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Resources for Adoption from China

Adopting internationally is a long and sometimes bewildering process. Here are some of the Web sites that I found particularly helpful.

The Adoption Process

A Helping Hand Adoption Agency This is the agency that we used for our Chinese adoption. They are one of the smaller agencies, but the personnel were very professional, patient, and helpful.
China Adoption Referral and Age Graphs compilation of data showing waiting-time-to-referral, etc., for parents adopting from China
Personal China Adoption Stories a list of links to various families' adoption stories, maintained by an adoptive parent

China and the Chinese Language

Map of China Provinces and Major Cities the best maps of China that I've found on the Web, courtesy of Muztagh Travel (This site has the only map of Guangdong Province I could find that includes our daughter's birth place, Lianjiang!) On-line Chinese Tools the best resource I have found for looking up Chinese words, etc.
Vocabulary Cards for China-adoptive Travelers offers a set of cards with various common Chinese words and phrases, including the Chinese characters, Pinyin transliterations, simple phonetics, and English translations; also offers a CD with recordings of a native speaker saying each word and phrase on the cards
The Beijing Guide good general China travel site, with a cool applet that speaks each number in Chinese, 1 through 10, when you click on the number
Mandarin Lessons excellent site with many sound files, including a "Mandarin Sound Chart"
Learn Chinese Characters cool site that provides the etymologies of Chinese characters, allowing you to learn the root meanings of your daughter's Chinese name!

Other Travel Aids

PandaPhone: China Cell Phone Rental company that offers short-term cell phone rental in China; rates look reasonable compared to other services that I have researched

Other Resources

Research-China offers to locate your daughter's "finding ad" in China -- the local newspaper ad in which the orphanage advertises the finding of the child (no money owed unless/until the ad is found)

All of the above links are provided for information only. A link to a site does not constitute an endorsement of that site, or of any products or services that may be available on the site.

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