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My Transcriptions

These are some of the transcriptions of wills, litigation documents, and other primary-source materials that I've prepared. Some of these transcriptions are also posted on RootsWeb, the message boards, or other sites.

Albemarle County, Virginia, "Declaration of Independence," 1779 (numerous surnames)
Will of Richard BRUCE, Albemarle County, Virginia, 1813 (not my ancestor)
Estate records of Benjamin BURGHER (obituary, litigation document, settlement, deeds), Albemarle County, Virginia, 1824-1826 (includes surnames Burgher, Dollins, and Martin in Albemarle County)
Will of Manus BURGER, Albemarle County, Virginia, 1780
Will of Drury CLEMENTS, Albemarle County, Virginia, 1845
Drury CLEMENTS, War of 1812 bounty land file, Albemarle County, Virginia, 1845
Selected documents from Thomas CLEMENTS Revolutionary War pension application file, Fluvanna County, Virginia, 1832
Will of Humfrye COLE, Essex County, England, 1624 (generally believed, but not yet proven, to be my ancestor)
Bill of complaint and answer, DANIEL &c. vs. DANIEL, Spotsylvania County Court of Chancery, Virginia, 1801
Amended bill of complaint, ESTES vs. GOLDING, Spotsylvania County, Virginia, 1823 (Although this document is from Spotsylvania County, most of the people mentioned lived in Orange County.)
Will of John GEORGE, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, 1678
Descendants of Josiah GOODALL of New England, by Wm Washington Walker Goodall, 1908
Selected vital records, GOSLEE/GOSLIN, BROOKS, HOLLISTER, and FOX, Glastonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut, 1693-1771
Bill of Complaint, Reuben M. HARLOW v. Susan E. HARE, Albemarle County, Virginia, 1869
Relinquishment of dower, Elizabeth HENDERSON (widow of Bennett HENDERSON), Shelby County, Kentucky, and Albemarle County, Va., 1815 (apparently not my ancestors) (Although this document is from Kentucky, all of the people mentioned came from Virginia.)
Will of Shadrack HENDERSON, Nelson County, Virginia, 1811
Will of Frederick HYRE (HEYER), York County, Pennsylvania, 1796
Bill of complaint, JACKSON vs. YATES, Admr. of John JACKSON, Albemarle County, Virginia, 1843
Excerpts from Hudson MARTIN Revolutionary War pension application file (not yet proven to be my ancestor or relative)
Will of John MARTIN, Albemarle County, Virginia, 1812
Deed from William H. MARTIN and his wife Sally, to John DOLLINS, Albemarle County, Virginia, 1824
Will of Thomas MAY, Louisa County, Virginia, 1823
Petition of John McLOUD Re: Estate of Charles McLOUD (McCLOUD), Pike County, Illinois, 1868 (Although this document is from Illinois, all of the people mentioned were born in Virginia.)
Will of John MICHIE, Albemarle County, Virginia, 1778 (not my ancestor)
Deed of gift by Patrick MICHIE, Albemarle County, Virginia, 1781 (not my ancestor)
Will of James PATTON, Rockbridge County, Virginia, 1814
Will of Sarah PATTON and accompanying litigation records, Rockbridge County, Virginia, 1841
Will of John ROBERTS, Spotsylvania County, Virginia, 1724
Will of David SEAL, Caroline County, Virginia, 1820 (may or may not be my relative)
Will of John SIMPSON, Culpeper County, Virginia, 1776
Bill of complaint, WALKER vs. SIMS, Orange County Court of Chancery, Virginia, 1836 (relates to the estate of Jeremiah Sims, apparently a brother of one of my ancestors)
Abstracts from William WILLOUGHBY Revolutionary War pension application file
List of Students of Gustav Georg ALLWARDT [my wife's great-grandfather], Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio, 1900-1905 (numerous surnames)

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