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Numerical Transcript of the
Powers Cemetery, Daniels Farm Rd, Wheeler Hill,
Waterford, Caledonia County, Vermont, USA

earliest birth recorded in this cemetery: Judith, wife of Parker Carr, b. 1750a - d. Mar 11 1827
oldest inscription in this cemetery: John, son of John & Betsey Carr, b.& d. Nov 28 1815
most recent inscription in this cemetery: Mary Brown b. 1806a - d. July 09 1874
total inscriptions in this cemetery: 30 + 22 foot/fieldstones
Transcribed 1980 by Eugenia Powers (1913-1985)
databased 2008 by Robert Goss
verified & updated 2008
by me.
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          Stones are oriented so the deceased will be facing the rising sun in the east on resurrection day, with the lettering on the west side of the stones and east side of the footstones - so they may be read w/o stepping on the grave. The cemetery, however, is oblong and oriented at right angles to the road, about a 30 degree angle from the rows.
          It is located between 1304 & 1354 Daniels Farm Road. To reach this cemetery from St Johnsbury, turn off US Rt 2 at the traffic light by Cumberland Farms & go up the hill (Concord Ave which becomes Daniels Farm Rd at the town line) past the radio station and bear right where Higgins Hill Rd bears left; the cemetery is 3.2 mi from the traffic light or 2.6 mi from the Higgins Hill turn. It is in the trees up a steep bank, across the road from the old Harold Jacques place, and is behind the farm which was owned by the Wheeler and Powers families at an early date, and more recently, by Mrs Jacques' parents, the Prues. The farmhouse has been town down sometime since 1980; and gravestones may been seen from the road.
          From Waterford, turn off Vt Rte 18 onto the road to the Waterford School (Duck Pond Road), go 1.6 mi and then right onto Daniels Farm Road, go another 1.3 mi. The cemetery is on the right
          This cemetery is little cared for with some justification, since the terrain is difficult; the gate is gone and the fence nearly so. The trees have provided the stones some protection from weathering and the lettering remains clear and the real beauty of the design of the letters is easy to see. Eugenia had intended to add more to this cemetery's history, but died before completing the task.
          She left a note: "C.P. near wall. Several things require another visit to this cemetery to check. Comparison with the 1919 Cemetery Transcription Record Book is necessary also. The lower part of the cemetery is rough and hillocky and may have other graves in it."

NOTE:  a slash "/" indicates the end of a line of engraving on the gravestone.
       blue Stone #s indicate gs sketched or photographed - click to view.
       DOBs followed by an "a" are calculated from the DOD on the stone minus the AGE on the stone.
       italics indicate the info is from other vital or town records; but, not actually on the stone.

LastName FirstName Maiden DOB DOD Spouse/Parents Add'l Info
PW+0.0       Large depression in a sort of terrace below Row 1, contains a 2-ft square flat rock, possibly contains unmarked graves, is simply part of the terain, or once contained graves that have been moved.
PW+1.0       Small terrace just below the line of stones part way up the hill, cannot tell if this terrace contains unmarked graves or is simply landscaping that goes with row #2.
PW+2.0       Stones #2.1 thru #2.4 have been set in a common cement base; all but 2.4 have broken off just above the cement. Their pieces now (2008) lay just behind the cement base.
Farwell Emily   1/07/1830a 1/28/1830 dau of Henry & / Mary Farwell/ died Jan _ / 1830 / AE 3 we__. Soapstone with bulge top, 10" wide & 18" high, urn in the bulge but no willow, square with X fills in the shoulder space; there is a matching 4" wide footstone for this grave (in 2008 it is leaning against the back of #2.4; 12" tall from break to top). The headstone is in 3 pieces & parts missing. While all that remains of the name is "FARW__", it is obviously "Farwell" like other stones in the group. Day of month when died is gone and is taken from the 1919 transcript in the town vault. There is no Vital Record for her birth or death at Waterford.
