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Record of Marriages in the First Reformed Church of Scotia


Date of Marriage
Names and Residences of Parties
Witnesses and Notes


April 23

John A. Van Eps of Glenville

Christiana Haverly of Glenville

May 20

Nicholas S. Swart of Glenville

Mary Ann Van Patten of Glenville

June 29

Richard Titus Hoag of Greenbush

Emily N. Myers of Glenville

July 30

Daniel Van Antwerp of Glenville

Ann Van Eps of Glenville

Aug. 20

John Sickler of Glenville

Amanda Eldridge of Glenville

Sept. 7

Richard Thompson of Glenville

Phillis Clausen of Schenectady



Feb. 3

John Bell of Glenville

Eliza Swart of Glenville

Nov. 12 (sic)

Benjamin Knapp (blank)

Nancy Brooks of Glenville

Mar. 17

Nathan Lewis of Oneida

Caroline Stevens of Glenville

May 12

Alexander Van Eps of Glenville

Eliza Hedden of Glenville

Sept. 8

Aaron Brooks of Glenville

Miss (blank) Duncan of Schenectady

Sept. 15

Giles Yates of Glenville

Rebecca Ann Swart of Glenville

Nov. 20

Nicholas A. Degraff of Schenectady

Hannah Maria Thomas of Schenectady



Jan. 4

Lawrence Slover of Glenville

Eliza Ann Jones of Glenville

March 23

Nathan G. Stone (blank)

Ann Van Eps of Glenville

May 4

John Swart of Glenville

Wealthy Walton of Glenville

June 8

David Wessel of Glenville

Clarissa Van Patten of Glenville

June 12

John McFarlan of Schenectady

Rebecca Ann Bradt of Rotterdam



Aug. 16

Edwin Gibbs of Rutland, VT

Agnes C. Brooks of Glenville

Sept. 5

John Norcett of Berkshire Co., MA

Sarah Ann Thomas same place

Sept. 12

John Staats Lansing of Glenville

Ursula Chamberlain of Glenville



Jan. 9

Andrew Bradt of Glenville

Rebecca H. Slover of Glenville

Aug. 29

William J. Stevens of Glenville

Maria McKay of Glenville

Sept. 18

Col. Abraham W. Toll of Glenville

Penelope Chamberlain of Glenville

Nov. 16

Harmanus I. Van Slyke of Rotterdam

Mary Ann Ostrander same place


Philip Witherwax of Rotterdam

Margaret Van Patten same place

Nov. 29

James B. Grant

Susannah Wood



Jan. 11

David Beekman of Rotterdam

Mary Ann Van Patten of Rotterdam

Jan. 23

John Chamberlain of Glenville

Hester Maria Toll of Glenville

Feb. 10

Robert Ferguson of Glenville

Sarah Bevis of Glenville

March 12

Jesse Van Patten

Sarah Winne

March 21

Henry Ostrander of Greenbush

Margaret Van Vorst of Greenbush, Rens. Co.

June 9

John Featherly

Elisabeth Blake

Oct. (blank)

Daniel Bradt

Eleanor Murray



Jan. 6

Nicholas I. Schermerhorn

Susan Chism

Sept. 1

Evander M. Mills

Caroline Ostrander

Oct. 5

Jacob M. Waltermire

Catharine Chalmers

Oct. 6

Martin Deidrick

Margaret Jane Swan

Oct. 30

Abel Cudjoe of Schenectady

Eliza Ten Eyck of Schenectady

Nov. 4

Elijah Bates of Albany

Ann Elisabeth Magie of Albany

Nov. 13

Arthur Morrison of Schenectady

Mary Margaret Barnard of Schenectady

Nov. 25

John Avery of Ballston

Maria Stevens of Glenville

Dec. 16

James M. H. Stevens

Margaret Muckey



Jan. 20

William G. French of Amsterdam

Hannah Bulman of Glenville

Feb. 2

John Fitzgerald of Russia, Herk. Co.

