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Alphabetical Transcript of the
Old Peacham Cemetery (TH43)
Peacham Corner / East Peacham,
Caledonia County, Vermont, USA

earliest birth recorded in this cemetery: Abigail Hunt 1707a - 8/32/1803
earliest stone in this cemetery: Betsey Elkins 1786 - 3/18/1787
most recent stone in this cemetery: 1856
total number of stones found: 58
transcription: 2005
photos: 2007
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Numbered Plot Map
Transcription by Lot Number   (also with links to sketches)

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   In 1983 Meg Powden filed a gravestone map and name index of this cemetery with the town clerk. This project adds as much of the inscriptions as can still be read to her work. To complicate the task, some stones are today not in the same location where Meg placed them on her map. Whenever I renumbered a grave (to keep family groups together), the old number follows in (Parenthesis).
   When most of these burials occured, titles such as "Mr", were only used to signify social rank; therefore I have included them whenever present on the stones.
   I have also inserted an apostrophe before superscripted lettering because not all printers/typewriters/browsers use the same coding to reproduce this effect.

a slash "/" indicates the end of a line of engraving on the gravestone.

blue Stone #s indicate gs sketched or photographed - click to view.

DOBs followed by an "a" are calculated from the DOD on the gravestone minus the AGE on the gravestone.

[bracketed italics] indicate the info is from other vital or town records; but, not actually on the stone (this info is added to identify the deceased when the info on the stone is illegible or insufficient).

