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Dirkse Family

The Dirkse family originated in the province of Zeeland, Netherlands. The oldest known Dirkse is Johannis. He was born Dec 13, 1793 in the village of Hoedekenskerke. His parents were Derk Marinusse and Janna van Strien. At that time, surnames were not common, the "se" following the name meant son of, so Johannis Dirkse is Johannis son of Dirk (Derk). Later, under Napoleon's control, citizens of the Netherlands were required to maintain a surname.

Johannis married Janna Nieuwenhuize on May 24, 1820 in Kruiningen, Zeeland, Netherlands. They had two children, Dirk born June 25, 1821 and Jacoba born Dec 14, 1822; both in Kruiningen. Dirk moved to the town of Yerseke about 5 miles north of Kruiningen. There he married Adriana Nieuwenuize on April 11, 1850. Adriana was a first cousin once removed from Janna. Dirk and Adriana moved from Yerseke to Nisse sometime after 1857. Dirk passed away there October 6, 1865. The following are their children:

Janna Nov 15, 1850
Pieter Apr 14, 1852
Johannis Jul 10, 1854
Dirk Nov 7, 1857
Francois Dec 22, 1862
Maria Jacoba May 9, 1865

Additional Information About the Children

Pieter & Adriana Dirkse

Pieter married Adriana Kallemijn in 's Heer Arendskerke on August 19, 1875. In the Netherlands, Pieter was an "arbeider" (laborer) and was in the "less well to do" social class (mingegoeden). In 1881 they decided to emmigrate to the U.S. for "economic improvement". Pieter, Adriana, and their two children at the time boarded the ship Switzerland in Antwerp, Belgium, making a stop in Denmark, arriving in New York on April 18, 1881 and settled in Grand Haven, MI. In 1893 the family moved to Holland, MI.

Pieter was a tanner by trade and later a furniture worker. Adriana passed away April 15, 1909. Pieter then remarried to Hendrkje Rozenberg, they had one son, Cornelius born March 31, 1911. Pieter passed away in Holland, MI on October 22, 1922. The following lists the children of Pieter and Adriana:

Dirk Apr 12, 1876
Jan (John) Jul 9, 1878
Derk Feb 16, 1881
Elizabeth Peternella Oct 22, 1883
Adriana Mar 11, 1885
Johanna Marie May 17, 1890
Peter Adrian Apr 26, 1894

Johannis Dirkse

Johannis Dirkse married Wilhelmina Katte in 's Heer Arendskerke on June 1, 1876. They had one son, Dirk, born November 14, 1876. Wilhelmina passed away about 1878. Johannis, Dirk, and possibly another wife made the journey to America in 1881. About 1883 Johannis passed away. Dirk would then be raised by his Uncle Pieter and family. Dirk married Gertrude Bolhuis April 23, 1902. Dirk passed away in Grand Haven, MI May 5, 1966. His wife Gertrude passed away June 4, 1977. They raised the following children:

John Gerrit Apr 17, 1903
Evan R. May 1, 1906
Paul Richard Mar 3, 1908
Annette Jun 23, 1909
Dorothy Grace Apr 14, 1917

Derk Dirkse

Dirk Married Elisabeth Johanna Caie in 's Heer Arendskerke on February 27, 1879. They had the following children:

Jennie unknown
Dick Mar 30, 1883
John Apr 28, 1885
Katherine Oct 22, 1890
Peter Sep 21, 1893
Isaac Aug 21, 1896
Frank Jul 12, 1897
Anna Apr 1899

Johanna passed away July 2, 1899. Dirk remarried October 6, 1899 to Grace Frieswyck Niebour. Dirk passed away June 27, 1927. Dirk and Grace had the following children:

Margaret Jun 24, 1890
Benjamin Dec 24, 1901
Cornelius Jun 5, 1903
Jennie Feb 5, 1906
Dewey Jan 19, 1909

Jan (John) & Gertrude Dirkse and children

John, the eldest son of Pieter Dirkse married Gertrude van den Bosch September 4, 1901. They resided in Grand Haven, MI. John was a very good baseball player and could have played professionally, but he wouldn't play on Sundays. He made his living as a carpenter, building houses. He passed away December 7, 1940, suffering a heart attack while he was working. John and Gertrude had the following children:

John Cornelius Feb 18, 1906
Henry Peter Oct 31, 1907
Florence Joan Jul 2, 1910
James Willis Nov 18, 1911
Mary Francis Mar 13, 1912
Wesley Edward Dec 12, 1913
Charles Gilbert May 13, 1916

Florence Joan Dirkse

Florence Joan married Henry Van Hees August 16, 1934 in South Bend IN. She was a registered nurse and a graduate of the Mercy School of Nursing. Florence and Henry raised four children: Henry Arthur, John Edward, Betty Ruth, and Carla Jane. She passed away November 19, 1971.

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