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Internet Genealogy is a new thing to me.  I did family research years ago, and just recently resumed my search for those ancestors I have yet to meet.  Many things have changed in the last 10 years, and there are wonderful great things on the web now for family history buffs to use.

There are many tools for the new researcher to use one of which includes family members and mementos.  This is a wonderful source, but I can not help but compare that source to some Internet sources.  Please remember that unless you have a will, probate records, court records, deed records, census records and church records in your hand, to take what you see and hear with a grain of salt.  Sometimes you will count yourself lucky for even finding one record for a family.  I will never forget that I spent months researching the wrong family because I was verbally told  erroneous information.  

For this reason I do not place individuals on my tree until I have the full picture (and documentation).  However, please remember that two people can read the same will and see something different, so if you see an error PLEASE!! let me know.  This is one reason why it is very important to find the record before accepting information as fact.  I am not a professional genealogist (in truth now where near it), but I do want accurate records, and I would love to know collateral lines.  I am totally amazed how families often reconnect, sometimes, 100 years later, in a different county, state or country!

I hope everyone continues to search for their family members, and has great success, and happy trails to all!


Mel Harman
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