Farwell Sara   5/__/1820a 11/14/1831 Daughter of Henry and Mary Farwell AE 11 yrs 6 mos. This stone was not broken in 1980 and probably was nearly an exact match for #2.1. Soapstone with bulge top, square with X in shoulder corners, urn in bulge with curtain effect on either side and a wavy band around the top of the bulge, no footstone; 27 inches tall. It is now (2008) broken off thru age, just above cement base.
PW+2.3 Farwell Benjamin   1807a 1/01/1832 son of Henry and Mary Farwell AE 24 yrs. Soapstone, 38" tall, with bulge top and Xs in the shoulder corners and border band across stone beneath. Urn in bulge with willow with solid 'plumey' branches, no footstone. The stone has been broken and was bolted to iron bands to hold it together. The bolts have broken out of the stone at the bottom, but remain attaching the iron bands to the top part; which stands (1980) leaned against the lower part of the stone; which now (2008) lays behind the cement base.
PW+2.4 Farwell Eliza   1805a 12/30/1834 dau. / of Henry & / Mary Farwell "/ died dec 30 / 1834 / AE 29 yrs"; "dec" is spelt with a lower case "d". Stone is a duplicate of #2.3. Stone has been mended with iron bands and bolts, like #2.3, but there has been no further breakage (1980), although (in 2008) a crack has formed running vertically along the line of carrage bolts; this stone is the only one of the group that is still standing in 2008.
PW+2.5 Farwell Mary   1785 1871 dau. of Joseph Bonett and Tamma (nee) Johnson This and #2.6 are alike and are probably replacements for earlier stones that were destroyed [although stones of this type & timeframe are seen in McIndoes, -ed]. They are rough granite blocks, with lettering on polished top surface, 12" by 22", rough sides 14" high and common cement base. In 1980 graves #2.5 & #2.6 were being visited regularly, Mrs Jacques did not recall the name, only that it was not "Farwell".
PW+2.6 Farwell Henry F.   1774 1861 son of / Timothy and Sarah P. / Farwell  
PW+3.1 P. C.         A footstone with the initials "C. P."; [found in 2008 leaning against a tree just behind #5.1 (Cindrulla Page) -ed].
PW+3.2   fieldstone         3 fieldstones sticking up out of the ground, arranged in such a way that they appear to mark graves. No inscriptions.
PW+3.3   fieldstone         3 fieldstones sticking up out of the ground, arranged in such a way that they appear to mark graves. No inscriptions.
PW+3.4   fieldstone         3 fieldstones sticking up out of the ground, arranged in such a way that they appear to mark graves. No inscriptions.
PW+3.5   flat stone   A flat stone lying on the ground on a leveled space (1980) [lying on the upper slope of a depressed rectangular area 12' wide by 8' -ed]. The level space is large enough to be a lot. The stone lies in the upper right corner and could possibly mark the upper corner of the lot, might once have been standing, and tipped onto its face [too thick and heavy to lift by myself -ed].
PW+3.6       This marks a squarish bed of moss which appears to be growing on a very solid surface, like a flat stone. Is this bed of moss covering a fallen gravestone of the type used in the late 1830s and 1840s? The land drops away sharply toward the fence, suggesting that it might be the edge of a graded up lot.
PW+4.1 C. J.         "J. C.", footstone to #5.2, Judith Carr
PW+4.2   footstone         White Marble footstone to #5.3, no initials.
PW+4.3   footstone         Dark stone, footstone to #5.4, no initials.
PW+4.4   fieldstone         not slate but layered.
PW+4.5   fieldstone         footstone to grave #4.6.
PW+4.6   fieldstone         This stone marks the head of the grave.
PW+4.7             Footstone marked O P C.; Oscar P Cheney #5.10
PW+5.0       A the south end of row 5 are several flat shisty-slate stones, footstone in size, laying along what was once the fence line; wallstones or markers?.
