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Numerical Transcript of the
Charles Hill Cemetery, Higgins Hill Rd,
Waterford, Caledonia County, Vermont, USA

earliest birth recorded in this cemetery: Caleb Bugbee b. Mar 1746 - d. Sep 24 1821
first burial in this cemetery: Susan, wife of Capt Thos. Hill b. 1778a - d. 1808
most recent burial in this cemetery: John W Campbell b. 1852 - d. 1922
total inscriptions in this cemetery: 52 + 14 foot/fieldstones
Transcribed 1980 by Eugenia Powers (1913-1985)
databased 2008 by Robert Goss
verified & corrected 2008
by me.
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          Stones are oriented so as to be readable when facing the farmhouse to the northeast, vs. deceased facing east.
          To reach this cemetery, turn off US Rte 2 (about 2 mi east of St Johnsbury) onto Vt Rte 18, at the top of the steep hill, just before the I-93 entrance ramp, turn right onto Higgins Hill Road (dirt). The cemetery is on the left, across Gingue's field, a few hundred yards southwest of Vt Rte 18. There is a farm road leading past the cemetery to a red polebarn, the Cemetery Gate is on the side facing the town road.
          Stone discriptions and observations were written by Eugenia Powers ca.1980. Several stones appear to have been moved since Eugenia drew her 1980 map, including three footstones, now set in cement, that are now in line with, but no longer next to, their respective headstones.
          This cemetery was named for Charles Hill, son of Ambrose Hill (who is buried here) and grandson of Simeon Hill who deeded the land in 1816 to "the inhabitants of the northeast part of Waterford . . . $14 . . . for the purpose of a place to bury their dead in".

NOTE:  a slash "/" indicates the end of a line of engraving on the gravestone.
       blue Stone #s indicate gs sketched or photographed - click to view.
       DOBs followed by an "a" are calculated from the DOD on the stone minus the AGE on the stone.
       italics indicate the info is from other vital or town records; but, not actually on the stone.

LastName FirstName Maiden DOB DOD Spouse/Parents Add'l Info
CH+1.1 Bugbee Joanna   1779a 9/05/1846 Caleb Bugbee "In memory of / Mrs. Joanna, wife / of Mr. Caleb Bugbee / who died Sept. 5, 1816 / Aged 67 years. / Behold & look as you pass by-- / As you are living, so was I; / As I am now, you all must be. / Prepare for death & follow me."  A black slate stone with a bulge at the top, urn with flame and weeping willow.  The footstone was "pretty much buried" in 1980 but is gone in 2008.
CH+1.2 Bugbee Caleb   3/__/1746a 9/24/1821 Joanna Bugbee "AE: 75, years / & 6 Mo."; A black slate stone, has urn with flame and willow but not same design as #1.1; Verse at bottom--- "My flesh shall slumber in the ground / Till the last trumpet joyful sound."; matching footstone reads "C.B."
CH+1.3 Kimball Lucy   1774a 4/29/1852 Jude Kimball AE. 77. "late of Lyndon". A white marble monolith.
CH+1.4   fieldstones         Two thick fieldstones (head and foot), roughly the right shape, no inscriptions.
CH+2.1 Bugbee Polly   1795a 4/12/1818 Caleb and Joanna Bugbee "In memory of / Polly, daughter of / Caleb & Joanna Bugbee / who died / April 12, 1818 / in the 23d year of her / age. / My body is now confined in earth, / My eyes are now fast closed in death. / Oh, may my spirit rise above, / To dwell with God in peace, and love." A black slate stone with urn and willow and portal design; square shoulders.
CH+3.1 Bugbee Alpheus Mr   1806a 4/06/1829   "Mr. / Alpheus Bugbee / died April 6, / 1829 / in the 22 year / of his age". Native soapstone or schist, has a willow and urn design.
CH+3.2 Hill Rebekah   1781a 2/02/1830 Simeon Hill AE 48 years; A square topped white marble monolith with name band squared off, sort of classical federalist design.
CH+3.3 Hill Simeon   1782a 4/03/1845 Rebekah Hill Veteran's flag (War of 1812?, no local record). AE. 62 yrs. Stone matches wife, Rebekah's.
