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Architectural Gems of Schenectady, NY

A photo essay by Channon Moon

Schenectady City Hall

Built 1931

Architects: McKim, Mead and White

City Hall

Schenectady City Hall Tower

The clock and chimes were restored to working condition in 1977 after many years of disrepair. The columns were restored in Spring 2006.

This building is in the National Register of Historic Places.


City Hall Oculus

Looking up from marble stair landing


View from Stairs

Inside Front Window

The First Reformed Church of Schenectady

Built in 1862

Architect: Edward Potter

First Dutch Reformed Church, front view

The church suffered a devastating fire in 1948. As you can see, the carbon from the flames still stains some of the bricks. It is located in the Stockade Historic District.

Front Doors

Stained Glass Window

Inside Front Window

Dutch Chip Carved Altar

Window Above Altar

Window Above Altar

Tower from the Side

Nott Memorial at Union College

Built 1858-1876

Architect: Edward Tuckerman Potter

Nott MemorialThis 16-sided building is named after Eliphalet Nott, whose tenure was the longest of any Union College president.

Inside the Dome

Inside the Translucent Ceiling Dome

Inside the Nott Memorial

View of portrait of Eliphalet Nott and 2nd Floor Union College Museum

Morroccan tile floor

Close-Up One of the 16 Sides


This landmark is considered an important example of "Italianate High Victorian Gothic" architecture.

This building is in the National Register of Historic Places.


St. George's Episcopal Church

Schenectady's Oldest Church Building

Built 1759-1769

Architect: Samuel Fuller

St. Georges Church

View of Side of Church from Presbyterian Cemetery

Presbyterian Church Pipe Organ

View of the ornate balcony and amazing pipe organ that is said to have been selected by the famous composer Handel.

View of Front of Church

First Presbyterian Church of Schenectady

Built in 1809

Architect: Unknown

First Presbyterian Church

A view of the outside of the church and adjoining cemetery

View of Balcony

Stained Glass Window

Some of the fine examples of stained glass bought with funds donated to the church by it's members.

Side Window

Proctor's Theater

Built in 1926 by Frederick Proctor

Inside Proctor's TheaterThis building is in the National Register of Historic Places.

Ceiling at Proctor's

Close-up view of the magnificent ceiling detail

The "Wedgewood" ceiling was recently painstakingly cleaned and restored using Dutch metal. The process took 3 months.

This building fell in to disrepair in the 1970's but was bought by concerned citizens in 1979 and completely restored and brought back to it's former splendor.

More Beautiful Churches of Schenectady

St. John's the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church

St. John the Evangelist

Built 1899-1904


Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church

Holy Cross Church

Interior shot

Built in 1891 to serve as a synagogue, has served as a Roman Catholic church since 1922

All pictures © 2002-2003 by Channon M. Moon and may not be reproduced without permission.

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