Nancy Muckey (blank)

April 2

George Butler of Niskayuna

Maria V. V. Clute of Niskayuna


Abraham Goodfellow of Guilderland

Jane Ann Sisson of Guilderland

May 5

John S. Burns of Glenville

Eleanor Stevens of Glenville

Oct. 18

William Gridley of Ogden

Wealth Ann Day of Cambridge

Dec. 26

James Hayes of Aberdeen, Scotd.

Sally Ann Hagadorn of Glenville


Joseph Cornish of Glenville

Eleanor Joice of Schenectady


Thomas Robertson of Cambridge

Eunice Bartlett of N. White Creek

Nov. 3

John Oliver of Glenville

Ann M. Bulman of Glenville



Jan. 3

Abraham Schermerhorn of Rotterdam

Anna Maria Viele of Glenville

March 15

Frederick Birch of Amsterdam

Emily T. Chamberlain of Glenville

April 13

Abraham C. Van Vleck of Glenville

Belinda Ann Radnor of Glenville



July (blank)

Jacob Gray of Glenville

Rebecca Henry of Glenville

Aug. 9

Leonard Heartle of Glenville

Helen Stoper of Schenectady



Jan. 18

George Campfield of Glenville

Rachel Viele of Glenville



Jan. 15

George Oliver of Glenville

Sarah Chamberlain of Glenville

Feb. 14

John Carr Jun. of Schenectady

Catharine V. Salisbury of Glenville

April 6

Jacob Sitterly of Rotterdam

Elisabeth L. Ball of Rotterdam

June 28

William Rector of Albany

Margaretta Van Patten of Glenville

Nov. 19

Col. A. W. Toll of Glenville

Susan Toll of Schenectady


Nathan Reed of Glenville

Deborah Vedder of Glenville


Vrooman Van Patten of Glenville

Agnes Swart of Glenville

Dec. (blank)

(blank) Hoag

(blank . . .) Schenectady



Jan. 1

Charles Bu(illegible) of Schenectady

Harriet Jones of Schenectady

Mar. 18

Willard Sabin of Schenectady

M (blank) Ann Hagadorn of Schenectady


Charles E. Van Eps of Glenville

Maria Stevens of Glenville


Job Stafford (blank)

Maria Swart of Glenville


Richard Wright of England

Ann (blank) of Schenectady


Aaron Stevens of Glenville

(blank) Hedden of Glenville


Nelson Coon of (blank)

