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The Last Will and Testament of Laurens Claese Van Der Volgen

NYC Wills, Page 312.--In the name of God, Amen. Be it known and manifest that I, LAWRENS CLASON, otherwise LAURENS CLASON VAN DER VOLGE, inhabitant of Schenectady, being in good health. My executors are to make an inventory of all my personal estate, and clothing, linen and woolen, my Fusees or fire arms, and what ever was belonging to my body, and these to my 3 sons, except my gold seal ring, that shall be for my son Claas Laurens. I leave to my three daughters, Neeltie, wife of Somer Van Eps, Eva, and Maritie, "procreated by my first wife," all the clothing of their mother, Gertruy Van Petten, and they are also to have an out set proportionable to my estate; and my daughter is to have the silver cup marked L. V. V. Eva is to have a large cupboard, and Maritie is to have a silver spoon "come from the deceased Janettie Kroom." I leave to my four daughters, Catharine, Elizabeth, Ariantie, and Gertruy, the children of my second wife, Susanah Wollner, deceased, all the wearing apparel of their mother, and all the silver work and gold rings to her belonging, and an out set when married. I leave to my three daughters, Neeltie, wife of Somer Van Eps, Eva, and Maritie, 2 morgens and 16 rods of arable land in Schenectady, over Cooenties bridge, on the left of the road to the wood's side, which I had of my brother Teunis Vander Volge, and valued at Ä80, which they are to pay. I leave to my son, Claas Laurens, 20 shillings, as eldest son; also my lot which is the hindermost part of the Plains, containing 12 morgen, with all privileges, "situate in the Woestsyne, on the north side of the Maquas river, and come to me by the Trustees of Schenectady." He is to have this when of age, and he is to pay Ä200 in installments, in 14 years. I leave to my 4 daughters, Catharine, Elizabeth, Ariantie, and Gertruy, my dwelling house in Schenectady, bounded west by the lot of my brother Cornelis, deceased; with 1/2 of the whole lot which I had from my father Claas Lawrens Van der Volge; and running east along the street, to the other half of my lot, and north to the fence; And they are to pay Ä22 10s. each. I leave to my son Cornelis the other half of said lot next east of the above, and bounded east by land of Simon Vroman; and he is to pay Ä30 when of age. I leave to my son Petrus 3 acres of pasture land "lying near Schenectady, a little beyond the bridge of the kill of the wheat mill or mill creek, bounded north by the wagon road that leadeth away to the arrable land," and he is to pay Ä100. I make Cornelis Cuyler and Simon Vroman executors.

Signed in Albany, August 30, 1739. Witnesses, Hans Hansen, Joshua Cuyler, Jr., Jan Steenhouse.

Codicil, September 27, 1739. My son Petrus, instead of paying Ä100, shall pay Ä50. (There is no probate of the above will.)

Source: Tami, Chris. New York City Wills, Vol. 3. Orem, UT: Ancestry, Inc., 1998.

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