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"Honor Roll"

Some Sites by Individual Researchers that Reflect
a Strong Commitment to Primary Sources

This "honor roll" is a supplement to my page regarding the importance of relying on primary sources in genealogy, and of citing your sources. The criteria for inclusion are--

  • web sites created by individuals researching their own genealogy or a certain surname or group of people
  • containing only (or almost only) connections that are reasonably supported by primary sources
  • including references to the primary sources and other evidence relied upon
  • generous inclusion of transcriptions and abstracts from primary sources
  • if (a few) unproven connections are included, clearly labeling them as such
  • some connection to the geographical areas of my genealogical interest
As this list is a work in progress, I may modify these criteria from time to time, in the course of encountering the infinite variety of genealogical web sites.

Free African Americans of Virginia, North Carolina,
South Carolina, Maryland and Delaware

Nehemiah Hundley Researchers: Documenting the ancestors
and descendants of Nehemiah HUNDLEY

Marty and Karla Grant - Genealogy

Virginians - The Family History of John W. Pritchett

Shifflett Family Genealogy

The Yancey Family Surname Resource Center

By including only sites created by individuals researching their own genealogy, or a certain surname or group of people, I do not wish to discount the enormous value of other sites -- both free and commercial -- devoted to posting images, transcriptions, and abstracts of primary sources. Some such sites are listed on my page of genealogy links. Among these are the (free, user-contributed) transcriptions on USGenWeb and the (for-pay) census images and indices at

The purposes of this "honor roll" are to encourage the use and citation of primary sources in genealogy, to provide examples of doing so, and to encourage individual genealogists to create good web sites. I do not pretend to be an expert in the proper citation of sources or the adequate documentation of connections.

If you'd like to suggest a site for inclusion (your own or someone else's), please send me an e-mail (delete NOSPAM before sending).

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This page was last updated on October 22, 2013.