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Josua Brooks (c1702/08-aft1766)


Josua1 BROOKS, born say 1702/1708, appears to have died after 1 February 1766 and by one account well after that date*.  As Jozua Broeks, he was married in 1731 to Geertje (Geesje) BONT  [RDC Kinderhook, Columbia Co., Vol. 1, Royden Woodward Vosburg, NYGBS eLibrary (no day or month given)]. She was baptized 18 January 1708, the daughter of Jan BOUT and Jannetje SCHARP, wits: Johannes Beekman and Annetje Ryerts [RDC Albany].


* Note: He may be the Josua Broeks recorded as a witnessed to the baptism of his granddaughter, Geesche Koek, on Friday after Easter (23 April), 1756, though that Josua may have been his son of the same name. He appears to still be living on 1 February 1766 when "Josewa Broeks, Jur" is found in a list of tax payers at "Renselaer Mennor of Claveac" [Claverack 1766 tax list]. The designation “junior” indicating that there was a Josua, Senior still living. The death of Joshua Brooks, "supposed to be 120 years old," at Hudson, NY, 5 Jul 1822, was subsequently reported in the Providence Journal, and (as Josiah Brooks) in the Providence Gazette of 24 August [Arnold, James N. Vital Records of Rhode Island 1636-1850, Providence, RI: Narragansett Historical Publishing Co., 1891–1905, in 20 vols., 12: 436, 13:211]. Had he lived another 56 years one would expect to find some record of him in the interim. Yet, that is not the case, there is no Joshua Brooks of any spelling combination listed as head of household in the 1790 -1820 census returns. Perhaps this is really not surprising, considering his advanced years he would probably have been living with a then grown child or even a grown grandchild. There are two men over the age of 45 listed in the household of Cornelius Becker (Josua’s presumed son-in-law) in Hudson, Columbia County in 1800 and 1810 (they are not found on the 1820 census).


Josua may have been the son of Abraham or Joshua Brooks, who came to the colony of New York as British soldiers.


During the years 1738-1748 Josua and his family appear to have been living in Saratoga. This is borne out by two records. When son Jan/John married the record states he was born in Saratoga, this would have been about the year 1738. When his eldest daughter, Jannetje, died her obituary states that she lived with her father at Saratoga when it was ‘burned by the savages’ during the French (& Indian) War, guessing her age then to have been about 14 years.


Josua no doubt rented the land, as did most of his neighbors, at this period in time from which he derived his family’s livelihood from the Rensselaer family who owned most of is today Rensselaer County and northern Columbia.  So outside of a few isolated tax records, the best sources during this time frame are early church records. Fortunately, many church records have survived from the time frame in question, though certainly not all of them. These records tell us a great deal about Josua and his children, and their relationship with other more immediate family members. 


The following records may be for Josua Brooks (c1702/8-aft 1 Feb 1766), though they could be his son of the same name:


1752 Apr 17: Michiel, b 5 Feb 1752, s/o Evert Bond & Jannetje sps: Micheel Halenbeek & Christyntje; in her place, Josua Brooks and the mother of the child [Zion Lutheran Church, Loonenburg, Athens, Greene Co., NY, NYGBS Record, Vol. 83, No. 3, July 1952, p. 132, NYGBS eLibrary]


1756 Friday after Easter (23 April): Josua Broeks with Joachimyntje Bond were sponsors for Geesche, d/o Adam & Janneke Koek [Zion Lutheran Church, NYGBS Record, Vol. 83, No. 3, Jul 1952, p. 144, NYGBS eLibrary].


Josua and Geertje had the following children:


2 / M / i. Josuah2 (Josua) BROOKS, b 9 Mar 1732; bp 16 Apr 1732 at Loonenburg, sponsors: Willem Herdyk and Gertruyd, wife of Jac. Van Hoesen [Zion Lutheran Church, Loonenburg, Athens, Greene Co, NY, NYGBS Record, Vol. 82, No. 1, Jan 1951, p. 23, NYGBS eLibrary]


Notes on sponsors:

Willem Herdyk (Hardyk/Hardick) was bc 1695, s/o Francis Herdyk (c1657-~) of Liverpool, Merseyside, ENG [rootweb.worldconnect]; m  bef 1723 Anna Catherine -?- (poss Falkner). Willem’s father, Frank Hardyck, was one of the freeholders at Claverack in 1720.


Geertruy, bp 18 Feb 1700, d/o Jan Albertsen (Jones?) & Geesje Roelfsen, wits: Hendrick Trephagen & Annetje de la Grange [RDC Kingston]; m (reportedly on 28 Apr 1725) to Jacob Van Hoesen, bp 5 Jan 1701 at Kinderhook, s/o Johannes Janse Van Hoesen & Jannekje Jans Cornelisz De Ryck [RDC Albany]. A John Albertse is found the list of freeholders at Coxhacky & Cats Kills in 1720. Jacob Van Hoese is found on a 1766 list of tax payers at Claverack.