CH+3.4 Ware Lucinda Calkins 1805a 9/23/1875 Elijah Ware Aged 70 yrs. White marble with a curved top. Fancy ends on name band, similar to stones in Riverside.
CH+3.5 Aldrich Phebe   1777a 9/09/1840 Asqr. Aldrich In the 64 year of her age. Gray soapstone with square top--willow and urn design with blank side panels.
CH+4.1 Hill Austin   7/__/1832a 3/18/1845 Simeon & Rhoda Hill "AE 12 yrs & 8 mos." A small white marble stone with elaborately shaped top. Simeon's wife, Rebekah, died in 1830. This boy would have been born in 1832 to reach this age in March of 1845. Simeon, himself, died in April of 1845 at age 65. In 1830, he probably had children who needed care so remarried promptly to Rhoda.
CH+4.2 Hill George   1/02/1815a 6/21/1815 Simeon and Rebecah Hill aged 5 mos. and 19 days. A small square-topped slate stone with delicate corner design and inscription on a circle. Whoever made it was "thrown" by the Biblical spelling of Rebekah.
CH+5.1 Wright Susanna   1762a 2/10/1825   in the 63 year of her age. A native stone, bulge at top, urn and willow, portal design. Also a foot stone in 1980 (which is not there in 2008).
CH+5.2 Wright Moses   2/07/1748 6/04/1821   Veteran's flag. "Erected / in the memory of Mr. / Moses Wright Who died / June 4th 1821, / Aged 73 years". A different design, slate with urn and willow & oaks, horizontal oval on portal design, and oak leaves. Served in Capt Wm B Sumner's Regt Apr 12-15, 1814. There is also a brass plaque mounted on a gray granite "grass-high" marker in front of his original black slate gravestone which reads, "Revolutionary War Soldier / Moses Wright / Born February 7, 1748, / Died June 4, 1821 in Vermont / Marker Placed by / White Mountains N.H. Chapter, NSDAR / 1998"; from Rockingham Co, Vt, rank: Captain per "Vt Rolls of Soldiers in the Rev War"
CH+5.3   fieldstone         Odd shape of flagstone roughly 12" high & 14" wide.
CH+5.4   fieldstone         Odd shape of flagstone roughly 12" high & wide.
CH+5.5   fieldstone         Rectangular piece of flagstone roughly 8" high & 12" wide.
CH+6.1 Wright Infant   1826 9/25/1826 "Infant / Son of / Daniel & / Mary Wright /" "/ died / Sept. 25 / 1826." Soapstone, low in the ground, footstone in size, rounded top
CH+6.2 Wright Daniel Mr   1795a 3/12/1830   Veteran's flag. Served in Capt Wm B Sumner's Regt Apr 12-21, 1814. The stone has a bulge on top, soapstone with urn and willow, portal type with circular panel, balls on top of the posts and fans in the corners. This stone is fast crumbling, given name is gone, "March 12" is clear, but of the year, only "_8 3 0" remains (with the center of the "0" fallen out), and the age appears to be 31 or 34 years. 1919 transcript gives age as "34"; WVRdc does not give age or POB.
CH+7.1 Hill Martha   1825a 7/15/1908 Philemon Hill AE. 83 yrs. A mable stone on base with curved top.
CH+7.2 Hill Philemon   1815a 10/21/1899 Martha AE 84 yrs. Matches Martha's stone.
CH+7.3.1 Hill Thomas Capt   1774a 8/10/1860 Susan Veteran's flag (War of 1812? Militia?). AE. 86. A tall white marble stone with curved top. Epitaph has all but disappeared, ends with "at rest".
CH+7.3.2 Hill Susan   1779a 10/08/1808 Capt Thomas, his wife AE 29. Stone is broken and mended through her, but it can be read.
CH+7.3.3 Hill Jemima   1784a 12/18/1863 Capt Thomas, his 2nd wife AE 79.
CH+7.4 Griswold Adaline   6/__/1807a 8/07/1814 dau of Stephen & Elizabeth Aged 7 years 2 mo. A slate stone. The top layer has delaminated so only the bottom half of the inscription remains. It is interesting that they carved over "April" to read "August"; as all lines are centered, this line would be centered only if the month were "April", "August" runs to the edge of the inscription; so we can be certain April was the error. Names of child and parents from 1919 transcript, (no longer on stone).
