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Alphabetical Transcript of the
Groton/Peacham Town Line Cemetery
on the Groton/Peacham town line,
Caledonia County, Vermont, USA

This cemetery straddles the Groton/Peacham town line on Great Road (TR #59)
Located 100 yards west of the intersection of the towns of
Barnet, Ryegate, Groton, and Peacham

earliest birth recorded in this cemetery: Capt Ephraim Wesson 1721 - Mar 07 1814
earliest stone in this cemetery: Caroline, wife of Aaron Wesson 1765a - Apr 20 1804
most recent stone: Anna M., wife of Wm. Whitehill 1817 - 1901
total number of engraved stones found: 70 (+18 fieldstones)
transcription: September 11, 2007
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 Numbered Plot Map
 Transcription by Lot#   (also with links to sketches)

     In 1983 Meg Powden filed a rough gravestone map and name index of this cemetery with the Peacham town clerk and in 1993 Richard & Jeanne Partington provided the Groton town clerk with a preliminary transcription, which included full names and year died.
     This project completes the transcript, includes age at d., calculated DOBs, corrects information which could not be properly read before the stones were cleaned, and includes a map revised in 2007. The map includes numbers for fieldstones. Meg and Richard each created their own numbering system for these stones; I have followed Meg's assignments for the sole reason that the Peacham Town Clerk had already incorporated her grave numbers in his official vital & grave record indexes.
     When most of these burials occured, titles such as "Mr", were only used to signify social rank; therefore I have included them whenever present on the stones.
     I have also inserted an apostrophe before superscripted lettering because not all printers/typewriters/browsers use the same coding to reproduce this effect.
     Sections A, B, C, D are in the town of Groton; sections E, F, G, H are in Peacham.

   Copies of this map and index have been placed with the Peacham & Groton Town Clerks, the Peacham Historical Society, and the Vermont Historical Society for preservation.

   *  In old style lettering, a "soft" "S" was written like an "f", without the crossbar - I have substituted an "f" - as modern computer fonts fail to provide this character.
   *  a slash "/" indicates the end of a line of engraving on the gravestone.
   *  blue Stone #s indicate gs sketched or photographed - click to view.
   *  DOBs followed by an "a" are calculated from the DOD on the gravestone minus the AGE on the gravestone.
   *  [bracketed italics] indicate the info is from other vital or town records; but was not actually on the stone (this info is added to identify the deceased when the info on the stone is illegible or insufficient).
   *  WMM = white marble monolith.
   *  Soap = soapstone with square-shoulders & tympanium.
   *  fs = monolithic footstone of white marble.
   *  rfs = roundtopped footstone of soapstone.