Ann Van Patten of Glenville



April 4

Isaac V. Rose of Albany

Catharine E. Deitz of Glenville



Dec. 25

William H. Van Eps of Glenville

Catharine Brooks of Glenville



Aug. 9

Major James W. Winter of Marysville, California

Eliza Smith of Scotia

Oct. 13

Nicholas Michler of Glenville

Anna Elisabeth Van Vranken of Niskayuna

Oct. 21

William C. Wheeler of Albany

Frances W. Allen of Claverack

Dec. 25

John Smith of Guilderland

Catharine Kaley of Princetown



Jan. 26

George N. Bolt of Glenville

Nancy Cornell of Glenville

June 27

William Garner Beers of Glenville

Catharine Ann Van Dyck of Scotia

Nov. 20

Loren Wheeler of Glenville

Margaret Shutter of Rotterdam

Dec. 10

E. Willard Trotter of Albany

Margaret Wendell of Schenectady



Jan. 2

Charles Schwenker of Glenville

Angeline Fort of Glenville

March 8

Jesse Button of Schenectady

Cornelia A. Deitz of Cohoes

March 23

Nicholas Stevens of Glenville

Mrs. Mary Cooper of Schenectady

March 27

Charles Harris of Glenville

Elisabeth Anthony of Rotterdam

June 14

Edward More of Stillwater

Adeline Reese of Scotia

Aug. 20

James Neilson Duel of Michigan

Angelica Osburn of Glenville

Sept. 2

Peter H. Brooks of Albany

Julia Ketchum of Niskayuna



Jan. 1

Andrew Stickle of Glenville

Sarah E. Upham of Glenville

Jan. 4

William Henry Johnson of Glenville

Mrs. Gertrude Ann Van Vorst of Glenville

Feb. 10

David J. Caw of Glenville

Lucretia Stickle of Glenville

March 7

George Marselis of Glenville

Marietta Cornell of Glenville

Sept. 6

Hudson T. Smith of Bennington, VT

Frances S. Brooks of Glenville

Oct. 24

Rev. Francis M. Schneeweiss of New Brunswick, NJ

Mary Parsell of New Brunswick

Nov. 27

Gilbert De Graff of Glenville

Cornelia Hoag of Glenville


Philip Fenn of Half Moon

Almira Olmstead of Malta



Dec. 23

George Vedder

Ellenor Duel

In Charlton



Christian F. Seely

Miss Rebecca Ann Bolt

In Glenville
May 5

Simon H. Swart

Sarah Pryme

June 4

Marcus L. Miller

Mary Darbe

both of Stockbridge, MA

Ceremony at the Parsonage

Wit: Henry N. Chrysler, Mrs. Mary Chrysler and Miss. Mary E. Chrysler

June 20

Albert Peek

Mrs. Anna Maria Bradt

Aug. 28

Chester Root White

Mary Parsons Hulett

Both of Schenectady, NY

Wit: Elizabeth Slingerland, Cate R. Snow, Gertrude Slingerland


Feb. 2

Daniel W. Boutwell of Kansas

Caroline Bell of Scotia, dau. of

Jasper Bell

Wit: Kate R. Slingerland and Henry Bell
Mar. 16

Frederick Valentine Jenne of Charlton

Miss Mary Jane Jackson of Glenville

Wit: Joseph Yates, Gertrude S. Jackson
April 27

James H. Gillett

Miss Maggie Ann Bradt

both of Scotia

Wit: Henry Bell and Alvin Bell
June 3

Peter Grant

Mrs. Jessie McQueen

Wit: Thomas Webster and George McQueen
June 22

Elbert S. Ward

Hannah J. Van Denburgh

Wit: Nathan Calkins, Elizabeth Slingerland, Elbert Slingerland

John A. Pangburn of Bethleham, Albany Co.

Frances E. Stephens of Scotia

In Scotia

Wit: James Pangburn, Louisa Pangburn

Sept. 22

John W. Sherley of Cherry Valley, Winnebago Co., IL

Mary Ann Rainbow of Glenville, Schenectady Co., NY

In Scotia at the Church

Wit: Benjamin Howe, Harriet E. Hambleton

Oct. 6

Peleg James Negus of Providence, Saragtoga Co., NY

Agnes Van Patten of Glenville, Schenectady Co., NY

In Scotia at the Parsonage

Wit: Elizabeth Slingerland, Catharine R. Slingerland and Elias Alsdorf

Nov. 16

Charles H. Pruyn

Mrs. Clara Swart

In Glenville

Wit: Simon H. Swart, Sarah Swart

Nov. 23

Eugene L. Sanders of Clermont, Columbia Co., NY

Miss Elizabeth A. Passage of Greenbush, Rens. Co., NY

In Albany, 113 Pearl St. at House of Mr. Henderson

Wit: Walter T. L. Sanders and Mary Elisabeth L. Sanders

Dec. 22

Bernard Compton

Eve Eliza De Graff

Both of Glenville

In Glenville

Wit: Walter T. L. Sanders and John S. Lansing


April 24

Charles R. Neverman

Sarah Elizabeth Swan

At my house in Scota

Wit: Eve Shannon, Thomas Barber and Margaret Van Wormer

Dec. 25

Charles M. Sitterly of Rotterdam, age 22, Farmer

Sarah A. McKay of Scotia, age 17, Spinster

At Robert McKay's

Scotia, NY


Sept. 18

Robert E. Miller

Carrie Knecht

both of Schenectady

Sept. 25

Jesse Miller of Columbia Co., NY

Eliza Richerson of Schenectady

Wit: Robert McKay and Sarah, his wife
Nov. 16

Jesse M. Van Slyck of Glenville

Rachel A. Jewett of Glenville

by Rev. Peter Q. Wilson of Greenbush, Rensselaer Co.
Dec. 7

Norton Vedder of Glenville

Sophia Vosburgh of Glenville



Jan. 10

Abram C. Lansing of Glenville

Melissa H. Pangburn of Glenville

Dec. 20

Hilton Magee of Glenville

Tamar of Glenville (sic)



