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My Direct Ancestors

Visitors to my Web site sometimes ask how I connect to this-or-that surname. This page will help to answer that question. Each of the following links will take you to a pedigree chart on which one of my grandparents is in the first position.

William Franklin SIMPSON, my paternal grandfather

Includes my ancestral surnames Blakey, Clem, Eddins, Garber, George, Harrison, Hyatt, Jones, Kirtley, May, McCloud, Rife, Roberts, Roudabush, Simpson, Sorrell, Walter, Whitzel, and Willoughby

Mildred Alice SEAL, my paternal grandmother

Includes my ancestral surnames Bartlet, Bell, Breeden, Brooks, Dadisman, Daniel, Estes, Fox, Garrott, Gaylard, Golding, Goodall, Goslee, Heier, Hollister, Jarrell, Jenkins, Lamb, Lillard, Marshall, Mayes, McDaniel, Pollard, Seal, Shackleford, Sims, Smith, Tanner, Treat, and Weakley

Percy Wilbur KIRBY, my maternal grandfather

Includes my ancestral surnames Burgher, Dollins, Henderson, Kirby, Martin, and Taylor

Mary Thelma WADE, my maternal grandmother

Includes my ancestral surnames Bailey, Bowls, Clements, Durham, Field, Gay, Graves, Grayson, Hensley, Humphrey, Ireland, Jackson, Johnson, Martin, Miller, Patton, Smith, Suddarth, Thacker, Tomlin, Toms, Wade, Witt, and Yancey

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This page was last updated on February 20, 2015.