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Headstones of Charles H. Van Epps Family

Contributed by Donald W. Turner, great, great grandson of Agnes Van Epps Turner

Oakdale Cemetery, Wilton Twp, Muscatine, IA

Rebecca Van Epps

(Aug 22, 1825 - Dec 14, 1906)

Wife of Charles Henry Van Epps

Charles H. Van Epps, Jr.(27 Apr. 1860 - 12 Oct 1929), son of Charles H. Van Epps

and Rebecca, and his wife, Maud Walter Van Epps (1870 - 1931)

Walter C. Van Epps (1892 - 1892), infant son of Charles H. Van Epps, Jr. and

Maud Walter Van Epps

Sunny Hill Cemetery, Adair, Adair, IA

William Reed Turner (July 25, 1851 - Oct. 20 1950) and his wife, Agnes C. Van

Epps (Apr. 22 1852 - May 10, 1916), dau. of Charles H. Van Epps and Rebecca

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