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The Last Will and Testament of Sander Lansing


NYC Wills, Page 473.--In the name of God, Amen, October 16, 1766. I, ALEXANDER LANSINGH, of Schenectady, yeoman. I leave to my eldest son, Cornelius, "my Dutch Bybell," after the death or marriage of my wife Neeltie, "wherewith he must be satisfied, and make no more pretence or demand, as being eldest son." I leave to my said son Cornelius the homestead where he now dwells, being about 4 Morgen. Also the privilege of sawing yearly 120 saw logs, and the privilege to lay his logs and boards within 300 yards of the saw mill, "which I am going to erect." Provided he keeps the saw mill in repair. Also the privilege of grinding at the mill, I now have erected, all his grain. I also leave him a horse and cow. I leave to my wife Neeltie a young negro wench and her child. I leave to my daughter Jannettie, wife of John Van Eps, a negro child. After the death of my wife I leave to my daughter Jannettie and to my sons Johanes and Hermanus, all my household goods. And my sons, Johanes and Hermanus, are to pay to my daughter Jannettie ú30. I leave to my step daughter, Gertruy Van Eps, a cow. "It is my will that my wife live with my sons, Johanes and Hermanus, and live with them peaceably out of my estate." But if not, then my executors are to rent out the place and pay her 1/3. I also leave to my said sons all the rest of my estate. I expressly will that which ever of my two said sons shall marry first, he shall have a morgen of land for a homestead on the other end of my land, where I intend to erect a saw mill; and they shall together erect on said morgen a dwelling house and barn, in form and largeness as the house and barn where I now dwell. And the one who marries first is to have the house and that end of my land, and the other is to have my homestead. I make John Visger, Esq., Cornelius Lansingh, and Dirck Van Ingen, executors. 

Witnesses, Francis Osburn, Abraham Grat, Abraham Truax. Proved, December 31, 1770, before William Hanna, Surrogate.

Source: Tami, Chris. New York City Wills, Vol. 7. Orem, UT: Ancestry, Inc., 1999.


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