Jacob and Gertrudy Van Hoesen stood as sponsors at the baptism of one of the children of Willem & Anna Catherine Herdick (Herdyk) in 1730.


This is no doubt the "Josuah Broek” who, with Lisabeth, baptized their son on 11 Trinity, 1756, Josua, born 4 August 1756, the sponsors were Adam & Jannetie Koek (the father’s brother-in-law and sister) [Zion Lutheran Church, Loonenburg, Athens, Greene Co, NY, NYGBS Record, Vol. 83, No. 4, Oct 1952, p. 240, NYGBS eLibrary]. In all likelihood, he is the "Josewa Broeks, Jur" is found in the 1766 list of tax payers at "Renselaer Mennor of Claveac" [Claverack 1766 tax list]. He probably died prior to 1790 as he is not found in the census that year.


3 / F / ii. Jannetje2 BROOKS*, bp 21 Mar 1734, wits: Everdt Bondt and Catharina Bondt [RDC Catskill]; probably d young.  (*Note: The father’s name is recorded as “Josua Brink”, the mother’s as “Gesche”. The Brink and Bont families of the Kingston area, Ulster, NY have the same linage. One line of descendants of Lamberts Huybetse took the name Bond, the others went by Brink. [Source: Family Trees -Bond] This seems to have led to some confusion about the father’s last name.


Notes on witnesses:

Everdt & Catharina Bond/t (Bout) were siblings of the mother.

Their father, John Bout, is a freeholders at Claverack in 1720.


Jannetje married on 7 October 1752 to Adam Koek (Cook) [Marriage Rcd: Zion Lutheran Church, Loonenburg, Athens, Greene Co., NY, NYGBS Record, Vol. 73, No 2, Apr 1942, p. 112, NYGBS eLibrary]. Adam was the son of Roetscher (Richard) Koek who had come from New Jersey with his sons Adam, Joris and Jan who settled near the Hudson [The Palatine Families of New York 1710, Vol. 1, by Hank Jones].


John, Adam and Jores Kook are listed next to each other in 1766 at “Renselaer Menor of Claveac” [Claverack 1766 tax list].


From records of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Loonenburg, Athens, Greene Co., NY [NYGBS eLibrary] we learn that just near her the age of 16 years that Jannetje was the sole sponsor at the baptism of  Jannetje on 29 January 1750, daughter of Caspar Harmense & Catherina Jans (Bond/t) Van Salsbergen.


These same records also illuminate Jannetje and her husband, Adam Koek, family relationships, by their sponsorship at the following baptisms:


1756 Trinity 11th: Josua (already mentioned), s/o Josua & Lisabeth Broek [Zion Evan. Luth., Loonenburg]

1757 Fri. aft New Years: Joris, s/o Joris & Anna Catharina Koek, [Zion Evangelical Lutheran, Loonenburg]

1757 Thur. aft Trinity 15th: Jonathan, s/o Franzuscys & Jannetje Rees [Zion Evangelical Lutheran, Loonenburg]

1757 / Thur. aft Trinity 22nd: Geesche, d/o Thys Bond & Thonike [Zion Evangelical Lutheran, Loonenburg]


Adam Cook with Jannetje Broeks, his wife, were witness at baptisms recorded in the RDC Kinderhook for a grandchild and nephew (respectively) [Vosburg Collection, Kinderhook, NYGBS eLibrary]:

7 Mar 1781 Adam, s/o Josua Cook & Joppe Salsbury

27 Jun 1784 Willem, s/o Jan Broeks & Jannetje van Salsburg


Discussion on the Greene Co., NY rootsweb list says that Jannetje died 7 June 1830 at Bethlehem, Albany County, sighting: Fred Q. Bowman, 10,000 Vital records of Eastern NY 1777-1834, (1987): from the Daily Albany Argus of 9 June 1830, “Jannitzie Cook, about 104, d 6/7/30 in Bethlehem. She lived with her father in Saratoga when it was ‘burned by the savages’ in the French War [she was then about age 14]; she lived with her husband Adam, upwards of 70 years. Adam died about 10 years ago, age 96.”


F / iii. Elizabeth2 BROEKS, bp 12 Oct 1735, wits: Tobyas Van Salsbergen & Antje Bont [RDC Kinderhook, Columbia Co., Vol. 1, Vosburg Collection, NYGBS eLibrary]; d probably before 1744/7


Notes on witnesses:

Tobias Van Salsbergen, b say 1717, s/o Harmens Janse & Emmeke Lucasse. Though he does not appear to be a blood relative there were by, 1735, multiple Van Salsbergen – Van Schaick & Van Hoesen family ties. In the near future would come several Van Salsbergen – Bond/t marriages, including Tobias own marriage to Geertje’s youngest sister.

