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The Last Will and Testament of Rev. Cornelis Van Santvoord

ca. 1693-1752

Abstracts of Wills, Vol IV, 1744-1753, pages 422 & 423:

In the name of God, Amen, I, CORNELIUS VAN SANTVOORD, Minister of the Gospel in Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, in Schenectady, being in health, "and considering, especially in this sickly and dangerous time, the uncertainty of the hour, as well as the certainty of our departing this life." "Before disposing of my worldly estate, I wholly and heartily do acknowledge the goodness of the Lord, and all the blessings I received from
his hand. He has given me faithful and pious parents, who brought me up in the fear and nurture of the Lord. He prolonged my days more than once, and watched me when I was passing water and fire, and made me one of the messengers of His grace." Whereas I am yet indebted for the land I heretofore bought of John Staats, my first wife's father, on Staten Island, as my children may inherit part of his estate, it and the money due to me are to go toward paying the same. I bequeath to my son, who is lawful heir, 5 Spannish dollars in full of all claim. I leave to my son Staats, and to his issue, my desk. To my son Teger my silver seal and silver shoe buckles, and one of my large silver spoons. I leave to my grand-child, Antie Veldsman, 4 large silver spoons, and the necklace of amber beads. I leave to my grand-child, Ann Wendell, a large silver spoon, and to my sons, Cornelius and Staats, each a large silver spoon. I leave to my daughter Jacoba my desk, table-cloths and 4 napkins, and sheets and pillow-cases, "also a large silver spoon and 4 biggest thea spoons." I leave to the eldest daughter of Gertie Metzelaer, wife of Ryck Vander Bilt, on Raritan, 30 shillings. I leave the linnen belonging to my body to my son Teger, and my woolen clothes to my sons Cornelius and Staats "As to my books, I have set the names of the children in some of the Dutch books, the rest to be sold at most profit, except them in which I have set Gedachtenise." (In memory.) My manuscripts being not of much worth to my children, but my translations of Spanheim upon Psalms 14 is to be for my sister or her husband, Teger Hazebrook, at Leyden, in Holland. All the
rest of my personal property is to be sold, and of the proceeds I give the same to my children, Teger, Cornelius, Staats, and Jacoba, and the children of my daughter, Ann Camling. And whereas my late spouse (not named) desired that I should give to her sisters her golden finger and ear rings she had of her mother, and her clothes to them and Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Carmer, and to my daughter Jacoba, I affirm the same. And my daughter Jacoba may give something to Antie Veldsman, but nothing to John E. Wendall, nor his wife or children. I make Mr. Peter Groenendyck, merchant in Schenectady, executor.

Dated March 6, 174 6/7.

Witnesses, John Sanders, Geritt Lansing, Geritt Van
Antwerpen. Proved, before Myndert Schuyler, Esq., in Albany, June 2, 1752.

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