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Van Eps' from Schenectady in the Revolution
The following information was transcribed from the book "History of Schenectady, New York During the Revolution" by Willis T. Hanson, originally published 1916 and available in reprint from Heritage Books.

Van Eps, Abraham: Born October 15, 1738. He had a farm at Aalplaats. On February 10, 1776, he was elected ensign of one of the newly organized Schenectady militia companies. During the summer of 1777 he served in the campaign against Burgoyne as captain of militia. He probably also served previos to this time as a captain, although the first recorded commission is that granted by the Council of Appointment June 20, 1778. He was in command of various details for the apprehension of Tories and for guard duty, his "beat" being the Aalplaats, a particularly exposed district. In the fall of 1780 he marched to Caughnawaga when the Mohawk settlements were destroyed.

Van Eps, Alexander: Born in Schenectady, February 28, 1762. He lived in Charlton. In February, 1778, he went out on scout duty twice in search on Joseph Bettis. In March, 1779, he enlisted under Lieutenant-Colonel Christopher C. Yates and for nine months performed fatigue duty at Schuyler's Mills, building boats, erecting barracks, etc. He was honorably discharged in December. In 1780 he was drafted into Captain John Mynderse's company, 2d Albany County Militia, for service at Schoharie, and in 1781 twice drafted into Captain Abraham Van Eps's company, the first time for service at Stone Arabia and the second for service at Tribes Hill. A pensioner under the Act of June 7, 1832.

Van Eps, Gerrit: Born in Schenectady, January 30, 1764; died in Glenville, May 19 1844. In 1780 he was drafted, assigned to the compay under Captain Abraham Van Eps, 2d Albany County Militia, and detailed for garrison duty at Stone Arabia. In 1781 he was again drafted into the same company and served at Fort Plank for a period of about three months. On one occasion he served on a scoutin expedition to Clifton Park and Ballston in pursuit of the famous Tory, Joseph Bettis. He was frequently out on emergency duty.

Van Eps, James: In March, 1777, he enlisted for nine months in Captain Abraham Van Ep's company, 2d Albany County Militia. He served at Stillwater. He "was also in Captain Daniel Toll's company and went from his residence, about five miles from Schenectady to Caughnawaga and served one month when Caughnawaga was burnt." His widow's application for pension was rejected.

Van Eps, John: Born in Glenvill, December 27, 1764; died August 29, 1847. Buried in West Glenville. Family tradition says that he took part in the battle of Oriskany and was one of those who helped carry General Herkimer under the tree after he was wounded. In the fall of 1779 he entered service as a substitute for his father and was enrolled under Captain John Van Patten, 2d Albany County Militia. His first expedition was to Fort Paris soon after he enlisted. In August 1780, he was on duty when Brant laid waste to the country around Canajoharie, and in October of the same year he marched with the troops under General Van Rensselaer in pursuit of Sir John Johnson after the destruction of the Mohawk settlements. In October, 1781, he went with the troops under Colonel Willett in pursuit of Major Ross and Butler. He fought at the battle of Johnstown and went with the Indians who pursued Walter Butler to the West Canada Creek. He took part in numerous expeditions and performed garrision duties on various occasions at many of the forts throughout the Valley.

Van Eps, John Baptist: Baptized April 29, 1739; Buried July 13, 1805. Buried in Vale Cemetery. He lived in Glenville. On January 14, 1776, the Committee of Safety was informed that last summer he had supplied Sir John Johnson with a quantity of powder. On May 13 he complained to the Board regarding the wrongful enlistment of an apprentice boy who was under him. On April 19, 1777, he was granted a tavern license by the Committee, and on July 9 he furnished a wagon for use in the service. His name appears on the rolls of the 2nd Albany County Militia.

Van Eps, John J.: Born in Schenectady, October 24, 1751. In 1775, he was enrolled in Captain John Mynderse's company, 2d Albany County Militia, and served in it until 1777, when he wa attached to the company under Captain Abraham Oothout. In 1775 he performed six months' service at Lake George in a company of artificers under Captain Jacob Vrooman, and in this company served eight months at Skenesborough in 1776 and eight months at Coeymans in 1778. In 1776 he took part in the expedition to Johnstown. In 1777 he was ordered to Fort Edward and served with the Northern Army until after the surrender of Burgoyne. He was one of the detachment that brought Burgoyne a prisonder to Albany. During the summer of 1778 he performed a garrison and field duty at Fort Plank and Fort Plain when Brant laid waste to the Canajoharie district. In 1779 he was given garrison duty at the Middle Fort, Schoharie, and in the fall of 1780 was under arms at the time of the Ballston raid. He performed various garrison duties especially at Schenectady.

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