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Hulda Brembeck, Mertie or
Bertie Speicher and
Lulu Beghtel Oliver
Mr & Mrs. John Hull
Claude, Jake, Susie Bowers
Ossie Miller
Harper Waugh
Johnathan & Mary Hornaday Harter Hillegas
People We Know
(Or at least think we do)
Most of these pictures were from a photo album that I
always thought was the Olivers who lived around
Hopewell but now I am not sure. I have included the
pictures that my grandmother wrote names under. I
wished she had done more. Maybe there will be some
you recognize.
Taken at Silver Lake June 20, 1923
Gib Weesener, Helen Russell, Kenneth Dawes, Genevee Oliver,
Tom Meyer, Eliner Starz

Seated left to right - Jacob Beghtel, wife Mary Jane Rousey, son Monce
May Beghtel Bradley, Myrtle Beghtel Kratzer, Edith Beghtel Smith, Lulu Beghtel Oliver

Five Generations
Maleatha Crouch Rousey left of her daughter, Mary
Jane Rousey Beghtel, May Beghtel Bradley,
standing and her daughter Miriam Bradley
Lulu Rice