StoneNum LastName FirstName Maiden DOB DOD Add'l Info
B8   fieldstone        
B9   fieldstone        
B15   fieldstone        
D5   fieldstone        
D6   fieldstone        
H3   fieldstone        
H5   fieldstone        
H7   fieldstone        
C1 - C9   fieldstones        
D7 Abbott Mary Jane   07/__/1818a 06/24/1833 daughter of Amos W. & Betsey K[night] Abbott; aged 14 yrs & 11 mos; Soap
D8 Abbott footstone to D7       rfs
H2 Abbott Nancy (Mrs)   1790a 07/29/1827 wife of Jacob Abbott Esq.; aged 37 years; Soap
H6 Abbott footstone to H2       "N. A."; rfs
D3 Bailey Almyra   05/05/1817a 01/24/1882 wife of Percival Bailey; AE. 64y's 8ms 19dys; WMM
C10 Bailey Flavel   01/__/1776a 10/18/1847 died at Groton; AE. 71 yr's 10 mo; WMM
D4 Bailey Jackson C.   12/04/1841 04/27/1855 son of Percival & Almira Bailey; AE. 13yrs 4mos & 23days; WMM
D2 Bailey Percival   03/26/1812a 02/17/1893 AE. 80 Yrs 10 Mos 21 Ds; WMM
B12 Caldwell Christina   1782a 04/06/1819 of Ryegate; Wife of James Caldwell; died in childhed(sic); aged 36 years; Soap
B16 Caldwell footstone to B12       "C. C."; fs
A1 Dunn Joanna P.   1795a 02/22/1866 wife of Hugh Dunn; AE. 70 yrs; WMM
G9 Griggs Aaron W[esson]   1816a 01/02/1835 In memory of / Aaron W. / son of Jabez & / Phebe Griggs / who died Jan'y 2, / 1835 / AE 18 years; Soap
G12 Griggs Aaron Wesson   1816a 01/02/1835 son of Jabez & Phebe Griggs; Age 18 Years; gray granite monument; G9 is his original gs
G12 Griggs Phebe Wesson 1792a 08/08/1872 wife of Jabez Griggs; gray granite monument; no age
C11 Knight Julia Ann Hidden   1812a 07/03/1833 an adopted dau.r of Nathl & Hannah Knight; died in the 22 year of her age; Soap
D1 Knight footstone to C11       no markings; monolithic soapstone
B2 Manchester footstone to B1       "S.M."; fs
B1 Manchester Sally   1807a 01/01/1833 daughter of Enoch & Lucy Manchester; gray sandstone monolith
D9 Morse Edmund [Capt]   11/__/1764a 09/13/1843 AE. 78 yrs. & 10 mo.; WMM
D13 Morse Hannah   1799a 02/27/1814 dau. of Edmund & Sarah Morse; AE. 14 y'rs; WMM
D12 Morse Polly   1793a 03/15/1814 dau. of Edmund & Sarah Morse; AE. 20 y'rs; WMM
D10 Morse Sarah [Wesson] 09/__/1764a 11/12/1843 wife of Edmund Morse; AE. 79y'rs & 2mo.; WMM
D11 Patten Susan   1840a 02/18/1882 wife of James Patten; AE. 41 y's; WMM
F1 Paul 2 Infants   02/11/1830a 02/11/1830 twin baby sons of Josiah & Betsey Paul; soapstone monolith, footstone in size
F3 Paul Betsey   06/__/1803a 11/06/1837 wife of Josiah Paul 2d; AE. 34 yrs 5 mo's.; WMM
E4 Paul Huldah [Gary] 1768a 08/19/1825 In memory of / Huldah / wife of / Josiah Paul / who died Aug 19, / 1825 / AE. 57 years; Soap [Huldah (Gary) Paul b.Sanford, Me July 1st 1767{ch.bc}]; stone broken and down when transcribed; has since been reset, but the piece with "g 19," of the DOD is now missing and the age buried
F9 Paul James   1793a 07/28/1811 son of Mr. Josiah & Mrs. Huldah Paul; in the 18 year of his age; Soap [b.Sanford, Me 02/06/1793 {bc rec'd Groton after his 1811 d.}]
F10 Paul footstone to F9       "J.P."; rfs
F4 Paul Jane   02/__/1835a 03/12/1836 dau. of Josiah & Betsey Paul; AE. 13 mo.; soapstone monolith, footstone in size
F8 Paul Jeremiah   1797a 11/16/1825 son of Mr. Josiah & Mrs. Huldah Paul; aged 28 years; Soap [b.Sanford, Me 11/16/1897 {bc rec'd Groton, Vt after 1811}]
E5 Paul Josiah   1767a 07/19/1842 AE. 75; Soap [b.Kittery, Me December 5th 1767{ch.bc}]
E6 Paul footstone to E5       rfs
F6 Paul Josiah Jr   04/16/1805a 04/08/1841 AE. 35y'rs 11mo. & 22 days; WMM [b.Groton 04/16/1806 {bc}]
F6a Paul footstone to F6       "J. P."; fs
F5 Paul Martha Jane   11/__/1835a 01/24/1837 daughter of Eben & Asenath Paul; AE. 14 months; soapstone monolith, footstone in size
F2 Paul William D.   01/__/1834a 12/28/1837 son of Josiah & Betsey Paul; AE. 3 yr's 11 mos; soapstone monolith, footstone in size
F7 Taisey Maria Paul 05/20/1814a 04/13/1839 wife of William Taisey; AE. 24yrs.10m's.23d's.; WMM [b.Groton 05/21/1814 {bc}]
E3 Welch Forris   1784a 01/20/1858 Aged 73.; WMM
E2 Welch Huldah   12/31/1788a 06/16/1848 wife of Forris Welch; AE. 59yrs. 5mos. & 16 days.; gray sandstone monolith [b.Sanford, Me 12/01/1789{bc rec'd Groton, Vt after 1811}]
