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with Oreston, Turnchapel, Elburton, Billacombe, *Haddiscombe, Hooe and Pomphlett.

Transcribed from - Morris and Co.'s Commercial Directory and Gazetteer. 1870

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Transcribed by Val HENDERSON

Checked by Robert ROWLAND

Pages 855 - 857

Plymstock and hamlets Gazetteer
















  PLYMSTOCK is an extensive parish and village in Plympton St. Mary union, containing, by the census of 1861, 2997 inhabitants, and 3650 acres; in the deanery of Plympton, archdeaconry of Totnes, diocese of Exeter, hundred of Plympton, South Devonshire; 3 miles south-east of Plymouth, on the banks of the Catwater and Laira Lake, and on the east side of Plymouth Harbour. The vicarage, in the incumbency of the Rev. Thomas Coulthard, M.A., is valued at £188 per annum, and is in the patronage of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, who are also appropriators of the rectorial tithes, which were commuted, in 1842, at £781 3s. 6d. per annum.It was formerly appropriated to Plympton Priory. The church is a fine ancient edifice, in the Perpendicular style, dedicated to St. Mary and All Saints, with tower and five bells. It has been thoroughly restored and repaired, at an expense of £2000, and was re-opened for Divine Service in February, 1868. The Wesleyans have a place of worship here, and there is a National School for children of both sexes, which was erected in 1827. There are some charitable bequests for the benefit of the poor.

ORESTON is a hamlet of this parish, on the banks of the Catwater, one mile west from Plymstock, containing the extensive stone and marble quarries of Messrs. J. and E. Goad, and the steam saw mills and timber yard of Messrs. Bayly and Fox. The stone of which the breakwater is formed was quarried here, and a cavity was found in the rock 60 feet deep, containing bones of the rhinoceros, wolf, deer, &c.

TURNCHAPEL is another hamlet of this parish, also on the banks of the Catwater, in which are extensive fortifications, called Fort Stamford, which have recently been erected by Government on Staddon heights. The rifle butts of Plymouth Volunteers are situated at Mount Batten. The ancient round tower, which was originally erected by the Parliamentarians during their occupation of Plymouth, is now used as a signal station.

ELBURTON is another hamlet, one mile from Plymstock, in which the Bible Christians have a place of worship.

BILLACOMBE and STADDISCOMBE are also small hamlets of this parish.

HOOE is another hamlet, about 1 1\2 mile from Plymstock; and BOVISAND, a continuation of this hamlet, contains extensive fortifications, which have just been erected by Government, also a Coast Guard Station. The vessels of the navy are here supplied with water from a reservoir about half-a-mile inland, from whence it is brought in pipes. In 1856 this was created a separate ecclesiastical district, and a small church, dedicated to St. John, was erected. The living is a vicarage, valued at £79 per annum, in the incumbency of the Rev. James John Tapson, M.A., and the patronage of Lady Rogers.

POMPHLETT is another hamlet of this parish, from which the Laira Bridge crosses the river Plym, joining this place to Plymouth. There is also some extensive stone and marble quarries; and the powder magazine, which supplies the quarries for blasting purposes, and is the property of Messrs. Lanyon and Co., is situated here.




Clergy and Gentry.

Bellamy Franklyn P., Esq.

Coulthard Rev. Thomas, M.A., vicar, The Parsonage

Dixon Mis L., Hillside cottage

Govett Philip William, Esq., Bean haye

Jones Mrs. Paget, Russell house

Jones Rev. Theophilus, M.A. (vicar of Brixton), Elmleigh

Knowles Major William, Oaklands

Mould William Pattison, Esq.

Nutt Richard, Esq., R.N., Park cottage

Potts Mr. Thomas, R.N., Burrow lodge

Shepheard John, Esq., Ashleigh house

Slade-King Edwin, Esq., M.P., Kerswell cottage

Spall Lieut. William, R.A., Fort Stamford

Underhay Samuel Sydney, Esq., Fuzhatts

Trades and Professions.

Dean William, farmer

Dodridge James, smith

Edwards Miss Elizth., farmer, Home farm

Edwards Mrs. Mary, farmer, Pick's farm*6

Edwards William, lime and stone merchant, and manure agent

Govett Philip William, surgeon, and district medical officer, Bean haye

Gould John, baker and shopkeeper

Head Joshua, shopkeeper

Head William Joshua, omnibus proprietor

Hendy John, farmer

Hendy John, blacksmith

Hodge Elias, farmer

Horn Reuben, dairyman

Lugg William, assessor of taxes

Mann Thomas Barnes, "Church House" inn, wheelwright and smith

Mould William Pattison, surgeon

Rendle John, "Bedford" inn

Rowe Herbert William, farmer, Horne

Stanbury John, agent to the Duke of Bedford

Underhay Samuel Sydney, barrister-at-law, Furzhatts, and 2, Middle Temple, London

Wotton Andrew Roger, farmer, Court farm

Wyatt Walter, farmer, Gosewell****


National School - Anthony George, butcher, master*5; Miss Mary Luxton, mistress

Conveyance - Omnibus to Plymouth, from "Church House" inn, Thursday and Saturday, at 10 a.m. - William Joshua Head, proprietor




Scovell Rev. John Frederick, B.A. (curate of Plymstock)

Trades and Professions.

