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Chris H. Van Epps' Family Tree

Generation 1

Dirck Everts Van Eps b. 1603 Delfthaven, Netherlands married Maritie Damen in about 1622
children, Lysbet, *Johannes Dirkse

Generation 2

Johannes Dirkse Van Eps b.1630 Fort Orange, NY married
Elizabeth Janse Douw in about 1666
children; Elizabeth, *Johannes (Jan Baptist), Evert, Maria, Anna, Elizabeth, Sara

Generation 3

Johannes (John Baptist) b. 1673 Fort Orange, NY married
Helena Sanderese Glen in 1699
children; *Johannes (John), Anna, Elizabeth, Sander, Maria, Jan Baptist, Jacobus, Jacomyma, Helena, Catarina

Generation 4

Johannes (John) Van Epps b. 1700 Glenville, NY married
Neeltje Hansen Toll in 1720
children; Helena, Carel Hansen, Elizabeth, Eva, Jan Baptist, Catharina, Neeltze, *Abraham

Generation 5

Abraham Van Epps b. 1738 Glenville, NY married
Debora Viele in 1768
children; Neeltze, Debora, Catarina, *Johannes(John Abrahamse), Helena, Elizabeth, Eva, Maria, Carel, Abraham

Generation 6

John A. Van Epps b. 1776 married
Eva Van Petten before 1799
children; *Abram T., John, Carel Hanson, Jacob Swits

Generation 7

Abram T. Van Epps b. 1799 married
Lucinda Shefield before 1834 in Bethany, NY
children; *Loren Abraham, George A., Charles, Hiram, Mary, Vicena, William H., Levonia, Walter

Generation 8

Loren Abraham b. 1834 in Bethany, NY married
Nancy McCormick before 1858 in Deerfield Township, Warren County Pennsylvania
children; Rhonda Jane, John W., Charles, *George Wilbur, Mary, Rosa, Alice, Etta, Eva Rowena, Lillie, Olive, Loran

Generation 9

George Wilbur Van Epps b. 1862 in Deerfield Twn, Warren County, Pa. married
Mary Etta Tubbs b. 1876 in Crawford County, Pa in 1891
children; Frank, Blanche, Edna, Sherman, Raymond, Grant, Bertha, *Howard

Generation 10

Howard E. Van Epps b. 1915 in Crawford County, Pa married
Helen D. Wandell in 1938
children; *Chris H. Van Epps

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