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Stevens Cemetery, Town of Barnet,
Caledonia County, Vermont

News Update - Summer 2006

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To reach cemetery from I-91, take the Barnet exit, go north on US Rt 5 less than a quarter of a mile, on left across the road from the Town Clerk Office is the cemetery.

Click on blue stone #s to view photographs.

List  of  Destroyed  Gravestones  That  Need  Replication

     Due to a falling tree in 1999 and damage caused by a "vertical wind" in the summer of 2006; there are now five gravestones in this cemetery that have recently been smashed beyond repair and need to be replicated. Their several dozens of pieces are, at this time, disappearing into dirt at the edge of the woods.
     "At a town meeting on the 10th of Jan. 1901, the town accepted the deed of land [of this cemetery], and $1000, the income to be expended in . . . maintaining the gravestones in said lot in a respectable manner". [1923 History of Barnet]
     Several other stones that were broken have been glued back together. Four others that broke off just above where they had been set in cement, were left lying on the ground in imminent danger of being stepped on and broken further, or crushed under equipment; a volunteer reset these in front of their stubs until such time as the selectmen have them glued back onto their stubs. The tree-line around the cemetery remains a tangled mess of broken branches and brush; but, cleaning this up must be done in late fall on account of the heavy growth of poison ivy.
     At this point no fund has yet been set-up and no volunteer has come foward to co-ordinate fund-raising, cost research, and replication of the non-repairable stones. The contracted individual responsible for mowing the cemetery has reportedly been requesting funds from the selectmen, to no avail; the treasurer/town clerk is the responsible person per the 1901 deed.
     NOTE: Photos were taken soon after damage, the stones' pieces are now (fall 2011) in much worse condition, blackened with mold, and some portions have disappeared.

#06 BEARD, Mary and Gilbert:
           Mary; b.ab. 1828; d. Apr 30 1852; AE 24; wife of Marshall Beard.
           Gilbert; b. Sep 16 1851; d. Mar 03 1852; son of Marshall & Mary; most of his portion of the stone was buried in concrete many years ago, this must be removed to replicate the stone.

#34 CRANDAL, Hazen; b.ab. 1824; d. May 19 1843; HAZEN R. / Son of / JOHN & SARAH / CRANDALL / died / May 19th, 1813, / AE 19 Y'RS."

#26 McKNOWN(sic), Henry; b.ab. 1813; d. May 15 1845; "HENRY McKNOWN / Died May 15, 1845 / AE 31 yrs." Other stones next to him spell the name, "McKown".

#04 MORRISON, Betsey (Rider); b.ab. Feb 1898; d. Dec 27 1831; "BETSEY / wife of / David Morrison / died Dec. 27, 1831 / Aged 33 years / and 10 m."; adopted dau of my way-back uncle, Stevens Rider - Barnet's first Town Clerk and Constable. NOTE: this photo was taken before the stone was rebroken at the repairs (with a further loss of stone) and the bottom several inches crushed to gravel.

#59 SHAW, John2 III; b.ab. 1747; d. Nov 16 1829; "Mr. / JOHN SHAW / A native of Scotland / died Nov. 16, 1829, / aged 82 years / -------- / Daugh't of John & Jane Shaw / [the next line is either blank or in the cement which held the stone before it was hit by a falling tree;]". NOTE: His nephew, John3 Shaw, was Barnet's 5th town clerk from 1827 - 1852.
  These pieces were found tossed in the woods at the back of the cemetery ca. 1998. They are still arranged there as in the photo of that date due to my soon to end annual cleaning; the location is currently (2014) marked only by a length of 2x4 which held this photo in 1998.

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