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Top 10 Indicators
That You Have Become
A Gene-Aholic:

10. You introduce your daughter
as your descendent.

9. You've never met any of the
people you send e-mail to,
even though you're related.

8. You can recite your lineage
back eight generations,
but can't remember
your nephew's name.

7. You have more photographs of
dead people than living ones.

6. You've taken a tape recorder
and/or notebook to a family reunion.

5. You've not only read the
latest GEDCOM standard,
but you also understand it.

4. The local genealogy society
borrows books from you.

3. The only film you've seen
in the last year
was the 1880 census index.

2. More than 1/2 of your book
collection is made up of marriage
records or pedigrees.

1. Your elusive ancestor has been
spotted in more different places
than Elvis!
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Genealogy Definitions

A new acorn on the family tree.

(n)A marble orchard not to be
taken for granite.

(n)The place for storing your
priceless genealogy records.

Time unravelers.

it`s all relative!
The Laws of Genealogy

The document containing evidence of the missing link in your research invariably will be lost due to fire, flood, or war.

The keeper of the vital records you need will just have been insulted by another genealogist.

Your great, great grandfather's obituary states that he died leaving no issue of record.

The town clerk you wrote in desperation, and finally convinced to give to you the information you need, can't write legibly, and doesn't have a copying machine.

The will you need is in the safe on board the "Titanic."

The spelling of your European ancestor's name bears no relationship to its current spelling or pronunciation.

That ancient photograph of four relatives, one of whom is your progenitor, carries the names of the other three.

Copies of old newspapers have holes which only occur on last names.

No one in your family tree ever did anything noteworthy, always rented property, was never sued, and was never named in wills.

You learned that great aunt Matilda's executor just sold her life's collection of family genealogical materials to a flea market dealer "somewhere in New York City."

Yours is the ONLY last name not found among the three billion in the world-famous Mormon archives in Salt Lake City.

Ink fades and paper deteriorates at a rate inversely proportional to the value of the data recorded.

The 37-volume, sixteen-thousand-page history of your county of origin isn't indexed.

The critical link in your family tree is named "Smith."

--Author Unknown
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I'd Rather Do Genealogy!

Cooking? Cleaning?
                I'd Rather do Genealogy!
They think that I should cook and clean,
                and be a model wife.
I tell them it's more interesting
                to study Grandpa's life.
They simply do not understand why
                I hate to go to bed . . .
I'd rather do two hundred years
                of research work instead.
Why waste the time we have on earth
                just snoring and asleep?
When we can learn of ancestors
                that sailed upon the deep?
We have priests, Rabbis, lawmen,
                soldiers, more than just a few.
And yes, there's many scoundrels,
                and a bootlegger or two.
How can a person find this life
                an awful drudge or bore?
When we can live the lives
                of all those folks who came before?
A hundred years from now
                of course, no one will ever know
Whether I did laundry, but
                they'll see our Tree and glow . . .
'Cause their dear old granny
                left for them, for all posterity,  
not clean hankies and the like, but
                a finished family tree.
My home may be untidy,
                'cause I've better things to do . . .
I'm checking all the records
                to provide us with a clue.
Old great granny's pulling roots
                and branches out with glee,
Her clothes ain't hanging out to dry,
                she's hung up on The Tree.

--Mel Oshins
"A people without a history
is like wind on the buffalo grass"

Crazy Horse - Oglala Sioux