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Getting Mary: Pictures from Our Trip to China

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A street scene in Beijing. The streets in the capital are fully as modern as those in any U.S. city.

The volume of Beijing's traffic is also comparable to that of any chronically congested U.S. city.

Bicycles lined up on a Beijing sidewalk. Bikes are still more common here than in U.S. cities.

A building on the edge of Tiananmen Square. (If anyone can tell me which building this is, please send me an e-mail.)

Left to right: The prettiest visitor to Tiananmen Square on May 15, 2005; someone else who also came.

A monument on Tiananmen Square. Three (live) soldiers were standing just to the right of this monument. I walked up to them, pointed to my camera and then to the soldiers, and one of them shook his head. I didn't argue.

More pictures taken on the same day are here.

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