March 26

Lansing Slover of Glenville

Harriet E. Hambleton of Glenville

April 24

Charles C. Van Patten of Glenville

Sarah A. Brooks of Glenville



March 28

Seth H. Rising of Vermont

Susan L. Tooper of Glenville

June 3

William T. Wyatt of Glenville

Anna M. Rector of Glenville

Sept. 24

George Bostwick of Schenectady

Tannetta Viele of Glenville

Oct. 23

James E. Yates of Schenectady

Roselia A. Lovett of Glenville



Jan. 30

John C. Cleveland of Glenville

Louisa M. Pangburn of Glenville

Sept. 17

Peleg R. Thomas of Glenville

Jennie M. Tooper of Glenville

Sept. 30

Sanford C. Lovett of Glenville

Mary Van Vorst of Glenville

Nov. 18

William H. Osing of Glenville

Jane A. Caldwell of Glenville

Dec. 9

Charles H. Jewett of Glenville

Roxanne Netherway of Town of Schoharie, Schoharie Co.



Jan. 5

Losee B. Close of Schenectady

Minerva Thomas of Glenville

Dec. 8

John Hagadorn of Glenville

Emma C. Kaley of Princetown

Dec. 29

Wm. G. Caw of Glenville

Emma E. Tooper of Glenville


1866 (sic)

Jan. 18

Luther E. Wilson of Glenville

Mrs. Jane Jewett of Glenville



Oct. 5

J. H. Johnson of Schenectady

Mrs. Francis Kelsey of Schenectady

Dec. 18

Aaron Shannon of Reesville

Miss Annie Stevens of Scotia



Jan. 11

John J. Pangborn of Guilderland

Miss Mary E. Ossing of Glenville

Feb. 14

Chas. Young of Schenectady

Miss Emma Banker of Schenectady

Wit: Ezra McCue, Celia Jarvin, both of Schenectady
Nov. 29

Mr. Albert Van Vorst of Glenville

Miss Prudence Walton, daughter of John Walton of Glenville



Dec. 11

Nelson McDonald of Schenectady

Miss Anna Bergsta of Johnstown



March 19

William Slover of Scotia

Melissa Van Epps of Glenville

March 20

William Rankin Bunyan of West Charlton

Harriett Elizabeth Hasbrouck of West Charlton

Sept. 25

Henry Coates of Glenville

Rosa Matilda Vrooman of Glenville



Oct. 30

James Robinson of Gloversville

Harriett Taylor Luke of Gloversville



Feb. 24

Martin D. Sagendorf of Glenville

Mary Vanguisling of Glenville

March 10

James B. Wingate of Chicago, IL

Sarah Hagadorn of Glenville



June 21

Daniel Van Guysling of Glenville

Jane Swart of Glenville

Wit: Mrs. H. Swart, Miss M. Swart, Mr. Ed. Swart
Oct. 13

Frank E. Bechtold of Scotia

Alice J. Jewett of Scotia

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. L. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Van Slyke, Mr. and Mrs. A. Vedder, Mr. and Mrs. Bechtold, Major J. Fuller
Jan. 31 (sic)

Frank Gray

Elvie Winne of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Winne, Mrs. Aby Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Secor

James E. Krippen of Glenville

Emma Tabor of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, Mr. Dickson


May 15

Geo. Olendorf of Glenville

Maggie E. Schermerhorn of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Vanderwart
Oct. 20

Robt. T. Heron of Schenectady

Mary Cunningham of Schenectady

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Vanderwart
Dec. 25

Mr. Perry Houcks of Glenville

Miss Rosa Sager of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Vanderwart


May 30

Mr. Charles Truax of Glenville

Miss Mary Vedder of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Vanderwart
May 11

