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Marriages at the Glenville Reformed Church


This church is located on West Glenville West Glenville, NY.

Any changes made to the original marriage records are typing preferences only. Original spelling, unordered entries and additional notes have been maintained. These records were indexed and published in 1984 by Arthur C. M. Kelly in the book "Reformed Churches: Woestina (Rotterdam), NY & Glenville, NY". Please refer to this original work to glean additional information and check for errors.

According to US copyright law, birth, marriage and death dates are facts and are therefore considered public domain and may be copied and distributed freely for genealogical purposes.

Transcribed Online by Channon M. Moon, D. C.

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Date of Marriage



Dec. 24

Jacob Smith
Deborah Collins


Feb. 26

Joshua Simmons/Seaman
Phoebe Knapp
Date Omitted
Jeremiah Spitzer
Maria Kane
Mar. 23
Peter Deyoo
Sally Demings
Jun. 17
Hiram Carpenter
Elizabeth Schermerhorn
Jul. 8
William Ward
Eleanor Van Patten
Dec. 25
Thomas Enos
Rebecca Bassett
Dec. 30
Frederick Cramer
Susan Cornell


Jan. 16

James Knights
Abagail Potter
Feb. 5
John Veeder
____ Van Patten
Christian Brooks
____ Hewson
Sep. 23
Peter Groat
Eve Vanolinda
____ Buzzle
Eleanor Vanliew
Date Omitted
Joseph Spitzer
Sally Bovee
Dec. 28
John Van Wormer
Nancy Swarts
Lanson Cogswell
Eveline Peek
Dec. 30
John Spitzer
____ Wheaton


Jan. 4

Aaron Banta
Nancy Van Wormer
Feb. 8
William Freeman
Melinda Lancaster
Feb. 22
Teunis Swart
Maria Swart
Apr. 6
____ Van Patten
____ Grant
Jun. 8
Pierre Teller
Nancy Simmons/Seaman
Date Omitted
Jonas Crane
Almira Beardsley
Date Omitted
Albert Vedder
Maria Brooks
Nov. 1
Joseph Watkins
Lydia Drew
Dec. ?
____ Wilke
____ Watkins


Date Omitted

Ab'm Hogan
Sarah Dickinson
Date Omitted
Nicholas Spool/Spoor
Juda Vanolinda
Date Omitted
John Vreeland Wemple
Hellen Barhyte
Date Omitted
Nicholas N. Van Patten
Nancy Cuyler
Feb. 27
John Clayton
Maria Blanchar
Date Omitted
Jacob Norris
Magaret Vrooman


Mar. 10

Abraham Truax
Sarah Swart
Jun. 11
William Hays
Maria Alsdorf
Aug. 9
Dr. John I. Swart
Angelica Van Wormer
Oct. ?
Isaac Hogan
Nancy Holt


Feb. 7

Charles Condey
Maria Slingerland
Apr. 29
Samuel B. Akin
Sally Calkins
May 18
Chandler Carrol
Ann Maria Egleston
Sep. 21
Jonathan Hodges
Rhoda Ann Ford
Oct. 12
David Van Der Heyden
Eveline Van Ness
Oct. 18
Peter Lawsing
Phoebe Meeker Crane
Nov. 18
William Tenant
Betsey Condey
dau. of Peter
Dec. 16
Jeremiah Spitzer
Margaret Swart
Dec. 27
Isaac Bloomer
Sally Lawsing


Jan. 10

Thomas Ostrum
Esther Ostrum
10 miles out
Sep. 30
James Richee
Betsey McLein
Nov. 15
Lawrence Gardner
Sarah Ann Groat


Apr. 23

John R. Cramer
Eliza Muckey


Jan. 15

Aaron Shew
Margaret Mead
Feb. 26
Jonathan H. Harris
Hannah Mead
Jul. 15
Alonzo Macumber
Mrs. Nancy Elliot
dau. of Henry Fullerton
Sep. 8
Dr. Sidney Smith
Julia Reilay
mar. in Troy
Nov. 18
George Ohlen
Mary Granger
mar. in Amsterdam


Apr. 22

Henry Curtis, 53y
Sally Hooper, 34y

Saratoga Springs, farmer

Saratoga Springs, housekeeper

Wit: Francis Condey & Chancellor Curtis

May ?
Jabish Lovet
Mary Carroll

farmer, Glenville

Glenville, dau. of Aaron, blacksmith

Wit: Benjamin Lovet, farmer & Aaron Carroll

Sep. 1
William Snyder
Mrs. Catherine Scoon

farmer, Amsterdam

widow, Glenville

Wit: Henry Lovet & Sidney B. Potter

Sep. 22
John B. Ross
Mrs. Nancy Hogan

blacksmith, Glenville

housekeeper, Glenville

Wit: Daniel Beach, David Gaw, Lucretia Gillaspie & Martha Caw

Sep. 23
Corn's Groat
Mary Cornell

farmer, Glenville

dau. of Rich'd, farmer, Glenville

Wit: John Conday, William Dawson, Jacob Smith & Isaac Groat

Oct. 7
Eleazer Miller
Phoebe Ann Wila

farmer, Charleton

housemaid, Charleton

Wit: John T. Condey, painter, Glenville & Gertrude Slingerland, w. of Rev. E., Glenville

