruth Steinhauser. Married Roy Berling and had one child, Larry.

11-1. Larry Berling.

9-2. Ronald Carl Steinhauser. Born Oct. 2, l906 at Stanley, Wis.; died Apr. l9, l983 at Milwaukee, Wis. Married Susan NN. She was born July 25, 1923 in Wisconsin and died Oct. 1984 in Milwaukee, Wis. They had two children, Marlene and Ronald.

10-1. Marlene Steinhauser.

10-2. Ronald Carl Steinhauser, Jr.

9-3. Clinton John Steinhauser. Born Sept. 20, l9l0 at Stanley, Wis. Died Feb. ll, l990. Married Viola NN. She was born Feb. 12, 1919 in Wisconsin and died Feb. 11, 1990 in Wisconsin. The couple did together in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in which the husband shot the wife to death because of ill health circumstances and then shot himself in the chest. They had one child, John.

10-1. John Steinhauser. Married Pamela NN and had one child, Julie.

11-1. Julie Steinhauser.

9-4. Gertrude Marie Steinhauser. Born Feb. l0, l9l3 at Stanley, Wis. Married Frank Schicker. He was born June 1909 and died Aug. 2, 1990. They had four children: Virginia, James, Anthony and Frank.

10-1. Virginia Schicker. Married a Fagio.

10-2. James A. Schicker. Married and had one child, James.

11-1. James E. Schicker.

10-3. Anthony M. Schicker. Married Linda NN.

10-4. Frank Schicker.

9-5. William James Steinhauser. Born May 9, l9l4 at Stanley, Wis.

9-6. Margaret Louise Steinhauser. Born in l920 at Stanley, Wisconsin; died in l976. Married Robert Lutz. They had three children, Allen, Kay and Janis.

10-1. Allen Lutz.

10-2. Kay Lutz.

10-3. Janis Lutz.

8-4. Lydia Emilia Pfrimmer. Born July 26, l886 at Reseburg, Wis. Died Apr. 5, l972, Madison, Wis.; buried at Madison. Married Merton Enos Mather, son of Enos Mather and Eliza Manis Sept. l8, l907 at the Stanley Methodist Episcopal Church. He was born June 7, l875 in Waupaca Co., Wis. and died June l7, l939 at Madison, Wis. They had four children: Marlyn, Everett, Gordon and Garwood.

9-l. Marlyn Playel Mather. Born Nov. l3, l908 in Chippewa Co., Wis. and died May l983 at Burlington, Wis. Married Elsie Marie Larson, daughter of Johann Larson and Olga Erickson, June l, l935 in Chicago. She was born April 4, l909 in Chicago, Ill. They had five children: John, Carol, Shirley, Nancy and Bruce.

10-1. John Merton Mather. Born June 27, l939, Chicago, Ill. Married Nancy Elizabeth Lyss June 20, l964 in Cleveland, Ohio. She was born June 5, l94l in Detroit, Michigan. They had two children, John and Lisa.

11-1. John Mertin Mather, Jr. Born May 20, l965, Cleveland, Ohio.

11-2. Lisa Elizabeth Mather. Born July 28, l968, Cleveland, Ohio.

10-2. Carol Lee Mather. Born Nov. 6, l94l, Chicago, Ill. Married Donald Lee Sanders, son of Morris Sanders and Elsie NN, Apr. 24, l965 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was born Jan. 20, l939 in Cincinnati. They had two children, Robert and Mark.

11-1. Robert Lee Sanders. Born July 3l, l968 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

11-2. Mark Douglas Sanders. Born Oct. 9, l97l, Cincinnati, Ohio.

10-3. Shirley Ann Mather. Born Dec. 28, l944, Chicago, Ill. Married Thomas Ulysis Allen, son of Ulysis Allen, Nov. 4, l967 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born Jan. 8, l942 in Michigan. They had two children, Scot and Stacey.

11-1. Scot Allen. Born Apr. 25, l972, Phoenix, Ariz. Adopted.

11-2. Stacey Marie Allen. Born Sept. l5, l975, Phoenix, Ariz. Adopted

10-4. Nancy Marie Mather. Born April l9, l946, Chicago, Ill. Married John Coletta Feb. 24, l979, Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 2l, year not known.

10-5. Bruce Edward Mather. Born Aug. 10, l948, Chicago, Ill. Married Ruth Ann Inskeep, daughter of Ralph Inskeep and Mamie NN, Jan. 4, l969 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was born Oct. 28, l948 at Cincinnati. They had three children, Jason, Brian and Michael.