CH+7.5   fieldstone         A shaped natural stone, schisty slate, 18" wide 14" high. No inscription.
CH+7.6   slate         A slate stone, footstone in size, 12' wide 20" high, curved at top, bullet hole near bottom; a nice shape, but no lettering.
CH+7.7   fieldstone         A schisty slate stone, 14" high 14" wide, slanted shape, no lettering.
CH+7.8 Farnham Lovisa   1779a 8/06/1874 Eben Farnham AE 95 yrs. A marble headstone, low angled top. The Vital Records Index for Waterford lists her name as Louisa.
CH+7.9 Farnham Eben Jr   1781a 10/02/1859 Louisa Veteran's flag (War of 1812? The only Eben Farnham listed in the "Vt Roster of Soldiers in the War of 1812" was a Corporal from Pownal). aged 78. A marble stone, low angle, fancy ends on name band.
CH+7.10 Tyler Jesse   2/15/1785a 10/20/1829   AE. 44 yrs. 8 mo. / 5 days. Soapstone, has willow and urn, curtains, fan design in 4 corners in bottom part.
CH+8.1 Hill Homer P.   7/09/1892 4/18/1915 Son of M. W. & M. A. Hill AE 22 yr's. A marble headstone with a curved top.
CH+8.2 Hill Minot W[illiam]   1864a 12/29/1899   AE 35 yr's. A marble stone with curved top. His dc at Waterford says he died Dec, 29, 1894 AE 35y1m1d.
CH+8.3 Campbell John W.   1852 1922   From the dates on the stone, his age would have been 70 yrs. A marble headstone.
CH+8.4 Hill Amy A. P.   1855a 6/02/1869 Daughter of Philemon and Martha Hill AE 13 yrs. A small marble stone, eight inches wide, twelve inches high. "Asleep in Jesus".
CH+8.5 Hill Jemima   2/__/1829 8/15/1835 Daughter of Thomas and Jemima Hill AE 6 ys 6 ms. A marble stone, twelve inches tall, twelve inches wide.
CH+8.5A   piece of slate         Odd shaped piece of slate; probably footstone to #7.5.
CH+8.5B   piece of slate         Odd shaped piece of slate; probably footstone to #7.6.
CH+8.5C   piece of slate         Odd shaped piece of slate; probably footstone to #7.7.
CH+8.6 Tyler William   1/27/1821a 3/10/1821 Son of James & Philura Tyler Aged 2 Mo. & 11 days. Slate, has a willow branching both ways, without an urn. "Sleep on sweet babe, and take thy rest, / God called the(sic) home, he thought twas best."
CH+8.7 Tyler Anna M.   1/14/1818a 5/05/1821 "daughter of Jefs & Eat- / herlinda Tyler," "aged 3 years 3 mo. / & [13 corrected to]19 days."; A slate stone, Star of Bethleham; Footstone reads, "A.M.T.".
CH+8.8 Tyler Simon S.   2/19/1809a 8/30/1829 "son of Jesse & / Etherlinda Tyler /" "died Aug 30 / 1829 / AE. 20 yrs 6 mo / & 11 days". Soapstone, willow and urn, curtains in side panels match father's gs, top-left corner is broken off, lettering is nearly illegible.
CH+8.9 Tyler James P.   10/__/1813a 9/10/1829 Son of Jesse and Etherlinda Tyler AE 15 yrs. 11 mo, rest buried in cement; Soapstone, urn design.
CH+8.10 Tyler Hazael B.   3/05/1811a 9/21/1829 Son of Jesse and Etherlinda Tyler "AE 18 yrs 6 mo / & 16 days"; Soapstone, urn with curtains in side panels, matches father's gs.
CH+8.11 Tyler Elvira L.   1/05/1820a 4/24/1829 Daughter of Jesse and Etherlinda Tyler "AE 9 yr's 3 mo's / & 19 days." rest buried in cement. Soapstone, covered with lichens. Matches #8.9.
CH+8.12   S.S.T.         Soapstone, 4" wide, footstone to #8.8
CH+8.13   E.L.T.         Soapstone, 4" wide, footstone to #8.11
CH+8.14   blank         Soapstone, 4" wide, footstone to #8.10 (material does not match any other)
CH+9.1 Hill Sarah   1807a 9/26/1843 Walton Hill "AE. 36 Yrs."; A marble stone, short and square, fancy script for "Wife" and "Died".
