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Omar Ibn Said

Omar Ibn Said (also known as "Omeroh") was a African of the Foulah tribe of Senegal? who was brought to America in the early 19th century to be sold into slavery. He was a Muslim who apparently converted to Christianity, and he could read, write and speak Arabic. Below are some newspaper, journal and magazine articles that are about him or mention him. I am indebted to Allan D. Austin and his book African Muslims in Antebellum America. A Sourcebook for making me aware of the existence of Omar Ibn Said and the many other African Muslims living in early America.

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The African Repository, July 1837

The New York Observer, January 8, 1863

Methodist Quarterly Review, January 1864

The African Repository, May 1869

The African Repository, June 1869

The American Historical Review, July 1925

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