Mr. H. S. Worden of Glenville

Miss Ida Sagendorf of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Vanderwart, Mrs. E. Sagendorf
Nov. 4

Jacob Van Dyck of Glenville

Anne Eliza Cole of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Vanderwart


Feb. (blank)

Mr. Emerson Titus of Adrian, MI

Charlotte Gould of Scotia

Wit: Wit: Mrs. Vanderwart, Mrs. W. Howes
Sept. (blank)

Mr. Chauncey Vergil of Whitehall

Ella De Graef of Scotia

Wit: Mrs. W. Howes


April (blank)

Joseph Munay (?) of (blank)

Matilda Phillips

both of Burlington, VT

Wit: Joseph Appert, Mrs. A. Phillips
Dec. (blank)

William Henry Diggins of Glenville

Mary Elizabeth Pangburn of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Pangburn, Mr. and Mrs. (Ossig?)


Oct. 21

Andrew V. Gower of Glenville

Josephine Vine of Rotterdam

Wit: The Vine Family
Sept. 18

Rev. E. A. McCullum of Nebraska

Kittie V. Clute of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Clute, Mr. and Mrs. Therwen
Nov. 9

John A. Waters of Glenville

Tillie C. Caldwell of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell, m (sic) Waters


Jan. 14

Stillman T. Closson of Glenville

Fannie A. Clowe of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. J. Clowe, Mr. and Mrs. Ch. Closson

Henry Kees of Glenville

Sarah Colter of Glenville

Wit: Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Vanderwart

1881 (sic)

Dec. 22

John Diggins of Glenville

Loretta Sagendorf of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Sagendorf


Feb. 22

Chas. P. Sanders of Glenville

Anna Maria Beekman Lee of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. P. Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lee
Sept. 14

Mr. Nicholas Winne of Albany

Mrs. Sarah Winne of Scotia


Wit: Mrs. Fred Reese, Mr. John Winne, Mrs. W. Chasmer

Nov. 16

Mr. Leon. W. Ten Broek of Glenville

Mrs. Melissa H. Lansing of Glenville

Wit: Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Sanders, W. T. L. Sanders, Mrs. J. Pangburn, etc.


Jan. 3

Mr. Chas. B. Barker of Scotia

Miss Anna L. Netheway of Scotia

Wit: Mrs. Netheway, Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson
Jan. 20

Edwin Young, M. D. of Glenville

Aggie Swart of Glenville

Dec. (?)0

Wallace Lusk of Glenville

Elzena Graham of Glenville

Dec. 26

William Van Patten of Glenville

Emma Vedder of Glenville



March 20

Elmer Ellsworth of Ballston

Laura Smith of East Glenville

April 16

John H. Dyer of East Glenville

Maria J. Bliss of Rexford Flats

April 22

William C. Cooper of E. Glenville

Maggie E. Westfall of Clifton Park

May 30

James H. Nichols of North Adams

Ellen F. Dick



Dec. 31

Charles E. Chase, 21, of Benedicts, Fulton Co.

Aggie Van Patten, 18, of Glenville

Wit: (Leroy ?) V. Knox, Susie Rider


May 19

Jacob R. Larrabee, 25, of Glenville

Etta M. Barhydt, 22, of Glenville

Wit: John G. Larrabee, Stephen L. Barhydt
Oct. 20

Leonard W. Ten Broek, 37, of Glenville

Melissa Van Epps (Slover), 42, of Glenville

Wit: L. T. B. Sanders, Alvin Van Epps


Jan. 20

John E. Gillett, 24, of Glenville

Lillie V. Hallenbeck, 20, of Glenville

Wit: Mrs. A. L. Doig, A. K. Doig
June 1

Charles S. Vrooman, 24, of Schenectady

Cora Olive Cornell, 21, of Schenectady

Wit: Lydia McKeon, Susie Cornell
Sept. 13

Edward C. Ulsaver, 58, of New York City

Harriet J. Van Atten, 49, of Glenville

Wit: Adelaide L. Doig
Nov. 2

William Talmadge, 28, of Troy, Rensselaer Co.

