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Chatham County, North Carolina Lines

I am searching for many different families in Chatham County, North Carolina, and its surrounding counties.

Family Names: Boon; Brantley; Bright; Cates; Clark; Clegg; Daniel; Dillard; Durham; Evans; Gean(Jean); Griffin; Groce(Gross); Gunter; Harman(Harmon); Harrington; Hill; Johnson; Johnston; Kirk; Knight; Lassiter; Lightfoot; Love; Maddox; Mansfield; Mathis; May; O'Donnell; Petty; Pickard; Polk; Riddle; Roberson; Rutherford; and many more.

My primary focus is on the descendants of these men:

1.        George HARMON -- He was born in 1778 in Accomack County, VA. He married Amelia POLK in VA, and they moved to NC around 1806. He had nine known children with Amelia and an additional four with his wife Jackie TEMPLE, to whom he was married to when he died. He died and is buried in Chatham County in 1853. His sons William and Thomas moved to Indiana. Other descendants of him moved to Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi and more. He was a descendant of Cornelius HARMAN who had 7 known children.

2.        Zachariah HARMON -- He was born about 1741 in VA (? some sources say Maryland?). He married Rebekah PETTY in Chatham County, about 1763. They had 9 known children. He was a very influential man. His descendants moved to Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and more. It is not know who his father was, but many believe that he was related somehow to George, but the relationship is not known.

3.        Lewis MATHIS -- He was born abt 1770. He married Lurannah Brantley before 1795 in NC. He died and was buried in Tippah County, MS. His wife Lurannah (Surannah?) died at about 70 years of age, if Feb. 1849, in Hardeman County, TN. Lewis descendants lived in Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi primarily. He was a descendant of Thomas Mathis, and a brother to Edmund, Britton, Laban, Ely and Elisha.

4.        Albert Gean -- He was born in 1808 in NC.  He has at least one known brother - Edward R. Gean h/o Milberry Groce and one known sister - Martha Gean w/o Cornelius Knight.  It is unknown who his father is.  He is most likely a descendant of one of Philip Gean (b. 1732 in Brunswick Co., VA) sons.  Philip had a son named Nathan Jean who remained in Franklin Co., a son named Philip Jean who lived ?? and two sons (David & Jesse) both of whom lived and died in Chatham Co., NC.

If you would be interested in sharing or exchanging information on any of these lines, or a line that is related, please let me know. These families seem to be inter-mingling a lot and it is my hope to someday fully understand all of the relationships.

Mel Harman


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