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List of Members at the time of the organization of the Church since know as

2d. R. D. Ch. Glenville A. D. 1818

John Sanders

Albertina Ten Broeck, wife of John Sanders

Eliza Anderson, widow of Dr. Wm. Anderson

Frederick Rees

Susan Frank, wife of Frederick Rees

David F. Rees

Daniel Toll

Susan Swits, wife of Daniel Toll

Cornelius Viele

Tanike De Graaf, wife of Cornelius Viele

Rachel (blank), widow of Philip Viele

John Haverly

Simon P. Van Patten

Hannah Toll, wife of Simon P. Van Patten

Charles H. Toll

Elisabeth Ryley, wife of Charles H. Toll

Cornelius De Graaf

Aaron D. Van Antwerp

Abraham Van Antwerp

James Van Eps

Angelica (blank), wife of James Van Eps

Alexander J. Van Eps

Lawrence Van Eps

John Van Vorst

John N. De Graaf

Rebecca Viele, widow of Abm. De Graaf

Elisabeth De Graaf, wife of Thos. Chapman

Eve Van Driesback, wife of John N. De Graaf

Jno. Marselus

David Prime

Rebecca Toll, wife of David Prime

Peter Bath

Abraham Van Vorst

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