E1 Welch Joanna   08/__/1819a 04/17/1841 aged 21 years & 8 months; Soap
B7 Welch Sarah G.   04/__/1815a 10/28/1859 AE. 44 Y's 6 M's; WMM
G8 Wesson Aaron   1759a 02/10/1814 In memory of / Aaron Wesson / who died / Feb 10, 1814 / aged 54 / years; Soap
G14 Wesson footstone to G8       "A. W."; gray granite
G16 Wesson Aaron   1759   1814 His Son [of Ephraim]; Soldier of the Revolutionary War; new gray granite monument; G8 is his original gs
G11 Wesson Aaron   1792a 03/12/1872 AE. 79; west side of gray granite spire monument; [grson of G8]
G3 Wesson footstone to G11       "A. W."; gray granite Oval Post
G7 Wesson Caroline   1765a 04/20/1804 Caroline Wife of / Aaron Wefson / Died April 20 / 1804 aet. 38 ~; gray granite
G13 Wesson footstone to G7       "C W"; gray granite
G16 Wesson Caroline Hosmer 1766   1804 His Wife [of Aaron]; new gray granite monument; G7 is her original gs
G16 Wesson Ephraim (Capt)   1721   [03/07/]1814 Soldier of the French & Indian and Revolutionary Wars; new modernistic gray granite monument; original stone, if any, now gone; there was no stone for him transcribed in 1919; the 1923 "History of Barnet", p.665, recorded "his grave should no longer remain unmarked ... b. Apr. 9, 1722; d. 1814"; "d.Mar 07" is from dc.
G6 Wesson Ephraim   1796a 02/20/1811 died Feb / 20 1811 Son of / A. & C. Wesson aet. / 14 ~; fine grained black sandstone
G5 Wesson Hannah   1787a 05/17/1819 In memory of / Hannah, / daughter of / Aaron & / Caroline Wesson / who died / May 17, 1819 / aged 31 / years; gray granite or marble
G10 Wesson footstone to G5       "H. W."; gray granite
H1 Wesson Judith (Mrs)   1751a 09/24/1827 wife of Mr. Ephraim Wesson; aged 76 years; [prob of Ephraim Jr, who is not buried here]; Soap
H4 Wesson footstone to H1       "J. W."; rfs
G15 Wesson Lydia   1728a 06/16/1809 Lydia Wife / of Ephraim Wefson A Capt / in the French War / She died June 16 / 1809 aet. 80; schist
G16 Wesson Lydia   1729   1809 His Wife [of Ephraim]; new gray granite monument; G15 is her original gs
G11 Wesson Peter   1793a 11/09/1866 AE. 73; south side of spire monument; gray granite
G4 Wesson footstone to G11       "P. W."; gray granite Oval Post
F13 Whitehill Abraham (Mr)   1759a 08/14/1813 aged 54 years; Soap
F12 Whitehill Abraham   1790a 07/15/1813 son of Mr. Abraham & Mrs. Elizabeth Whitehill; aged 23 years; Soap
F11 Whitehill Agness (Miss)   1783a 04/08/1830 daughter of Mr. Abraham & Mrs. Elizabeth Whitehill; aged 46 years; Soap
B14 Whitehill Anna   1790a 04/13/1826 wife of John Whitehill 2; AE. 35 yrs.; WMM
B13 Whitehill Anna (Mrs)   1791a 04/14/1826 wife of John Whitehill 2; in the 35 year of her age; Soap
B17 Whitehill footstone to B13       "A. W."; fs
B3 Whitehill Anna M[cLam] 1817 1901 gray granite; [b.4/09/1818; d.2/18/1901; wife of Wm.Whitehill per RTH]
F14 Whitehill Elizabeth   1761a 11/19/1841 wife of Abraham Whitehill; AE. 80 years; Soap
G2 Whitehill Elizabeth (Mrs)   08/07/1803a 07/24/1843 wife of Peter Whitehill; AE. 39 y'rs 11 mo & 17 days; WMM
D14 Whitehill Hannah Bingham 01/__/1811a 08/19/1883 wife of James Whitehill; AE. 72 y's 7 m's.; WMM
B11 Whitehill Infant dau.   11/10/1847a 11/10/1847 children of Peter & Lydia P. Whitehill; WMM
B5 Whitehill Infant daughter   07/14/1863a 08/23/1863 daughter of Wm. & Anna Whitehill; WMM
D16 Whitehill James   1812a 12/15/1889 AE. 77 yrs.; WMM
B14 Whitehill John 2   04/30/1786a 11/15/1849 AE. 63 yrs 6 mos & 15 days; ["Big Jock"; b. Scotland, son of James 1]; WMM
B18 Whitehill footstone to B14       "J. & A.W."; fs
B11 Whitehill Laura J.   08/__/1848a 02/29/1852 children of Peter & Lydia P. Whitehill; AE. 3yr. 6mo.; WMM
B6 Whitehill Lydia S.   12/01/1819a 09/29/1859 wife of Peter Whitehill; AE. 39 Ys 10 Ms; WMM
B4 Whitehill Nancy E.   03/28/1855a 04/07/1872 Daughter of Wm. & Anna Whitehill; AE. 17 y's 19 d's; WMM
B10 Whitehill footstone to B4       fs
G1 Whitehill Peter   10/27/1839a 06/24/1843 son of Peter & Elizabeth Whitehill; AE. 3yr's 7mo & 27 days; soapstone monolith, footstone in size
D15 Whitehill Susan   1801a 07/25/1843 wife of James Whitehill; AE. 42; WMM
B3 Whitehill William   1817   1884 gray granite; [b.3/25/1817; d.9/13/1884 per RTH]

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