11-1. Jason Edward Mather. Born Jan. 29, 1976 at Cincinnati, Ohio.

11-2. Brian Douglas Mather. Born Nov. l8, l978, Cincinnati, Ohio.

11-3. Michael Ryan Mather. Born Oct. 8, l980, Cincinnati, Ohio.

9-2. Everett Mertin Mather. Born June l7, l9l0 at Stanley, Wis. Died l954 at Stirling, Whiteside Co., Ill. and was buried at Madison, Wis. Married Marian Paulman, who died in l953 at Waupaca, Fond du Lac Co., Wis. Both are buried in Madison, Wis.

9-3. Gordon Louis Mather. Born Aug. l4, l9l2 at Stanley, Wis.; died Feb. 5, 1998 at Madison, Wis. Married Erma Schlell Felland, daughter of Olaf Felland and Anna Dagner, Feb. 3, l937 at Bellvidere, Ill. She was born Feb. 2, 1916 at Tildon, Wis. They had three children: Gary, Diane and Michael.

l0-l. Gary Louis Mather. Born May 19, l939, Madison, Wis. Married Pamela Kennedy and had two children, Andrea and Danielle.

11-1. Andrea Denise Mather. Born Jan. 25, l970, Oregon, Dane Co., Wis.

11-2. Danielle Diane Mather. Born Apr. 2l, l972, Madison, Wis.

l0-2. Diane Harriett Mather. Born Jan. 24, l94l, Madison, Wis. Married Frederick Mitchell and had three children, Brad, Jeffrey, and Joel.

11-1. Brad James Mitchell. Born July 20, l963, Minneapolis, Minn.

11-2. Jeffrey Stewart Mitchell. Born July l3, l965, Minneapolis, Minn.

11-3. Joel David Mitchell. Born Nov. l3, l968, Lincoln, Neb.

l0-3. Michael James Mather. Born May 18, l942, Married Karen Leslie Olson.

9-4. Garwood Arthur Mather. Born June 24, l9l5 at Stanley, Wis.; died Jan. 6, l994 at Madison, of a heart attack while operating a snow blower. Married Lovina Austin, Nov. 6, l936 at Madison, Wis. She was born Aug. 2l, l9l5 at Randolph, Dodge Co., Wis. and died July 6, l972 at Madison, Wis. They had three children: Judy Mae, Jean Ann and Jeri Lynn. Married (2) Arlene Lucille Dahlby, daughter of Henry Dahlby and Sophia Disrud. June 22, l974 at Madison, Wis. She was born Sept. 22, l924 in Mt. Horeb, Dane Co., Wis. They had two chldren, Janis and Nancy.

l0-l. Judy Mae Mather. Born Sept. 10, l939, Madison, Wis. Married Earl Varese in l958 in Madison. They had five children, Richard, Tina, Teri, Randall and Robby.

11-1. Richard Varese. Born Feb. 3, l959 at Norfolk, Voa. Married Elizbeth Simon Aug. 30, l980 at Madison, Wis.

11-2. Tina Marie Varese. Born Dec. 24, l959 at Madison, Wis. Married Richard Pdley in l979 and they had one child, Amanda.

13-1. Amanda Mae Padley. Born Dec. 10, 1979, Madison, Wis.

11-3. Teri Jean Varese. Born Mar. 16, 196l, Madison, Wis. Story in Capital Times of Madison, Sept. 7, l993 that Teri Jean Varese, a "rural Dane woman" whose four children spent nearly four days home alone was sentenced by Dane County Circuit Judge Stuart Schwartz to 90 days in jail for child neglect and placed her (Theresa Varese, 32) on l8th months probation. Her children were ages 4, 5, l0 and l3.

11-4. Randall Garwood Varese. Born June 26, 1963 at Madison, Wis.

11-5. Robby Varese. Born June 24 l964 at Madison, Wis.

l0-2. Jean Ann Mather. Born July 22, l947, Madison, Wis. Married Gary Frank Oct. 3, l969 in Madison, Wis. He was born April l4, l947. They had two children, Lance and Carlye.

11-1. Lance Frank. Born April l4, l970 in Madison. Adopted.

11-2. Carlye Sina Frank. Born Jan. ll, l98l, Brown County, Wis. Adopted.

l0-3. Jeri Lynn Mather. Born Mar. 30, l949, Madison, Wis. Married Steven Louis Cramer June l4, l969 in Des Moines, Iowa. He was born Mar. 8, l949 at Freeport, Ill. One child, Jason.

11-1. Jasoon Cramer. Born Dec. 28, l969 at Des Moines, Iowa.