PW+5.1 Page Cindrulla   1/08/1809a 10/17/1836 Wife of / Phineas Page AE 27 yrs 9 mo / & 9 ds. A dark soapstone with square top, 44" tall, urn in center with willows on both sides, has portal pillars with willows standing on them, circular inscription space with verse space below but no verse; footstone (3.1 on map).
PW+5.2 Carr Judith Mrs   1751a 3/11/1837 wife of / Parker Carr in her 86 year: Soapstone, 30" tall, bulge top with urn and single willow, wavy border design at top of bulge. Squares with Xs in shoulders, no portal pillars, no verse space. Matching footstone "J.C." (#4.1) leaning against tree.
PW+5.3 Carr Ruth Osgood 3/22/1795a 8/15/1870 wife of / Capt. John P. Carr AE 75 yrs 4 mos / 24 dys. Marble with low angle top, about 30" tall; originally taller, as it is sunken up to the line design under the inscription; has incised name band with backgound design. Matching footstone (#4.2).
PW+5.4 Carr John P.   1784a 11/15/1847   Veteran's flag (War of 1812?). AE 63. Plain dark slate stone, has border around it, border is a double line with a wavy line between, nothing else on it except the inscription. Matching footstone (#4.3).
PW+5.5 Carr Betsy Mrs   1787a 9/05/1830 wife of Mr. / John P. Carr died Sept 5 / 1830 / in the 44 year / of her age. Soapstone, 27" tall, square top, design panel at top, has fans in the two upper corners and urn and willow in the center, lower corners of design panel are filled in with finials of the two outside pillars of the portal design. The urn stands over the center pillar. Portions of all three pillars show at the top and bottom of lower part of the stone. The inscription area is a square panel, superimposed on the pillars. This was John Carr's first wife who was the mother of the children buried here.
PW+5.6 Carr Drusilla   1807a 7/24/1827 daughter of John / and Betsy Carr in the 21 year / of her age. Stone is exactly like #5.5 (her mother's) and might have been erected at the same time.
PW+5.7 Carr John   11/28/1815a 11/28/1815 son of John P. / & Betsy Carr aged 2 hours. A small slate stone; has a top border of overlapping "O"s, forming a rope design; and a side border of dashes; 16" tall by 11" wide. A very black slate similar to the slate used in the Charles Hill cemetery; matching footstone.
PW+5.8   shaped stone         This is a stone with a shaped top, barely sticking out of the ground. Shape is a low bulge and is regular enough to be a headstone. Ground in front is a bed of broken shisty-shale; if there was ever an inscription, it has flaked off.
PW+5.9 Carr Drusilla   11/16/1827a 1/31/1856 dau of / J. P. & Betsy Carr. / AE. 28 y'rs 2 mo's / & 15 d's. "Sister, thou wast mild and lovely. / Gentle as the summer breeze, / Pleasant as the air of evening / When it floats among the trees." A black slate monolith with no design; same material as #5.4; this material does not seem to weather, so these stones almost look new. There is a thin piece of slate against the front, below groundline, but the stone is not broken. The first Drusilla in the family was b.ab.1806 & d.1827 (#5.6). This Drusilla must have been born about Nov 16 1827 only a few months after the death of the first Drusilla. Judging from Betsy's stone, she was about 20 when the first Drusilla was born, so that could well have been her first child. The verse suggests that a brother or sister erected the stone--- although the same verse appears on an 1839 stone in Olde StJ Ctr Cem--- Her father was dead and her step-mother may have gone to her own relatives.
PW+5.10 Cheney Oscar P.     2/07/1843 son of Elias [3d] / & Mary Ann / Cheney / died / Feb 7 1843 / AE 5 mo. The stonemaker ran out of space and the "7 18" (in Feb 7 1843) get steadily smaller than the other figures, with "43" half the size as "Feb". Soapstone with square top--- top design panel has urn in center, no willow, blank side panels-- stands 16" out of the ground and is located between two trees; footstone (#4.7)
  Grandson of the Elias whose stone is next to his.
