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Transcribed from - Morris and Co.'s Commercial Directory and Gazetteer. 1870

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Transcribed by David GALE

Checked by Val HENDERSON


Pages 376 - 378.

  APPLEDORE is a hamlet of Northam parish; and an extensive seaport and market town, which was formed into a separate ecclesiastical district in 1844, in Bideford union, containing, by the census of 1861, 2210 inhabitants; in the deanery of Hartland, archdeaconry of Barnstaple, diocese of Exeter, hundred of Shebbear, North Devonshire, near the confluence of the rivers Taw and Torridge; 1 mile west from Instow Station, and 3 north from Bideford. The vicarage, in the incumbency of the Rev. Edward Reynolds, B.A., is valued at £170 per annum. The church is a neat edifice, dedicated to St. Mary, which was erected on the site of an ancient Roman Catholic Chapel in 1836; it is capable of seating 550 persons. The Baptists, Independents, and Wesleyans have places of worship here. The market days are on Wednesday and Saturday. Salmon and codfish are extensively caught off this part of the coast, and the inhabitants also gather considerable quantities of mussels and cockles on the sands at Braunton, also the seaweed called laver. This place is noted as being the landing place of the Danes, on their invasion of this island under their chieftain Hubba, and on their defeat by King Alfred, that chieftain was killed near this spot, and the Hubblestone rock is stated by some antiquarians to have been his burial place. As a port this place is subsidiary to Bideford. Here is an extensive dry dock, the property of Mr. Yeo, and there is a large quay on the east side of the town.


Clergy and Gentry.

Benson Mr. Thomas B., Dock cottage

Bligh Miss Elizabeth

Brooks Mrs.

Dennis Mr. Thomas

England Mr. John

England Miss

Gardiner Mrs., Odun hall

Hailstone Rev. William G. (Baptist)

Leslie Rev. Thomas J. (Independent)

Pearce Captain Richard, R.N.

Pratt Charles, Esq., M.D.

Reynolds Rev. Edward, B.A., vicar, Staddon house

Reynolds Miss, Odun hall

Williams Mr. Edward

Williams Mrs. W., Myrtle cottage

Yeo William, Esq., Richmond house


Trades and Professions.

Adams William, master mariner

Baker George, auctioneer, accountant, ship and insurance broker, postmaster, Vice-Consul for Norway and Sweden, and agent to the Imperial Fire, Accidental, European and Colonial Insurance offices

Batten Robert, master mariner

Beara Alexander, tailor

Beara Jerome, draper, hosier, and haberdasher

Beara John, ship chandler and brass founder, Quay

Beer John, baker and confectioner

Bennett William, master mariner

Blackmore Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper

Bolt John, master mariner

Boon John, master mariner

Bowden George, mason

Bowden William James, plasterer, grocer, and provision dealer

Branch Edward, master mariner

Braund John, master mariner

Brooks Thomas, master mariner

Burnecle William, ship chandler

Cock John, master mariner

Cock Robert, shipbuilder

Cocks Mrs. Chalotte, maltster, "Tavern"

Cocks John W., farmer, Burners Barzes

Cole Richard, master mariner

Cole William, boot and shoemaker

Cook Alfred, ship and boatbuilder, New Quay

Cook Thomas, rope and block maker, and shipowner

Cox James, master mariner

Cutland William, boot and shoemaker

Darracott Charles, master mariner

Darracott John, shipowner, Odun house

Dart Mrs. Harriet, grocer

Dart John Williams, master mariner

Day Arthur, master mariner

Day John, master mariner

Day William, "Champion of Wales"

De Croix Mrs., shopkeeper

Dunsford John, shipowner

England James, boot and shoemaker

Evans Evan, master mariner

Evans Joseph, master mariner

Evans William, master mariner

Farleigh Richard and Co., grocers and candle manufacturers, and at Barnstaple

Fishwick Fairfax, master mariner

Fishwick John, master mariner

Fishwick and Son, ship chandlers, brokers, shipowners and sail makers

Fursey Samuel, boot and shoemaker

Gammon John, master mariner

Glover Thomas, master mariner

Gorrell John, master mariner

Gowman Philip, mason, "Ship"

