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User Guide for Uploading Genealogy Program Data to the Web
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     If you have your family data on your computer in a Genealogy Program, you can export it into a GEDCOM file and upload it (free) to

     By placing a hypertext link in the NOTES field of an individual (who appears in both your dataBase and another online dataBase), anyone reading your online dataBase can easily view the current version of the other dataBase (w/o your having to constantly update your dataBase with the other person's info). I have found this is especially useful for linking the various branches of my family (w/o creating an excessively large single dataBase) and, also, for cross-referencing information within a single dataBase.


<.a href="">DISPLAY.TEXT<./a>.  Do not use any spaces in this line of text.

   (use "<a" not "<.a", and "</a" not "<./a" when typing the link, the "dot" is used here so your computer will display what I typed, and not convert it to hypertext).
(1) Replace NAME with the "User Code" name of your database
(2) Replace IRIN with "I", followed by the "Record Identification Number" (from your dataBase) of the individual you are linking to
    (If linking to a dataBase that is already online, the portion of the hyperlink that should be in "quotes", can be copied from the address bar of your browser when viewing the individual online).
(3) Replace DISPLAY.TEXT with the text you wish the reader to see in underlined blue type.


(1) GOTO:
(2) Type in a name & password for your online dataBase
(3) click on the "Advanced" tab; DO NOT use "Standard" when FIRST creating the dBase
(4) Fill-in the mostly self-explanatory fields
     9) thru 12) and 20) should be as large as possible
     Check "Yes" in 17) to allow you to use hypertext links to other individuals in the same dataBase or, to individuals in other dataBases (such as mine or other branches of your family)
     Select "Full" in 19) "User Gedcom Download"
     Select "No" in 25) & 27)
     Select "Living" in 28) & 29) "Remove Sources & Notes"

     It is OK to select "Upload/Update" at the bottom - even if you have not selected a GEDCOM in field 22) above; this will simply create an empty dataBase for you, and reserve the "User Code" you selected as a file name.

     ** Anytime you update your Genealogy Program on your home computer. you can export a fresh GEDCOM file and upload it over the old one - no need to do updates online.

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