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The Van Epps Hotel

This picture of the Van Epps Hotel in Glenville, NY was taken in the 1930's by the Historical Buildings Survey and is now on file at the Library of Congress. The hotel was owned by James and Mary Melissa Van Epps in the late 1800's and was also the local post office. It was deeded to James and Mary in about 1870 by Mary's father, Henry Bulman who had purchased it from a Mr. Dedrick years before. Mary ran the hotel and was postmistress for about 30 years, continuing by herself for at least 12 years after her husband died in 1888. My great-grandmother Florence was born in this hotel in 1896. I believe the building was sold about 1901 when Mary moved to Schenectady to live with her son Orville.
Here is the same building as it looks today after many additions and modernizations. The building has held many businesses throughout my lifetime, including Allen's, the G-Spot and various other restaurants. Currently it houses a nightclub called "Gorilla Haven" and the back portion is used for apartments.

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