(old Num)
LastName FirstName Maiden DOB DOD Age Add'l Info
C1 (C2) Ames Harlow    1/__/1810a 10/01/1811 aged 21 months son / of John & Abigail Ames
C3 (C9) B B         "B. B." - footstone to C2
C5 (A8) B M         "M. B." - footstone to C4
E10 B S         "S. B." - footstone; probably for Sam'l Brown, whose headstone is (possibly mislocated) at the other end of the cemetery
G1 Bailey John    1780a 11/21/1811 AEt 31  
G7 Bellows Nathan Hunt Jr, Capt    1727  1818   "CAPT. / NATHAN HURD / BELLOWS JR. / REGT.N.H. / MIL.REV.WAR. / 1727 - 1818" He served in Benjamin Bellows Jr's regiment of NH militia; his dc reads, "Capt Nathan Hurd, aged 91"
E6 Blanchard Abial, Mr    1750a  1/04/1803 aged 52 years prob. replacement for E8, adding his wife
E8 Blanchard Abiel    1750a  1/04/1803 Aged 52y orig slate stone; "In memory of Abiel / Blanchard Died Jan'y / 4th 1803 Aged d 552y / -epitaph-"
  Blanchard Enoch    1794a  7/27/1822 age 28 per 1919 transcription, no stone there now; [son of Abiel Blanchard]
E6 Blanchard Mary, Mrs    1758a  9/12/1831 aged 73 years wife of / Abial Blanchard
E5 Blanchard Permilla, Miss    1791a 11/21/1821 aged 30 years [dau of Abiel Blanchard]
B12 (B7) Blanchard Reuben Jr    9/__/1800a  3/21/1811 of the spotted fever aged 10 / years & 6 months son of / Reuben & Mary / Blanchard
B14 (B8) Bradlee Dorcas    1784a  5/01/1811 AE 27 dau. of / Ithmer & / Mehetabel Bradlee
B13 (D8) Bradlee Louisa, Missis Plimpton  1774a  5/02/1811 aged 36 years wife of Mr. / Nehemiah Bradlee // She was the daughter of / Lieut Elijah & Mary / Plimpton of Sturbridge, / Mafsachusetts. epitaph
E9 Brown Elizabeth, Mrs    1748a  4/02/1828 in the 79 year / of her age wife of / Joseph Brown
E9 Brown Joseph    1748a  2/27/1808 aged 59 years  
G3 Brown Mehitable    1794a  7/06/1823 AE. 29 wife of Ebenezer Brown; Prob. dau. of Ebenezer & Mehitable Spencer, as their gs's match
A6 Brown Saml    1786a  7/29/1812 AEt 26 Stone may not be in its proper place; see: E9 & E10
C2 (C4) Buckminster Barnes Esq    1778a  3/23/1807 aged 28  
C4 Buckminster Martha, Mrs    1741a 10/14/1807 aged 66 "(Widow of Col. William Buckminster / late of Barre, Massachusetts"
A13 (C8) Buel Lucina C    1802a  3/18/1807 Aged 4 years Daughter / of Abram & Victory / Buel, [almost looks like "Bud"]
A5 Carter Ezra Esq A.M.    2/15/1773 10/10/1811   born at Concord, N.H.
A4 Carter Horace E, Mr    1807a 10/13/1826 aged 19 years & / was buried the Sabath / following in this place Son of Ezra Carter Esq / died in Hanover, N.H.
A4 Carter William C. Esq    1800a  3/07/1828 aged 27 years son of Ezra Carter, Esq / died at Mariella, Pa.
E3 Chamberlin Abiel, Dea    1734a  1/27/1822 in the 88 year / of his age  
G5 Chamberlin Tim'o R    1800a  9/10/1811 in the 12 year / of his age son of Timothy & / Lydia Chamberlin
A3 Choate Caroline    4/__/1824a  7/13/1824 aged 3 month dau of Wm S & Harriet
A7 (C7) Clark Rebecca Hunt  1745a 12/29/1836 wife of / Dan Clark / and daugh'r of / Gideon Hunt // aged 91 years right-hand half of Abigail Hunt stone, q.v.
D2 (D3) Eaton Mrs S         footstone to D1
D1 Eaton Sarah, Mrs    1731a 11/16/1797 AEtat. 66 "(formerly consort of / Mr. Richard Kimball / late of Haverhill [Mass]" // "Far diftant from my native place / While visiting a daughter dear. / Thy call Sweet Jesus I embrace, / Let my remains be buried here."
B4 (D5) Elkins Ann Maria    1817a  7/06/1818 aged 1 year daughter of / Col. Jonathan / and Eunice / Elkins
B5 (D6) Elkins Betsey    7/__/1786a  3/18/1787 aged 8 months dau of / Jon'a & Judith / Elkins
B3 (D4) Elkins Catherine S    1823a 10/27/1835 AE 12 years daughter of / Col. Jonathan & / Eunice Elkins
B8 (B3) Elkins           Dea Jon'a & Mrs / Elizabeth Elkins; footstone to B2
B2 (B1) Elkins Elizabeth, Mrs    1734a  3/07/1807 aged 71 years his wife [of Dea Jon'a Elkins] / b. & m. info - see sketch
B9 (B4) Elkins Ephraim      8/24/1815 aged 23 years son of / Col. Jonathan & / Judith Elkins / a member of Dartmouth College {left side of stone}
B6 (D7) Elkins Harriet    1792a  5/09/1797 aged 4 years dau. of / Jon'a & Judith / Elkins, who died / of the cankerras'h
B2 (B1) Elkins Jonathan, Deacon    1734a 12/04/1808 aged 74 years father of Jon'a Jr whose children are buried here
B7 (B2) Elkins Judith, Mrs    1759a  3/31/1807 aged 47 consort of / Jon'a Elkins jun Esq
