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The Cyclone Manufacturing Company workers taken May 31, 1939 by Lulu White.

Herman Miller, wearing cap
Donald Pretorius, in front of Herman
Person behind post not named
Norman Stanton in doorway
Philip Burnsworth along banister
Eugene Howard along banister
Omar Morris, wearing cap
Edith Wilhelm
Ella Yentes
Helen Ziner
Cecile Book
Jeanette Beghtel, below Omar
Mildred Pottenger
Frank Baker
Ruth Miller
Harry Miller
Arnold Yentes
Merle Monce
Wylie Howard
Pepper Martin
Carl Grandstaff
John Bishop
Carl Yentes
Myr Deal
Rupert Monce
Lawrence Koch
Paul Koch
Fred Pauling
John Lautzenhiser
Frank Crumley
Roy Young, behind car
George Winebrenner
Verne Zook
Paul Stoops
Arnold Frantz in window
Mark Beghtel
Elmer Floyd
Charles Rumph
Bill Bramlett
Dave Holycross
Walter Hansing
Paul Burton
Jesse Devers
Paul Pretorius, behind Jesse
Ernest Harrel
Derwood Duhamel
Herman Harrel

A poem about the Cyclone employees by Jean Yentes


The Seeder first comes to us;
So absolutely bare.
We have to get it down the line
To ship, who knows where.

Cora comes and works with us,
A few hours every day.
She loves this place so much you see
She cannot stay away.

Willy bores the little holes,
That is when she's not pressing.
When she is, we all jump in,
And man ! is that distressing

Josie adds a brand new throat,
An eyelet and direction.
When she`s done, she eyes her job
With pride and much affection.

Helen takes over the Seeder now,
And slaps on a lever and spring.
Deeply engrossed in her work; that girl
Is really doing her thing

Whoever is in the vicinity.
Takes the hammer and stamps the side,
Neatly places the holdback on,
Adds a wingnut and a slide.

Peggy attacks the Seeder next,
With a plate and lots of guts.
If the blamed ole thing don`t fit just right,
She screams and hollers -"NUTS"

Marie sits on the opposite side,
She squirms and wiggles a-plenty.
Finding cracks from across the room1
You see, she has twenty~twenty.

Libby and Jean, with staple guns ready
Attach the Seeders and fasten the sacks.
When they are done for the day, you can hear them say,
"Oh, our aching backs I"

Sandy loves her job, it's a known fact
She puts on the gear that makes everything spin.
I saw her get real mad once tho,
I think her gears were wearing thin.

Alta adds the U-bearing
And oils up the fan.
She gives it a pull, a push and a twist,
Til it runs as free as it can.

Gene has the very last job of all,
The crank she puts on with zest.
She given it a turn and checks it out,
We`ve just finished the world`s very best.

Bob puts it in it carton now
To send to far off places.
He staples it shut and stacks it,
Then belches in our faces.

All this time our faithful boss
Doris is her name.
Tries to keep this group intact.
By playing the whole darn game.

Your Comrade In Chaos
Jean Yentes

Early employees of the Cyclone Seeder Company. Verd Rousey is on
right end in white shirt.

Early employees of the Cyclone Seeder Company. Taken in front of
the doors of the original factory building. No date on picture.

Front row:
Verd Rousey
Walter Hansing (?)
Harold Speicher
Second Row
Keith Kratzer
Lulu Rice
D.E. Speicher
May be Lulus sister Florence