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The 1910 Census Showing the Denison Family


The original microfiche for the 1910 census, at least on the page with information on the Denison family, was of very poor quality. It is nearly impossible to read the headings or the information about the family.

As much explanation as possible is given with the images.

1910 Census Headings

Blank 1910 Column Headings

There are 32 columns in the 1910 census, and on the original census forms, the column headings are nearly impossible to decipher. Included here is a blank 1910 Census form showing only the headings.

After studying the original 1910 Census headings, it appears that this blank 1910 Census form incorporates a loose translation of the original headings.

For example, the third column of the blank form simply reads "Name of each person whose place of abode on 15 April 1910 was with this family". The original verbiage read, "Name of each person whose place of abode on 15 April 1910 was with this family. Enter surname first, then the given name and middle initial, if any. Include every person living on April 15, 1910. Omit children born since April 15, 1910".

Another difference between the blank form and the original appears to be an awkward translation. Column 10 on the blank form reads "Mother of how many children". On the original form, column 10 says, "How many children. Number born".

The blank form headings, as liberally translated as they are, capture the essence of the original column headings.

Click here to see the blank 1910 column headings in a larger format.

The 1910 Census Showing the Denison Family, Columns 1 - 12

Notice that the first numbered column (column 1) does not actually start until the fourth physical column. The three columns that come before what is labeled "column 1" have to do with the census page number, the street and the house number. In the original census, the census taker vertically scribed "On South River Road" in the "Street" column.

Closeup of "On South River Road Transcription"

Viewing a closeup of the original shows this transcription better than the full image. The very legible writing is that of the author. The original census taker's pen is to the left of the author's transcription.

Author's notes can also be seen in pencil surrounding the Denison family names - the line numbers (or page numbers?) that correspond to the census form (beginning at line 14 with John E. Denison), the translation of the census taker's recording of middle initials for Fannie and Bruce, (which were recorded incorrectly by the census taker) and the name of the nearest neighbor, "Hite", following the Denison family listing.

Page numbers and house numbers are not legible in either image (the author was able to discern from the original microfiche that the "Page Number" began at line 14 for John E. Denison).

Columns 1 - 12 tell us the names of the family members living on South River Road in 1910 - Elliott (Age is listed as what looks like 57. however, since Elliott was born in 1858, he would have actually be 52 at this census.), Fannie (age 45), Warren (age 16) , Harry (age 21), Hugh (age 20) , Bruce (age 10) and Emory (age 5). Fannie and Elliott have been married for 22 years - all the boys are single. Fannie tells the census taker that the number of children born to her was 7 (column 10). Column 11, "Number of children alive now", is not legible, but it should read 6. Column 12 asks for the place of birth for "This Person" and "Viginia" is recorded. Conjecture is that "This Person" would probably be head of household or, in this case, Elliott.

The 1910 Census, Columns 13 - 16

Columns 13 and 14 ask for the birthplace of the father and mother (taken from the blank column headings form). On the original 1910 Census, the column headings are cut off, but "this person" is visible. Possibly these columns are asking for the birthplace of the father and mother of the head of household. In both cases, "Virginia" is recorded.

Column 15 asks for the "Year of Immigration". Column 16 inquires if "Naturalized or alien?" On the 1910 census form, these columns are left blank.

The 1910 Census, Columns 17 - 32

Column 17 inquires about the language that is spoken in the family. English is listed for the entire family. Column 18 asks about the occupation of each individual. The author was able to interpret from the original microfiche that Elliott's occupation was that of farmer and it is pencilled in on the form (all other pencil entries are also that of the author). The occupations listed for the rest of the family are not readable. All in the household are able to read and write, except Emory, who is only 5 years old.

Column 29 asks for the "Number of Farm Schedule". Elliott lists his as "189". The older boys, Harry and Hugh, also have an entry in this column (6 and 15, respectively), however, columns 30 - 32 also have numbers entered for Harry and Hugh. These columns ask "Whether a survivor of Union/Confederate" (30), "Blind both eyes" (31), "Deaf and Dumb" (32). The meaning of the numerical entries in these last three columns is quite a mystery.