Nov. 3
Philip Vosburgh
Margaret Fullerton

farmer, Glenville

dau. of Henry, farmer, Glenville

Wit: Abner Smith & Isaac Vosburgh, both farmers

Dec. 1
Henry S. Romeyn
Agnes Van Eps

farmer, Amsterdam

dau. of John, Innkeeper, Amsterdam

Wit: bride's fth & Henry Van Wormer, sn. of Casper, farmer


Mar. 24

Chancy Seamans
Margaret Glen

Wit: Joshua Seaman, Rev. James Murphey

Mar. 31
Orville Calkins
Janet Ferguson

Wit: Willis L. Calkins, Nathan I. Calkins

May 14
Abraham Crawford
Nancy Mead

blacksmith, Rotterdam

dau. of Jno. Charleton, shoemaker

Wit: Rev. E. Slingerland's wife & Miss Sarah Bell, housemaid, both of Glenville

Jun. 9
Abraham D. Vedder
Cornilia ?
Wit: James Murphey Jr.
Oct. 11
Abraham Hoffman
Susan Van Housen

tanner & currier, Glen

Wit: Rebecca E. Buxton, bride's sister

Oct. 18
James D. Van Hoevenbergh
Alma Rodgers

both of Charleton

Wit: Henry Edwards Jr., Charleton


Jan. 12

Lansing Ostrom
Abigail Carrol

dau. of Aaron

Wit: Mr. T. Slingerland & Levinus Lansing

Feb. 22
Harmon Veeder
Eleanor Truax

farmer, Rotterdam

dau. of Abraham A., Florida

Wit: John J. Swart, MD, Amsterdam & wife, Angelica

Mar. 15
Walter Bradshaw
Harriet Lucretia Shelly

carpenter, Glenville

dau. of John L., chairmaker, Glenville

Wit: George & Lucretia Gillaspie, sn. & dau. of James Jr., farmer, Glenville

Jun. 27

Johnson Potter

Susan Romeyn

farmer, Glenville

dau. of Tho's, Amsterdam

Wit: Harmanus Staley, farmer, Amsterdam & Allen & Tho's Jefferson Potter, farmers, Glenville


Nov. 17

Isaac DeGraff
Cornelia Chamberlin

carpenter, Charlton


Wit: Johnson & Allen Potter, farmers, Glenville


Sep. 13

Adam C. Conde
Betsey Gillaspie

farmer, Glenville

dau. of James Jr, farmer, Glenville

Wit: Charles Condey, farmer & Robert Hastings, Inn-keeper, both Glenville

Dec. 26
Harmanus Van Eps
Martha Hemstreet

farmer, Amsterdam

tayloress, Glenville

Wit: Jacob Smith & Isaac Groat, both Glenville farmers


Jan. 31

Lawrence Van Wormer
Hannah Bradt

sn. of John, farmer, Glenville

dau. of Peter, day laborer, Albany

Wit: Isaac and Rachel Van Wormer, groom's brother & sister

Feb. 5
Abraham Van Houvenbergh
Rhoda Rodgers

farmer, Clifton Park

dau. of John, miller/farmer, Charlton

Wit: Condey Van Patten, farmer, Glenville

May 25
Jonathan Barker
Julia Ann Reynolds

brickmaker, Schenectady

waiting maid, Schenectady

Wit: James Garrit, farmer & wife, Henrietta

Sep. 5
David C. Van Eps
Catalina Van Patten

weaver, Amsterdam

dau. of Simon I., farmer, Glenville

Wit: Mrs. Gertrude Slingerland & Miss Catharine Reiley


Jan. 12

Abraham Truax Conde
Mary Jane Kinsels



May 24

Josias Van Vranken

Mariah Degraff



Aug. 17
Edwin Shoots
Eliza Ann Staley



Married at house of Dr. E. A. Young, Glenville

Roswell D. Simons
Jane Degraff



Married at house of Dr. E. A. Young, Glenville

Oct. 4
Isaac D. Van Eps
Eliza Ann Staley



Nov. 8
J. W. Hawks
Margaret Ann Norton

Charlmont, MA



Jan. 25

Walter Gillispie
Matilda Teller



Apr. 5
David Norton
Lucy S. Phillips



Apr. 26
George Washington Chamberlain
Sarah D. T. Shirtliff



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