Antje Bond/t, b say 1688, was the Geertje’s paternal aunt.


5 / M / iv. Jan2 (John) BROEKS, b at Saratoga [marriage rcd], NY, bp 24 Dec 1738, wits: Zacharias and Gessie Haas [RDC Albany]


Notes on witnesses:

Zacharias Haas, b 1713 Dutchess Co., NY, s/o Simon & Risina; m Geesje Witbeek, d/o Hendrik Jansz Witbeek & Lena Bont, so Gessie Haas was the mother’s paternal first cousin. Several Witbeeks were freeholders at Renselaerwyke in 1720, including Jonat., Jan, &  John. Hendrieck Wietbeeck is on the list of  1766 tax payers at Claverack.


The witness at two of Zacharias Haas (Haes) daughter’s baptisms were Willemtie Brad/t, once with Lambert Kool and once with her husband Anthony Brad/t, so additionally there appears to have been some kind of Witbeek-Brad/t connection.


Jan (John) married 14 Jan 1769 Jannitje Van Salsbergen [Linlithgo Ref. Church, Livingston, Albany (Columbia), NY], baptized 26 Mar 1750, the daughter of Caspar Van Salsbergen & Catherina Bondt [RDC Claverack, NYGBS Record, Vol. 74. No. 1, Jan 1943, p. 15]. They were both still living in October 1792 when they stood as witnesses at the baptism for their grand niece, Jannetje Cook (Koek) [Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, Greenbush, Rensselaer, NY]. He may be the John Gibson found in the 1800 and 1810 census reports at Schodack, Rensselaer, NY.


6 / F / v. Elizabeth2 BROOKS, bc 1744/7; m by 1775/6 Cornelius Becker


Cornelius & Elizabeth (Brooks) Becker were sponsors or witnesses at baptisms:

14 Sep 1778 for Harmanus, s/o Jan Brooks & Janetge [Zion Lutheran, Loonenberg]

24 May 1795 for Abraham, s/o Willem Broeks & Sarah Halenbeck [RDC Claverack]

3 Jul 1801 for Critje, d/o Richard Cook & Christina Wittbeck [RDC Claverack]

12 Oct 1806 for Elizabeth, d/o Jonathan Reed & Gesje Brooks [RDC Claverack]

14 Dec 1806 for Cornelius, s/o Aron Becker & Anatje Van Hoesen [RDC Claverack]


May be the Cornelius Becker and Cornelius Backer found at Hudson, Columbia County, NY in 1800 and 1810 respectively.


7 / M / vi. * Wilhelm2 (Willem) BROEKS, bp 15 May 1748, wits: Thomas and Annatje Flight (Vlyd/Vlidt) [RDC Albany]


Notes on witnesses:

The family connection between Thomas &/or Annatje Flight is unclear at this time. Though at least one of them (probably the latter) had family ties with the Bond/t family. In 1738 they were witnesses at the baptism of one of the children of Zacharias & Geesje Haas; and in 1748 they stood at the baptism for one of the children of Thomas Beecraft and Mary Bun (Bond/t), Geerje’s sister.


Willem married Sara(h) Halenbeek (Halenbeck) before 4 Oct 1775 when they stood as sponsors at the baptism of Georg, son of William & Janneke Martin [Zion Lutheran Church, Loonenburg., Athens, Greene Co., NY, NYGBS Record, Vol. 84, No. 3, July 1953, p. 151, NYGBS eLibrary].  Probably the William Brooks found in 1800 and 1810 at Coxsackie, and in 1820 at Athens.


8 / F / vii. Annaatje2 BROEKS, b 26 Jan 1752; bp 17 Mar 1752, sps: Johann Van Hoesen and Joachimyntje Bond [Zion Lutheran Church, NYGBS Record, Vol. 83, No. 3, July 1952, p. 132, NYGBS eLibrary]; d prob young

Notes on witnesses:

Johann Van Hoesen, bp 20 Dec 1712 at Claverack, s/o Jan Jans Van Hoesen & Danike (Tanneke) Witbeek/Witbeck. Danike was the sister of Geesje who was married to Zacharias Haas.

Joachimyntje Bond/t was the daughter of Hendrick Jans Bond/t, baptized as Janche on 26 Aug 1734 [RDC Catskill], thus Geertje’s niece. On the Friday after Easter (23 April), 1756 Joachimyntje Bond with Josua Broeks were sponsors at the christening of Geesche, daughter of Adam and Janneke (Brooks?) Koek [Zion Lutheran Church, Loonenburg, Athens, Greene Co., NY, NYGBS Record, Vol. 83, No. 3, Jul 1952, p. 144, NYGBS eLibrary]. .



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