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Mary Jane Beghtel with Mable Miller Baker at their
home. It is second house from railroad across from
where Kratzer Barber Shop was.
Mary Jane Beghtel in front of their house which is located
just north of post office on same side of the street
Oliver Farm House
Located east of Urbana - first house past Lu Olivers home
on same side of street.
Ralph and Lu Beghtel Olivers Home
Home to Mary and Tom Oliver first lived in House then
Ralph and Lu moved in about 1924. Last house in Urbana
east on Mill on north side of road. Next to it is ffeld and
then the Oliver Farm House.
Where the Beghtels and Olivers Lived
Home of Monce and Gertie Lautzenhiser Begthel
Located on corner of 500 and Highway 13