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Providing a centralized location for researching Vaden Ancestry
Other Spellings Include (Please let me know of other variations)
Vadin, Vaiden, Vaudin, Vodin, Voden, and possibly Fodin and Foden

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Welcome to The Vaden Family Research Center.

My name is Charlie Vines and I am the administrator of this website. I am not a direct descendant of Delaney Dodson "D. D." and Mickey Austin "Micha" (Blankenship) Vaden.

I began researching her family in about 1998. I was able to trace her line back to D. D. but then hit a roadblock. I then began researching the Vaden family at large hoping to break down the roadblock. Although I have met many Vadens over the years and added many Vadens to my database, I still have not found the connection of her family to the larger Vaden family.

Feel free to explore as much and as long as you like.


The purpose of the Vaden Family Research Center is to provide a centralized location for storing or linking information that is related to the Vaden family.

Why such a focus? Good question. I have found in my research that there are Vaden`s in multiple countries, states within the U.S.A. and in multiple counties within each state. Then there are wills, obituaries, cemeteries, photos, biographies, census, etc all over the web. My goal in developing the Vaden Family Research Center is to provide a place where data from all over the internet (and other sources) can be linked, thus saving the researcher time in his/her research. Also, if the reader desires, he/she can contribute information to this site. All contributions will be properly sourced.

Please understand that I have not been able to verify all of the information that is found on this website. I try to verify data from new contributers as well as I can.  Once I become somewhat convinced that their research is basicly sound, I will contribute their work more freely.  Even then there are changes for errors in all research (mine included).  ---PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, VERIFY. ---

The reader is welcome to challenge any information found on this website. However, to do so, the reader MUST provide sources to support his/her claims. The webmaster has the final decision on whether data is modified. If I choose to keep what is already online in this site, I will usually add the challenge to the site if it is logical and sourced.  This will allow all visitors to determine for themselves what is accurate.


The reader will notice two "Surnames" links above. The first link is an old file with data collected over the years. The second link is to a new database that I am building. I have found errors in my work that I wish to correct, plus I want to reformat my data. Thus, the rework. The first link will no longer be updated. All updates and new additions will be in the new site.


I considered starting my own query board here, but decided not to. There are two online query sites on Rootsweb that can be used. They are The Vaden Family Message Board and The Vaden Family Mailing List. I recommend both, but my preference is the
The Vaden Family Mailing List.  Postings to the Message Board are also added to the Mailing List. With the mailing list, the subscriber will receive notification of all postings to the list. 

Please let me know if the reader is aware of another source of posting queries that you think is worth considering.


Participation can occur in five ways:
1. To inform me of errors in the data posted (please provide sources; "Because I said so" is not good enough).
2. To provide additional information on a person or family.
3. To contribute your family`s information to this project.
4. To contribute date in any category above.
5. Provide sources that provide additional support for information. For example, if a person tells me that he/she saw some information in an obituary, I would state that the source is that person. If a person sends me a copy of the obituary, I would list the obituary as the source and state that the obituary was provided by that person.

Data will not be considered that is not sourced.  As well as being an ameteur genealogiest, I am a family historian; therefore, I am interested in verifiable information. I give due credit for all information provided.

Enjoy your visit and 'ya'll come back now, ya hear'

Charlie Vines is the webmaster for this site. If you would like to make a contribution, add additional information, inform me of possbile data errors, please email him here:

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