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Van Eps Migrations

Although many Van Eps' stayed in New York State through several generations, some brave families ventured out to other states as the United States expanded. Through extensive research using censuses and other vital records, I was able to list the first known Van Eps that migrated to each state and in most cases, the county or counties that he and his descendents resided in. If you know of other migrations of Van Eps relatives that are not included in the list below, please let me know here.


-Abram J. VanEps, b. 1822 in NY, Mobile County

-Barney W. Van Epps, b. 1811 in NY, Mobile County

-Amos VanEpps, b. ca 1837 in GA, Dallas County


-Charles H. VanEps, b. 1825 in NY, moved to OR then to Sacramento County

-Charles VanEpps b. 1860 in Wi, Los Angeles County

-Theodore C. VanEpps, b. 1847 in NY, moved from Iowa>NB>WA>CA

-John S. VanEpps, b. 1820 in NY, El Dorado, Mono Counties

-John VanEpps, b. 1828 in NY, Oakland, Almeda, County

-Albert C. VanEps, b. 1831 in NY, moved to CA after civil war


-Robert VanEps b. 1844 in NY, Pueblo County

Dakota Territory

-George H. VanEps, b. 1847 in NY, Turner County

-Charles VanEpps, b. 1820 in NY, Yankton County

-William VanEps, b. 1842 in Wi, Minnehaha County

-Andrew VanEpps, b. 1855 in Wi, Burleigh County

-A. B. VanEpps, b. 1862 in PA, Cass County


-Amos Covey VanEpps, b. 1814 in NY, Dekalb County


-John Van Eps b. 1860 in IL, Bannick and Bonneville Counties


-John Albert VanEpps, b. 1813 in NY, Stephenson County

-Evert VanEpps, b. 1826 in NY, Boone County

-Seymore VanEpps b. 1842 in NY, Boone County

-Charles VanEpps, b. 1848 in NY, Cook County

-William H. VanEpps, b. 1812 in NY, Dixon County

-Henry R. VanEpps, b. 1830 in NY, Peoria County


-William H. VanEpps b. 1819 in NY, Montgomery, IN

-Frank L. VanEpps, b. 1879 in OH, Elkhart, IN


-Carel  VanEps, b. 1783 in NY, Scott, Clinton, Cedar, Jasper, O'Brien, Muscatine Counties

-John Vedder VanEps, b. 1813 in NY, Clinton County

-Alvin VanEpps, b. 1847 in NY, Bremer County

-Barnett V. VanEps, b. 1808 in NY, St. Clair County

-Charles E. VanEps, b. 1824 in NY, St. Joseph County

-James W. VanEps, b. 1839 in IL, Webster County

-Evert VanEps, b. 1826 in NY, Buchanan County


-Barney W. Van Epps, b. 1811 in NY 1850 Census, Orleans County


Aron VanEpps, b. 1840 in NY, Clay County

Everett VanEpps, b. 1858 in IA, Republic County

Elmer VanEpps, b. 1861 in IA, Republic County

John S. VanEpps, b. 1830 in NY, Cherokee County

Charles VanEpps, b. 1837 in NY, Cherokee County


-Isaac C. VanEpps, b. 1824 in NY, Genesee County

-Jacobus VanEpps, b. 1799 in NY, Gratiot County

-Barney E. VanEpps, b. 1847, Marquette County

-James A. VanEpps, b. 1838, Oakland County

-Peter C. VanEpps, b. 1807 in NY, Ingham and Lenawee Counties

-Leander Van Epps, b. 1848 in PA, Lenawee County

-James VanEpps, b. 1820 in NY, Midland County

-John E. VanEps, b. 1822 in NY, Macomb County

-George B. VanEps, b. 1824 in NY Macomb County

-John VanEpps, b. 1823/4 in NY, Calhoun County


-Wilson VanEps, b. 1862 in PA, Morrison County

- Frank D. VanEpps, b. 1856 in WI, Mower County

-William P. VanEpps, b. 1878 , Hennepin County


-Nicholas D. VanEps, b. 1826 in NY, Jackson County

-William VanEps, b. 1830, MO>TX


-William Henry Harrison VanEps, b. 1841 in IN, Cass County

-Theodore C. VanEpps, b. 1847 in NY, moved from Iowa>Cass County, NB>WA>CA

-Albert C. VanEps, b. 1831 in NY, Cass County

-Elmer VanEpps, b. 1861

-Clarence VanEpps, b. 1854 in IA, Adams County

New Jersey

-John P. VanEps, b. 1811 in NY, Somerset and Union Counties

-Abram C. VanEps, b. 1820 in NY, Monmouth County

-L. Nelson VanEpps,  b. 1825 in NY, Hunterdon County


-Abraham VanEps, b. 1793 in NY, Ashtabula, Cuyahoga and Lake Counties

-Peter VanEps, Summit County in 1840 Census

-Nicholas VanEpps, b 1844 in NJ, Ottawa County

-Abram T. VanEps, b. 1799 in NY


-Elmer E. VanEpps, b. 1863 in IA, Linn County

-Frank O.VanEpps, b. 1887 in NE, Linn County


-Abram T. VanEps, b.   1799 in NY, Warren County


Amos C. VanEps, b. 1814 in NY, Hamilton County


-WilliamVanEpps, b. 1830 in MO, Bexar County

-A. J. VanEpps, b. 1844 in NY, Clay County


-Almon V. VanEpps, b. 1891 in IL, Salt Lake County


-Theodore C. VanEpps, b. 1847 in NY, moved from Iowa>NB>Thurston County, WA>CA

-Elmer A. VanEpps, b. 1879 in IA, Arthur and Yakima Counties


-John VanEps, b. 1808 in NY, Dodge and Cherokee County

-Jeremiah VanEps, b. 1792 in NY, Washington County

-John S. VanEpps, b. 1830 in NY, NY>WI>KS

-Andrew Jackson VanEpps, b. 1829 in NY, Waupaca County

-Peter L. Vanepps, b. 1845 in NY, Waupaca County

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