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Van Epps Killed By F., J. & G. Car

Farmer Meets Death Near Hardin's Crossing

Brother-In-Law Was Injured

Saturday, Oct 3, 1908, Schenectady, NY

Alfred Van Epps and his brother-in-law, Timothy Collins, both residing on the Charlton Road, near Hardin's Crossing, were run over by a Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville limited car at Larrabee's Crossing, about 5 miles west of this city, Saturday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Van Epps was instantly killed and Collins received severe injuries, sustaining a fracture of two ribs and cuts about the head.

Coroner Baxter was notified and left for the scene of the accident without delay. He had the body of Van Epps, whose identity at that time was unknown to him, removed to the morgue. Collins was hurried to the city, where an ambulance was awaiting for his removal to Ellis Hospital.

Late Saturday evening Mrs. Van Epps (Catherine Collins Van Epps) called at the coroner's office to make inquiries concerning the accident. From a description furnished by the coroner she was able to idenify the man killed as her husband who besides his wife leaves four young children (Florence, Anna, Sadie, and Mildred). Van Epps was 48 years old.

It was ascertained by Coroner Baxter that Van Epps and Collins had left the Van Epps place shortly after 11:00 o'clock Saturday morning to drive to a field some little distance for a load of corn-stalks. After loading up the single-horse wagon, the men started for home.. To reach their house they had to cross the tracks at the the Larrabee's Crossing, which is not a public highway.

Through someone's carelessness the approaching limited was not seen. It bore down upon the light wagon with great speed, it is said, fairly lifting the vehicle in the air. The wagon was demolished. The horse succeeded in escaping without a scratch.

Van Epps was carried on the cow-catcher of the car about 150 feet. He then rolled off and was horribly mangled and torn beneath the car. Oddly enough the seat upon which the two men were sitting, which is of the spring type, was thrown some distance and escaped damage. Collins, too, was thrown aside, sustaining his injuries from his fall.

As quickly as speed would permit, Motorman Henry of Gloversville brought the car to a stop and the mangled body was removed to the side of the track. Conductor Steward of Gloversville also sent word to the city. The limited was north-bound leaving this city at 1:00 o'clock.

The funeral is to be held Tuesday afternoon from the rooms of A. G. Baxter, 735 Brandywine Avenue, and burial will be in the Reformed Church Cemetary, at Scotia.

Items in parentheses were added to clarify the identity of the persons mentioned in the article. The newspaper that this was taken from is unknown.

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