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My Van Epps Family Photo Album

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Laurens and Sarah Ann Robbins Van Eps

My Great-Great-Great Grandparents

Florence and Anna Van Epps

My Great Grandmother and her sister

Alfred Van Epps

My Great-Great Grandfather

Anna Van Epps Murphy, 1917

My Great-Great Aunt

Elbert and Kenneth Van Epps

My Great Uncle and my Grandfather

Kenneth Van Epps, July 1925

My Grandfather

Elbert and Kenneth Van Epps in Scotia

My Great Uncle and my Grandfather

Catherine Collins Van Epps, 1935

My Great-Great Grandmother

Florence Van Epps, November 1935

My Great-Grandmother

Elbert and Sandie Van Epps Wedding

My Great-Uncle and Aunt's Wedding

Also Present My Grandfather, Kenneth and his sister, Bernice

Florence Van Epps, Saratoga, NY, 1944

My Great-Grandmother

Kenneth Van Epps, Oahu, Hawaii, April 1945

My Grandfather Pining After My Grandmother During WWII

Irvin Van Epps

My Great-Grandfather

Kenneth Van Epps

My Grandfather in his Navy Garb

Sadie Wienclawski Van Epps and Bernice Van Epps Lukas, May 1945

My Grandmother and Great Aunt

Catherine Collins Van Epps

My Great-Great Grandmother
Anna, Florence and Sadie Van Epps in 1914 Anna, Florence, Sadie and Mildred Van Epps in 1971


Anna and Sterwart Murphy's 25th Wedding Anniversary, Sept. 29, 1945

  • Front Row: Walter Van Epps, Robert Morris.

  • Second Row: Florence Van Epps, Sadie Van Epps Cooper, Kathleen Van Epps, Margariete Cooper, Bernice Van Epps, Evelyn Morris.

  • Third Row:Connie Van Epps, Clarence Van Epps, Irvin Van Epps, Marion Morris, Sadie Van Epps, Stewart Murphy, Anna Van Epps Murphy, Catherine Collins Van Epps.

  • Back Row: Howard Cooper, Alfred Cooper (?), Carlton Osborne, Anita Osborne, Mildred Van Epps Morris

Van Epps Cousins
  • Top Row: Phyllis Van Epps, Lawrence Van Epps, Colleen Van Epps (My Mom)
  • Bottom Row: Daniel Van Epps, Marcia Van Epps, Gerald Van Epps

Kenneth and Sadie Van Epps, October 11, 1946

My Maternal Grandparents

Sadie and Kenneth Van Eps in 1990 on their 50th Wedding Anniversary

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