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Wilkins and Jones

 are the two names this site starts with but there are many others

My parents are  Frederick Charles Henry Wilkins and Charlotte Clarke Jones.  Sadly, they are both now deceased. This web site is dedicated to their memory, and indeed,  to all my ancestors and relatives who appear in these pages.

The ancestors of Fred and Charlotte are recorded here, from Essex, the East End of London, Wiltshire, Devon, Cornwall and Wales.

Fred's ancestors are from Wiltshire and London, as follows:






Charlotte's ancestors are from 

Wales,  Cornwall and Devon.  Please click on their names to go to their page.





Levy names (Brian's father's family)

Taunton names (Brian's mother's family)

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Started 27th May 2000 and updated at moments of inspiration/leisure.  

Last updated November 2011 - still in progress.