Gorvin James, master mariner

Grigg Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper

Guard James, master mariner

Guard Samuel, master mariner

Guard Stephen, master mariner

Guard William, master mariner

Guard Wm., shipowner and coal merchant

Guard Mrs., milliner

Hamlyn Mrs. Grace, grocer and baker

Hamlyn Thomas, shopkeeper

Hamlyn William, master mariner

Hare Henry, master mariner

Hare John, master mariner

Hare Stephen, master mariner

Hare Thomas, master mariner

Harvey Thomas, "The Dock"

Harvey Thomas, master mariner

Harward Lawrence, "Royal Hotel" commercial inn

Haynes William, blockmaker

Heard James, tailor

HEWER JOHN W., grocer and provision dealer

Hinks Henry, yacht and boat builder, and blockmaker

Hocking Richard, master mariner

Hocking Richard, "Swan"

Hobbs Richard, "Unicorn" inn*

Holman Mrs, Mary, shopkeeper

Hookway Richard, master mariner

Hooper James, "Crown and Sceptre"

Hutchings Philip, master mariner

Jenkins Daniel, master mariner

Jenkins Thomas, master mariner

Jewell Benjamin, master mariner

Jewell Thomas, master mariner

Kelley Stephen, master mariner

Kelley William, "Royal George"

Laird Joseph, chemist and druggist

Lamey Bartholomew, master mariner

Lamey Robert, master mariner

Lamey Thomas, master mariner

Lawton Philip, master mariner

Lee John, china, glass, and earthenware dealer

Lemon James, cooper

Lemon Robert, blacksmith

Lemon Thomas, master mariner

Ley Philip, master mariner

Lock William, master mariner

Macullen Mrs. Mary, "Globe"

Marshall Emanuel, shipowner

Marshall John, master mariner

Marshall John, jun., master mariner

Marshall Thomas, master mariner

Martin Henry, master mariner

Matthews Samuel, sailmaker

Miller John, master mariner

Newman Charles, National schoolmaster

Parkhouse George, master mariner

Perry Thomas, master mariner

Pickard William, shipbuilder

Pile Benjamin, master mariner

Popham John, sailmaker

Popham William, master mariner

Prance John, master mariner

Pratt Charles, M.D.

Quance Edward, master mariner

Rapson John, master mariner

Richards Herman, master mariner

Richards Thomas, master mariner

Rodd William, master mariner

Rook Joshua, "Bell" inn

Roper William Henry, Wesleyan schoolmaster

Scilly James, master mariner

Scott James, master mariner

Scott William, master mariner

Screech Robert, master mariner

Screech Samuel, master mariner

Screech Thomas Kelley, master mariner

Screech Thomas, master mariner

Short Edward, master mariner

Short Mrs. Hannah, "Coach and Horses"

Smallbridge Richard, master mariner

Smith Daniel Reardon, master mariner

Smith Owen, master mariner

Sole George, master mariner

Stapleton Henry, master mariner

Stapleton John, master mariner

Stoneman John, master mariner

Swift Clarke, "King's Head"

Swindale John, shipowner

Swindale Miss S., ladies' school, Myrtle cottage

Tamlyn John, master mariner

Tatam William, jun., master mariner

Trick Thomas, master mariner

Tucker William, master mariner

Vanstone James, "Beaver"

Vinson and Son, drapers, and at Bideford

West James, master mariner

WESTALL THOMAS J. H., surgeon dentist, Quay

White Philip, master mariner

White William, "Red Lion"

Wilkinson Robert, master mariner

Williams Edward, master mariner

Williams George, boat builder

Williams Joshua, merchant and shipowner

Williams Richard, master mariner

Williams Sylvanus, master mariner

Williams Thomas, boatbuilder

Williams Thomas, master mariner

YEO THOMAS, builder and contractor, and at Northam. (See advertisement)

Yeo William, merchant and shipowner


Post Office - George Baker, postmaster. Letters from London and the south arrive at 6.20 a.m.; the North Mail at 12.30 p.m.; general dispatch at 7 p.m. Money orders granted and paid, and savings bank business transacted from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


National School — Charles Newman, master

Wesleyan School —Wm. Hy. Roper, master


Water Conveyances.

Passage boats to Bideford, twice daily

Boats to Instow and Braunton, at all times

Transcript notes.

*HOBBS is entered after HOCKING.




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