Jennie E. Osborne, 28, of Glenville

Wit: Ettie Van Epps, Walter Osborne


Feb. 8

Clinton A. Buxton, 25, of Henniker, NH

Celia Posson, 24, of Glenville

Wit: George Posson, Elizabeth Posson
April 25

B. Frank Klock, 24, of Glenville

Anna M. Gillette, 22, of Glenville

Wit: Jas. H. Gillette, Margt. A. Gillette
May 9

Franklin M. Shultis, 23, of Berne, Albany Co.

Emma G. Scrafford, 23, of Waldensville, Albany Co.

Wit: Charles Deitz, Hattie Kinskern
June 20

Evert Van Epps, 69, of Fultonville, Montgomery Co.

Susan Toll, 58, of Schenectady

Wit: Penelope Bush, Lizzie W. Toll
Sept. 19

Wertman June, 21, of Schenectady

Bertha Systrunk, 22, of Schenectady

Wit: Geo. H. Stevenson, Mary Bleser
Sept. 24

Frederick G. Gould, 24, of Coxsackie, Green Co.

Jennie C. Lansing, 23, of Glenville

Wit: Ed. Rosa, Abby Barker
Oct. 16

Frank Wolford, 29, of Knox, Albany Co.

Anna M. Seabury, 23, of Knox, Albany Co.

Wit: Charles D. Wiltsie, Mrs. Charles D. Wiltsie
Oct. 25

George B. Gould, 26, of Glenville

Hattie E. Toll, 23, of Glenville

Wit: Antoinette De Graff, Nelson Toll


April 23

James S. Gould, 25, of Glenville

Carrie Van Slyke, 23, of Glenville

Wit: Mrs. A. L. Doig, Stephen G. Doig

May 16

James E. Butler, 35, of Schenectady

Lillian H. Slover, 23, of Scotia

Wit: Andrew W. Rosa, Abbie E. Barker


Feb. 25

Ira Fairlee, 52, of Knox, Albany Co.

Martha Sternbergh, 46, of Knox, Albany Co.

