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        County Line Changes in Vermont
        Area Town Histories
        Old Maps
        Old Newspapers
        Old Photos
        History of the Photograph & "Carte de Visite"s
        Local Families
                [A], [B], [C], [E], [F], [G], [H], [J], [K], [L], [M], [N], [P], [Q], [R], [S], [U], [V], [W], [Y]
        Library Catalogues
        Area Ministers
        Revolutionary War Pensioners:
        Civil War Veterans
        Vital Records
        Bible References
        Other Resources and Libraries; - including free genealogical books

        The old classic, "I'm My Own Grandpa" - words, music, and cartoon video

    I began genealogy in the 1980s with pen & paper on family group sheets and index cards; then, started using a wordprocessor to tabulate my index. Later, I discovered a photo scanner would allow me to transmit my gravestone photos to distant relatives.
    When my 3-ring notebooks became too voluminous to carry, I began to dataBase them, and post online, for my own use when at distant libraries; but, soon found others had a use for my data, so made it public.
    That is the origination of these pages - I hope you find them helpful.

[Upper Conn River Home Page]