B9 (B4) Elkins Patty    1795a  3/03/1818 aged 22 years daughter of / Col. Jonathan and / Judith Elkins {rt side of stone}
B4 (D5) Elkins Samuel    7/__/1813a  9/13/1813 aged 2 m son of / Col. Jonathan / and Eunice / Elkins
A11 F L    1763a  1796  33 skull & cross-bones
A12 (C10) F S    1799a  1800  1 y skull & cross-bones
B11 (B6) Farrington Reuben B   10/__/1810a  4/18/1811 at 6 months son / of Amafa & / Mary Farrington
A9 Gregory Joseph Jun'r   10/__/1809a  4/28/1811 "aet 18 moths" Son / of Joseph & / Sally Gregory
A7 (C7) Hunt Abigail    1707a  8/31/1803 wife of / Gideon Hunt / of Lebanon Con. // aged 96 years This grayed, white-marble stone appears to be about 100 years old and may have been intended as a replacement (w/addition of her dau) for the one to its right, which is no longer readable, and is of flaking gray gneiss.
A8 (A7) Hunt Abigail, Mrs    1707a  8/31/1803 "in memory of Mrs / Abigail Hunt Who / died Agst 31 Wife / of Mr Gideon Hunt of / Leb.Cont 1803 Aged 96 / onward thy boƒom ??? daydo / for as this new ll ??? doth / Christ the ages pass|ed / ??ax ame To lurk 5?K?$H / ??er in the de???s"    {gray gneiss} This stone appears on Meg's map as #A7
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A8a Hunt AbIgaIL, Mrs         footstone of gray gneiss. Broken in thirds, leaning against a tree to the right of the cem entrance
A1 Jennison Josiah    1759a  6/01/1823 63 YRS white marble - prob. replacement for A2
A2 Jennison Josiah, Mr      6/01/1823 age broken away soapstone, bottom missing
B1 (D2) Kellogg Betsey    1779a  2/25/1801 aet 21 Wife of Erastus Kellogg, the son of Major Ezekiel Kellogg
E12 Ladd Abigail Williams  1795a  2/07/1822 aged 26 years Wife of John Ladd / & daughter of Henry & / Sarah Williams
E12 Ladd Abigail W    1/25/1822a  9/17/1822 aged 7 months / and 22 days Children of / John & Abigail Ladd
E12 Ladd Henry W   11/30/1820a  4/05/1821 aged 5 months / and 5 days Children of / John & Abigail Ladd
E7 Lindsay David, Capt      5/10/1804 at 47 {heart} G.A.R. 1861-1865 flagholder
E13 Lindsay Daniel V.   1785a 11/07/1810 aet 25 "Daniel V. Lind / fay died Nov / 7 1810 aet 25"; this stone had fallen over & become buried apparently before 1919 (it was not transcribed then) it was pushed to the surface by a tree root in 2007; the design at the top had mostly flaked away, what could be made out is sketched, the remainder may have looked like G6 (1808) or this one at the Groton/Peacham Cem (1804)
E11 Lindsay Joseph B   1796a 10/15/1810 aet 14 Son of David Lindsay; surname (now flaked off) per 1919 transcription & dc; dc says "d.Oct 17"; "15" is still clear on the stone
E4 Martin Elijah    1744a 10/28/1803 AE 59 years Veteran, Rev. War per "People Of Peacham"
G6 Martin Mary    1741a  8/08/1808 aet 67 Wife of Lt / John Martin
G8 Martin Noah, Capt    1772a 11/17/1809 AEt 37~ "A Free an Accept / ed Mason" A.S.R. flagholder; [son of Lt John]
C6 Moore Martha, Mrs Buckminister  1765a  3/18/1827 in the 61 year of / her age Wife of / Col. William Moore / & daughter of Wm. / Buckminister, Esq
A15 (C1) Nutt Sophi H      5/07/1815 AE 5 years daughter of / Joseph & Jane / Nutt
G4 Spencer Abigail     12/23/1824 in the 27 year / of her age daughter of Ebenezer / & Mehitable Spencer
G2 Spencer Ebenezer    1765a  3/18/1851 AE. 85 broken in half {top}
G2 Spencer Mehitable    1769a 10/01/1856 AE. 87 "his wife" [of Ebenezer Spencer] broken in half {bottom}
B10 (B5) Sprage Catherine S    1804a  3/03/1814 AE 9 years dau / of Alden & / Eunice Sprague [& step-dau of Jon'a Elkins Jr]
A10 Towle Elizabeth, Mrs    1744a  7/13/1821 aged 77 years formerly wife of / Eph'm Farrington
E1 Tuttle Reuben    1764a  2/22/1820 aged 55 years  
E2 Tuttle Ruth    1776a  4/03/1839 aged 63 years wife of / Reuben Tuttle
G9 Varnum Margaret   1814a  8/23/1817 aged 13 years "daughter of Phin / ehas & Locada / Varnum who di / ed August 23 A.D. / 1817 aged 3 years."
B15 (B9) Walker Nelson   12/__/1810a  8/25/1811 aged 9 months "Affectionately inscribed / to the memory of" / ... / "son of Major Walker"
A14 (C3) Watts Moses    1755a  7/25/1827 Aged 72  [father-in-law of Esther Reynolds (Sargent) Watts, b. Peacham 1/13/1803]
A14 (C3) Watts Ruth    1759a  7/30/1813 Aged 54 wife of Moses Watts

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