Avery Mrs. Elizabeth, lodgings, Burt's cottage

Pillar James, grocer and coal merchant***

Bayly and Fox, timber merchants and steam saw mills; and at Coxside

Balhatchet Thomas, foreman to Messrs. Bayly and Fox

Barker Thomas, master mariner

Blackler George, marine store dealer

Brooks Richard, baker

Coombs William, carpenter, grocer, and draper

Dean Richard Arthur, baker and grocer

Elford Henry E., butcher and farmer

Holloway Brothers, patent fuel merchants - Samuel Taylor, agent

Hurrell Mrs. Ann, "Old Inn"

Jeffery John, farmer, Quick farm

Jordan Thomas, coaldealer and lessee of ferry

Kingswell Mrs. Mary Ann, "Foresters' Arms"

Pile Mrs. Caroline, "King's Arms"

Skinner Richard, beer retailer

Spencer John, marine store dealer

UNDERHILL GEORGE DAVID, ship and boatbuilder, Oreston.

Wells Mrs. Caroline, shopkeeper

Wills Edwin, limestone and ballast merchant, Oreston Quarries and Quay

Wright William, master mariner


Post Office - William Damerel, sub-postmaster.

Letters from Plymouth arrive at 7.30 a.m.; closes at 5.25 p.m. on week days; Sundays at 12.40 p.m. Plymouth is the nearest money order office.



(Trades and Professions only listed in Directory)

Creber Miss Jenny, shopkeeper

Crispin William, farmer

Edwards John Summerford, yeoman

Gascoyne The Misses Ann and Jane, farmers

Hart Nicholas, "King's Head"

Harvey William Thomas, yeoman

Hendy Edward, farmer, Thorngs Candish*7

Hendy Joseph, farmer, Algers Caudish*7

Parsons Mrs. Sarah and John, farmers

Rowse Mrs. Elizabeth, "Volunteer" inn

Watts John, yeoman, Minges



Clergy and Gentry.

Hughs Mr. George

Hughs John, commander R.N.

Tapson Rev. James John, M.A., The Vicarage

Usborne Alexander Borne, Esq., captain R.N., Whitestock villa

Trades and Professions.

Aggaford John, shoemaker

Bennett John, builder and contractor

BENNETT JOHN HENRY, stone and marble mason, painter, plumber, and glazier, and assistant overseer, Amberly cottages

BURLACE ALFRED, yacht and boatbuilder

Brown John, waterman

Chapman William, waterman

Collis William, pilot

Cullis William, limestone and coaldealer

Darton Isaac, boatbuilder

Dean Abraham, shoemaker

Dean Henry Richard, shoemaker

Doddridge William, "New Inn"

Edwards Mrs. Jane, baker

Frood John, "Shipwrights' Arms"

Glin Edward, pilot

Glinn John H., pilot



Glinn Richard, pilot

Glinn William, pilot

Hart William, coal and limedealer

Hine George, "Castle" inn, Mount Batten

Irving William, waterman

Kelly Mrs. Caroline, shopkeeper

Kelly William, baker and grocer

Moore and Babb, ochre and brick manufacturers

Oats James, master mariner

Pascoe William, waterman

Pinck Mrs. Susan, shopkeeper

Ridway Charles, harbour pilot

Ryder Abraham, "Boringdon Arms"

Tringore John, waterman and shopkeeper

Walke Richard, ship and house carpenter

Wyatt John, waterman


Post Office - Wall Letter Box cleared at 3.45 p.m. Sundays 8.15 a.m.


National School - William Bamkin, master; Mrs. Bamkin, mistress

Infant School - Mrs. Williams, mistress




Bulteel Thomas, Esq.

Glasse Admiral Frederick Henry Hastings, C.B.

Harris Thomas, Esq.

Peters Mr. John James Scott

Underhill Mr. William


Trades and Professions.

Northey William, limeburner



Clergy and Gentry.

Bulteel Francis Feeke, Esq., Thorn cottage

Hare Major William Henry, Retreat

Hart Mr. John, Fanshaw cottage

Hicks Colonel Thomas William, Bellevue

Moggridge Lieut.-Colonel John Yerbury, R.E.

Tapson Rev. James John, M.A., vicar, West Hooe

Trades and Profession.

Beard John, gardener, Higher Hooe

Bennett William, "Royal Oak"

Creed Daniel, shopkeeper

Hart Mrs, Sarah and William, limestone merchants

Hine Philip, farmer, West Hooe Barton

Hughs Mr. George **

Maddock James, baker

Repath Charles, carpenter

Repath Robert, farmer

Repath Robert, tea and fruit gardens, West Hooe

Stephens Andrew, "Victoria" inn


Wall Letter Box cleared at 4 p.m. On Sundays at 9.10 a.m. only.




Rowe Mr. Robert, Blanche House villa


Trades and Professions.

Apter Samuel, culm merchant; h. Plymouth

Eva Peter Halse, manager for Mr. Sparrow, Pomphlett cottage

GOAD J. AND E., limestone and marble quarries - Office: Stonehouse

Jacobs Mrs Elizabeth, shopkeeper

LANG PHILIP, "Morley Arms" hotel and coal merchant, Laira Bridge.

Mitchell William, miller, Pomphlett mill

SPARROW BENJAMIN, limestone and marble quarries - Peter Halse Eva, manager.


Transcript note - h. indicating home address.



Trades and Professions.

Barber Robert and Sons, farmers

Coleman George, blacksmith

Gould Edwin Henry, farmer, "Manor House" inn

Pearse Thomas, farmer, Leyford

Pearse William Barons, farmer, Court gate

Rapson Walter, baker and beer retailer


Post Office - George Coleman, sub-postmaster

Letters from Plymouth arrive at 9 a.m.: dispatched at 4.30 p.m.


Transcript Notes

* Original error. This should read 'Staddiscombe' not 'Haddiscombe'.

** No trade or profession entered.

*** 'Pillar' is listed between the 'A's and 'B's.

**** 'Goosewell' not 'Gosewell'

*5 Should this read ' Anthoney George Butcher, master' - Butcher being the surname?

*6 Also known as 'Peeks'

*7 Should this read 'Candish' not 'Caudish'?




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