CH+9.2 Hill Walton N.   1800a 5/12/1846 Sarah Hill AE. 45. A flag at one time (War of 1812? No local record, not listed in the "Vt Roster of Soldiers in the War of 1812"). A marble stone, with square name band, with corners in-curved.
CH+9.3   fieldstone         A field stone, no inscription.
CH+9.4   depression         A depression was indicated on the 1980 map; now filled in, possibly a grave.
CH+10.1   fieldstone         A native stone, no lettering, low.
CH+10.2   piece of slate          
CH+10.3   piece of slate         An irregular native stone, no lettering.
CH+10.4 Hill William W.   10/__/1849 3/15/1882 A. and L. Hill Veteran's flag. "AE 32 yrs. 5 mos. / Killed at Hartford, Con.", rest buried in cement. Stone matches father's. The only Wm W Hill listed in the "Revised Roster of Vermont Volunteers ... 1861-66" enlisted in the 1st Vt Cavalry from Underhill Aug 30 1862, mustered in Sep 26 1862, mustered out Jun 21 1865. There is no listing for an Ambrose.
CH+10.5 Hill Louisa   4/28/1810a 11/06/1861 Ambrose Hill AE. 51 yrs. 5 mos.; Stone matches husband's; Waterford.dc(3:45) gives age as "51y 6m 8d". Reset in cement between 1980 & 2008.
CH+10.6 Hill Ambrose   11/29/1812a
Louisa "AE. 70 yrs. 5 mos. / & 11 das." Reset in cement between 1980 & 2008. "Gone on before us--Father, Mother, / Brother, Sister, in that happy land / Where all is joy and peace." comes from Eugenia's 1980 transcript and is now buried in cement. White marble stone with a curved top. Father of Charles Hill, who is buried in E. St Johnsbury; Waterford.dc(5:42) gives DOD as "May 14 1883" & age as "70y 4m 10d".
CH+11.1 Flint Jonas Dr   1769a 1/08/1849   AE 80. White marble monolith, federalist type. Top part only, set in cement just below "AE 80"..
CH+11.2 Flint Adaline         footstone to 12.1, curved top.
CH+11.3 Flint Robert         footstone to 12.1, curved top.
CH+11.4 Flint Wife         footstone to 12.1, circle with rose, white marble, curved top, "Wife" in horizontal oval.
CH+11.5 Flint Husband         footstone to 12.1, lilies in circle, white marble curved top, "Husband" in horizontal oval.
CH+11.6   hollow         A depression was indicated on the 1980 map; now filled in, possibly a grave.
CH+11.7   hollow         A depression was indicated on the 1980 map; now filled in, possibly a grave.
CH+12.1 Hill Monument         Part of raised lot with 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, 11.5, & lilac bush; marble monument, square base with shield for names on sides, eight-sided pillar, 10' tall, top gone, urn maybe?
CH+12.1SW Hill Hiram         On Base on southwest side of monument.
CH+12.1NE Hill Robert   1842a 6/21/1865   AE 22.; on shield on northeast side of monument.
CH+12.1NE Hill Adaline   4/__/1847a 3/10/1849   AE 23 Months.; on shield on northeast side of monument.
CH+12.1NW Hill Hiram   1818a 1/01/1874 Susan Aged 55.; on shield on northwest side of monument.
CH+12.1NW Hill Susan Hatch 1822a 3/21/1867 Hiram Aged 44; on shield on northwest side of monument.
CH+13.1 Hutcherson John   1797a 10/20/1822 "Son of David & / Olief Hutcherson" "in / the 25 year of / his AE. / Fare well, my friends, dry up your tears, / Here I must be till Christ appears: / Then burst the bands with sweet surprise / And in my Savour's image rise." Slate stone, willow and urn, different design from rest of cemetery; surface is starting to flake off.
  Behind this is an apparent footstone, tympanum has common willow with thick leaves, then a blank square where the inscription would be on a gs, then "the Lord giveth & the / Lord taketh away & blefsed / be the name of the Lord" then a line below.

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