10-4. Janis Arlene Norton. Born Aug. 6, l949, a foster child.

10-5. Nancy Ann Norton. Born July 5, l956, a foster child.

8-5. Ella Marie Mary Pfrimmer. Born July ll, l889; died Oct. l0, l982 at Saskatoon, Satchkatchewan,Canada. Married Charles Edward Kieper, son of John Kieper and Henrietta Wehr, Nov. l, 1921, Stanley, Chippewa Co., Wis. He was born Dec. 23, l880 at Tarnowke, West Prussia, died Feb. 19, 1967 in Broden Hospital, Fielding, Saskatchewan, Canada and was buried in the family plot in Fielding. They had one child, Ruth. Ella married into a family with three girls and two boys. She was a member of the United Church, the WMS and Ladies Aid (now UCW). She was a member of the choir, a soprano, and an orator. Ella and Charles retired and moved to Radisson, Saskatchewan, in l945. She was living in a nursing home in Saskatoon when she died in l982. Charles Kieper left Prussia when 3 years old and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba. They settled in Langenburg, Saskatchewan where they moved into a log cabin with sod room which he built. He later moved to Russell, Manitoba when in l906 he married Maud Melinda McNichol, a cousin to Ella. In the early l900's he went

to the Fielding district where he served on the Fielding School Board, the telephone

company and the Hall Company Executive and the Wheat Pool Committee. He was

an elder and Sunday School Superintendent of the United Church for many years.

9-1. Ruth Marie Kieper. Born Sept. 6, l923, Fielding, Saskatchewan. Married Ernest William Martin, son of Duncan Martin and Grace Platt Sept. 6, l947 in Fielding, Saskatchewan. He was born June 17, 1920 in Winnepeg, Manitoba. They had two children, Maraline and Robert.

10-1. Maraline Ruth Martin. Born Jan. 17, 1950 at Winnepeg, Manitoba. Married Claus Heinecke, son of Gustave Heinecke and Charlotte NN, Feb. l, l978. He was born Dec. 7, l946 in Hamburg, Germany. One child, Theo. Maraline Ruth Martin kept her maiden name for professional reasons.

11-1. Theo Heinecke. Born April 28, l979 in Toronto, Can.

10-2. Robert William Martin. Born June 16, 1954 at Winnepeg, Manitoba.

8-6. Emma Caroline Pfrimmer. Born July 6, l894 at Thorp, Clark Co., Wis.; died May l984 at Madison, Wisconsin. Married Arthur Melvin Hansen, son of Gilma Hanson and Annie Billisie Oct. 19, 1914 in Stanley, Chippewa Co., Wisconsin. He was born Sept. 28, 1890 in Athens, Marathon Co., Wisconsin and died Apr. 3, 1975 in Madison, Wis. She is buried in a cemetery at Madison, Wis. and he is buried in the Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Madison, Wis. They had three children, Ardith, Robert and Richard.

9-1. Ardith Joyce Hanson. Born Aug. 18, 1919 at Stanley, Chippewa Co., Wis. Married Raymond W. Streber Dec. 16, l944 in Madison, Wis. He was born May l6, l9l7, year not known and died April l972. They had three children, Rae, Timothy and Scott.

10-1. Rae Ardeth Streber. Born Jan. 2l, l948 at Madison, Wis. Married Brian Lerche and had two children, Melissa and Mathew.

11-1. Melissa Lerche. Born July 29, l970, Madison, Wis.

11-2. Mathew Lerche. Born Oct. l8, l973, Madison, Wis.

10-2. Timothy James Streber. Born Aug. 4, l955 at Madison, Wis. Married Theresa.

10-3. Scott Richard Streber. Born Aug. 4, l955 at Madison, Wis. Married C.C.

9-2. Robert Gilman Hanson. Born Sept. 3, 1921 at Stanley, Chippewa Co., Wis. and died April 8, 1972. Married Helen Pobvance June 2, l945 at Madison, Wis. She was born in Madison on Dec. 24, year not known. They had two children, Jeanine and Deanne.

10-1. Jeanine Marie Hanson. Born Oct. 10, l952 at Madison, Wis.

10-2. Deanne Alaine Hanson. Born July l3, l957 at Madison, Wis.

9-3. Richard Keith Hanson. Born Jan. 14, 1928 at Madison, Wisconsin. Married Cleo Gregory in Athens, Greece. They had two children, Richard and Robert.

10-1. Richard Keith Hanson II. Born Aug. 8, l968 at Athens, Greece.

10-2. Robert Gregory Hanson.