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Unfortunately the Urbana School was torn down. The first school was built in 1884
with 2 rooms and 2 stories and in 1891 an addition of 2 more rooms. The above
school was done in 1910 with a renovation in 1928.

This is the Urbana Basketball Song:

On Urbana, On Urbana bring that ball right down,
First a pass and then a dribble,
Baskets sure are fine. Rah! Rah! Rah!

On Urbana, On Urbana, fight on for her fame,
Fight fellows, Fight! Fight! Fight!
We'll win this game!

Urbana School Class of 1903

Names written on back of picture:

Horatio Fruchour
Nellie Dustman Printy
Ralph H. Oliver (to the right of Nellie)
Merle Shuler
Paul Speicher

Back of this photo style post card says Genevee Oliver 2nd grade. This should make
the date about 1915. Genevee Oliver is from the right, first on second row. Mark
Beghtel is ffifth from right on back row. Anna Speicher is the teacher. Unfortunately
the corner has been torn and lost. .

Back of this post card says "I'm in the fourth grade. Miss Kennedy is my teacher -
Genevee Oliver" This would make this from about 1917. Genevee Oliver is on
front row - third from right - in white blouse.

Back of post card says "Genevee Oliver - Urbana, Ind 7th grade - Taken Sept. 1920"
Genevee is first on second row on right in the white dress. Kenneth Dawes is third boy
from left, second row, wearing dark shirt and back tie.

Helene Oliver Neff with class in 1935

Front Row
Bobbie Abshire
Eldon Biehl
Jackie Bramlett
Donald Haupert
Harold Hiner
John Gaston
John Smith

Second Row
Jane Beghtel
Jane Ziner
Martha Schlinkman
Joan Grandstaff
Mary Margaret Driscoll
Betty Tucker
Doris Chamberlain
Mary Ann Hoover

Third Row
Phillis Pauling
Jean Lautzenhizer
Anne Lee Baer
Ruth Stauffer
Charlene Niccum
Alice Miller
??? Black
Willis Haupert
Charles Conrad

Beghtel Oliver Home