Wit: Mrs. A. L. Doig, Stephen G. Doig
June 18

William A. Morrison, 27, of Glenville

Mary Ett Houck, 22, of Glenville

Wit: Elizabeth A. Houck, Adelaide L. Doig
June 26

George M. June, 25, of Scotia

Clara V. Compton, 27, of Scotia

Wit: D. W. Smith, Mrs. D. W. Smith
Aug. 1

Andrew Larse Rose, 47, of Albany

Mary Lecoy, 41, of Schenectady

Wit: George M. June, Mrs. George M. June
Dec. 24

Elmer Barber, 21, of Schenectady

Etta Jane Newberry, 19, of Central Bridge

Wit: Henry Ryan, Bertha Ryan
Dec. 31

Frank Weaver, 19, of Scotia

Laura B. Clark, 21, of Scotia

Wit: John L. Post, Lizzie Clark


Feb. 18

Conway M. Knox, 28, of Richmond, VA

Rebecca Doig, 31, of New York City

Wit: The families

March 24

Jarvis R. Lee, 28, of West Berne

Nellie M. Miller, 23, of West Berne

Wit: The families
June 30

Harvey Vanderhuyden, 21, of Rotterdam

Libbie Playford, 22, of Amsterdam

Wit: Mrs. A. L. Doig
Nov. 18

Latin A. Johnson, 53, of Glenville

Mrs. Ellen J. Walton, 46, of Schenectady

Wit: The family
Nov. 25

Wilson H. Gould, 22, of Scotia

Myra Van Slyke, 23, of Scotia

Wit: The family
Dec. 21

John L. Post, 22, of Ilion

Lizzie A. Clark, 20, of Scotia

Wit: Mrs. A. L. Doig, Myra C. Doig


Feb. 14

Tunis M. Vrooman, 40, of Schenectady

Mrs. Nettie Eygner, 36, of Scotia

Wit: Mrs. A. L. Doig, Edith G. Doig
March 7

John M. Nicholson, 28, of Schenectady

Maria Morrow, 35, of Troy

Wit: Mrs. A. L. Doig, Edith G. Doig
May 18

H. Louis Schermerhorn, 23, of Rotterdam

Eloise M. Carpenter, 23, of Glenville

Wit: Francis L. Streever, Ada Jewett
May 18

Elmer E. Crippen, 30, of Scotia

Anna E. Skinkle, 23, of Scotia

Wit: Ethel M. Rider, Helen Skinkle


April 26

Nelson Hopkins Toll, 26 of Scotia

Carrie Van Slyke, 26, widow of Jas. S. Gould, of Scotia

Wit: Mrs. Wilson H. Gould, Mrs. Cronse (mother)
June 15

Thomas McCready, 32, of Schenectady

Jennie Smith, 25, of Scotia

Wit: Wm. H. Diggins, Mrs. W. H. Diggins
Aug. 6

Isaac Niles, 20, of Burnt Hills

Alice Kinns, 18, of Jonesville

Wit: Eliza Niles


Jan. 18

John V. Z. Weaver, 66, of Scotia

Sarah Ann Reynolds, 63, of Scotia

Wit: Frank Weaver, Laura Weaver
Aug. 2

William Hagaman, 60, of Albany

Mary Diamond, 48, of Albany

Wit: (blank) Onderdonk


March 19

John Schermerhorn, 62, of Glenville

Catherine E. Brumaghim, 51, of Glenville

Wit: Irene Gordon
March 20

Henry A. Smith, 65, of Glenville

Julia A. Van Vorst, 57, of Scotia

Wit: John V. Z. Weaver, Mrs. Slover (Sister)
Nov. 3

De Witt C. Thomas, 60, of Guilderland

Delia E. Blanchard, 58, of Washington Co.

Wit: L. B. Wyman, Latta Wyman
Sept. 25

Martin Bell, 26, of Reynolds, NY

Marietta Fort, 21, of Reynolds, NY

Wit: George Fort, Ada Kimmey
Dec. 17

Nicholas Fuller, __, of Glenville

Matilda Ossing, 19, of Scotia

Wit: Irene Gordon


May 20

Lewis E. Jeffers, 24, of Amsterdam

Cassie Larrabee, 21, of Glenville

Wit: Lewis Larabee, Elizabeth E. Bame
July 27

Julius Kubowitz, 35, of Scotia

Augusta Dress, 28, of Schenectady

Wit: Herman Kling, Irene Gordon


June 23

Jewson E. Vickery, 28, of Scotia

Jennie Peters, 22, of Scotia

Wit: Matilda N. Vickery, Bertha E. Vickery

1896 (sic)

Sept. 4

Charles E. Conde, 28, of Glenville

Maria Swart, 27, of Glenville

Wit: David T. Swart, Prudence Rector


Sept. 28

Andrew W. Lansing, 21, of Glenville

Emma L. Bowers, 19, of Scotia

Wit: Lester S. Lansing, Charlotte King
Dec. 14

Alvin Van Epps, 51, of Glenville

Emma S. Chase, 49, of Janesville, IA

Wit: Leonard W. Ten Broeck Julia A. Van Benthuysen


Oct. 5

William Ward, 47, of Glenville

Martha Caldwell, 47, of Glenville

Wit: Frank Erban, Charlotte Erban
Oct. 12

Augustus C. Knapp, 24, Maltaville, NY

Etta Black, 25, Maltaville, NY

Wit: Irene Gordon, Helen L. Mynderse


Feb. 25

Charles Key?o, 27, of Schenectady

Annie Farkas, 18, of Schenectady

Wit: W. H. Gould, Myra Gould
March 8

Albirtia Day, 21, of Scotia

Elnora Lawton, 22, of Scotia

Wit: John Bigsbee, Catherine Bigsbee
Dec. 14

Ruben Heckler, 26, of High Mills

Maud Van Voast, 24, of Glenville

Wit: Irene Gordon

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