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Ruth Ann Casadonte's Van Epps Family Tree

Generation 1

Harvey I. Van Eps b.1770-1780, New York, d. 1840-1850, m. Marie Vader ca.1801.


Generation 2

Barnett Vader Van Eps b.19 Feb 1808, Schenectady, d. 1892, St. Clair, MI,
carpenter, farmer, m. 1st Harriet Caswell ca. 1834, m. 2nd Mrs. Caroline Loomis,


Generation 3

Barnett Mortimer Van Epps b.Oct/Nov1843, NY, d. 29 April 1876, St. Clair,MI, m.
Catherine Morrill, 28 Oct 1873 in St. Clair.


Generation 4

Harriet Janette Van Epps b. 17 Sept 1876, St. Clair,MI, d.3 Feb 1918, St.Clair,
m.9 Oct 1901 Charles Edmund McDonald in St. Clair.


Generation 5

Alice Katherine McDonald b. 11 June 1904, St. Clair,MI, d. 18 Jan 1993, Midland,
MI, m. 12 July 1929, Walter Fredrick Muhlitner in Royal Oak, MI.


Generation 6

Ruth Ann Muhlitner b. 30 Nov 1936, Lansing, Ingham Co.,MI, m. 16 June 1962,
Midland, MI, Robert Casadonte.


Generation 7

Susan Ruth Casadonte b. 15 April 1963, Midland,MI, m. William Roy Ingold III,
l983 in Marquette, MI. Now living in Green Bay, WI.


Generation 8

Kyle Robert Ingold living in Green Bay, WI
Kara Marie Ingold living in Green Bay, WI


Generation 1 Harvey I. Van Eps b.1770-1780, must have had siblings, but I know none of them. Nor do I know his parentage. His widow, Marie Vader, was born in Herkimer co.,NY and was78 on the 1855 census.

Generation 2 Barnett(Barney) Vader Van Eps b.19 Feb 1808, had as many as 8 siblings. JohnVan Eps, who died 19 Nov 1824 may very well have been a brother, and if he was so was James who signed for infant Sally Van Eps, six months after John's death. Barnett Vader Van Epps' wife Harriet Caswell b.16 Mar 1810 in Litchfield, Herkimer co., d. July 1881 in St. Clair, MI having been married 47 years. Charles Caswell, who lived near them in Lyme, Jefferson 1850, may have been her father.

Generation 3 Barnett Mortimer Van Epps b.Oct/Nov 1843, had older siblings Louisa M., Charles H., Duane, and Mary Jane and a younger brother, John J. All of them died quite young without marrying except Louisa M. who married a widower Charles McMillan and had a son Frank and a daughter, Grace.
Louisa b. 31 Dec 1835 in Watertown, Jefferson co. NY 1930 at age 95, in St. Clair, MI. Barnett married Catherine Morrill 28 Oct 1873, dau. of Henry Codman Morrill and Julia Janet Gould. Catherine married 2nd Edward Cox and had four more children.

Generation 4 Harriet Janette Van Epps b. 17 Sept 1876, St. Clair, MI had only one brother, Charles, two years older. He died of TB without marrying. Harriet Janette marr. 9 Oct 1901, Charles Edmund
McDonald. His father was Edmund G. Worden and his mother was Elizabeth Thomas. Harriet died of TB, 3 Feb 1918, at age 41.

Generation 5 Alice Katherine McDonald b. 11 June 1904, had one sister--Lillian Margaret now Mrs. Robert Gudritz living in California. Lillian had no children. Alice married Walter Frederick Muhlitner, 12 July 1929 n Royal Oak, MI where she was teaching. His parents were Frederick and Olive Adelia Boyd Muhlitner. Walter was b. 2 Sept 1904 in St. Clair, MI and he d.15 Feb 1959 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw co., MI.

Generation 6 Ruth Ann Muhlitner has a twin sister, Mary Alice Muhlitner who married 25 June 1955 to Frank Alvin Stocking. They live in Ann Arbor, MI. They have three children: Frederick Charles Stocking, Paul Foster Stocking, who married Karen Cotch, and Katherine Stocking, who married Ric Lawson.

Generation 7 Susan Ruth Casadonte has two brothers---Matthew David Casadonte and Michael James Casadonte

Generation 8 Kyle Robert Ingold and sister Kara Marie Ingold live in Green Bay, WI.Ryan Cotch Stocking and brother Nathan Cotch Stocking live in Plymouth, MN. And Foster Stocking Lawson lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

Big question-----Is Harvey a diminutive for Harmanus???

I thought Harvey would be easy to trace, but he doesn't show up where I think he should be. However, Harmanus/Hermanus Van Eps is there when Harvey isn't. I know from looking at the I.G.I. at Familysearch,org. that there are many Harmanuses born in Schenectady NY and area in the 1775-1776 time period. My Harvey's birth date would fit one of these births.

Perhaps, my Harvey got tired of being confused with cousins of the same name and age, and decided to move to Herkimer co. ....and even change his name. Is this too big of a stretch?

I know there is a Harmanus Van Eps in Glenville, Sche. in 1830, but this is not mine for he and (his wife?) are too young.

I have looked at the census of 1810, Norway, Herk. and, although the census index says Hermanus J., this middle initial is very definitely an I.

The 1840 Census Index of NY lists Benjamin Van Eps on pg. 600 Jefferson Co., Lyme. isn't Benjamin. I read it as Barnet-my g-g- grandfather who is , again, in Lyme, Jefferson co. in 1850.

So, my premise is that Hermanus I./Harmanus and Harvey I. Van Eps are one and the same.
I'd love to hear others' views on this.

This is the compilation of information on Fed. Censuses, an 1817 Tax List, Court
Records, and a State Census to "prove" my point.
 Age, if Shown  Name  Date  Place in NY
 26-44 Hermanus I. Van Eps  1810  Norway, Herkimer, Co. 
 ?  Harvey Vaness 1817  Norway, Herkimer Co. 
26-44  Harmanus Van Eps  1820   Norway, Herkimer Co.
 ?  Harvey I. Van Eps 1825   West Brunswick, Herkimer Co.*
 50-60 Harvey I. Van Eps  1830  West Brunswick, Herkimer Co. *
 60-70 Harvey's son, Barnet Van Epps   1840 Lyme, Jefferson Co. 
 ?  Harvey's son, Barnet V. Van Epps  1850 Lyme, Jefferson Co.
74  Harvey's Widow, Mary Van Epps  1850  Lyme, Jefferson Co. 
78  Harvey's Widow, Mary van Epps   1855 Lyme, Jefferson Co. 

* West Brunswick was formed from Norway in 1823

Final note: At no time on the census do Harmanus and Harvey appear together in Norway/West Brunswick, Herkimer co., NY


1. Alice K. McDonald Muhlitner, dau. of Harriet Janette Van Epps McDonald

2. Death and Cemetery Records of St. Clair,St.Clair co., Michigan

3.Census Records of New York:
Herkimer co.-1810, p.394; 1820, p.16;1830, p.101
Jefferson co.-1840, p.600; 1850, p.371; 1855, 2nd Ward of Lyme,22/100/23

4. Census Records of Michigan:
St. Clair co.-1860, p.650; 1870, p.418

5. 1817 Tax List of Norway, Herkimer Co., NY

6. 1824 Estate Papers of Herkimer co.---for John Van Eps, late of the Town of
West Brunswick

7. 1825 Surrogate's Court, Herkimer co., NY---Guardian Papers for infant Sally
Van Eps

Can You Help Ruth Ann find her connection? Are Harvey, Hermanus and Harmanus one in the same?

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