  Also, on his parents' monument at Mt Pleasant Cem in St Johnsbury, is the memorial line: "Oscar Infant Son". Either he was moved with his parents and the old stone left behind; OR he is still buried in Waterford and the parents' monument merely memorializes him. Mt Pleasant Cem records may clear this up.
PW+5.11 Cheney Elias [Jr] Mr   1785a 12/16/1810 his wife was Nancy Carr - m. Cabot, Vt "Mr. Elias Cheeny / killed by the fall / of a tree Dec 16 / 1810 Aet 25 ~{ wound / When suden Death calls & / the living tremble at the sound.". An unusual primative stone (sunburst with 12 petals), different from any other yet seen in town. Not slate, but seems to be local stone, has fine line letters--- 22" high and 16" wide, between two trees-- footstone reads, "E. C.".  Note: mispelling of surname and 'sudden' on the stone. The spelling, "Cheeny", is also repeated on the deed to his son's lot at Mt Pleasant Cem. in St Johnsbury, even tho that stone reads, "Cheney".
PW+5.12   fieldstone         leaning against opposite side of the tree to left of Elias Cheney.
PW+5.12a   hollow         The large hollow on the map is big enough for a lot. Was this lot emptied and the bodies moved elsewhere???
PW+5.13   fieldstone         A heavy fieldstone sticking out of the ground (edgewise) under a tree, not in line with the others.
PW+5.14   fieldstone         A fieldstone protruding edgewise from the ground.
PW+6.1 Brown Mary         Although the bottom of her fallen stone extends to here, the slot-base is at the south end of row 8, next to the fence, q.v. #8.0.
PW+6.2   fieldstone         A fieldstone with a rounded top.
PW+6.3   fieldstone         A fieldstone, flat top, set in edgewise.
PW+6.4   fieldstone         A fieldstone.
PW+6.5   hollows         There are a number of hollows which seem to be in line with these stones.
PW+7.0   hollows         There are a number of hollows in this row indicating graves. The marked graves are near the righthand end of the row, toward the back fence.
PW+7.1   fieldstones         Two fieldstone markers about one foot wide, spaced to indicate the head and foot of a grave.
PW+7.1-1/2   fieldstone         Fieldstone with shaped top here, not on Eugenia's map.
PW+7.2a Woods Ebenezer   10/19/1790a 12/20/1865   Veteran's flag (War of 1812?; militia?; not listed in "Vt Roster of Soldiers in War of 1812"). AE 75 ys. 5 ms., 2 d's: the "5 ms." is an apparent stonecutter's error; it should have been "2ms" per age on dc, which calculates to DOB on bc. White marble headstone; 15" wide, 3" thick, 36" tall; leaning against a maple tree, two rows back, next to the fence; the base and 2-part capital (resembling a book) are stacked next to the tree, which looks to be 20y younger than the stone; Eugenia thinks a growing tree prob. toppled the stone. Stone has a raised circle with a rose in full bloom at the top-- Circle raised above the rest of the stone suggests an expensive stone.
    Metal pegs fit into holes in the top of the base and in the top of the inscription part of the stone; pegs rusted off; appears in 2008 as though the stone could be easily re-assembled with new brass pegs, or modern epoxy, if the iron bits cannot be removed; no apparent damage to any of the 4 sections; but where, exactly, should it be reset? Apparent errors imply that the stone was carved sometime after both parties died, although the design is appropriate for the period. -ed.
PW+7.2b Woods Annis [Prouty] 1790a 3/23/1867 his wife [of Ebenezer Woods] AE 76 yrs. Maiden name from WfdVRmc(2:223); according to WVRdc(4:01) Anna Woods, widow, b. Charleston, NH; d. Wfd Apr 20 1868 AE 72y 3m 18d => b.ab. Jan 02 1796.
    Apparent discrepancies between gs & dc imply that the stone was carved sometime after both parties died, although the design is appropriate for the period. -ed.
PW+8.0a Brown Mary   1808a 7/09/1874 Mary, / wife of / Ira Brown / / DIED / July 9, 1874 / AE. 68 ys / ---<>--- / Also her Child Mary. White marble stone with low angle top, lying on the ground with the inscription up, break across it between DOD and age lines; was mounted in a slot-type base.
PW+8.0b Brown Mary       Ira & Mary Brown  
PW+8.1   shaped slate         A shaped slate 12" wide, 24" tall -- appears to be a round-top slate gs with the engraved surface flaked off; "grown into a tree" in 1980; leaning against a tree in 2008. There is a soapstone footstone on the other side of the tree (both 1980 & 2008), reading, "D.B." for 8.2
PW+8.2 Brown Dolly   1815a 11/29/1821 daughter of / John & Polly / Brown aged 6 years. Soapstone--square top--design area at top has fans in the upper corners and finials in lower corners--- urn in center --no willow-- 22-24 inches high-- footstone, "D.B." against tree to right--
PW+8.3 Brown Sally Mrs.   1774a 1/11/1828 wife of / Joshua Brown / ... / in the 53 year / of her age. Soapstone-- square top with fans and finials as above-- urn and willow in center-- stands 20" out of ground--
PW+8.4 Brown Clarissa   1811a 2/23/1829 daughter of / Joshua & Sally / Brown aged 17 years. Stone matches mother's.
PW+8.5 Brown Susanna Mrs   1790a 3/16/1829 wife of / Joshua Brown in the 39 year / of her age. Soapstone 24" high, with fans and finials in design panel with center urn and willow-- pillars below--, matching footstone.
PW+8.6 Brown Joshua   1777a 11/02/1849   AE 72. White marble-- about 3-1/2 feet high-- square top-- verse is clear, very small script. "Reader, behold as you pass by; / As you are now so once was I / As I am now you soon will be / Prepare for death & follow me."
PW+8.7 Brown Rebecca   1794a 8/22/1866 wife of / Joshua Brown aged 72. Marble with a low angle top, lying on ground in front of husband's stone. Joshua Brown had his troubles. He lost a wife in June 1828, a 17 year old daughter in Feb. 1829, another wife in March 1829, and married a third time to a woman about 17 years younger who outlived him. He was in his early 50s when the series of deaths occurred. Research on the family might be enlightening in terms of the social needs of the day. -E.P.
PW+9.1 Brown Infant   1837 10/04/1837 Infant of / Ira & Mary / Brown / died Oct 4, / 1837. Soapstone--square top--fan and urn. Found in 2008 lying on the ground in position A on map; could not find it in 2013.
PW+9.2 Brown Francis M.   1829a 3/10/1833 son of Ira & / Mary Brown / died March 10, / 1833 / AE. 4 yr's. Soapstone broken in at least 3 pieces. Found in 2008 lying on the ground in position B on map; could not find it in 2013.
PW+9.3 Brown Francis     2/22/1838 son of Ira & / Mary Brown died Feb 22. / 1838 / AE. 4 yrs. Soapstone, tall and narrow, square top with design panel with double quarter-circles in the corners, curtains, and urn in center, no willow, lies in the corner on the ground between two trees. Found in 2008 lying on the ground in position C on map; could not find it in 2013--same design as #9.1 & #9.2
PW+9.4   fieldstone         A fieldstone, edge up, no inscription. This back corner was evidently Ira Brown's lot. Like J.P. and Betsy Carr in Row 5, the Browns lost a child and named the next one after it.
PW+9.5   hollow         A hollow, possibly a grave, or one that was moved.
PW+9.6   hollow         A hollow, possibly a grave, or one that was moved.

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